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10 Toys to Teach Your Kids About Money That Actually Work

As all parents know kids learn best through play, so when it comes to teaching your little one about money why not do it with the perfect toy. We have put together a list of ten of our favourite toys that actually work well at doing just that.

Children through play can successfully learn about the world around them and themselves. They also pick up skills needed to help them work, study and build great relationships, as it can improve their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well being.

Research conducted by Cambridge University has revealed that our approach to money, including the ability to plan ahead, is basically set by the age of seven and that once formed it’s difficult to reverse those habits later on in life.

So for us parents investing our money on the right type of educational toy and the time to sit and play them with our kids, is a no brainer, because not only will we be having fun together playing with the toys, we would be providing valuable money lessons that will stay with our kids into their adulthood.

We have tried and tested all these educational toys listed below and think they are perfect for kids of different ages that are curious and learning money.



10 Toys to Teach Your Kids About Money


Leapfrog Count Along Till Toy

leapfrog cash register

£27 at Marks And Spencers


Kids can enjoy pretending to run a shop with this brightly coloured till from Leapfrog. This count along toy till comes with lots of colourful pretend foods for shoppers to buy.

leapfrog till screen

The interactive touchscreen gives this till a modern relatable vibe. Kids can scan all the items to total up the end bill and shoppers can pay with either coins or swipe card. We also love how it plays more than 50 phrases and silly songs that help kids learn how to count, different colours and food groups.

leapfrog till food

credit card on leapfrog till

The till size makes it easy for little ones to move itaround and it is ideal for imaginative play time. As they scan each item they can see the total adding up to discover how many coins they need to pay, before counting them as they drop them into till.

leapfrog till money


Recommended Age Range: 2 to 4 Years Old

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills
  • Giving change
  • Money counting at home
  • Understanding exchange of money for items


Henbrandt Sterling Play Money

play money

£2.15 at Amazon


Play money for kids are perfect for them playing shop, this cheap play set has sterling coins and notes in it and is an affordable add on to a child’s pretend toy till, or simply to put in a tub for them to use in their imaginary cafe or shop.

play money up close

Even though this is pretend money and the notes are only printed on one side, they still have a resemblance to real money, so practically are fab at helping kids with real life coin and note recognition. This set will also help them with learning how to make change, and learning what each is worth.

Recommended Age Range: 3+

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills
  • Giving change
  • Money denominations.
  • Money counting at home.


Max and Ivy enjoy Spending, Sharing and Saving

max and ivy spend and save money boxes in box

£19.99 at Max and Ivy


This isn’t really a toy as such, but it will seem like one to children. In this set from Max and Ivy you get a spend money box, share money box and a save money box. Each in a different colours and each clearly marked for what they are for.

spend save and share money boxes

The concept of these handy boxes is that when your little one does chores to earn money, get paid their pocket money or birthday money they can decide to separate money into three categories. One how much they want to spend straight away. Two how much they want to save for something bigger later or an emergency and Three how much they want to share with others, to treat them or help them out.

Ivy and Max book open

Also included in this set is a children picture book with a story ideal for reinforcing the sentiment of this set.

Recommended Age Range: 3+

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills, counting and addition
  • How to save and spend money consciously
  • How to invest money for growth
  • How real life family cash flow works, with saving, investing and budgeting its income
  • Set goals and track their progress


Learn Well Money Dominoes

money dominoes

£12 at Amazon


This is a hard wearing set of 24 dominoes that families can enjoy playing. Dominoes is a simple game for kids to understand, play and learn from.

Kids gets engaged on winning whilst learning how money is written differently, matching number forms with picture form and written form.

