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Top 2023 Christmas Gifts for Kids & Teens

Ready to unwrap the secret to a merry Christmas for your youngsters? Dive into our Top 2023 Christmas Gifts for Kids & Teens guide, brimming with the coolest, must-have picks for this year. Say goodbye to gift-finding jitters as we’ve rounded up everything from the latest craze to timeless treasures that promise big grins without the guesswork.

We’ve been there, navigating the festive frenzy to pinpoint that joy-sparking surprise for our kids. Whether they’ve got their heart set on something specific or you’re looking to dazzle them with an unexpected treat, our curated list is your festive fairy godmother.

From pocket-pleasing wonders to those ‘wow-factor’ wonders, our selection has something for every pint-sized person – from tots to teens. We’ve done the legwork, sifting through the sparkle to spotlight gifts that stand out from the crowd, ensuring your Christmas morning is as magical as the look on their faces.

So, sit back, relax with your favourite brew, and let’s make this Christmas the most unforgettable yet with a scroll through our top picks for 2023!

Creative Play

Make Your Own Gourmet Popcorn Kit

Make your own popcorn joe and seph

From Joe and Seph’s for £25


The Make Your Own Gourmet Popcorn Kit from Joe & Seph’s has turned our kitchen into a mini cinema snack bar, and it’s been a scene-stealer! This isn’t just about munching on some popcorn. We think there’s something special about the process of making your own popcorn that adds an extra sprinkle of fun to every bite. The kit comes with all you need to whip up four generous batches of their celebrated Salted Caramel Popcorn, Toffee Apple and Cinnamon Popcorn, Orange Chocolate Popcorn and Double Chocolate Popcorn. And yes, we’ve popped and tasted every single batch – it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Joe & Seph Make your own popcorn

Joe & Seph’s has a knack for flavour, and this kit lets you in on the secret with easy-to-follow instructions and even a step-by-step video tutorial. The kids were absolutely thrilled to see their creations come to life, and the adults? Well, we made sure to perform rigorous taste tests, purely for safety, of course. It’s a deliciously engaging activity that brings everyone together, and we’re already eyeing up the next flavour to try. So, if you’re after a gift that’s sure to cause a stir (and a pop!), this kit is a gourmet go-to. Just be prepared to share!

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Paint Stick in box

From Amazon for £13.63


If you’re looking for a gift that will spark your kids’ creativity and keep them busy for hours, you might want to check out the Little Brian Paint Sticks. These are not your ordinary paints; they are solid sticks that you can twist up and down like a glue stick and apply directly to any surface. No brushes, water or mess involved! The paint dries in less than a minute and has a smooth and vibrant finish. You can choose from 24 different colours, including classic, metallic and day glow shades. The paint sticks are also water soluble, nontoxic and child friendly, so you don’t have to worry about stains or safety.

Paint Stick Tubes

We had a blast testing out these paint sticks with all the kids. They loved how easy they were to use and how they could create different effects by smudging, blending or layering the colours. They painted on paper, cardboard, wood and even glass, and the results we think were amazing.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

The paint sticks are also very portable and convenient, so you can take them anywhere and enjoy some spontaneous art sessions. We think these paint sticks are a great idea for a Christmas gift, as they encourage your kids to express themselves and have fun with art. They are suitable for kids of all ages and abilities, and they will for sure brighten up your holidays.

Into the Wild A4 MiniMat

Hey Doodle in box

From Hey Doodle for £14.99


One of the best gifts for your kids this Christmas is the Hey Doodle – Into The Wild A4 MiniMat. This is a reusable silicone mat that comes with three non-toxic markers and a cardboard carry tube. You can practice writing alphabets, learn names of animals, and erase everything with a damp cloth. Then you can start all over again with a different colour scheme or a different theme.

We had a blast testing out this product with our kids. They loved the soft and smooth feel of the mat, the vibrant colours of the markers. They were able to express their creativity and imagination, while also learning new words and facts. They also liked how easy it was to clean up and pack away, making it ideal for travelling or taking to grandma’s house.

