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2022 Best Stocking Fillers for Under £10

Are you on the hunt for some Awesome Christmas Stocking Filler presents for the kids? Find what’s new on the market, great deals and get some inspiration from our Best Stocking Fillers Shopping Guide which won’t break the bank as everything is Under £10

We know how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect little treat for the kids at Christmas and just how expensive it can all get, but there are some really fab gifts out there that the kids will love as will your wallet, so to help families at this busy time of the year we thought we would share our favourites.

We have some traditional, trendy and cute gift ideas for girls and boys to make Christmas morning full of fun and smiles all round.



Best Stocking Fillers for Under £10

Kids Stuff Crazy Bubble Bath and Foaming Soap

Kids Crazy Stuff Bath and Soap

From £1.99 at Superdrug


Make Christmas wash time fun this year with these beauties from Kids Stuff Crazy. These bubble baths and foaming soaps make the perfect gift for your children or grandchildren, as well as an exciting and inexpensive activity for the whole family.

Kids Crazy Stuff Bubble Bath

We think this magical sparkling bubble bath will keep kids entertained for hours as it turns the water into a whirlpool of glitter to get clean in. Kids can let their imaginations run wild as if they were a mermaid on an adventure in a glittery lagoon or playing in a sparkly snowstorm.

Pink and White Foaming Soap

Also we love the skin friendly foaming soap from this range, it is a gentle pH balanced, paraben free formula that wonderfully cleans and moisturises your little one’s skin. It comes in some fab colours like blue, pink and purple and the kids really enjoyed bouncing and creating different shapes out of the mouldable soap and best of all they are all affordably priced.

Build Your Own Ankylosaurus

Build Your Own Ankylosaurus in box

£9.99 From Build Your Own Kits


If your little one likes to build things, then this is the perfect gift for them. Build your Own Kits have brought a New Ankylosaurus build out which will help kids step back in time and explore a prehistoric world, they can discover and learn about the Ankylosaurus Dinosaur.

Build Your Own Ankylosaurus press outs

Build your Own Kits are a leading designer of sustainably made STEM toys, making these a fab eco-friendly buy for your kids. When you open the box, you will find shapes that you just pop out of cardboard and paper that you slot together to build your dinosaur with. This kit has 35 press out pieces, are aimed at kids over 8 years old and it’s estimated that they will take around 40 minutes to build. It also comes with a press-out Ankylosaurus Fact Stand for you to find out more about this famously armoured dinosaur and something that impressed the kids was the pull tab that makes the tail move.

Build Your Own Ankylosaurus up close

From our experience we have to say the cardboard is good quality and makes for a sturdy creation. It can be a bit fiddly not going to lie, so grownups might need to lend a hand, but the 40 minutes is totally based you and how quickly you manage to go, we did take a longer than this, but really enjoyed it from start to finish.

Build Your Own Ankylosaurus built

As parents we loved that there is no mess for us to clear up after as there is no use of glue needed and we were impressed with how big our T-Rex turned out to be once built, an impressive 38cm! Another cool feature was how when you pull the tab it creates a roaring action move in like a snapping action. We think this build offers the perfect family time activity, educational and plastic free option for Christmas that is great value for money.

EUGY 3D Reindeer

EUGY Reindeer

£8.99 From Amazon


Kids are going to love building this Eugy 3D Reindeer Model from Brainstorm Toys. This 3D model from EUGY is an awesome creative model building gift for any child this Christmas. You get everything you need to build your figure in the box including easy to follow instructions and its take around half an hour to build, with some kids needing a bit of grown-up help.

Eugy reindeer press outs

All you need to do is pop out all the pieces from the thick card and push them through the middle holder. Our Reindeer had a black bead for its eye and the card tells you exactly what stage to add it and you even get a tube of non-toxic glue to keep your model from falling apart after its built.

EUGY Reindeer being built

What we love about these kids build toy is that’s it’s all made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card and even printed with natural eco-friendly ink. There are loads of different characters and animals in the EUGY range that you can make which makes it’s a truly unique craft collectable for kids to enjoy.

The World of David Walliams Flush Out The Rat Card Game

flush out the rat david walliams card game

£3.99 From Amazon


This is an easy to learn fast paced card game for kids over seven years, all based around the characters from The World of David Walliams’ best-seller Rat Burger Flush out the Rat.

