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WIN Your Family a Confident Board Game

Competition Closes

This Competition is now closed the Winner is Lisa James from Gendros, Swansea

Confident? Is a Fab Family Party Game where winning isn’t based on knowing the exact answer making it easy to play with all ages of the family and you can enter our competition for Free for your chance to Win your Very Own Game.

Confident is the perfect choice for this year’s Christmas family get together. It’s essentially a guessing game, so its ok if you have younger kids that would not know the answer to a question as they can still feel part of it of it and play.

For example, questions could be like how many nationalities have visited the international space station? Everyone uses the boards and wipeable pens to write their range of answers down. The smaller the range you put down the more you score. So, if one player wrote 10 to 40 they would score less than the other player who wrote 10 to 20. Of course, if another person wrote 10 to 15, they would not score anything, because the answer is 19 so you would have to have written a range down that had the actual answer in it. You get different points based on what size your range was and the overall winner is the first to get to 15, inside the box you get a handy scoreboard so its easy to keep trace of everyone’s scores.

Confident inside box

We honestly loved playing this game, it was so easy for everyone to understand how to play, so all ages of the family could join in. The game includes some genuinely interesting questions and when you turn the card over to read the answer it gives you some extra facts or just interesting add on’s to the actual answer, so you are actually learning as you go.

Another awesome feature is the fact that you can buy this board game in the English Version or in a Welsh Bilingual version. So, the Welsh version is great to play with fluent Welsh speakers or with people and kids who are still learning, as all the instruction and question and answer cards are all in both English and Welsh.


WIN Your Family a Confident Board Game

Confident board game will bring laughter to any family games and can be found online at Confident Game for £19.99 for the English version of the game and £22.99 for the Welsh Bilingual version of the game and would make a fab Christmas Present Idea for any family. If you want to enter our Free Competition to WIN your very own Welsh Bilingual version of this Confident Board Game, it is very easy to Enter and completely Free.


All you have to do is:

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  2. Simply Enter your details below and we will enter you into to this Free Prize Draw

Good Luck Everyone!


This Competition is now closed the Winner is Lisa James from Gendros, Swansea



Click Here to read our competition terms and conditions

Click Here to read our competition terms and conditions

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