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  • Simple Top Tips to Help Your Child Stop Interrupting

    Its perfectly normal behaviour for your little one to interrupt you, however it can be a bit awkward at times or even whilst your trying to gather important information. So, as parents we often want to help our child develop patience and polite ways to join a conversation and here are some Simple Top Tips to Help Your Child Stop Interrupting

  • How Much Sleep Do Children Really Need?

    Sometimes after the long Summer holidays it can be difficult to get the kids back into a routine come September when school starts again. One routine that can be harder than others to settle into is a good sleep pattern for your child, which often make parents ask themselves How Much Sleep Does my Child Really Need? Well to help you out we have put together a little guide.

  • Top 9 Reasons Why you Should Dry Laundry on Outdoor Washing Line

    Nowadays many family homes have a tumble dryer which is used to dry washing in a quicker more convenient way, but is that really the best way for your family? Why not have a read over our top 9 reasons why you should dry laundry outdoors on a washing line and then see what you think!

  • 12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

    The Summer months in West Wales can give us some Uber Hot Days and it’s Super Important to keep the Kids Cool and Hydrated, but this doesn’t have to be a Boring Task as you play some Fun water games to Cool everyone down

  • Top Tips to Spot the Different Heat Related Illnesses

    As lovely as it is to have the sun in the sky, extreme heat can cause some serious illness to all members of your family, with those most at risk include older people, very young children and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

  • How Parents can Help their Child Build a Healthy Body Image

    The UK Mental Health Awareness Week in 2019 had a theme based around the Body Image, focusing on how we think and feel about our bodies. As parents it’s important we keep mindful about this subject well after campaign like this hit our news headlines! There are many things that can influence how children see their bodies, but one thing for sure is that Parents can play a critical role in helping children develop a healthy body image and we have put together some ways to help you do this.

  • How to Involve Your Family in Salt Awareness Week

    This week is Salt Awareness Week running from 4th until 10th March 2019 and its purpose is to help raise awareness of the damaging effect that too much salt can have on our health and we have some useful Tips on how you could Involve Your Family in Salt Awareness Week this year.

  • Top Tips for Teething Babies

    When your little one starts teething its not fun for everyone in the Family. To make life a little easier here are our Top Tips to help with Teething Babies

  • Top 5 Dirtiest Places in Your Family Kitchen

    Family Kitchens tend to be the hub of the home, well used and although we tend to clean them more often than other rooms in our homes there are a few spots hiding some grimy horrors and in need of some urgent cleaning!

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