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Best 10 Red Dragon Toys to Gift for St David’s Day

Perfect for gifting on St David’s Day is a fun playtime treat with a Welsh Red Dragon theme. We have put together a list of our 10 favourite toys so you can treat your little one with a tried and test fab toy.

We thought this year it would be a fab twist of a treat to gift the kids a fun toy that has a lovely Welsh theme to it like the Welsh Red Dragon and then they can enjoy playing with for the rest of the year and not just on St David’s Day.

We have tried and tested all these red dragon toys listed below and think they are perfect for kids of all different ages.



10 Best Red Dragon Toys to Gift


MagiCoders Blazer the Dragon

Coding Critters Blazdragon in box

£55 at Learning Resources


Coding toys are so on trend at the minute, and it can be a bit of a minefield for parents when it comes to deciding on which is the best to pick. Which is why we thought we would mention this one from Learning Resources on our Ideas list to help you out.

Code Critters Wheels

Critters MagiCoders sets come with different characters robots, like a unicorn or this awesome bright red dragon. Blazer the Dragon is cute robot toy that teaches your child early coding skills through play.

Blazdragon with wand code critters

This magic coding set is aimed at kids 4 to 8 years old and uses the dragons magic coding wand to give instructions to the dragon to make him move, dance and light up. We love how robust this set is and how by using play you are able to help your child at home learn coding fundamentals through fun, screen-free play. All the pieces in this set are great quality and you for sure get what you pay for as we never had any glitches or mishaps with this set like we have with others.

Instruction Book Code Critters

Code Critters Blazdragon

Your child really will get hours of play from this as there are loads of coding challenges they can complete and enjoy with this interactive playset.



Draigi The Musical Red Dragon

Fluffy Soft Red Dragon Musical Toy

£29.99 at Silwli Cymru


Draigi the Welsh Dragon is a lovely soft singing dragon that kids are going to enjoy cuddling. You can click on each paw and each foot and hear some well loved Welsh songs which are Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (National Anthem), Sosban Fach, Calon Lân, Ar hyd y nos.

Red Dragon Toy Press Buttons up close

The song quality is fab and the fur so soft and cuddly. Every child we had try our Draigi just loved him and couldn’t stop listening to his songs, fab whilst taking on your travels we do think that he makes a great night-time soother as well.



EUGY Red Dragon

EUGY Red Dragon Craft in box

£8.99 at Amazon


Kids are going to love building this New Eugy 3D Red Dragon Models from Brainstorm Toys. The 3D models from EUGY are an awesome creative model building gift for any child. You get everything you need to build your figure in the box including easy to follow instructions and its takes around half an hour to build, with some kids needing a bit of grown-up help.


All you need to do is pop out all the pieces from the thick card and push them through the middle holder. Our Red Dragon has black beads for its eyes and the card tells you exactly at what stage to add them and some fierce looking teeth. You even get a tube of non-toxic glue to keep your model from falling apart after its built.

EUGY Red Dragon being made

EUGY Dragon

We loved that it is all made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card and even printed with natural eco-friendly ink. Available at all different prices, there are loads of different characters and animals in the EUGY range as well as other coloured dragons that you can make which makes it’s a truly unique craft collectable for kids to enjoy.



Blazagon Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Goo Shifters

Goo Jit Zu Red Dragon in box

£6.99 at Amazon


The new Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Goo Shifters are here, and your favourite red dragon Blazagon is back with his fellow Goo Jit Zu Heroes Thrash, Pantaro, Tyro and their new member Bengal.

Goo Red Dragon

This new Blazagon toy is the same favourite stretchy, squishy hero your familiar with, however he’s now ready to be powered-up by you, as they all have a “Goo-forming” Core. When you crush Blazagon’s core it activates his Goo-formation starts as it releases his inner power.

Goo Dragon Stretching

All the kids loved watching all the Goo whooshing around the inside of his body, changing the overall colour of our Goo Jit Zu hero’s body. There are 7 Goo Jit Zu Goo shifters characters to collect, but our powerful red dragon is one of our favourites.