Hey Doodle Mat Out of Box

The Hey Doodle – Into the Wild A4 MiniMat is not only fun, but also beneficial for your kids’ development. It helps them improve their fine motor skills, concentration, and social skills as they colour, chat, and connect with others. It also exposes them to literacy, numeracy, science, and geography concepts in a playful way. And best of all, it’s eco-friendly and durable, unlike some cheap single-use gifts that end up in the landfill.

Hey Doodle Mat Up Close

We think this is a great gift idea for kids aged 3 to 7, but we’re sure older kids and even adults would enjoy it too. It’s affordable, versatile, and engaging. We highly recommend it for this year’s Christmas shopping list.

Christmas ToucanBox

ToucanBox envelope

From toucanBox for £12.95


The Christmas toucanBox has been a festive hit with us, offering a creative twist to the holiday season. This craft box is like receiving a sleigh-load of Santa’s workshop right through your letterbox. Known for their craft subscription boxes that deliver a world of creativity straight to your door, toucanBox excels in curating activities that blend fun with educational value, perfect for family bonding.

ToucanBox Christmas Stocking inside box

ToucanBox Inside Box Gingerbread House

The Christmas Collection is something special, featuring limited-edition crafts that are both fun and festive. We watched as little fingers creating and decorated a personalised Christmas stocking, complete with a glittery initial and pom-poms. Not only was it a blast to make, but it also fine-tuned those all-important motor skills.

ToucanBox Gingerbread House in Light 3

But it’s the gingerbread house that truly stole the show. Assembling it was a masterclass in construction for the kids, and the decorations sparked so much creativity. It’s more than crafting; it’s about creating memories and festive décor that the kids can proudly display.

ToucanBox Gingerbread House in light 2

We’ve seen first-hand that these aren’t just throwaway crafts. The materials are sturdy, the designs are thoughtful, and the end products are keepsakes that children can treasure and play with. The gingerbread house brought on loads of fun without too much of a mess, and while some adult help was needed, it just added to the family fun. Plus, too it look so blinking cute when you switch on and light it up.

ToucanBox Gingerbread House in dark 3

ToucanBox Gingerbread House in dark

A Christmas toucanBox we think is a lovely experience that unfolds into hours of engagement and a wonderful way to build up to the big day. It’s our top pick for a gift that combines learning and crafting with the magic of the season.

Geomag Glow Magnetic Set

geomag glow in box

From The Entertainer for £26.24


Hunting for a gift that’ll keep the kids engrossed well past the festive season, then pop the Geomag Glow Magnetic Construction Set on your list. It’s not just any set; we’ve had this 42-piece marvel in our hands and let’s tell you, it’s a hit!

This glowing kit is a little gem for budding builders. The pieces are robust, with magnets that really snap together, making construction a breeze. And when the lights go down, the magic comes alive – those structures shine bright in the dark, sparking wonder and excitement.

Geomag Glow Set out of box

It’s not all about play though. Geomag supports STEM learning, nurturing creativity, logic, and dexterity. While the kids are constructing their magnetic masterpieces, they’re also building up their brains, which as parents we think is a win-win!

Geomag Glow Set

We’ve tested it, twisted it, and turned it into all sorts of shapes, and the Geomag Glow Set stands up to the test – even the storage box, made of recycled plastic, is a keeper. For a gift that’ll keep on giving, lighting up your child’s imagination (and room!), we think this set is a brilliant choice for Christmas this year.

So Slime Twist ‘N’Slime Mixer

so slime in box

From Bargain Max for £24.99


The So Slime Twist ‘N’ Slime Mixer is a total game-changer for any slime enthusiast – we’ve seen it first-hand! Imagine the glee as the kids twist the handle and watch their very own slime creation take shape, with swirls and marble effects that are truly their own work of art.

