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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. No products have paid to be included in this guide. Some products have been sent to us for free to allow us to take photos and put to the test so we could share our honest thoughts with our readers. This does not affect the products our editors choose to feature or our opinions, nor does it carry any additional costs to our readers.

2023 Best Stocking Fillers for Under £10

Scouring for the ultimate 2023 Best Stocking Fillers that are friendly on the purse strings? Look no further! Our under-£10 guide is the treasure map to this year’s most exciting finds and the hottest deals that promise to delight the kids and give your budget a breather. We’ve scoured the market to bring you a sprinkle of inspiration, from the latest trends to the best value picks, all wrapped up in our easy-to-browse shopping guide.

Christmas shopping can often mean juggling joy and budgets, but it doesn’t have to be a jolly challenge. We’re all about making those festive moments memorable without the hefty price tag. Discover our favourite finds, from quirky and traditional to trendy and adorable, for both boys and girls. Our list ensures your Christmas morning is packed with fun, laughter, and smiles that last all day long. Get ready to be crowned the best gift-giver this side of the North Pole!

Let’s unwrap the fun!…..

Best Stocking Fillers for Under £10

Smallest Uno Game

Smallest Uno

From Urban Outfitters for £9


Tucked inside our festive stockings this year, the Smallest Uno Game has been a gigantic hit! This pint-sized powerhouse is all the fun of the classic Uno we’ve adored for years, shrunken down to a dinky delight that’s perfect for families on the go. Measuring just 7.4cm by 4.8cm, the 112-card mini deck comes neatly packed in a travel-friendly tuck box, making it ideal for fun moments anywhere—from train rides to school breaktime.

Smallest Ever Uno in play

We’ve shuffled, dealt, and played to our heart’s content, giving this tiny treat our full stamp of approval. It’s as much a blast as the full-sized version, and our little testers could barely contain their giggles as they got sneaky with their new pocket-sized playmate. Alongside Uno, Urban Fitters offers a mini menagerie of classic games like Hungry Hippo, Mousetrap, Bop it and Monopoly, ensuring your stockings are stuffed with joy that doesn’t cramp your style—or your storage space. Trust us, for a stocking filler that promises big smiles without the big spend, you can’t go wrong with these mini marvels.

Build Your Own Unicorn

BYO Unicorn

From Build Your Own for £9.99


The Build Your Own Unicorn has galloped into our hearts and homes, becoming an instant favourite in our playroom. This enchanting kit isn’t just a toy; it’s an adventure in a box, ready to spark little imaginations and big dreams. We’ve put it to the test with eager little hands, and it’s been nothing short of magical. Easy to assemble with a simple slot-together design, it’s perfect for small builders eager to create their own mystical friend.

BYO Unicorn in packet

We think the quality is top-notch. The cardboard is sturdy, ensuring this unicorn can withstand the most fantastical of adventures. And the vibrancy of the colour is simply spellbinding. It’s not just a craft; it’s a display-worthy work of art once completed. Plus, the hidden heart and the wish-making we feel is an adorable touch that had our little ones absolutely enchanted.

BYO Unicorn built

Build Your Own doesn’t stop at unicorns; they have a whole stable of creatures, including dragons, puppies and kittens, all designed with the same quality and care. It’s a wonderful way to introduce the joys of creating and playing while keeping eco-consciousness at the forefront. Truly, this unicorn is not just a gift; it’s an experience, one we wholeheartedly recommend for families looking to build more than just toys this Christmas.

Elf Lotto Mini Game

Elf Lotto

From Orchard Toys for £6


The Elf Lotto Mini Game is a jolly jumble of festive fun, and we’ve had the pleasure of giggling through game after game with the family. It’s a wonderful way to fill those chilly December days with warmth and laughter. With 24 elf tiles featuring all sorts of cheeky helpers and four Christmas houses to fill, it’s more than a game—it’s a doorway to merry memories.

We’ve watched as little ones sharpened their matching and memory skills, all while being utterly absorbed by the elves’ antics. And trust us, it’s not just for the kids—parents will find themselves drawn into the fun, rooting for a win, or just enjoying the festive spirit that this game brings to the table.


