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Bumper Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is once again nearly here and if you are on the look out for the prefect present for the father figure in your life then we have got some brilliant gifting ideas to share with you in our Bumper Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2021

This year Father’s Day is being celebrated on Sunday 20th June and let’s be fair, when your dad has such a perfect child it can be very hard to find a gift for Father’s Day that tops that…. but fear not fellow gift hunters as we have put together a Handy list full of some inspiration just for you.

The Father’s Day Essentials

Card Factory Father’s Day Range

Card Factory Fathers Day 2

Balloons, Cards, Gift-wrap from 99p


Card Factory has a brand-new Father’s Day range for 2021 and its full of budget-friendly products to show your dad you care, including mugs, plush toys, photo frames as well as many more cute gifts.

Card factory also covers all the essentials to a Fab Father’s Day such as cards, gift bags, ribbons and of course helium balloons. We love the quality of the card factory cards and gift wrap find it great value for money and best of all you can get free first class delivery on all personalised cards.


Party Pieces Balloons and Badge

Party Pieces Fathers Day Badge

Balloons and badges from £2.99


 Party Pieces has a fab Father’s Day range for 2021 and its full of badges, cake toppers and many foil balloons including ones you can personalise.


Yoda Best Dad Card

Yoda Card Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£2.99 from Amazon


This cute little card was a must for us to get and if your family has a Star Wars fan too then you won't be disappointed with the quality of this card and Amazon have loads more Star Wars Themed Father’s Day cards if your more of a Stormtrooper fan for example.


Food and Drink Gifts for Father’s Day

Ta. Gift Box

TA BOX Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£11.99 Pre-order Now to be delivered on 18th or 19th June 2021


The online gift service ta. has a premium Father’s Day gift box that is available on pre order now, with guaranteed delivery in time for the special day.

The gift box has three cans, a Lager, Session IPA and Pale Ale all serviced with some pork scratchings. You also get a personalised postcard and two new limited ta. coasters and added bonus is if needed they also do this in a an alcohol free version too.  

ta inside box Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

When we opened this it definitely had a premium feel to it and the drinks tasted awesome too!


Best of British Tea Gift Box

Bird and Blend Tea Gift Box

£19.75 from Bird and Blend Tea Co.


Best of British Tea Gift Box is the perfect gift for the tea loving father figures in your life. Inside this tea gift box there is five 20gram pouches of loose leaf vegan friendly tea that are all hand blended in the UK.

The flavours included are Builder's Great British Cuppa tea, Breakfast Brew tea, Earl Grey Crème tea, Assam Earl Grey House Blend Tea and Smoky Russian Caravan tea. We have to say the Great British Cuppa is our personal favourite for first thing in the morning and think this would be an ideal start to Father’s Day for all the Dad.

British Tea Leaf Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

A quirky little extra is it comes with five DIY tea bags and when gifting it you can include your very own personalised message.


Party Pieces Photo Cake

Party Pieces Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£22.99 from Party Pieces


Fill his belly with a yummy, personalised cake that is large enough to serve up to 20 portions. There is actually three templates that you can pick from to personalise and they come in two flavours, either chocolate buttercream or vanilla.



Fathers Day Haribo

For a couple of pounds from Heron Foods, B&M, Sainsbury’s, Spar and Co-op or you can super-size the Football Mix and get a huge 3kg bag direct to your door from Amazon for £17.48


HARIBO can totally help you hit the sweet spot this Father’s Day. All our families are huge fans of Haribo and think the prefect gifting treat idea could include a cute, sweet gift box packed with the iconic Egg, Ring, Bear, Cola Bottle and Heart shaped pieces.

Or another chance to gift a moment of childlike happiness for Dad’s would be the HARIBO Football Mix, full of its football shaped, fruity pieces you’ll be sure to score with this pocket money gesture for all those footy fans out there.


Jellyatrics Jelly Babies

Jellyatrics Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£2.95 from Amazon


These novelty sweets are for those who can take a bit of banter and could make a fab gift idea for a sweet toothed Grandfather. They are a funny play on the famous Jelly Babies but instead include five senior citizens, which are sure to bring a smile to the face on opening this bag.