To play all you need to do is deal all the cards out and then take it in turn to match and discard matching pairs, making sure you are not the one left holding the Rat Burger Card.

David Walliams Cards up close

The 54 playing cards illustrations are quirky and we love how affordable this card game is and how it encourages kids to wait and take their turn.

Piggy Paint

piggy paint with bag

From £3.99 from Kids Happy House


Piggy Paint is non-toxic, water-based polish that is free of all harsh chemicals, cruelty-free and also vegan friendly.

Piggy Paint set

Perfect if your little one loves a bit of glam, Piggy Paint comes in lots of different fun colours that kids can enjoy painting their nails without the smelly chemicals smell and best of all air dries in just 60 seconds.

Dino Ranch Dino Mites Blinds

Dino Mites in box

£4.99 From Entertainer


These are cute little collectibles that any Dino Ranch fan will love. Showing on Disney plus and Tiny Pop, our kids are loving the second series following the adventures of the Cassidy family and think these mystery reveal style collectibles will make a fab stocking filler this Christmas.

Blind Dino Mites Dino Ranch

Each egg surprise is 2.5 inch and comes with an egg stand for playing and displaying the collectible toy on. You can get all different coloured characters and if your really lucky you open a golden one.

Waboba Wingman Disc Ugly Sweater Edition

wingman ugly sweater frizbee

£6.99 From Amazon


The Waboba Wingman Disc is the ideal stocking filler gift to get your little one active this Christmas. Made from silicone this flying disc is soft, flexible, foldable and it won’t break a window or TV screen if the kids play with it indoors. Another added bonus of it being so soft is that it doesn’t hurt your hands when you are throwing and catching it.

wingman ugly sweater

It surprised us just how awesome something so flexible is in the air, as it can reach up to 130ft. It glides so well in the air that both kids and adults found it easy to play with.

wingman frizbee

This Waboba Wingman Disc is perfectly sized to carry in your pocket, or bag so it great to take with the family to beach, park, sleepovers or even holidays and we just love the Limited Edition Christmas jumper design on it, although you can get these discs in all fab designs we love how this one can bring a festive vibe to your present giving this year.

Kindi Kids Party Pets

kindi kids party pets

£10 From The Entertainer


The Kindi Kids now have their own adorable pets and there are three different Kindi Kids Party Pets to collect and each coming with their own accessory.

Kindi Kids Party Pets out of box 2

This is Kitty Mello, who belongs to Marsha Mello and Mini Mello and loves to be groomed and pampered. Kitty Mello comes with a brush which when you stroke along the top of her head you can see her eyes close, which is so cute.

Kindi Kids Party Pets Eyes closing

The kids loved the pastel rainbow hair and tail, but by far the most amazing feature that the kids loved were her pretty glitter eyes they really stand out.

Kindi Kids Party Pets Glitter Eyes

Marvel Battle Ball Ultimate Armoury Series 3

battleworld balls

£8 From Funko Europe


We have been fans of Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls from Funko Games for a long time now, so it’s a no brainer for us to suggest a series 3 ball as stocking filler gift.

Marvel BattleBall inside

Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls are a first of a kind toy range from Funko and Marvel. They are a collectible tabletop game which contain exclusive collectible Marvel figures and is designed to be played by either one or two players, with an age guidance of 6 years and above.

Marvel BattleBall Grand Marshall

To find out more about how you play Marvel Battle Balls you can read our review of series one here, and then get excited about how series 3 includes over 30 new characters from exciting locations all over Battleworld, brand new battles and exciting new armour tokens to make the battles more challenging but too help the heroes in making more powerful attacks.

Marvel BattleBall Groot up close

At first it took all the kids a bit to get their heads around how to play, but honestly Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls since have kept them entertained for hours and they use do like to use the display feature of the ball containers to have their collection on display on their bedroom shelf.

Marvel BattleBall Groot


7 ate 9 Game

7 ate 9 game in box

£9.99 From Amazon


Aimed at kids aged 8 and over, 7 ate 9 is a fun fast paced number card game that really gets you thinking. Kids can unbox, 73 cards from a quirky bright red egg storage box, which is perfectly sized to make this a great travel toy size for sleepovers and holidays.

7 ate 9

Each card has a main number in the middle and either plus or minus 1,2 or 3 on the corners. Players go on a race to get rid of all their cards first by working out the possible answers to the sum and placing a card from their hand that matches it.