Compact and perfect for travel, Elf Lotto fits neatly into any Christmas stocking, ready to spread cheer wherever it goes. Designed with 3-6 year-olds in mind, it’s an effortless choice for bringing the family together. And coming from Orchard Toys, you know it’s built to last, making it a gift that can bring joy this Christmas and many more to come.

Brainstorm Toys Light-up Fidget Toy Thumbler


From Amazon for £7.99


The Brainstorm Toys Light-up Fidget Toy Thumbler is a marvel that’s found its way into our hands and hearts. It’s not just a toy; it’s a burst of colour and science that has kept the kids—and, let’s be honest, us adults—absolutely captivated. With a quick swirl, this gyroscopic wonder comes to life, lighting up and spinning with such grace that you can’t help but be entranced.

The multicoloured LEDs create a mini light show that’s as educational as it is entertaining, making it a hit for those curious minds eager to understand the science behind the spectacle. It’s been passed around from hand to hand between our testers, each of us competing to see who can master the longest and most dazzling spin.

Thumbler in play

As for value, this little gem shines bright. The joy and engagement it provides make it a stocking filler that’s we think for sure to be a winner, just proving that the best gifts often come in small, spinning packages.

Sonic Prime Clip-On Plush

Sonic Prime Clip On

From Smyths Toy Store for £5.99


The Sonic Prime Clip-On Plush toys have zoomed straight into our festive must-haves this year. Perfectly sized at 15cm, they’re just right for clipping onto backpacks or belt loops, ready for adventures with your kids. We’ve personally given these plushies a thorough cuddle test – they’re super soft and the sturdy clip means they stay put, no matter the speed of play.

Our little testers were over the moon to have their favourite characters from the hit Netflix show, Sonic Prime, tagging along on their daily escapades. With six characters to collect, including two versions of Sonic himself, they’re a big hit for fans looking to complete their collection. These plushies are more than just toys; they’re companions for all the festive outings and beyond. And we’ve seen first-hand how they turn heads in the schoolyard, making them a top pick for a stocking filler that’s sure to bring a smile.

EUGY 3D Snowman Model

EUGY Snowman

From Amazon for £9.99


The EUGY 3D Snowman Model is a charming little project that’s made its way into our festive lineup – and for good reason. It’s not just a craft; it’s a merry-making, eco-friendly activity that kids can dive into, hands first. In about 20 minutes, with a little concentration and the included non-toxic glue, this delightful figure of a winter snowman comes to life, ready to sit proudly on the mantelpiece or desk.

EUGY parts to build snowman

We’ve built it ourselves, following the simple numbered sequence, and can vouch for the fun and satisfaction it delivers. It’s a treat to see the kids’ eyes light up as they piece together their own little snowman, and it’s even more fulfilling to know that it’s all made with biodegradable materials. The EUGY range offers a whole host of characters to create, so the fun doesn’t have to stop at just one.

EUGY Build snowman 2

For a stocking filler that combines creativity, environmental consciousness, and the spirit of the season, we think this 3D Snowman Model ticks all the boxes. It’s a gift that goes beyond the festive joy, instilling values of sustainability and the pleasure of making something with your own two hands.

Glow Stars Sea Creatures

Glow Stars Sea Creatures and Stars

From Amazon for £5


The Glow Stars Sea Creatures set has been an oceanic hit with all our little testers, turning bedrooms into an underwater realm as soon as the lights go out. We’ve stuck these high-quality stars and sea creature shapes ourselves, and the glow they give off is impressive – like bioluminescent wonders just inches away.

Glow Stars Sea Creatures and Stars 2

From the majestic blue whale to the graceful sea turtle, each creature adds a touch of magic to the room, and the self-adhesive pads mean they’re a cinch to set up. The whole process is simple and fun, and we’ve found the glow lasts just long enough to soothe little ones into dreamland.