Green and Black's Father’s Day Chocolate and Beer Hamper

Blackand Green Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£22.50 from Green and Black's


If you are looking for a premium quality sweet treat for Father’s Day then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous Green & Black's Organic Tasting Collection, which comes with a St Peter's Organic Best Bitter and a St Peter's Organic Pale Ale in a really pretty and sturdy gift box.

We all love the taste of Green and Black's chocolate; however this tasting collection really has some amazing flavours in it, we especially loved the milk chocolate with Anglesey sea salt and dark chocolate with ginger ones.

Something else we thought was a nice touch was the little tasting tips you get with is alongside the fold out info sheets on each chocolate flavours and the main bar having Happy Father’s Day written on it, making it a even more meaningful for the special day.


Daim Cheesecakes

Daim Cheesecake Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£3.50 from Tesco


Go straight for dad’s belly to bring a smile to his face this Father’s Day and to help we can highly recommend this Daim Chocolate Cheesecake…. It honestly is lovely, you get a creamy chocolate top which is full of mini Daim Pieces. 

Found in the Freezer aisle these yummy cheesecakes are suitable for vegetarians.


Toblerone Cheesecakes

Toblerone Cheesecake Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£3.50 from Tesco


Another cheesecake to treat your dad with this Father’s Day is the Toblerone cheesecake. Guilty….cheesecake is our favourite dessert and this one does not disappoint, with a chocolate biscuit base, topped with Toblerone's Milk Chocolate

You will find these cheesecakes in the freezer aisle of your nearest Asda, B&M Stores, Morrisons and Tesco, its signature Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat in the instantly recognisable makes the perfect family feast.


Cadbury Build your Own Cottage

Cadbury Cottage Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£16.00 from Cadburys Gifts


This year Cadbury Gifts have got some fab Father’s Day themed gifts. From chocolate football hampers to personalised bars of chocolate.

Ok so we did our best and well.... its not like on the box but this Cadbury Diary Milk Cottage Kit is still one of our favourites from the range. You get a host of different chocolate bars, buttons and chocolate fingers and have to cut them to shape, melt and stick together to build a cottage, you can be as creative as you feel and take as long or as short a time on your building skills. Either way its really easy to make, loads of fun and even better when it gets to the eating stage!  


Father’s Day Grooming Gifts

Colgate Toothbrushes

Fathers Day Colgate toothbrushes

£4.00 from Ocado  BUY NOW  and £4.00 from Boots  BUY NOW

Colgate has some new toothbrushes that would be a great gift for dads to clean up their bathroom routine. But best of all they are not only good for oral hygiene, but also a sustainable toiletry bag to take on any upcoming summer staycations you may be going on - it’s the perfect conscious Father’s Day gift.

We found the Colgate RecyClean Toothbrush to be light and compact, making it perfect for taking on your travels. The handle is made of 100% recycled plastic and the bristles are made from renewable plant-based materials, making it a great alternative for those wanting to reduce their plastic consumption.

The Colgate Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush helps to support sustainability, so by treating your Dad to this new eco-friendly brush, he will be looking after both his teeth and the planet. The handle is made with 100% natural, biodegradable bamboo and is free from plastic packaging. We love how soft the tapered slim-tip bristles felt whilst cleaning and they are even infused with Binchotan charcoal which get to those hard-to-reach places whilst gently cleaning the gums.

And another neat feature we thought was that it is coated in natural beeswax to prevent the bamboo from getting water damaged in the bathroom, keeping your Dad smiling for longer!


Caledonian Sleeper Travel Bags

London Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£25.00 from ARRAN Sense of Scotland


Themed around the route of the iconic overnight Caledonian Sleeper train journey from London to Scotland, these Caledonian Sleeper Travel Bags from Arran Sense of Scotland are something really special.

Each bag contains a selection of ARRAN Sense of Scotland travel-sized products in the exclusive woody Glen Etive fragrance which we just loved the smell of. Included you get a conditioning shampoo, hand and body wash and Hand and Body lotion, as well as a handy sized calming pillow spray, with Lavender and Chamomile based scent to help relax and promote sleep.

All the products also contain botanical extracts of Birch and Heather, which is harvested from the highlands of Scotland.

There are six collectable designs of travel bags, each illustrated with the main cities which feature along the breath-taking tourist route so you can choose to treat your Dad with either Glasgow, Aviemore, Edinburgh, Firth of Forth, Fort William, Edinburgh or London. We really loved the smell and quality of these toiletries.


