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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. No products have paid to be included in this guide. Some products have been sent to us for free to allow us to take photos and put to the test so we could share our honest thoughts with our readers. This does not affect the products our editors choose to feature or our opinions, nor does it carry any additional costs to our readers.

Easter at Home Shopping Guide 2023

Whether you are taking your little one out on an Easter Trail or planning the best Easter Party at Home, we have you covered with some of the best buys, special offers and latest offerings that are on the market for families in this year’s Easter Shopping Guide.

Here to help we have listed some of our favourite finds in shops and online to bring smiles to your little ones faces this, Easter.

We have everything from Easter Party Supplies and Decorations, Easter Party Foods, Easter Games and Crafts, as well as sweet and non-sweet treats.

This Handy Easter Shopping Guide can not only save you time hunting but also give you some great inspiration and Ideas for gifting or hosting the most epic family party at home.



Easter Party Supplies and Decorations

Bunny Rabbit Napkins

Rabbit Napkins

£4.99 at Party Delights


These cute bunny head shaped napkins, are a refreshing change in shape from the bog-standard square ones. We think they will add a fun element to your Easter party, along with premium quality feel.

Easter Travel Mug

Easter Travel Mug

£2 at Poundshop


This cheerful travel mug with adorable little lilac bunnies, makes this 500ml hot drinks mug an affordable Easter practical gift. Also part of this set of travel mugs from Poundshop is the option of a chick mug or Easter egg mug, both at the same price each.

Easter Egg Cups

Easter Egg Cup Holders

£1 each at Poundshop


This chick and bunny ceramic egg cups we think would be perfect for the kids to dip their buttery soldiers into their eggs on Easter morning and wont break the bank to get them into your kitchen.

Easter Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers out of box

£1 at Poundshop


This Easter set of salt and pepper shakers is one bunny pepper shaker and one carrot salt shaker. We think they will look perfect on your Easter table and be a stand out piece in your kitchen this spring with the added bonus of being a fab price.

Happy Easter Cupcake Cases

Easter Cupcakes

£3 at Ocado


If you’re planning on doing some baking with the kids this Easter these Happy Easter cupcake cases we think are an ‘Egg-cellent’ way to display your baking springtime treats. This set includes three Easter-inspired pastel prints, they are great quality and a pack of 75.

Easter Bunny Serving Trays

Rabbit Serving Trays

£1.25 each at Poundshop


Available in bright yellow, pink and blue colours these party serving trays will certainly add colour to any Easter Party Table, but too ideal for kids to eat their lunch off or to take on your family picnic.

Bunny Reedless Diffuser

Next Reedless Bunny Diffuser next to box

£16 at Next


With no reeds there is no worries about spilling this beautiful pure linen scented diffuser. The lid on with bunny ears is what absorbs the fragrance oil and diffuse it into the air to fill your room with this clean fresh aroma.

Next Reedless Bunny Diffuser out of box

This Bunny shape desktop beauty we think gives a sweet Easter vibe and an elegant addition to your family home this Easter.

Chick Plate

Dunelm Chick Dish

£5 at Dunelm


Ideal for holding some Easter nibbles on, or as a fun dish to add to your Easter Party table, this good quality clay chick embossed shape dish is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Kids Chick Apron

Kids Chick Apron

£3 at Dunelm


We think your little ones would love to cook and bake in this cheerful chick printed apron. Made from 100% recycled cotton, it washes well and we have found it so far easy to get tuff stains out of. .

Whilst a little novelty for the Easter season its super practical with two side ties making it an adjustable fit so totally useable year after year.

Rabbit Dish

Rabbit White Dish

£2.50 at Dunelm


This novelty bunny shaped durable stoneware, gives a clean elegant Easter themed dish that will look lovely with your family’s favourite sweets in it. It’s microwave safe for easy reheating whenever you need and popping it into the dishwasher is not a problem either.