Glow in the dark Sea Creatures in dark

For kids with a love of the sea or the stars, this set doubles up as a glowing night-sky ocean. It’s a lovely way to encourage an interest in marine life and astronomy, all in one go. And, with the variety that The Original Glowstars Company offers, there’s sure to be a theme to delight every child. At this price point, for the quality and the glow, it’s a steal of a deal for a stocking that truly shines.

7th Heaven Winter Wonderland Set

7th Heaven Facemasks

From Amazon for £4.99


The 7th Heaven Winter Wonderland Set has brought a touch of festive pampering into our home, and it’s been a delightful experience. These adorably themed sheet masks are not just a treat for the skin, but they also add a sprinkle of Christmas spirit to your skincare routine.

We’ve been absolutely enchanted by the 7th Heaven Winter Wonderland Set. Wrapping our faces in the Reindeer Mask, we were treated to a soothing blend of blueberry and Centella Asiatica, which left our skin feeling calm and refreshed. The Penguin Mask was like a cool sip of hydration with its aloe vera and green tea infusion, perfect for a quick skin quench. As for the Elf Mask, its unique snow mushroom and gingko mix deeply nourished our skin, leaving it supple and rejuvenated. Adorned with joyful designs, these masks have been our little secret to a 5-10 minute festive retreat, bringing both fun and a touch of care to our holiday routine.

Kids Winter Face Masks

We’ve tested these masks ourselves and can have to say their gentle and effective care, even on sensitive skin. The natural scent is heavenly and knowing that they’re vegan and cruelty-free makes the experience all the more satisfying. Plus, it feels particularly special to support a local business whose headquarters are nestled in Port Talbot, West Wales – it’s a little bit of hometown pride in each gift.

For those looking for a stocking filler that offers a bit of self-care and a lot of love, the Winter Wonderland Set hits the mark beautifully. It’s a little slice of Welsh heaven that’s sure to be a hit with teens and adults alike, providing a merry moment of relaxation amidst the festive fun.

Glow-in-the-Dark Playfoam


From Learning Resources for £5.95


Glow-in-the-Dark Playfoam has been a hands-down winner with all the littles ones we gave it to play with. We’ve squished, sculpted, and marvelled as our creations lit up the dark, providing endless entertainment for the kids – and yes, the grown-ups too. The four vibrant pods come ready for action, and the best part is they never dry out, so the kids have free rein to create and recreate without any worry of waste.

We’ve seen first-hand the joy this tactile toy brings; it’s not just fun but also a sneaky way to enhance fine motor skills. The kids have been completely absorbed, from the daylight sculpting sessions to the night time glow shows. And for us parents, we love the no-mess, no-fuss clean-up it’s a real winner.

Playfoam out of packet

If you’re looking for a stocking filler that promises hours of creative play and doubles up as a sensory development tool, this Playfoam is a glowing choice. Plus, its longevity means you’re getting a bang for your buck – a gift that keeps on giving well into the new year.

Nomo Chocolate Reindeer


From NOMO for 90p each


The Nomo Chocolate Reindeer has trotted its way into our festive lineup, and it’s been a sweet success. We’ve unwrapped, tasted, and delighted in these chocolatey treats, and they’re as creamy as they are charming. Crafted with a lush, fudge-filled centre, each bite is a nod to indulgence without any dairy, which is a dream come true for those with specific dietary needs or preferences.

NOMO Reindeer out of packet

It’s been a hit with everyone who’s tried it – from the kids to the adults. The flavour is rich, the texture smooth, and the taste, well, it’s got the whole family’s seal of approval. We’ve also peeked at the cookie dough version, and it’s on our list to try next.

NOMO up close reindeer

NOMO is all about inclusive indulgence – no one misses out on the chocolate fun here. So, if you’re on the lookout for a stocking stuffer that’s sweet, sensitive to dietary restrictions, and sure to be savoured, this little reindeer is ready to dash off the shelves and into your home this Christmas.

Yes, Yes Yeti Card Game

Yes Yes Yeti

From Ginger Fox for £9.99


The Yes, Yes Yeti Card Game has become a frosty favourite with all who’ve played it, and we’re thrilled to share this gem with you. It’s a game of wit and whimsy, where strategy meets serendipity as you race to snap a picture of the fabled Yeti. We’ve laid out paths in all sorts of shapes, from spirals to zig-zags, add love how this freedom adds a delightful twist to each game played.