So Slime Mixer

This nifty mixer puts a spin on traditional slime-making, letting young creators mix vibrant dye powders into fluffy slime for some spectacularly colourful concoctions. And it’s not just about the colour – the unique decorations included add that extra sensory delight to the squishing and stretching fun.

So Slime Mixer with Packets

What we absolutely adore is how it encourages kids to follow recipes or get inventive with their own, all the while learning the basics of mixing and the wonders of colour theory. Plus, the resealable bags are a brilliant touch for tidy play and keeping those slime creations fresh for future play.

So Slime packets

After having a go ourselves, we can vouch for the Twist ‘N’ Slime Mixer’s ease of use and the endless fun it provides. It’s a hands-on, creative gift that’s sure to keep the kids entertained, making it a top pick for this year’s Christmas treasure trove.

Aqua Gelz Magical Mermaids

Aqua Gelz in box

From Bargain Max for £24.99


Dive into a world of underwater fantasy with the Aqua Gelz Magical Mermaids Playset – it’s a splash hit in our book! All the kids have been utterly enchanted by the simplicity and sparkle of creating their own mermaid-themed squishy pals. We love how it’s a crafty adventure that combines the thrill of design with the wonder of science.

With a squeeze and a sprinkle, the kids can transform the Aqua Gelz liquid into glittering mermaid figures. It’s mesmerising to watch as the Gelz set into squishy creations right before your eyes, and with over 36 possible designs, the fun just keeps on flowing.

Aqua Gelz Mermaids

It comes with a quirky add on, in the form of a deluxe display tank, making it possible to showcase the sparkling mermaid figures in their own ‘under-the-sea’ kingdom. It’s not just craft; it’s an experience that decorates their space with a personal touch.

Aqua Gelz Mermaids out the box

Having tested the waters ourselves, we can assure you that the moulds are fab quality, and the entire process is super easy to follow – with a dash of magic, thanks to the holographic glitter. For a Christmas gift that’ll make a real splash, the Aqua Gelz Magical Mermaids set is a surefire way to bring a wave of creativity and joy to any youngster’s festive season.

Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit


From Amazon for £32.99


For the young Spielberg or the budding TikTok star in your life, the Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit is like hitting the jackpot. We’ve had a whirl with this kit, and it’s awesome fun, but also a whole production studio in a box.

The LED ring light is a real showstopper – with a rainbow of colours to choose from, it can set the scene for any video. The 360-degree tracking is something to behold, keeping the focus firmly on the star of the show as they move. Whether it’s for dramatic monologues, football tricks, or baking a cake, this kit raises the bar on home video production.

Studio Creator

And the green screen! It’s not just a piece of fabric; it’s a portal to anywhere your kids’ imagination can take them. Paired with the tripod for that perfect angle, the setup invites creativity and experimentation.

Studio Creator Lights

Our test run was full of laughs and ‘takes’, and while we’re still tinkering with the final cuts, the ease and quality of this kit have won us over. For a gift that’ll keep on giving – from Christmas morning videos to potential viral hits – the Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit is a solid bet.

Games & Puzzles

Squishmallows Take 4

Take 4 Game in box

From WHSmith for £16.99


Squishmallows Take 4 is the card game that’s set to be the squishy sensation of the season! It’s the kind of fun that had us all gathered round, giggling and strategising to build our Squishmallow squads.

Take 4 Squishmallow Game playing

This isn’t just a game; it’s a race, a dash of quick-thinking, and a whole lot of soft, cuddly joy, especially with the exclusive Benny the Bigfoot plush that comes with it – sporting a dapper new hat, no less! The excitement is real as everyone vies to collect a full set of Squishmallow cards from different adorable squads.

Take 4 Game

Our playtests were a riot of fun. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up but tricky to master, keeping both the kids and us adults on our toes. For families who are fans of the Squishmallows, or even new to the craze, this game is a surefire way to bring laughter and a competitive spirit to your Christmas gatherings. Suitable for ages eight and up, we think it’s a festive hit that’s bound to make a squishy splash!.