Sons Shampoo

Sons Shampoo Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£10 from Sons


Sons is a men’s haircare start-up, whose products are tried, tested and clinically proven to fight hair loss, so if this is something that you think your dad would love to try out then this would be a fantastic Fathers Day gift for them.

This new Sons’ has a fab scent and a proven DHT blocker that can reduce levels of the hormone in the scalp. The shampoo also contains argan oil, iron and vitamin B3.


Gnarly Joe Eye Serum for Men

Joe Gnarly Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£8.90 from Amazon


Its Pamper time for the Dad in your life and this Gnarly Joe Marine Eye Gel the men here just loved when they tested it out, as it gave them lovely soft skin around their eyes, improved their tired eyes look (a lot lol!) and if used twice daily it promises to reduce appearance of fine lines and added bonus to youthfulness and the smell is awesome.


Vegan Traditional Style Shaving Brush

Vegan Shaving Brush 2

£9.97 from Clear Confidence Company


This Father’s Day why not gift Dad the right tools to give him an amazing traditional shaving experience. The men here have put to the test this vegan shaving brush from the Clear Confidence Company and given it big thumbs up to be included as a suggestion in this guide as they found it to provide a way smoother shave.

Its comfort to hold and great for working up a lather and aside from giving a really close shave, it also helps with less irritation and less ingrown hairs. This is because it works like an exfoliator by clearing off any dead skin or dirt and lifting your hair up from the skin to allow for a closer shave.

Added bonus many other traditional shaving brushes that use badger hairs, but this vegan shaving brush uses soft synthetic bristles, meaning you can gift your Dad the luxury of a good old-fashioned shave with modern materials that is actually cruelty-free!


Health and Wellbeing Father’s Day Gifts

Star Wars Be More Yoda: Mindful Thinking from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Yoda Book Mindful Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£5.95 from Amazon


OMG.... this is just such a find, for all the Star Wars Dads this book is genius! It helps Dad’s master mindful living in a chaotic galaxy.

Designed for if your tackling the impossible deadlines at work, coping with pressures of a relationship or basic parenting struggles this book helps you take a pause and ask yourself “What would Yoda do?”

Cleverly by using the inspiring words of wisdom from Master Yoda and a host of other Star Wars mentors you will be guided into living a more mindful path in life.

There are five main sections to the book, which are: seeking mindfulness, overcoming obstacles, finding mindful moments, awakening your potential and unleashing your mastery. And these are full of genuine quotes, sayings from the star wars movies followed by a little further explanation, all as an aid to help you along the jedi path to fulfilment.

To start we thought this was like a joke book, but after reading our way through it, it isn’t, it does actually give you some kind of guidance but it is just written in a relatable way that references Star Wars quotes, for example in the finding mindful moments section a quote from Obi-Wan Kenobi reads “You’re focusing on the negative, Anakin. Be mindful of your thoughts” its includes a picture of the movie screen that he says it in and then on the opposite page it explains further how you should – Move beyond your negative thoughts. We are really impressed with how they have written this book around the movies, and think that any Star Wars fan will really love this if they were to receive it as a gift for Father’s Day.


Buddha Singing Bowl 

Buddha Singing Bowl Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£19.97 from Amazon


Looking to help add a bit of relaxation to your Dad’s life then something that would be both perfect and not expected would be a handcrafted meditation bowl set with a wooden striker. It took us some practice to finally make this singing bowl to sing, but when we did boy did it produce some mesmerizing tones and we can easily see how it can be relaxing.  

This is for sure something a little bit different, but too its truly a gift of some mindfulness for Father’s Day


Phoenix Fitness Workout Dice

Exercise Dice Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£9.30 from Amazon


 If your dad is a fitness fan, then this Workout Dice will bring some fun to their exercise route as you can spice up your workouts by throwing these large palm size dice. It will switch between upper body, lower body workouts, cardio and core training on one dice and the duration on the other. We found them so easy to use and something refreshing to add to exercises.


Collectibles Gifting Ideas for Father’s Day

Harry Potter Enamel Pins

Harry Potter Pins Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£8.95 from Harry Potter Shop


For all those Harry Potter loving dads, why not gift him some of the Harry Potter Fan Club Pins. Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection was a huge success in 2020, with many limited edition pins and now they have announced new releases for 2021 as well.

