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Best Advent Calendars for 2022 Christmas Countdown

Christmas is coming and we are just weeks away from the excitement of counting our way through the festive days and to help if you’re on the lookout for the Best Advent Calendar to do this with then we’ve got you covered, as we share our Favourites available for 2022.

Aside from counting down to the big day, parents love how advent calendars are great for teaching children patience by opening each door in sequence, until December 24th and of course nowadays advent calendars are not just for kids, with some really lovely and practical options available for adults.

So having check out what’s on the market this year, we have listed our favourites to give you some insight to what’s new and give you some inspiration for what to treat your loved ones with. .



Best 2022 Advent Calendars for Kids


Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar 2022

Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar 2022

£29.95 From Schleich


For us Schleich symbolises a trusted name and must have for any playroom to develop your little one’s creativity and imagination. So, we were excited to see a new addition to the Schleich collection in this horse club advent calendar and have to say on opening we were not disappointed.

Hidden behind 24 doors are some fantastic Schleich figures and accessories suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years old. All modelled in the finest detail which helps provide some quality educationally playtime. Some of the fun that your child can find in this advent calendar includes a figure rider, whose hands can even hold accessories such as buckets and cups.

Schleich figure with cup

There are six quality animal figures also inside such as two really detailed horses, a super cute squirrel and puppy.

Schleich figure with horse

The other thing we love about this advent calendar is that everything inside fits perfectly with the other horse club items in the Schleich range, which we find fab as it allows us as parents to gift our child this advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas day and then add to this on Christmas day with additional items such as the Lakeside Riding Center or Horse Adventures with Car and Trailer which means its expands their horse play ability.

Scheliech horses



Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022

Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar front

£29.99 From Lego Shop


This Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar will certainly add some magic to your little ones Christmas countdown this year.

With hours of building fun this Lego toy advent calendar has 24 doors to open with a surprise building toy hidden behind to play with and what we really appreciated is that when you open each door on the back of the door is the instructions on how to build the item inside.

lego advent calendar door open

Suitable for children over seven years old this year’s LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar will allow kids to recreate classic film scenes from the Harry Potter Movies. The first 3 toys make a scene from the first film, the next 3 days make a scene from the second film and so on.

harry potter minifigure

It also includes 7 minifigures – Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Moaning Myrtle, Lord Voldemort, Horace Slughorn, Nymphadora Tonks and Neville Longbottom. Each minifigure have changeable heads, which is fab, you just swivel the head around to show a different expression.

lego advent calendar with spinner

It gets better, after you open and build for everyday during December you will open a spinner that helps you turn your Harry Potter Advent calendar into a board game. The drop down of the box is your board game area and you use your minifigure as your pieces to move to win, which we think is just a genius idea.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

If you are feeling lucky and think your little one would enjoy this Lego Advent Calendar, then you might like to enter our competition that we have running until the 21st November for your chance to WIN your own Lego Harry Potter advent calendar. Enter for Free Here



Elf Advent Calendar Letters

Elf for Christmas Advent Calendar 2022

£14.95 From Elf for Christmas


A fantastic alternative to chocolate advent calendar for kids this year are these Advent letters, sent all the way from the North Pole from your child’s Christmas elf pen pal.

We haven’t seen anything quite like this before, they got us really intrigued and we must say we found them rather enchanting. Printed on good quality paper and delivered in lovely brown envelopes, parents receive twenty four letters, each clearly marked with the day number on the front. The idea being that parents can surprise their child with a letter from North Pole each day in the lead up to Christmas Day.

elf advent envelope

You can do this by maybe smuggling it in among the post, hiding it in with toys or schoolbooks, popping it in the cereal box in the morning or left simply on their pillow at night, you can choose to use the same place each day or switch it up throughout the month.

Each letter written from an elf in the North Pole, tells your child of all the exciting adventures, fun, magic and mayhem that is going on in Santa’s workshop as Christmas day, the 24 stories have been designed to be read in the correct order, to build a daily story of the North Pole, we think they are perfect as a bed time story.

The added beauty that we loved about these letters is that you have the option to personalise them. In the letters the elf mentions your child’s name, the town they live in and other people in their home like Mummy, Daddy or siblings.

elf christmas advent letter open

For us what we liked about these advent letters, is that it can improve your child’s reading skills and brings parent and child together as they read together and get involved in what’s going on in North Pole, as your child talks with you all during the day about what was in the previous letter. They are fab as a night time story at bedtime and just amazing at building some magical Christmas Spirit in your family home.