Yes Yes Yeti card game play

The thrill of drawing a high-number card to sprint up the mountain, balanced with the risk of hitting a slippery patch, had us all on the edge of our seats. And there’s no dice – just your cards to guide your steps, which we found refreshingly different and added an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Yes Yes Yeti set up

Compact and perfect for any excursion, from sleepovers to holiday travel, it’s a fresh take on card games that’s found a snug spot in our travel bags. With the wintry theme, it’s an ideal match for Christmas gatherings. We’ve already made some wonderful memories playing Yes, Yes Yeti and can’t wait to pass on the fun to other families looking for a clever, engaging stocking filler.

Sensory Pen Bubbler

Sensory Bubbler Pen

From Amazon for £4


The Sensory Pen Bubbler has been an absolute hit with all of us, offering a unique blend of play and practicality. This nifty little gadget doubles as a pen, making it a fun and functional accessory for both kids and adults. We’ve flipped, watched, and felt our stress melt away as the colourful droplets cascaded down – it’s strangely soothing, like a personal lava lamp!

It’s been a fantastic tool for the kids during homework time, helping them focus and find a bit of calm amidst their studies. And because it’s so portable, it’s come along with us on trips, keeping the little ones (and sometimes us!) entertained and relaxed on those longer journeys.

Sensory Pen Up Close

We’ve personally tried and tested these pens and can attest for their mesmerising effect. They’re silent, battery-free, and offer a splash of sensory fun without any fuss. If you’re looking for a stocking filler that’s a bit different and can provide a moment of tranquillity in a busy day, we think this Sensory Pen Bubbler is a small gift with a big impact that we’ve all enjoyed.

Care Bears Peel & Reveal Figures

Care Bear Peel & Reveal

From G3 Toys for £6


The Care Bears Peel & Reveal Figures have been a delightful addition to our festive season, bringing back a wave of nostalgia and creating new memories. As huge Care Bear fans, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on Wave 2 of these charming collectibles. The excitement of peeling back the layers to discover which character we’d find added a lovely element of surprise to our family time.

Peel Care Bears 2

Each figure, with its vibrant colours and detailed design, is a joy to behold. They’re just the right size for little hands, perfect for imaginative play or as a cherished addition to a bedroom shelf display. We’ve been impressed with the sturdy build of these figures, ensuring they can withstand the enthusiastic play sessions they’ve been part of.

Peel Care Bears 1

For anyone who holds a special place in their heart for Care Bears, or for those just discovering their magic, these Peel & Reveal figures are a fantastic gift idea. They’re not just toys; they’re little tokens of joy, sparking smiles and a bit of nostalgia. We’ve proudly added them to our collection and can attest to the happiness they’ve brought into our home.

Thinkfun Block Chain

Block Chain

From Ravensburger for £5.59


The ThinkFun Block Chain puzzles have turned into quite the brain-teasing hit with us. These compact, cleverly designed puzzles offer three levels of challenge, each promising to stretch your problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills in the most enjoyable way. We’ve twisted and turned the blocks, piecing together the quirky and colourful designs, from pirates to unicorns to robots.

It’s been more than just fun; it’s been a delightful exercise for our minds, engaging for players aged 8 and up. What stands out is how perfectly portable they are, easily tucked into a bag for on-the-go entertainment. We’ve had a blast testing these out, and they’ve become a go-to activity for quiet moments at home and during travels.

Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler that entertains or one that educates, we think this ThinkFun Block Chain puzzles tick both boxes. They’re a smart pick for any family looking to add a bit of playful learning to their holiday festivities.

Guinness World Records Book

Guiness World Book of Records 2023

From WHSmith for £10


The latest edition of the Guinness World Records book has been a staple in our household this year, sparking curiosity and wonder with every page turn. As a family, we’ve delved into the 2024 edition, enthralled by the astonishing feats and natural wonders that align with its Blue Planet theme. It’s been a delightful journey through records of the sea, alongside standout achievements in entertainment and sports.