7 ate 9 inside

At first you think this sounds easy but as its when you add speed to be the quickest to work the sum that really trips you out. We had great fun playing this and as parents loved how this mental maths challenge is fab in improving our little one’s maths skills.

Dogs vs Squirls Blind Bag

Dogs V Squirls blind bag

£5 From The Entertainer


Calling all Cats Vs Pickle Fans look what’s hitting the shelves of the toy shops now…… Dogs Vs Squirls and they are as cute, wacky and smile provoking fun collectible squishy super-soft, bean-filled plushies just like the OG’s.

Dogs v squirls

The poor Dogs are out to defend against the Squirls and prevent them from chewing on wiring, messing up the garden and throwing acorns, whilst the relentless Squirls will do anything to get past the Dogs! Who will win, what team will you pick? Either way we have to say the pups are so adorable coming in all different breeds, each with their own personalities and the Squirls, with their fluffy tails, are for sure on a mission for some mischievous mayhem. We can’t help but feel that these are going to be are real hit this Christmas with the kids.

Zuru Cotton Candy Slime

Cotton Candy slime zuru stocking filler gift idea

From £4.48 From Amazon


This is a fun perfectly sized candy lollipop case full of two bags of vibrant stretchy and fluffy cotton candy mix.

Zuru Cotton Candy Slime

Kids can play with this stretchy, bouncy mouldable cotton candy slime, that has an awesome sweet scent to it and its even available in different collects so you can collect them all.

Spinning Enamel Fidget Ring

Fidget Ring

From £5.99 From Amazon


A perfect fidget gift for anxious people. This pretty looking rotating ring can help get rid of bad habits, release stress, relax and meditate. It is also designed to help with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This colourful ring is made from stainless steel so will not rust, will not fade and has five rotatable coloured beads. The ring is adjustable and pressure resistance, and we think this will be ideal for kids to wear to school, clubs and overwhelming social settings.

Magic Mixies Mixlings Collector’s Cauldron

Magic Mixies

£8.99 From Amazon


Kids can conjure up a cute new breed of Magic Mixies this Christmas with these mini single Magic Mixies Mystery Collectors Cauldron.

First, you rub the gem on your Cauldron and say the magic words ‘Magicus Mixus’ to find out if you have mixed up a Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare or Limited Edition Mixling, before you open the cauldron to reveal who you have inside.

mixies mixlings inside

As well as the mixling figure you get two other accessories and a collectors guide so you can keep track of which ones you still need. Kids can enjoy finding either a magnetic wand that activates the Enchanters, who charms you with their enchanting eyes. Morphers or Fliers’ Gem. Or a pipette wand that unleashes the Vanishers power. Or a glow in the dark wand.

Each mixling has special magical powers that are activated with the wands and excitingly there is a limited edition mixling, called Light Up Zarla, whose gem lights up and changes colour to reveal her magic.

mixies mixlings

With over 40 little magic toy mixlings to mic up and collect in series one, we love how this pocket money toy collection will be something we can help our little one add to next year without the worry of its breaking the bank.

Treasure X Robots Gold

Treasure X Robts in box

£5 From The Entertainer


Treasure X is a fab surprise reveal collectible toy, that kids go through 8 levels of unboxing to reveal, repair and build their futuristic mini robots, while searching for treasure.

Treasure X Robts inside

First kids will need to dip their robot in water to get rid of the rusty coating, then cut open the container with your tool to find the remaining parts of the robot so you can build it.

Treasure X Robts

There are 16 mini robots to collect in this series and the robots come with all different finishes like a gold wash, metallic, transparent, splatter effect, glow in the dark and colour change bots.

X Gold tool

We love how all the Treasure X Mini Robots have interchangeable parts, so your little one can mix and match all you robots to create new, unique versions of the bots, which adds another play factor to these collectibles.

Would You Rather Game Book

Would you rather book front cover

From £6.97 From Amazon


We think this book is a great idea as a boredom buster for kids over Christmas at the same time as expanding their general knowledge levels in a fun and entertaining way.

Would you rather book inside pges facts

This Would You Rather? Book is the “Ridiculousness Edition” and its full of questions that will get kids imaginations running will and bring out some seriously funny and interesting answers. We had so many giggles going through all the different scenarios and incredible facts in this book. We think families will love it.