Peter Rabbit Enamel Mug

Peter Rabbit Mugs

£8 at Amazon


Whilst with a child friendly Peter Rabbit design to it, this drop safe enamel mug is actually adult sized. We think this will be perfect for taking camping or to your next family picnic over the coming months. It is even a great worry-free mug option for kids to take out to the garden while enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Game Crackers

Easter Crackers

£2 at Poundshop


Kids might think crackers are only for Christmas, but not the case with these Easter crackers. Inside this pack of six crackers, you get six hats, six jokes and a game – Who Am I? .

Easter Cracker out of box

To Play “Who Am I?” you must write a character’s name onto your opponent’s blank card, then insert it into the bunny headband, with all other players trying to guess who their character is. We think these would be prefect addition to your Easter family get- together.



Easter Family Playtime

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kit

From £80 at Loververy


An Easter gift that will last way more than just a weekend, is one of these awesome Lovevery play kits. Sustainably made, they are designed by child development experts. Lovevery play kits helps families bring the Montessori method into their home. They are subscription boxes for babies and toddlers, that are fab for building real-life skills, and connects your little one to the world around them.

Lovevery play kit open

We’re all guilty of spoiling our babies with more than we should, and reality is most homes have more toys than a child really needs, and research shows that too many toys can actually be overwhelming for children. These Lovevery play kits provide stage-based play essentials perfect for your child’s development, as well as the benefits of toy rotation.

Lovevery play toys out of box

We love this storyteller play kit which helps your child build a positive association with reading and maths through puzzles, problem solving, and imaginative play. It has the cutest play fort in it, which can also be used as a puppet theatre and included is a set of storytelling puppets with changing emotion eyes, which are amazing way for your little one to enjoy exploring emotions through play.

Lovevery Parent Guide Box

There’s also a double-sided counting puzzle, useable squeeze and spray mop, reading book and more. As parents we loved the play guide that you get too, as it gives you the why and how behind everything you get inside your play kit. It explains the value of everything and extends the hours of meaningful playtime you can have building new skills. We found it a real confidence booster and think these play kits for ages 0-3yrs, would make the perfect alternative to chocolate this Easter.


Aqua Dragons

Aqua Dragons

£12.99 at Amazon


Aqua Dragons are little aquatic creatures that have been in a hibernated dried state for years and now your child can bring them back to life and watch them grow in a space saving water tank right in your own home.

You get a little sachet of food that you can feed them every other day with and after a few days of setting them up you will start to see them hatching, first as just little white dots swimming around, but soon after you will start to see them grow bigger each day up to large funny three eyed long tailed reddish coloured aqua Dragons.

We love how these are a hassle free way for your little one to look after a pet, and how it got the kids fascinated about how these would have been around when Dinosaurs were and now all these years later in our home, happily swimming around.

Playfoam Sand Sweets

Playfoam Sand in box

£15 at Learning Resources


Playfoam is fab sensory creative play toy range that is perfect for children over 3 year old. As soon as the kids take this out the pack they can play with it, without any prep.

Playfoam Sand out of box

This Playfoam sand can be squished, squashed, and shaped into whatever shape you want, so kids can get really creative as they play. This set includes three resealable ice lolly, doughnut, and cupcake treat-shaped moulds full of colourful swirls of Playfoam® Sand.

PLay Sand

We love how it never dries out so no waste of money if left lying around and as parents what we love is how this creative play option can also encourage role play as kids can set up a pretend sweet shop.

TOMY Toomies Egg Bus

TOMY Toomies Egg Bus

£18 at Amazon


We’re huge fans of TOMY toys and are really taken by these colourful hide and squeak eggs. Kids can play with this push along bus that has six coloured matching eggs riding along in it, with the driver spinning round and round as your little moves it along.

Toomies Eggs out of the bus

TOMY Toomies egg toys give parents wishing to skip the chocolate sugar rush this year a fab gifting alternative. We love the characters of all the animals, when you open each egg you can see a Penguin, Chick, Chicken, Parrot, Duck and Budgie. With all of them having a cute cheap cheap noise when you press them down.