We’ve not only read the book but also explored the accompanying online features, which have enriched our experience with engaging videos and a dive into the Guinness World Records’ commitment to the environment. It’s been a powerful way to connect with the broader world and to understand the incredible potential we all hold.

Inside Guiness Book

Gifting this book feels like passing on a tradition, one that we cherished as children and that our little ones are now excited to explore. It’s the kind of present that keeps on giving, filled with stories of human endeavour and natural marvels that can inspire kids to dream big and aim high. If you’re looking to fill those stockings with something that will captivate and educate, this book is an easy choice.

Tetris Impossible Puzzle

Impossible Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle

From Amazon for £9.99


The Tetris Impossible Puzzle has been a brilliant brainteaser for us this year. With its 250 double-sided pieces, it’s a fresh take on the classic game that’s kept us entertained and perplexed in equal measure. One side flaunts the vibrant Tetrimino shapes we all know and love, while the other showcases the iconic Tetris logo, each side with a different finish to aid puzzle solvers.

We’ve spent many an evening huddled around the dining table, the puzzle laid out before us, each of us determined to fit just one more piece. And let me tell you, despite being just 250 pieces, it’s a challenge that’s both infuriating and addictive!

Tetris Jigsaw out of box

As a stocking filler, this puzzle is a win for Tetris enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. It’s not just a game; it’s a quest to conquer the ‘impossible’, and it’s kept our minds razor-sharp. It’s a wonderful way to bring the family together, testing our patience and dexterity, and the sense of achievement when a section comes together is second to none. For anyone looking to gift a bit of retro fun that requires a touch of strategy, this is a playful choice that will surely be remembered.

Piggly Winks Board Game

Piggy Winks

From Find Me a Gift for £9.99


The Piggly Winks Board Game has been nothing short of a hoot and a half in our home, and it’s easy to see why it would make a fabulous stocking filler. This isn’t your average tiddlywinks; it’s a barnyard bonanza where piglets take to the skies and aim for the muddy pen, all in the name of good, clean (well, muddy) fun.

We’ve flicked, laughed, and cheered, our competitive spirits soaring as high as our flying piglets. The simplicity of the game is its charm, making it accessible for the little ones, yet still a giggle-inducing challenge for the ‘big kids’ in the family.

Piggly Wiggly Game

We think Piggly Winks is that perfect blend of easy-to-learn and endlessly entertaining, ensuring it’s a hit for family game nights or as a playful pastime on a rainy day. Trust us, it’s been tested, approved, and loved by all ages here, and we reckon it’ll be a favourite in your household too. Ready, set, oink!

Plus Plus One Shape Construction Toy

Plus Plus

From Amazon for £9


Plus Plus One Shape Construction Toy has quickly become a favourite with all the kids, and we’re excited to share this fantastic find with you. This Danish toy, designed in the ’80s, may be simple in concept, but it’s boundless in creative potential. We’ve had the pieces in our hands, constructing everything from colourful mosaics to intricate 3D structures, and the kids have been completely captivated.

The beauty of Plus Plus is in its one unique shape that interlocks seamlessly with others, making it incredibly easy to combine sets and expand the building fun. We’ve been particularly fond of the themed sets with building guides, which are great for jumpstarting the imagination, but it’s the open-play sets that have truly unleashed all our creativity.

Plus Plus out of tube

We appreciate how Plus Plus encourages STEM learning through play, enhancing fine motor skills, and fostering imagination. And parents, you’ll love this—clean-up is a breeze. These plastic pieces are washable, even in your washing machine, making maintenance worry-free.

The Plus Plus sets are not only a great way to engage kids in hands-on, screen-free play, but they’re also environmentally conscious, with production powered by green energy and all materials being recyclable. Whether at home or on the go, these sets are perfect for keeping the kids entertained and learning, and we wholeheartedly suggest you check them out as an affordable gifting option this Christmas.

