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What are you leaving out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

What’s your Family Traditions for leaving Santa on Christmas Eve? Mini Elf Doughnuts and special Santa juice is just a few things we leave for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Leaving some goodies for Santa and his Reindeers to keep their energy levels up on Christmas Eve is such a fab way to build the excitement for everyone in the family and every family have their own little traditions of what they leave out. We find it fun to hear what everyone does, so thought we would share what our family will be leaving out this Christmas Eve.


For Rudolf and the other Reindeers

Christmas Eve Carrots

The all-important Carrot, with lush green leaves left on as Rudolf really loves eating the green leaves as well! Read Here how you can get a Free Bag of Reindeer Treats on Christmas Eve from your Local McDonalds.


For Santa

Christmas Eve Beer

A vegetarian mince pie, which are delicious and a cheeky little glass of beer that Daddy pours special each year which Santa must enjoy as for sure there is never any of it left in the morning!


For Santa’s Elves

Christmas Eve Elf Doghnuts

Mini Doughnuts that Santa can take back to all his elves as a way of saying thank you for making all the toys. They are really easy to make by decorating Cheerios and Weetos with melted chocolate and sprinkling hundreds and thousands on them.


For Us to Hold onto Memories

Christmas Eve Cards

A Thank you card to Santa is a must, something that little bit special and important to show good manners, even to Father Christmas! The front of the card we make each year by using the children’s hands or foot prints in different designs, so we can keep them as a reminder of how quickly our kids grow and the wonderful Christmas’s we have had as a Family.

Ideas of What to Leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve


Whatever you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve, we hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas this year – Nadolig Llawen



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