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The Ultimate Playlist to Bring Joy Back to Family Cooking is Revealed

Inject some groove into the hours spent in the kitchen cooking for the kids this month with the help of the newly revealed list from InSinkErator of the ultimate songs and artists on Spotify.

After a period of heavy-spending over Christmas, committing to cooking more from scratch is one way to give the bank account some relief if you have the time available.

Add to this, the interest in home-cooking growing higher than ever, as a recent Hello Fresh survey showed half of Brits have increased their home cooking frequency over the past decade.

Whilst for some cooking is a huge stress reliever and often an act of self-care, but when you’re juggling a myriad of other responsibilities as a parent, it can become far from relaxing. This is why having the perfect playlist is crucial!

In fact, playing the right music is vital for setting the mood and its even been scientifically proven that music affects our mood, and can even affect our taste buds.

Food waste disposer specialists InSinkErator have analysed over 14,000 songs from Spotify playlists to reveal the most popular tracks and artists streamed globally to accompany people in their kitchens. Its super interesting which ones have made the list, so have a look to see if Is your favourite has made it onto the list.


The 20 Best Songs to Cook to

The data reveals the dance-in-your-kitchen ‘Put Your Records On’ by Corinne Bailey Rae is the most popular song to cook up a storm to. In second place is Earth, Wind And Fire’s groovy bop ‘September’, for your own kitchen disco. Coming in third is the upbeat anthem ‘You Make My Dreams (Come True)’ by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

The most common genre is soul (9 out of the top 20) for a chilled vibe and soft beats.

The most popular decade of release was the 1960s (8 out of the top 20) with some great melodies to sing along to. Take a look at all the classic tunes on the table below:

Best Artisit to Cook to InSinkErator


The 20 Best Artists to Cook to

The artists featured in the playlists were also analysed to reveal the most frequently listened to artist in the kitchen. In the top spot it’s Stevie Wonder, a relaxed vibe for some food prep. In second place it’s The Beatles — familiar songs which listeners of all ages will recognise. And in third it’s Fleetwood Mac, great motivational rock music for a whisking frenzy.

All artists in the top 20 (apart from Amy Winehouse) were at the height of their careers pre-1990 — proving that we love cooking to nostalgic tunes to unlock some food and music memories!

Best Artisit to Cook to InSinkErator

How your Choice of Music can Affect the Taste of Food

InSinkErator Cooking

Not only can music make cooking more enjoyable, it can make food taste better. How can you use music to set the mood and make food taste better when hosting the perfect dinner party or cooking for fussy eaters?

  • Scientist Charles Spence argues ‘sound is the forgotten flavour sense’. In one of his studies the crispier bacon was rated tastier by participants and in another, crunchy crisps were seen as fresher.
  • TV cook and food writer Nigella Lawson complained that music in some restaurants is too loud and ‘drowns out the taste of food’. She’s right; if music is too loud it can become a dominant influence over taste.
  • Charles Spence’s studies also found that you can change someone’s perception of food by playing them certain music. High music can bring out sweet tastes and low music can bring out sour tastes.



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