Happy Confident Me Journal

Happy Journal

From WHSmith for £9.99


The Happy Confident Me Journal has been a revelation for us, a tool that not just encourages the kids to reflect on their day but has also become a cherished bedtime ritual. In a simple, guided format, this 10-week journal is designed for children aged 6-8 and is a gentle way to introduce the practice of daily journaling—proven to boost happiness and self-confidence.

Each day, the kids have taken a moment to jot down their thoughts, scribble a doodle, or stick in something special. We’ve noticed how it helps them unwind and articulate their feelings, fostering a positive outlook by highlighting three good things from their day. The daily quotes inspire them, and the weekly activities are not only engaging but also educational, promoting key character-building skills.


The journal is beautifully crafted, with high-quality paper and a layout that appeals across various age groups. We’ve seen the kids eagerly anticipate their journaling time, and it’s heartwarming to hear them share their entries, sparking conversations that might not have happened otherwise.

It’s been heartening to witness the children learn to express gratitude, understand their emotions, and take pride in their daily accomplishments. For parents looking for a meaningful, engaging, and thoughtful stocking filler that supports their child’s mental well-being, we think this Happy Confident Me Journal is a standout choice.

Tap Tap Fidget Game

Tap Tap Fidget Game

From Amazon for £9.99


The TapTap Smart Fidget has been a surprisingly delightful addition to our family’s playtime arsenal. It’s a compact, palm-sized gadget that’s taken the simple joy of fidgeting and ramped it up with five interactive games that test memory, focus, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

We’ve tapped, slid, and challenged ourselves, and it’s become a bit of a household competition to see who can master the games. It’s impressive how such a small device can offer such a range of activities, keeping fingers busy and minds engaged. The kids, and even us adults, can’t seem to put it down, especially when vying to beat each other’s high scores.

Tap Tap Game up close

With its vibrant colour options and easy-to-grasp concept, TapTap Smart Fidget has been a winner for both travel and quiet moments at home. The fact that it’s a screen-free diversion that fits so easily into a bag makes it ideal for on-the-go entertainment—perfect for those moments in the car or while waiting for appointments.

As a stocking filler, we think it’s a brilliant choice, offering fun and brain-boosting play in one small package. It’s been a fabulous find for us, and we’re confident it’ll be a hit for any family looking for a simple, affordable gift that brings a bit of fun and learning to the festive season.

So Slime Tie Dye

Tye Dye Slime

From Amazon for £7.50


The So Slime Tie Dye kit has been a vibrant hit with all our little testers, adding a splash of colour to the usual slime fun. It’s a complete set that’s let us dive straight into creating mesmerising tie-dye patterns with clear slime and scented dyes.

We’ve twisted and folded, mixed in glitter, and watched as each unique tie-dye creation took shape. The scents added an unexpected delight, making the play experience all the more enjoyable. And when it comes to quality, So Slime has delivered a product that’s mess-free and pleasant to use, without any of the harsh chemical smells you sometimes find with other slimes.

Tye Dye Slime out of box

For us, the clear slime was a novel concept, and adding our own choice of dyes felt like a mini art project. The kids have been thoroughly engaged, and we’ve appreciated the easy cleanup that comes with this high-quality slime.

If you’re looking for a stocking filler that’s sure to be a hit, then we do think this So Slime Tie Dye kit is a fantastic option. It’s a great way for kids to get creative, and with the three-pack, there’s plenty of fun to go around. It’s been a joy to see the kids’ eyes light up as they unveil their tie-dye creations, and we’re confident it’ll bring that same excitement to your home too.

As we wrap up our guide to the 2023 Best Stocking Fillers for Under £10, we hope it’s been a helpful companion in your festive preparations. We’ve had a blast testing out a sleigh-load of gifts—including those that didn’t quite make our shortlist—to ensure you have the cream of the crop to choose from. For even more festive cheer, be sure to explore our Family Life at Christmas section. It’s a cosy corner of our website where you’ll find family-friendly local events, tips for choosing the perfect real Christmas tree, additional gifting ideas, and heartwarming Christmas traditions that will make your celebrations truly special. Here’s to a season filled with joy, laughter, and treasured moments with your loved ones!


All Prices Correct at Time of Publishing 3rd November 2023


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