Smart Games IQ Stars Puzzle Game

IQ Stars Smart Game in box

From £10 From Amazon


We are huge fans of all the Smart Games and yet again they don’t disappoint. This IQ Stars puzzle game comes with a booklet to work through over 120 challenges where you must fit the 7 different star puzzle pieces into the compact grid.

Smart IQ Stars up close

This unique colourful game perfect for 8 to 108 year olds and ideally sized to take on your travels on car journeys, sleepovers or holidays. IQ games helps stimulate cognitive skills such as logic and problem solving, so perfect gift to keep the grey cells ticking over during the Christmas school holidays.

Smart IQ Games stars booklet

Santa Jigsaw

Santa in woods jigsaw

£5 From The Works


We always love gifting jigsaws to our little ones and this Santa Woodland one is such a fab choice for this year. It is a whimsical Christmas children’s jigsaw where a loving Santa is taking timeout from present deliveries to feed the wildlife in a snow-covered woods by lantern light.

Santa Jigsaw

This 500 piece festive jigsaw we think will be loved my children and all the pieces are nice and robust so can take children using it time after time without premature wear and tear.

Galaxy Glow in Dark Putty Kit

Galaxy Goo

From £9.90 From Amazon


Putty is fab fidget toy for kids and this Glow in the Dark DIY putty kit we think offers good value for money. Inside the box kids will find lots of different add ins to make stunning putty and cool space sculptures.

Galxay DIY Putty

Making putty helps kids expand their creativity and improve their coordination at the same time as providing playtime away from screens. We think this 29 piece DIY putty set offers good value for money that kids can enjoy bouncing, twisting and squashing. With the added feature of neon putty and glow toys. We love how it comes with airtight containers and stickers for easy labelling and storage.

Wooden Marbles Solitaire Game

Wooden solitaire puzzle in box

From £9.90 From Amazon


A childhood memory of many parents is playing for hours on this solitaire style puzzle game, addicted at trying to outwit a cross shaped board and balls.

Wooden solitaire puzzle

We love this wooden premium quality version and just had to include it as a stocking filler gift idea this year, as it brings back so many great memories that we think it would be lush to share with our own kids.

Perplexus Sidewinder Game


From £6 From Amazon


This we think is a perfect pressie pick for the puzzle lover, as Perplexus Sidewinder offers double the challenge. With two cog shaped mazes side by side and a ball on each, you have to navigate through their maze at the same time, and boy is it a tricky one, that for sure will give hours of fun!

Spinmaster puzzle up close

Saboteur Card Game

Saboteur card game in box

From £8.70 From Amazon


Saboteur, sets the scene of dwarves digging for gold in the depths of a mine when suddenly, their pick-axe breaks, and the lantern goes out because the saboteur has struck again and is trying to stop you from reaching the treasure.

Sabetuer cards

This is a game with a difference as players have to work together as each have a role to play, but no one knows for sure what that role is and to win you need to be the one with the most gold nuggets after three rounds.

Kumber Tye Dye Deluxe Kit

Tye Dye box

From £9.99 From Amazon


This is an ideal gift idea for any kids looking to get creative and have a bit of fun with colour. With 5 colours included we think it makes a good starter set, as it includes reusable pre-filled tie-dye bottles, that too comes with refills.

Tye Dye inside box

It has all the other basics as well, such as the gloves, elastic bands, funnel and instruction manual. So really all kids will need to add is the item they are tye dying such as a cotton tote bag, t-shirt, or plain bucket hat. We think this will make a great messy play activities for the rainy days ahead this winter.

Shuffle Harry Potter Card Game

Harry Potter Shuffle Cards

£3.99 From Amazon


Huge value in this pack of cards, for any Harry Potter fans as not only do they get an awesome pack of Harry Potter cards, but it’s a pack of four games in one, as with this themed pack kids can play the family classics Snap, Paris, Happy Families and Action.

Harry Potter Cards up close

This 4 in 1 card game pack can be played with up to 4 players and we think it offers excellent value for money and perfect in size for kids to take on their travels with them, so fab for car journeys, sleepovers, and holidays.

Solar Power Charger Keyring

Solar Power Charger Keyring

From £7.99 From Amazon


We think this is a fab handy gadget ideal for older kids that need to charge mobile phones, games consoles or earbuds on the go, perfect for sleepovers, camping or just a daily essential to clip onto their school or college rucksack.





All Prices Correct at Publishing 7th November 2022

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