Recommended Age Range: 3+

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills
  • Money denominations
  • How money looks as number, words and in coins


Pop to the Shops Game

pop to the shop game in box

£11.75 at Orchard Toys


This is a wonderfully colourful shopping game that the kids loved. Once you unfold the board game you have four different shops all selling different items. Players needs to race and count their 3D character from shop to shop, using play money to buy lots of different items.

orchard toy pop to the shops

Players over turn a card with an item on it then need to make their way to the right shop and have the right play money to be able to pay for that item.

pop to the shops gaem basket

The winner is the first person to collect 6 items into their shopping baskets. All the time switching from the roles of the shop keeper and banker, so they will have plenty of time to get used to handling money and giving change. We think this game offers a really fun way for kids to learn and stretch their imagination, with a financial twist to the traditional matching games.

pop to the shops board game

Recommended Age Range: 5 to 9 years old

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills, counting, adding and subtracting
  • Giving change
  • Communication and real life interactions
  • Good Manners saying please and thank you to the shop owners.


Learning Resources Money Bags

money bags baord game in box

£17.90 at Amazon


This is a fun coin value board game that gets kids familiar with money as they play. Players have to earn money as they move around the board by completing common household chores, kids have to take the right amount of money they earn from the money bag. Plus, there’s an additional incentive for kids to use critical thinking and coin combining skills.

moneys bags board game

Once the first person manages to make it to the finish line game play ends and the winner is the player with the most money, not the first to the end, which we thought was a refreshing twist to game play.

money bags spinner

Recommended Age Range: 5+

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills, counting, adding and subtracting
  • Money denominations
  • Giving change
  • Early financial awareness


On the Money

on the money board game in boc

£7.00 at Fun Learning


This on the money counting game has been designed to help children understand money. Using the pack of cards they can take part in lots of fun different activities based around shopping.

on teh money game in the box


These activities make them understand if they can afford the product they are wishing to buy and how much change they will get when buying it.

on teh money counting game

on the money cards

Recommended Age Range: 5+

Skills Learned:

  • Basic math skills, counting, adding and subtracting
  • Money denominations
  • Understanding of money
  • Early financial awareness


Payday Game

pay day game in box

£14.99 at IWOOT


In this game it tackles the thought that you have to spend money to make money. The board game is set up as a calendar month and players must keep an eye on the mail.

pay day board game whole

mail cards

Decide if they should take out loans, and stay on the look out for special deals, as they make their way to the end of the month and that best day….. Pay Day.

deal cards

Invest, Borrow and Spend is the basis of this game, with a few real life temptations added in of family casino night, lottery win and shopping groceries overspend to challenge you.

payday board game

Recommended Age Range: 8+

Skills Learned:

  • Financial Literacy.
  • Practice counting bills.
  • Reality check of real life as something happens every day to affect your money levels .
  • Critical thinking .


Big Money Game

big money game in box

£7.39 at Amazon


This is an inspiring get rich board game where everyone gets rich, but its all about who gets the richest.

You have three roles of the dice to rake in the money and buy investments, some cool and outrageous things like toys, candy factory and racing leagues.

big money board up close

We found this a fun money game that, for some kids took a little to understand how to play but can be won in around 40 minutes, which is perfect if you need to have a rematch!

Recommended Age Range: 8+

Skills Learned:

  • Financial literacy
  • Concept of investing
  • Counting money values
  • Strategy and problem solving


The Game of Life

game of life game in box

£17.99 at The Entertainer


We loved playing this game and can actually remember playing it ourselves as a child. This game has always been likened to monopoly, but we don’t think its is half as brutal and capitalistic.

life game wheel


With each turn, you reach a different milestones in life such as going to college, getting married, paying taxes, having children and paying bills.

life game cards

life game choices

Moving around the colourful board you can land on either positive or negative things and the winner is whoever has the most money at the end of the game, whilst successfully dealing with life’s curveballs and obstacles as you go through life.

life game board up close

life game overall


Recommended Age Range: 8+

Skills Learned:

  • Financial literacy
  • Reality check of real life as something happens every day to affect your money levels .
  • How to handle currency
  • Problem solving





All Prices Correct at Publishing 18th November 2022


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