We recently joined the Harry Potter Fan Club where you can join for free, take a short test and the sorting hat places you into a house, which was just fab fun and confirmed just what we thought in that we are a bunch of Hufflepuff’s and Gryffindor’s!

These enamel pins are excellent quality, they come on a good quality card which are themed as well and the backing makes it very secure when wearing the pin and with loads to collect we think they would make great ideas to gift to all Harry Potter fans.


Funko The Mandalorian POP Keychain

Mandalorian Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£7.94 from Amazon


 If you have a star wars loving Dad in the family then this Collectors Mandalorian Funko keyring is a no brainer, its great value for money for a little something that they will love.

The pop funko design is sturdy so can take some throwing around as you drop keys and best of all they have many different star wars options you can pick from including Yoda, Boba Fett, R2-D2 and even Darth Vader. Don’t get us wrong Chewbacca is a cool version, but Mando rules here!


Puzzles, Gadgets and Toys Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Flying Fidget Spinners

Flying Spinner Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£11.56 from Amazon


The new fidget spinner on the block for 2021 is the flying spinners, as you test your skills trying to throw and catch these rechargeable spinners, in hope you get them working like a boomerang does.

They are lightweight with flashing lights and not as easy to master as you think! We found them very addictive in trying to do fancy tricks so don’t think these are just a kids toys as its not and best of all they are rechargeable so wont cost you a small fortune to run.


20 Dreams Game

20 Dreams Card Card Inspired Focus 2

£14.99 from 20 Dreams


20 Dreams is a game we recently reviewed, and we have to say it is so much fun that we couldn’t not suggest this as an option to gift your dad for Father's Day.

As a family you use your dreams and imagination to play 20 dreams game together. It really does stretch the emotional intelligence of both adults and children. You pick three object cards and an emotion card and you can have to use your imagination to tell a dream that including the object cards you picked, but in the emotion of the card you picked, so a bit of acting is required! The objective of the game is that everyone has to identify what the emotion you are trying to display.

Honestly some of the stories the kids came up with were just so funny, it’s a game not like any others we really think if your looking for something different and fun you should check it out.


Marvel Cinematic Universe Top Trumps Quiz

Marvel Quiz Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£9.25 from Amazon


 Is your dad a Marvel fan? If yes then this Top Trumps quiz would be a perfect gift option to keep him entertained.

Questions are not super easy which is good so expect to be challenged, they are aimed at over 12 year old but too we would say you have to be familiar with Marvel. There are over 500 questions in the two sided container so hours of fun can be had as a family with this card quiz game.  


Top Trumps Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£9.98 from Amazon


Is your dad a quizzer? Well, no need to worry about your dad missing his local pub quiz as you can bring the quiz to him with this Top Trumps Pub Quiz Game.

With over 500 questions there are plenty questions to play again and again. Questions are suitable for over 16 year olds so this is perfect gift to play with older family members or friends.  


Treasure Trails

Fathers Day Llandeilo Trail

£9.99 from Treasure Trails


 A treasure trail gift is a unique idea for all the puzzle loving dads this Father’s Day. They are themed self-guided trails that takes place on an outdoor walking trail.

Along the way you have to solve clues, using local landmarks, signs and monuments and of course your detective skills. There are well over a thousand of these trails in the UK, including plenty in Wales and around 20 to choose from here in West Wales.

Fathers Day Llandeilo Trail 2

The trails should take you no more than a couple of hours to complete and are a great fun activity to do as a family or even as an individual. Best of all these trails can be either posted out to your dad or they can be bought online and downloaded so are perfect for a last minute gift idea for Father’s Day.


This Game is Poo

This Game is Poo Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£16.99 from Amazon


Yes, this is a really disgusting one, but many boys old and young do love to talk poo right! And after the guys here played this game, the feedback was that it was totally hilarious and had to be added to our suggestions as they think that many dads would find the funny side of being gifted this game as a present on Father’s Day.

This Game is Poo is a strategy card game like no other. Ideal for families and children over 12 years old, the objective is to collect as many points as possible before the last card in the deck is drawn. The card pack consists of 60 points cards, 46 action cards and 2 rule cards, so you need to think carefully about what order you play each card, just prep for a strong stomach as all the cards are based around different types of poo which is where the game gives you the giggles.  


iDventure Detective Stories Game

Detective Game Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£21.50 from Amazon


We honestly can’t rave about this Detective game enough as we were really blown away with it from the second, we opened the box. If your dad loves mystery problem solving, then he will love this as a present for Father’s Day.