Jumanji Wild Adventures

Jumanji Adventure Start Screen

From GAME for £22.98


Dive into the heart-pounding world of “Jumanji Wild Adventures,” where the quest for the Jaguar’s Eye will take your kids on a whirlwind journey they won’t forget. After watching our own band of intrepid gamers, aged 7 to 12, tackle the wilds of Jumanji, we’re convinced this is the game to beat this Christmas.

Available across platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, this sequel to Jumanji: The Video Game ramps up the excitement. It’s an adventure that’s accessible for younger players but thrilling enough to captivate the older ones. We’ve watched the kids navigate through treacherous jungles, icy mountains, and murky swamps, all the while outsmarting traps and upgrading their characters with hidden treasures.

Jumanji Video Adventure Game

Playing solo has its charms, but the real laughter and teamwork come alive in multiplayer mode. It’s been a joy to see the kids strategise and conquer challenges together, proving that this game is a fantastic way to bring friends and family together.

Jumanji Video Game

“Jumanji Wild Adventures” isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure that leaps off the screen. For any young gamer looking to immerse themselves in a world of puzzles, exploration, and excitement, this is one Christmas gift that’s sure to score big.

Sheep Dip Game

Sheep Dip Game in box

From Sheep Dip Game for £23.50


If you’re on the lookout for that perfect Christmas present that’ll keep the kids amused for hours, you simply can’t overlook Sheep Dip. It is a game full of adventure, that promises to light up your family evenings with laughter and strategic fun.

Aimed at children aged 7 and up, this game is a delight for 3 to 6 players. Each round whirls by in around 20-30 minutes, making it the ideal pick for quick yet engaging playtime. Inside the box, you’ll discover a treasure trove of 116 beautifully illustrated cards, featuring charming sheep characters from four different breeds. Our personal favourites, has to be the Leggy Leicesters, they won a special place in our hearts!

Sheep Dip’s rules are so easy to pick up. Collecting and holding onto sheep cards is the aim but watch out for the wild cards and cheeky sheepdogs that turn the game on its head. It’s a delightful mix of luck and strategy, capped off with a rainbow card that everyone will be chasing.

Sheep Dip Game on table

The EWE DO cards are where things get really exciting. Protecting, swapping, and stealing sheep add a layer of tactics that had us all plotting our next moves. And the occasional cry of “SHEEP DIP!” brings a rush of action that is as unpredictable as it is thrilling.

Having dived into the game ourselves, we can vouch for its charm and replayability. The kids couldn’t get enough of the unique characters, and we found ourselves chuckling alongside them at the witty descriptions. It’s a game that feels particularly close to home for anyone with a fondness for the countryside and a nod to our farming friends here in West Wales.

Sheep Dip is a new family favourite waiting to happen. So why not make it a ‘fleecy’ merry Christmas and add this little gem to your holiday festivities?

Beat Blast

Beat Blast in box

From Amazon for £24.99


Slide Beast Blast to the top of your Christmas list and get set for a rhythm-riding rollercoaster that’s sure to get the whole family moving and grooving. This isn’t your garden-variety board game; it’s a lively, lights-and-music extravaganza that’s perfect for kids and teens who can’t resist a beat.

The game is a doddle to get started with, but don’t be fooled – it’ll challenge even the most rhythmically gifted in the family. With five levels of difficulty and music genres ranging from hip-hop to EDM, there’s something for every taste and talent level. Whether flying solo or in party mode, the competitive spirit will have everyone vying for the title of Beat Master.

Beat Blast

We’ve had a whirl with it ourselves, batteries popped in (remember to stock up on those AAA’s!) and the laughter was as infectious as the tunes. It’s one thing to follow the lights and nail the timing, but it’s the hilarity of seeing Mum or Dad trying to outdo the kids with their best dance moves that’s truly priceless.

We think you’ll love Beast Blast as it’s more than just a game; it’s a memory maker. We found ourselves in stitches, contorting into all sorts of unexpected poses in the heat of the action. And it’s this mix of frantic fun and friendly competition that makes it a shoo-in for the festive season. So, ready to bust some moves this Christmas? Beast Blast is your ticket to a fabulously fun holiday.