Toomies eggs open unhatched

Educationally kids will learn shapes, logic and problem solving by matching the hide and squeak eggs to their right place on the bus. This bus helps improve your little ones fine motor skills, whilst providing a wonderful role play experience for them. We think this will make the perfect present for your baby’s first birthday or Easter.

Natural History Museum Sea Creatures Torch and Projector

Projector Torch Ocean

£7.49 at Amazon


The Natural History Museum is the leading brand for filling people with knowledge about the diversity of nature and this fun impressive child size torch does not disappoint with that. It has three slide discs that can project 24 different images on to your walls and ceilings in a dark room. It features a twisting end to the torch so you can focus on the images, up to one metre wide.

Projector torch slides

These projector torches comes in different themes which is reflected in the images on the slide discs. Our one has a sea creature theme with the images including creatures like a Blue Whale, Clown Fish, Pufferfish, Octopus, Starfish, Sea Otter and The Great White Shark.

Clown Fish Projectro torch

Great White SHark Projector Torch

Sea Turtle Projector torch

We think this fun projector, that can also handily double up as a torch is perfect for sleepovers and camping trips, all the kids found it easy to use and we just love how it got the kids imagination wandering onto the ocean.

Surprise Easter Egg Game

Orchard Toys Surprise Egg Game

£6.99 at Orchard Toys


This fun Easter-themed counting game is a fab alternative to chocolate gift, that can be enjoyed all year round.

Players take it in turn to spin the carrot spinner and pick a bunny card showing the same number of spots as the spinner does. Turning over the cards to show the number of eggs on it, the more the better as the winner is the player with the most eggs at the end of the game.

Orchard Toys Surprise Egg Game cards out of box

We love how affordable and travel friendly this little educational game is and how engaged the kids were with it.

Block Block Burrito

Block Burrito

£20 at Exploding Kittens


Take your family playtime over the Easter school holidays to the next level with this new expansion pack for your fav food-based dodgeball card games. This expansion pack is for either throw throw burrito or its sequel throw throw avocado card game, the game that’s half card game, half dodgeball and whole bundle of laughs.

Playable by 2 to 6 players over 7 years, ideally not around any breakables, the game is won by getting the most points by matching cards in sets of 3’s. However if you match a set of 3 burrito cards this card game quickly changes into a game of dodgeball, as players reach for the super soft squishy burritos and try to hit other players so to deliver them a minus points token. Its a hilarious card game, that everyone plays at the same time as cards move around the table, making it a game where you can make it as fast or slow paced as you want.

Block Block Burrito Expansion Pack

This new block block burrito expansion pack adds more levels to your playtime, as it provides two inflatable tortilla shields to help you block the blows from flying burritos. You also get extra burrito and avocado cards to merge into your game play giving you six new battles, three for throw throw burrito and the other three for throw throw avocado. We had such a blast playing this game and have to say for all those parents that aint the fastest in ducking and diving, this expansion pack is a game changer, so would totally recommend you adding it to your must have list for family games night.

Lego Bathtub Stunt Bike

Lego Stunt Bathtub Bike

£5.59 at Amazon


This is just the funniest of things, ideal for any LEGO fan is this city stuntz bathtub stunt bike. Dawning a yellow duck hot flamed logo on the side of the bath tub as well as a yellow duck at the head of the bathtub as the mascot this pull back flywheel racer not only is a fun build but fast as it races off.

Lego Stunt Bathtub Bike out of box

Lego Bathtub racer built

The minifigure has mask, snorkel and lifejacket and drives the bathtub racer from inside the bathtub. We think this quirky little LEGO treat is an affordable alternative to sweets this Easter and would make a cool end prize to any Easter trail.

Bunnycorn Surprise

Bunnycorn Surprise

£8 at Entertainer Toy Shop


What child wouldn’t be happy with a bunny gift at Easter time and this Bunnycorn Surprise we think wont disappoint. Kids will be able to hatch from a vibrant egg their own little fluffy bunny rabbit plushie toy.