When you open the box, you are presented with an old cold case file with evidence bags, photos, clues and information and you have to set about solving the case and working out who done it. There are three game versions so far to this series, this one is number one and based on an arson case and it has plenty twists and turns in it.

This game can be played just by your dad or you could play it as a whole family, but it is aimed at kids over 14 years though. Something worth mentioning is that to play you will need internet access and the access to a Facebook account as you need find info for the case online.

This is a one play game but still totally worth every penny for the enjoyment level and we have to say we have already bought several to gift for birthdays and Christmas as we just loved this game so much.


Otrio Game

Otriio Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£10.11 from Amazon


We love Otrio, it’s a game we reviewed in the past and has stayed a firm favourite at our Family Games Nights. It’s a game that really makes you get your thinking cap on as you have to outsmart the other players moves to win. Think noughts and crosses but harder which is why we think it would be a winner to gift to any puzzle loving dads for Father’s Day.


Jumanji The Next Level Board Game

Jumanji Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£24.99 from Amazon


Jumanji The Next Level is a strategy game, using dice rolls and cards to battle the enemies and win.  It is unlike other board games in that you do not have a counter you have to work around the board to win, instead you have to spin the board to change what character you are, using each character's special abilities to help you win the battles, gaining tokens and filling your tracker card to Win the game. If your dad likes games that he has to think about to win then this is for him!


Personalised Father’s Day Gifts

Personalised Engraved Glasses by Class on Glass

REVIEW Personalised Engraved Glasses by Class on Glass

£19.99 from Class on Glass


Looking for a gift that is a little bit more personal feel to it this Father’s Day then these glasses engraved by Class on Glass are a great go to option.

They do loads of different glass styles including Pint Glasses, Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Gin Glasses, Whiskey Glasses and even Cocktails Glasses and they have loads of designs you can pick from in the online shop however they will also make custom designs for you and all can be personalised with different names or sayings. We went for the classic Daddy and a funky highland cow on ours, but they have loads of options and they are good quality as well, so you definitely get what you pay for.


Box of Favours

LATEST NEWS The Perfect Way to Gift your Family a Favour 2

£9.99 from Amazon


If you are looking for something special, uber thoughtful and classy as a present for Father’s Day this year then you might want to check out a Box of Favours as the perfect gift solution.

Nowadays it can be pretty tricky to find the perfect gift for someone you care for. We live in a throwaway society and gifting quite often is done without much thought or care put into it and that’s where Box of Favours fills a gap, as its all about thinking of that someone special, gifting them your time and kind gestures.

A Box of Favours is basically a way to gift someone you care about with a token of acknowledgement that you see they are busy, with a promise to spend time with them and with a few thoughtful favours that you can also personalise, as a way you can help them out.


Stationery Gifting Ideas for Father’s Day


Stabilo Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Various Prices from STABILO


Let’s be honest loads of dads love a practical gift so what’s better than vibrant and useful pens from STABILO, even more useful for those dads who have been working hard at home this past year!

STABILO, best known for its eclectic range of pens and highlighters are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and to memorialise this they are launching an exclusive birthday desk set which is going to include all the existing 9 neon colour highlighters, plus 10 pastel coloured highlighters alongside 4 brand-new pastel shades: pale orange, frozen fuchsia, breezy blue and dusty grey. The dusty grey pastel STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighter will initially be exclusive to the 23-piece desk only, making it a neat gift for the practical dad this Father’s Day.


Dear Dad, from you to me : Memory Journal

Dear Dad Journal Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£9.99 from Amazon


When we saw this hard back journal we just fell in love with it. It is a great quality journal full of lovely questions that your dad can write his answers to in turn helping him write a journal of his lifetime.

Everyone has a story to tell…. especially dads and grandads! But sometimes we forget them as time goes by or sadly never ask the right questions to be able to hear them in teh first place. However, this Dear Dad journal is just the perfect solution to help you capture those memories forever.

The questions inside are designed to inspire your dad to tell his personal story, collecting those priceless experiences and memories for your family to cherish for years to come.