Farplace Rehoming Board Game

Farplace Game in box

From Farplace for £25


Bring joy and a dash of kindness to your family’s Christmas with Farplace the Game. It’s a board game with heart, themed around animal rescue and rehoming, teaching valuable lessons on animal welfare. Every play is a chance to strategise and engage, choosing meeples with unique abilities to navigate through the game’s rescue missions.

With its double-sided board and diverse cards, Farplace offers a rich, replayable experience that’s both fun and educational. It’s not often you find a game that equally delights kids and adults, but Farplace hits the mark, blending strategy with a meaningful narrative.

Farplace Rehoming Game out of Box

As we’ve enjoyed it ourselves, we can attest for its ability to spark joy and conversations around care and empathy. Farplace the Game is both an entertaining pastime and way to bring your family together for memorable game nights filled with purpose and fun. It’s our warm recommendation for a gift that’s sure to be a family treasure for many Christmases to come.

Hurry up Chicken Butt

Hurry Up Chicken Butt in box

From Amazon for £19.99


Ready for some feather-flapping fun? “Hurry Up Chicken Butt” had us all in stitches! It’s the perfect pick for families who love a giggle and a wriggle. Shake the Chicken Shaker, leap into the activity, and pass it on – just don’t be the one holding it when the timer clucks! It’s a riot of quick moves and loud laughs, perfect for kids over 4 and ideal for 2-6 players.

Chicken Butt Game out of box

We’ve given it a whirl and it’s all thumbs up here. Easy to play, a hoot for all ages, and it packs up nicely for on-the-go entertainment. Trust us, it’s a game that’s laughter-packed perfect for bringing the family together. Get ready to shake your tail feathers with this lively addition to game night!

The Infinite Maze

The Infinite Maze Game in box

From Amazon for £12.25


“The Infinite Maze Game” from Laurence King Publishing is a magical labyrinth of never-ending fun. With twenty maze cards that can be arranged in over two trillion unique combinations, this game will have the kids (and you!) hooked, finding new puzzles to solve every time. It’s a marvel of a game that encourages storytelling, cooperative play, and a dash of competition.

Infinity Maze Game

After playing this it’s safe to say we are smitten. The artwork is captivating, and the clever design allows for endless reconfiguration, making each game a fresh challenge. It’s compact, perfect for travel, and with the dry-erase pen included, it’s ready for endless play. A true standout in our game collection, and a wonderful gift for the festive season.

Smart Game Cats in Boxes

Cats and boxes in box

From Amazon for £18.79


Whisker into festive fun with “SmartGames – Cats & Boxes”. It’s a delightful puzzle game that’s become a fast favourite with our team of testers. We’ve all given it a go, trying to fit the playful puzzle pieces so each feline friend finds its box and its not as easy as you’d think. It’s super entertaining and it hones crucial cognitive skills like logic and spatial insight.

Cats and Boxes

With 60 challenges, this game is a charmer for solo or group play, ideal for kids and adults alike. We’ve been enchanted by the challenges, and as a family that adores both cats and puzzles, it’s a double delight. Quality, fun, and brain-boosting – “Cats & Boxes” ticks all the boxes for a fab Christmas gift. We’re sure it’ll make your family purr with pleasure!

Hasbro Battle Ships

Battleship game in box

From Amazon for £26.36


Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, there’s nothing quite like gathering the family for a riveting game of strategy and wit. Enter Hasbro’s Battleship: a timeless classic that’s found its way back to our family table, proving it’s not just a nostalgic pastime but a thrilling challenge that bridges generations.

This isn’t your ordinary board game; it’s a duel of naval warfare where every move is a battle of minds. The game remains unchanged in its charm, with two portable battle cases making it perfect for any setting, be it a cosy evening by the fireplace or a competitive afternoon in the garden.