With shiny ears, cute eyes and a fluffy heart belly, its the perfect new bestie for cuddles. There are six different bunnycorns to collect, but its a mystery to which one you are getting in this blind pack. Inside you also get a collectors guide and cute stickers.

Bunnycorn Surprise out of box no collector guide

We think this is a fab bunny gift to make the kids smile this Easter, or perfect as the end of Easter trail big prize.

Where’s the Bunny Book

Wheres Bunny Book

£5.03 at Amazon


This colourful book is a great little boredom buster for the kids over the Easter School Holidays. They can test their spotting skills hunting for the Easter bunny, Easter Eggs and four others different items. There are 13 scenes to search, including under the sea and inside Aladdin’s cave.

Wheres Bunny Book Open

This a lovely little seasonal puzzle challenge and one that fans of the Where’s Wally books will just fall in love with. Other titles available include Where’s the Unicorn, Where’s the Sloth, Where’s the Dinosaur, Where’s the Puppy and Where’s Santa’s Reindeer.

Egg Slam Game

Egg Slam Card Game

£7.49 at Amazon


Egg Slam is a fun educational egg themed game that we think makes a fab Easter card game for your family playtime. All a bit silly, this fast paced game sees players racing to call out the colours of eggs laid by the rainbow coloured birds.

To play you pop the bird and egg cards into three piles, then when an egg card appears players try to be the first to put their hand on the card and shout out the correct colour that’s made by mixing the colours of the birds, or the backgrounds on each card.

Egg Slam Card Game out of box

Players score egg cards when they answer correctly, and the most egg cards win. We love how easy it is for kids to understand how to play this, its a fab game to helps kids learn how mixing colours makes different ones as well as giving them an understanding of primary and secondary colours.

Easter Dobble

Mini Easter Dobble

£9 at Amazon


Dobble is an awesome easy to travel with, game of speed and observation that all family members can enjoy playing and we just love this Easter themed mini version of it.

Inside this smaller than normal Dobble size tin is 55 cards, each of which has six different Easter themed illustrations on it, such as Easter egg, lamb and chick. When played between any two cards there is always exactly one matching symbol, it’s just up to you to spot the match the fastest.

Easter Dobble Out of Box

Each player places down a card from their pile one on top of each other and every card will always have one matching pair of illustrations and you just need to spot it the quickest. This game is aimed at kids over 4 and can be played with 2 or more players. We think this is excellent at developing and testing your child’s observational skills, we found it hilarious fun and a perfect game to pop in your family picnic bag this spring.

Bunnypark Nintendo Switch Game

Bunny Park Nintendo

£19.99 at Amazon


A bit of screen time treat for kids with this Bunny game for the Nintendo Switch. Released October last year is Bunny Park, a fun creative build game, where kids can let their imagination run wild as they enjoy building their very own Bunny park from scratch.

Bunnypark on nintendo screen

Bunny game up close on screen

Kids can create and run their own Bunny park, upgrading facilities, growing food, and making all your bunnies homes pretty and cosy for them. The cosier you can make your park the more bunnies will want to live there.



Easter Party Food

Mr Kipling Lemon & Raspberry Mini Batts

Mr Kipling Easter Batts

£1.25 at Morrisons


Pretty table filler for any Easter party is this bright pink soft lemon and raspberry flavoured mini battenberg cakes from Mr Kipling.

Mr Kiplings Easter Batts out the box

The chequered lemon sponge is wrapped in a raspberry flavoured paste and super yummy. Made with 100% natural flavours and no artificial colours, they come in a handy five pack.

Lakeland Easter Pasta

Lakeland Easter pasta

£3.99 at Lakeland


We fell in love with this tricolour pasta from Lakeland and just had to add a non-sweet Party food option to Idea list.

This spring-inspired tricolour Easter Pasta we think offers a supper seasonal twist and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Lakeland Easter Pasta out of Pack

The whole family can enjoy eating Easter shapes such as bunnies, chicks and eggs. With fancy colours, additional to traditional yellows this pack also has intense colours of the red and green shapes which are created by the addition of real tomato and spinach. We have to say they all taste delicious.