We haven’t seen anything like this before and think it would be a perfect gift for maybe an older child to give to their dad and there is also the exact same style journal that instead of Dear Dad is Dear Grandad so ideal gift for the little ones to gift to the grandads that have everything!


Father’s Day Reading Gifts


Readly Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

One Month Free, then £7.99 from Readly


Readly is something that we have recently stumbled upon and something that has saved us a huge amount of money every week now.

If your dad is like us and loves to read magazine then that cost can soon add up over the month with many magazines costing around £4.99 each, so gifting your Dad the Readly app for Father’s Day could offer him Unlimited magazine and Newspaper reading all in one app.

There are thousands of magazines available such as these favourites above and if you sign up you get one month free once after you add in your bank details and in fact the whole family can use the app, from kids to grandparents, so it really does offer a fab gifting idea that will carry benefits long after Father’s Day has been and for the whole family.


Where Do Daddies Come From?

Daddies Come From Book Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£7.03 from Amazon


This newly published book by author JD Clair tells a creative tale of where daddies comes from, how important they are and what they aspire to do for their families.

Reading this picture book with the kids we can see how it can bring happiness to them to gift it to dad and makes you take a minute to think about how your little ones look up to their dad’s.

Whilst not written specifically for Father’s Day it would really make a perfect gifting idea for it as well as for new dads gift or at baby showers.



Father’s Day Music Gift Ideas

Live Under the Stars at Cardiff Castle

Live Under the Stars Cardiff Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Tickets from Ticketmaster


Live Under the Stars is a brand-new Festival coming to Cardiff Castle this year and is running from 2nd until 9th August. You can treat your dad to a ticket to see one-off performances spanning music, theatre, family programming and more.

Presented in accordance with UK and Welsh government guidelines due to Covid-19, Live Under The Stars is a great way to make the most of the warm weather season while seeing and supporting some of your favourite music and theatre stars before they return to the West End’s stages.


Kaiser Chiefs at Ffos Las Racecourse

WHATS ON IN CARMARTHENSHIRE Kaiser Chiefs at Ffos Las Racecourse

Tickets cost £42.20 for Adult and £28.13 for Child (6 to 17 years)


The Indie rock band Kaiser Chiefs will be performing one event at Ffos Las Racecourse in Trimsaran this August as part of the band’s UK tour and tickets are on sale now if you fancy treating your dad to something a bit Musical for Father’s Day.


Isle of Wight Festival

Isle of Wight Festival Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Tickets from Ticketmaster


The Isle of Wight Festival is a summer staple and following a break last year due to covid it back and moving to 16th to 19th September this year.

By treating your dad to tickets for this years events for Father’s Day you will be gifting him the guarantee of some unforgettable moments, as he can watch the sun go down over the Main Stage, cheer as the fireworks light up the sky, revel in over 50 years of musical history, discover new artists, experience a magical island atmosphere and make friends and memories to last a lifetime. If your dad is a music lover then this idea for the prefect pressie for father’s day is definitely up there.


Genesis the Last Domino Tour

Genesis Tour Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Tickets from Ticketmaster


One for the older music lovers out there, following the surprise guest appearance back in 2019 on Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 show Collins, Rutherford and Banks announced that the band Genesis had reunited for a 2020 tour of the UK and Ireland, entitled The Last Domino?

Obviously due to covid last year this tour couldn’t happen, but the band has since confirmed that it is now going again in autumn this year. There is no venues confirmed in Wales but if your dad or grandad are big Genesis fan's then we are sure that they wont think twice about travelling for this if you treat him to tickets this Father’s Day.


The Magical Music of Harry Potter Swansea Grand Theatre

Harry Potter Musical Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Tickets from £59.92


Another Harry Potter treat for those Wizard Loving Dads. Treat him to tickets to enjoy the family friendly Musical Harry Potter performed live by an orchestra at Swansea Grand Theatre.

Its without saying that part of the magic of the eight Harry Potter films is by far the soundtracks which has been composed by some of music’s true greats such as four-time Oscar winner John Williams, Oscar winner Alexander Desplat, Patrick Doyle and Nicolas Hooper.

Although this event is not on until next year, we just thought as its local and all about Harry Potter that if you treated your dad to tickets for this for Father’s Day it would make a truly Magical gift as it something so very different.


All Prices Correct at Publishing 1st June 2021

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