WOW Magic Advent Calendar 2022

Wow Magic Avent Calendar Front

£18.99 From Amazon


This is such a fab idea for an advent calendar which give kids a different magic trick to learn everyday.

wow magic advent calendar open

It is really great quality, when you open it up down the middle you are present with a black velvet style drawstring bag and an instruction guide, which is where you are told how to do each trick. One thing we loved from the start is how in the instruction guide each page is also sealed together, so not are kids getting a surprise when opening each door on the calendar they are too with the instructions so they cant see what is coming the next day or day after for example, keeping with excitement build for them.

magic advent calendar guide and bag

The impressive thing is come the end when all the doors have been opened, kids end up with a complete Magic Set that they can use time and again, making it a fab keepsake and something that will be played with way after Christmas time.

magic advent calendar

This Magic advent calendar is aimed at children and all the kids found the tricks easy to learn but too there are varying levels of difficulty to them.



Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar

£21.60 From The Entertainer


We think this is the perfect advent calendar for any Barbie fan, aimed at kids aged 3 to 10 years old this Dreamtopia advent calendar features 25 surprise gifts.

barbie and unicorn advent

Each day in the lead up to Christmas kids will be able to open a door to reveal a surprise such as an accessories, storytelling pieces like tiaras, necklaces and pets like puppy, bunny, baby dragon and unicorn and fashion items like shoes, mermaid tail, and dress.

barbie pet advent calendar

barbie tiara

Kids open the full size Barbie doll on day one and at the end can enjoy dressing her up as a princess, mermaid or fairy and playing with her, perfect gift for parents to add to on Christmas Day.

barbie mermaid dress



The Gruffalo and Friends Advent Calendar Book Collection 2022

Gruffalo Advent Calendar front

£10.99 From Amazon


We are huge Gruffalo fans and this is a huge advent calendar. Presented in a lovely sturdy hardback case closed with a cute ribbon are 24 dinky books that kids can enjoy finding hidden in different pockets each day.

Gruffalo advent calendar open

Gruffalo books in pocket

Kids can explore this fantastic festive collection, including colouring, drawing, activity books, family fun with games and quizzes based on the family-favourite picture books, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, The Snail and the Whale and more. This is such a cute and educational advent calendar to keep kids busy in the lead up to the big day.

Gruffalo book advent calendar book in hand

Gruffalo book advent calendar up close



Tom Gates Advent Calendar Book Collection 2022

tom gates advent calendar front

£11.45 From Amazon


If your little one is a Tom Gates superfan then this advent calendar is the perfect choice for them as a countdown to Christmas.

tom gates 2022 advetn calendar open pockets

tom gates advent calendar open

Housed in a large sturdy hardback book tied closed with a ribbon, kids can open pockets every day to find different fun mini activity and story books to enjoy. Full of activities such as how-to-doodles, mega make-and-do activities and stories to share, starring all your favourite characters, including Rooster, Marcus, Delia and Amy. We think this is a fab boredom buster advent calendar for creative kids.

tom gates book up close in pam

tom gates book open advent calendar



Scratch Off Behaviour Chart Christmas Countdown Calendar

elf scratch one below advent calendar

£1 From One Below


This is an advent calendar with a difference. Kids can countdown to Christmas day by scratching off a gold square each day highlighting how well behaved they have been that day.

scratch behaviour advent calendar

Kids can count how many gold, silver, bronze or naughty elf’s they collect in the lead up to Christmas Day. Ranging from very good, quite good, a bit naughty and very naughty we think this is a fun simplistic way for kids to record if they have been naughty or nice.

elf behaviour scratch advent calendar




Best 2022 Advent Calendars for Adults


Glitter Circle Wax Melt Advent Calendar

Wax Melts Advent Calendar 2022

£35 From Atelier 38


This is a luxury advent calendar perfect for wax melt lovers. Looking stunning on the on the shelf this glitter circle advent calendar contains 24 individual soy wax melts, that includes fresh, fruity and floral, spicy and woody winter scents, as well as lush Christmas fragrances.

wax melts advent calendar box

wax melts advent calendar open

We think this is such a fab way to keep your family home smelling all festive right up to the big day, we love the scents, and how they filled our rooms and they lasted hours, but best of all you can re-burn them so for sure this advent calendar will delight you well after Christmas Day.

wax melts up close



MAN’STUFF Advent Calendar 2022

man stuff toiletries advent calendar

£28 From allbeauty


This chunky double sided boxed 24 Day Advent Calendar, features a complete range of grooming essentials and toiletries designed especially for men. Powered by the Man’Stuff Black Pepper fragrance.

man stuff advent


Inside you will get a great array of toiletries such as Post Shave Balm, Body Lotion, Face Wash, Shower Gel, Muscle Soak, Shampoo, Bath Salts, Pumice Stone and Shower Puff.