Smart Games Dragon Inferno Strategy Game

Dragon Inferno in box

£21.96 at Amazon


We are huge fans of Smart Games, and this Dragon Inferno strategy does not disappoint. This two player game is aimed at over 7 year olds and won by building the biggest kingdom in the Dragon valley.

Dragon Inferno Egg

To start you place the dragon eggs on the game board and the challenge beginning as you take it in turn to put your dragon tiles next to the dragon caves, expanding your kingdom as you try to gather dragon eggs so to summon dragons.

Dragon Inferno Smart Game

Dragon Piece from Dragon Inferno

Smart Games Dragon Inferno Strategy Game

Fire-breathing red dragons can turn kingdoms into ashes, so you have to be smart and use the dragon’s inferno against your opponent to win. We love how this game really gets kids and adults thinking.



Bepuzzled Red Dragon Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

Smart Egg Red Dragon Puzzle in box

£10.41 at Amazon


Don’t be fooled by how simplistic this red dragon egg puzzle looks, whilst the objective is as the challenge is to get the wand from the top to the bottom of the egg, however the inner layer of the labyrinth moves up and down and turns adding huge difficulty for players.

Red Dragon 2 Layer Puzzle Egg

Red Dragon Puzzle Egg out of box

The Red Dragon two layer smart egg puzzle is the perfect brainteaser for fans aged 10 plus and we love how the included base makes it look good whilst on display.



Tippy the Dragon

Tippy Dragon in box

£19.86 at Amazon


This is a magical balancing game that all the family can enjoy playing. Tippy the cute red dragon is moving house and needs to take all his belongings with him. Cleverly Tippy magically hovers as you have to take it in turn to balance all his treasures onto him.

Tippy Dragon dice

You have to be careful as if you are the one to make him tip and fall then you are out and the winner is the player who is last player standing.

Tippy Dragon flying

This magical flying, toppling treasure game is perfect for kids over age of four and we just love how this game helps develops colour matching and hand-eye co-ordination, as you have to roll the dice for instructions of what you are putting where.



Ninjago Kai’s Fire Dragon

Ninjaro Lego in box

£18.76 at Amazon


LEGO is always a winner with all our kids, so we just had to share our favourite red dragon build on this list. This LEGO Ninjago set features Kai’s posable fire dragon toy figure that you can upgrade twice to make it bigger, stronger and quicker with golden armour. This red dragon toy has a moving head, tail, jaw, legs and a saddle for Kai to sit on during battles.

Ninjaro Red Fire Dragon Set

LEGO Dragon up grade

Additional to the red dragon kids will find three minifigures in this set, Kai and two snake warriors Boa Destructor and Cobra Mechanic. We think this will make a fab building gift for kids over six to enjoy.



Playmobil Fairy with Baby Dragon

Playmobil Fairy and Baby Red Dragon in box

£8.99 at Amazon


From the fairy range, this adorable Playmobil plus pocket money set has the cutest little red dragon baby figure in it. Paired with a trusted purple haired fairy to lovingly look after the dragon baby, kids can have hours of fun role playing with this little gift set.

Playmobile fairy and Dragon playset out of box

Back of Red Dragon Playmobil


Playmobil are toy sets perfect for kids over four, ideal size for ickle hands and lots of different playsets to collect. Easy to assemble, as parents we also love how easy all Playmobil sets are to keep clean.



Fingerling Ruby Baby Dragon

Ruby Red Draon Fingerlings in box

£12.49 at Amazon


Fingerlings interactive baby dragons are so cute they respond to sound, motion and touch with blinking eyes, head turns and funny dragon noises.

Baby Ruby Fingerlings up close

All the kids love how when you blow this red dragon kisses, she blows them back to you and how when you hold them upside down, rock them to sleep or make loud noises they react. The added gold glitter was a real winner too.

Gold Glitter Fingerling

Ruby the baby red dragon’s secret power is good luck, and there are other fingerlings in this range that kids can collect and sing with.







All Prices Correct at Publishing February 2023.





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