Cadbury Mini Egg Nest Cakes

Mini Eggs Cake in box

£2.50 at Iceland


These are a cute pack of four nest cakes from Cadbury’s. Once you bite through the hard chocolate shell, inside you will find Creme Egg filling stacked in between yummy chocolate sponge.

Nest cakes out o fbox

Luxury Blueberry Hot Cross Buns

Blueberry hot cross buns

£2 at Ocado


We love eating hot cross buns over Easter time and these we found at M&S are a touch of luxury. Coming in a four pack these butter hot cross buns have juicy currants and sweetened dried blueberries, baked into them.

Blueberry hot cross buns out of pack

Suitable for vegetarians we loved them best served toasted with a spread of butter and think these will make the perfect addition to any family Easter Morning breakfast table.

M&S Eggstremely Chocolate Speckled Egg Cookies

Extreme Chocolate Easter Cookies

£2.40 at Ocado


These Easter Cookies are so yummy, they are chocolate cookies with bashed up mini eggs and chunks of chocolate in them, that’s wrapped again in milk chocolate just over half the way.

Extreme Chocolate Easter Cookies out of box

They are crunchy and in packs of six and we’re sure all the kids will love them if you add them to your Easter party table this year.

Mini Easter Cupcakes

M&S Mini Easter Cupcakes

£4.50 at Ocado


In a pack of nine these mini fairy cupcakes are so cute. Each box has nine chocolate sponge cakes topped with buttercream and decorations making the mini cupcakes into Easter themed cakes, with little bunnies and Easter chicks’ toppings.

Mini Easter Cupcakes out of the box

Not only do they taste fab, they look the part too and we think they would look fab on a little plate at any Easter party and perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Easter Gingerbread Mini Biscuits

Gingerbread biscuits in box

£1.85 at Tesco


These are cute novelty Easter shaped mini gingerbread biscuits that come in funny carrots, bunny and chick designs. Not only are these super tasty but we think they will make a cute plate filler for the kids to enjoy at any home Easter Party.

Easter Gingerbread biscuits out of box

Coming in a pack of 30 biscuits we think these offer great value for money, offering plenty enough to share around.

Lemon Mr Kipling French Fancies

Mr kipling French Fancies

£1.75 at Morrisons


Kids love Mr Kipling French Fancies, so we were excited to try out these limited-edition Easter themed ones and they didn’t disappoint.

French Fanceis Lemon out of box

Available in packs of eight all cakes have pastel yellow flavoured sponge with vanilla topping and the whole pack has just one colour and one yummy lemon flavour to it.

Mr Kipling Hot Cross Pies

Mr Kipling Hot Cross Pies

£1.75 at Ocado


More Mr Kipling seasonal goodies are these hot cross pies. Made with sugary shortcrust pastry cases and filled with spiced fruit filling they are really delicious.

Hot Cross Mr Kipling Pies out of box

Parents will also love the fact they are made with 100% natural flavours, no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians. We think these will even be perfect for kids pack lunches in the lead up to the Easter Parties.

Kids Cookie Set

Dunelm Cookie Set Easter

£3.50 at Dunelm


This charming Easter cookie mix from Dunelm is such a lovely gifting option. Presented in a pretty little box this is an easy way for the kids to get baking in the kitchen this Easter.

Cookie Mix Easter Set

With a pre-mixed cookie mix its so easy to follow to make these chocolate chip Easter cookies, and it comes with a sweet little chick, flower and Easter egg cookie cutter, so no need to buy anything extra.

Easter Hot Chocolate Crackers

Easter hot Chocolate

£4.20 at Dunelm


As soon as we came across these bunny crackers, we knew we had to include them in this ideas list as they are so adorable.

Easter Hot Chocolate out of box

These Easter bunny crackers are filled with different flavoured hot chocolate mixes, perfect for hot chocolate lovers and a real hit with the kids. Inside you get two original flavour, one double chocolate flavour, one salted caramel flavour, one peppermint flavour and one toasted marshmallow flavour hot chocolate.