Anthon Berg Liqueur Advent Calendar

advent calendar chocolate liqour

£16 From Simply Be


This Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs Advent Calendar with 24 chocolate liquor bottles is a great choice of gift for adults this season as a countdown to Christmas.

chocolate advent calendar liquor

chocolate liquor

It has a variety of chocolate liquor flavours from Borghetti, Drambuie, Mount Gay Contrreau, Danka Vodka, Famous Grouse, Licor 43, Galliano, Camus Cognac, Remy Martins, Boulard and Sobieski Vodka Liquor. Making it a great buy for the sweet toothed adult of the family.

chocolate liquer advent



Ladies Very Oddsock Advent Calendar

oddsock advent calendar

£19.99 From Find Me A Gift


The perfect answer to the odd sock in the wash because you cant find its partner is these fab odd socks. Available in either a women or man version this advent calendar is the perfect idea for people who enjoy funky socks for their feet, this Odd Sock Advent Calendar gives a fun, practical way to countdown to Christmas.

The oddsock advent calendar

Behind 12 bright coloured doors are 12 single odd socks with cute animal faces, bright stars and winter snowflakes, which you can wear together in any combination. The socks have a premium feel and they wash so well, we just had to include them in our list of ideas.




Advent calendar Sudoku for Adults

Suduko Advent Calendar book

£5.99 From Amazon


This is a great advent calendar for anyone who loves Sudoku. In a convenient size, this is a fab way to feed your grey cells and solve new Sudokus every day to get into a festive spirit.

suduko book open

Each day is numbered with a total of 200 sudoku puzzle inside, so you can do 8 puzzles a day. The puzzles are easy and moderately difficult, so as to be suitable for children as well as for adults and seniors.



Pukka Herbs Days of Joy Herbal Tea Advent Calendar 2022

2022 Pukka Advent Calendar

£10 From Amazon


We are big fans of pukka herb tea on any day, so it’s a no brainer that we would share this new wall hanging pukka herb advent calendar on our list.

pukka advent calendar coming out of the box

Pukka is such an awesome brand of tea bags as they are all organic, ethically sourced, vegetarian, and full of non-GM ingredients. Not forgetting the most important feature for us being that every Pukka tea bag is plastic-free.

pukka advent calendar open

This advent calendar cleverly unfolds and comes with string to hang it up on the wall. With 24 pouches filled with a different individually wrapped teabag.

pukka advent calendar up close

From calming herbs to help you relax, to refreshing ingredients to awaken your senses, this advent calendar is a brilliant way to discover delicious new flavours.



Hershey’s Cookies n Creme Advent Calendar

Hershey Advent Calendar

£5 From Ocado


We are huge Hershey’s fans so could not resist this Cookies ‘n’ Creme Kisses advent calendar, it has super yummy White Chocolate Flavour Candy with Cookie Pieces in it behind every door and they range in size from cute little treats lightto snack size bars and up to a large bar behind the last door.

Hershey Small

Hershey small bar

Hersheys large bar



12 Days of Discovery Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

chimney fire coffee advent calendar

£45 From Chimney Fire Coffee


Prefect way to countdown to Christmas for any coffee lover is this delicious specially curated collection of coffees from the Chimney Fire Coffee 2022 range.

chimney fire coffee advent calendar out of box

It Contains 12x70g bags of coffee, plus a guide containing more information about this year’s Discovery selection and we are loving them. Each coffee has been carefully selected to satisfy different tastes, and introduce you to a new and interesting coffee from around the world You have the choice of this advent calendar in either, whole bean, coarse (suitable for cafetiere, cold brew) medium (suitable for filter, areopress) and fine (espresso, stovetop) .

coffee course on spoon

This product even comes with is a limited supply pre-order and will be dispatched from 21st November (in time for 1st December!).

coffee in mug







All Prices Correct at Publishing 1st November 2022


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