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How to Deep Clean your Microwave the Natural Way

Looking for some Simple Natural Cleaning Tips for your Family Home, this keep reading to Learn How to Deep Clean your Microwave without using Harsh Abrasive Chemicals.

We are always on the hunt for green and environmentally friendly ways to clean our family home, especially within out Kitchen as all those harsh cleaners don’t half get pricey, but this natural cleaning alternative is also a frugal cleaning option to keeping your home nice and clean.

If your family microwave is anything like ours, everyone totally knows that they should cover food whilst its cooking, yet no- one rarely does, with the end result being a huge explosive stubborn mess covering every part of the inside of your microwave.

Not to worry we have found the best solution for not only cleaning the inside of your microwave without using harsh chemical, but also how to deep clean it without hours of scrubbing and we thought we would share it to help other families.


How to Deep Clean your Microwave the Natural Way

You are only going to need three items to Deep Clean your Microwave the Natural Way and they are Lemons, White Vinegar and Water and this is what you need to do:

  • Get a microwave safe bowl and pour in two cups of water
  • Then pour two tablespoons of white vinegar into the bowl
  • Slice your lemons and add them to a bowl of water and white vinegar

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  • Place the bowl in the microwave. Put your Microwave on high power for 5 minutes so the liquid comes to a boil.
  • Do not open the door straight away, leave the door closed for about 3 minutes, which will give the steam and heat enough time to loosen all the food gunk
  • Then open the microwave a carefully take out the bowl and with a damp cloth simply wipe out all the now softened food and debris
  • Rinse your cloth and give the inside of your Microwave a good wipe over and your all done


This is a simple way to efficiently deep clean your family microwave in under 10 minutes in a greener more natural way, at the same time as leaving it smell divine!


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How to Deep Clean your Microwave the Natural Way



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