Mash Direct Range

Mash Direct in packs

From £2 at Mash Direct


Mash Direct the award-winning ‘field to fork’ vegetable brand, starting from a family-run farm where a factory was develop so to combining the tastes of yesterday with modern convenience and innovation.

Mash Direct has a range of over 50 farm fresh products, 29 of which have won Great Taste Awards and they are launching two new products, Balsamic Potatoes and Peri Peri Fries in Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Both taking around 20 mins to cook the new Balsamic Potatoes are steam cooked crispy cubed potatoes that comes with a luxury Balsamic Glaze and the Peri Peri thin cut are coated in a delicious peri peri seasoning.

If you like spicy veg then we have to recommend the Chilli Baby Bakes, these baby potatoes sprinkled with crumbs and seasoned with chilli are up there as one of our Mash Direct favs. Closely followed by the crispy vegetable bakes. We think these will add some healthy yummy eats to your Easter Table this year.



Child Friendly Easter Treats

Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs Bunny

Fairhi Chocolate rabbit

£10 at Farhi


Filled with milk chocolate speckled mini eggs of a premium quality, we think it is a stylish alternative gifting option from the more traditional Easter Egg.

This cute bunny rabbit shaped see through container is a fab gift for all ages this Easter and a bit different as kids can reuse the bunny gift box to hold some of their other cherish items in afterwards.

Nomo Chocolate Bunnies

NOMO Chocoalte bars

85p at NOMO


NOMO stands for no missing out and is the name of the UK’s number one vegan and free from chocolate brand and they make some delicious chocolate bars and buttons in all different flavours. The NOMO giant buttons come in two flavours one a creamy chocolate and the other caramel and sea salt, both are really yummy.

This Easter they also have a yummy range of different types of Easter Eggs along with these little bunny bars that come with two different centres one a delicious cookie dough the other is a chocolate orange.

NOMO Chocolate bars out of packets

We think they are ideal for any Easter Egg Trail and love how these are suitable for dairy, egg, gluten, peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers, which means no one needs to miss out on a sweet treat this Easter.

Lindt Easter Egg Tin

Lindt Easter Egg Tin

From £4 at Lindt


If your looking to gift chocolate treats in a special way then you might want to check out this fancy floral egg tin from Lindt. We popped along to the Lindt master chocolatiers outlet shop at McArthur Glen in Bridgend where you can walk around the trays full of all different flavoured chocolates and fill your easter egg tin with as much or as little as you want.

Lindt Easter Egg Tin Open

The tin itself is £4.00 and this can be a gift that can be filled to match your budget as well as tastebuds. We also love how this outlet shop sells way more flavours of Lindt chocolate treats than we are used to seeing on sale elsewhere.

Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Joe and Sephs Popcorn

£25 at Joe & Seph’s


This year your family can celebrate Easter in gourmet style, with this exclusive Egg Hunt Kit. Delivered direct to your family home it has everything you will need to enjoy a fun gourmet Easter egg hunt.

Joe and Sephs Easter Egg Hunt

Inside you will find 2 Chocolate Popcorn Mini Egg pouches, 3 Limited-Edition Easter Popcorn snack packs, 4 Popcorn Easter baskets and an Easter Egg Hunt clue sheet. The kids especially enjoyed the Chocolate popcorn mini eggs.

Joes popcorn mini eggs up close

We all loved the twist on traditional Easter Egg Hunt and the taste of the Easter popcorn it’s something special, in Gingerbread, Trio of Chocolate and Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut flavours, your family will totally feel spoilt. .

Easter Gold Jumbo Medallion

Gold Medalion Easter Coin

£1 at Poundshop


Wrapped in gold foil this solid milk chocolate medal at 10cm in size could make a perfect end prize for your Easter egg hunt, or simply just a fun treat for the school holidays, with the bonus its suitable for vegetarians.

Haribo Eggs Galore Multi Pack

Haribo Galore

£1.25 at Poundshop


These mini Haribo bags are great for hiding around any Easter trail, filled with a mix of the iconic fried eggs and Easter egg shaped sweet treats we think these will bring a smile to kids big and small.

Haribo Galore min bags

This Haribo Eggs Galore Multi Pack has ten treats bags and what parents love is how they are free from artificial colours. .

Dinosaurs Love Easter Colouring Book

Dino Loves Easter Colouring Book

£3.99 at Amazon


A fun activity for the kids and excellent boredom buster over the Easter school holidays, is this quirky 60 page colouring book full of all different dinosaurs.

Page 1 Dino Loves Easter Colouring Book

Page 2 Dino Loves Easter Colouring Book

Created by a small independent publisher we love how great quality the paper is in this activity book and at such a great affordable price. Also available in the range is Unicorns Love Easter and Fairies Love Easter themed colouring in books.

Fluffy Bunny Socks

Bunny socks

£2 at Poundshop


These comfy easter socks have cute fluffy bunny ears on them and a pom pom for the nose. Ideal for keeping the ickle toes snug and warm they are available in sizes 11-12 in pink and sizes 12-1 in white.

Paint your Own Chick

Paint your own chick in box

£1 at Poundshop


A fab activity for the kids over the Easter School holidays that doesn’t cost a fortune is this sweet paint your own chick ceramic decoration. It comes with a paint brush and paints it’s a great alternative to a chocolate treat.

Paint your own chick out of box

Haribo Jelly Bunnies

Haribo Jelly Bunnies

£1.35 at Ocado


Another one of our Haribo favourites are these Jelly Bunnies. Made just the same as the tasty Haribo Jelly Babies these bunny shaped treats are a must have for our kids this year.

Haribo Jelly Bunnies out of pack

M&S Bunny Treats

M&S bunny treats

£16 at M & S


Inside this cute fold out cardboard box is a bag full of white and milk chocolate bunny ear shaped treats, we loved how creamy the chocolate is.

M&S bunny treats out of packet

They are all filled with salted caramel, which is a yummy surprise. We think these would add a bit of luxury to any Easter trail.

M&S Percy Easter Party Sweets

Percy Sweets

£1.85 at Ocado


Perfect for all those Percy Pig fans is this yummy bag of Easter treats, made with real fruit juice, these soft gums in the shape of the well-loved Percy Pig and the Easter bunny.

Percy Pigs Sweets out of pack

Percy Pig and bunny sweet up close

The kids especially loved the bright funky colours of both Percy the Pig and the bunny sweets.

Jurassic World Captivz Hatchling Buildable Dinos

Jurassic Hatchling Egg Slime

£6 at Entertainer


These are the perfect egg treat for any dinosaur lover this Easter. Inside this new Jurassic World Captivz Hatchlings Edition Eggs you will find some gloopy oozy paleo slime to hatch a buildable baby dinosaur out of.

Jurassic Hatch Slime Egg

Slime Jurassic Egg Dino

There are 14 different species to collect including a rare baby velociraptors and are suitable for kids over the age of 3.

Squirkies Fidget Pet

Squirkies in box

£6 at The Entertainer Toy Shop


New from Little Live Pets are these adorable Squirkies, they are the first collectible range from Little Live pets and they are basically fidget pets.

Each Squirkies character has their own unique interactive fidget feature and they all have two or more such as you can pop it, twirl it, click it, flip it, twist it or tangle it.

Squirkies out of box

Over season one there are going to be 30 plus Squirkies to collect including funny pets like Curly Chameleon, Swirly Whirly Hedgehog, Toggle Turtle, Pop Tube Pup, Clickety Cat and more. You can get them in single boxes, pack of 3 which has a shiny metallic pet included and pack of 5 which includes special glow in the dark Squirkies. You can also get mystery blind packs, which has a 1 in 3 chance of finding the Ultra Rare Golden Monkey.







All Prices Correct at Publishing 20th March 2023.





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