Our young strategists, aged seven and above, were immediately drawn to the role of fleet commanders, with eyes gleaming as they plotted their next strike. Adult assembly, initial was needed, but simple enough. And once the ships are set, the real excitement begins. The classic cries of “hit” or “miss” and the ultimate triumph of “You sank my battleship!” never fail to elicit cheers and groans alike.

Battleships Game being played

The components are robust and ready for action, complete with an armada of 10 plastic ships and a sea of pegs to mark the progress of battle. Whether you’re meticulously planning your attack or launching a full Salvo strike, the game demands sharp thinking and a poker face.

We believe that Battleship has not only passed the test of time but has emerged as an essential addition to any family’s game collection. It’s a game that encourages tactical thinking, patience, and a touch of luck. Whether it’s to reignite childhood memories or create new ones, this game is a sure-fire hit for a Christmas gathering. So, why not anchor this classic in your home and watch as your little commanders learn the art of victory and the honour in defeat, one peg at a time?

Squirty Gertie

Squirty Gertie in box

From Amazon for £14.99


“Squirty Gerty” has become an instant hit with all who played, and we’re buzzing to share why it’s a top pick for the festive season. Imagine the giggles and squeals as the kids—and yes, even us grown-ups—take turns pumping away, anticipating the next surprise squirt! It’s a blast of fun that gets everyone off the couch, joining in on an easy-to-follow game that’s perfect for the little ones aged 3 and above.

The beauty of Squirty Gerty lies in its simplicity: no fiddly batteries, just fill her up with tap water and you’re set for a splashing good time. Plus, the included splash mat is a clever touch, keeping playtime contained and your floors puddle-free. This robust toy has seen its fair share of pedal-pumping action in our playtests, proving it can withstand the enthusiastic play of excited kids.

Squirty Gertie

But it’s not just about the laughs; this game sneakily encourages children to learn about turn-taking and playing together, fostering a sociable atmosphere. It’s a dual-challenge game, where speed and chance take the lead. You can race to out-pedal your opponent or take a spin and leave your fate in the hands (or hooves) of Gerty. We think it’s a delightful mix of anticipation and chance that has everyone on the edge of their seats.

From our hands-on experience, we’ve seen firsthand that Squirty Gerty is more than just a game; it’s a catalyst for family bonding and creating those priceless holiday memories. So if you’re on the hunt for a gift that’s sure to entertain and get the whole family interacting, Squirty Gerty is a fabulous choice to consider for this Christmas!.

Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game

Christmas Gifts for Kids Catch a bug game in box

From Kikkerland for £25


The “Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game” is quite the find, and we’re chuffed to bits to let you in on why it’s landed on our must-have list for Christmas. There’s something timeless about wooden toys, and this one adds a delightful twist with its bug-catching adventure using magnetic frog rods—absolutely enchanting for the kids!

Having this game sprawled out on our living room floor, it’s been a joy watching the little ones get engrossed, tongues out in concentration, as they aim their frog rods to snap up the colourful wooden bugs. It’s the kind of quiet focus and fine motor skill practice that comes packaged in heaps of fun and giggles, especially when the ‘frog’s tongue’ latches onto a bug with that satisfying magnetic click.

Wooden Fishing Game

The craftsmanship deserves a special mention; robust and well-made, it stands up to the test of enthusiastic play. The rods as cute frogs are a stroke of genius, adding an extra layer of playfulness to the fishing line mechanics. We think it’s a beautiful doorway to imagination where kids aren’t just catching bugs—they’re frogs on a mission!

It’s easy to see why the littlies were captivated, and it’s not just them; we found ourselves drawn into the simple joy of the game. For a gift that’s bound to be a hit, fostering both play and developmental skills, the “Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game” is a brilliant choice for the festive season.

The Grinch Christmas Adventures Game

Grinch Adventure Game Start Screen 2

From GAME for £34.99


“The Grinch Christmas Adventures Game” from Outright Games has landed on our test screens, and it’s a festive frolic that’s sure to delight. Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, this game sprinkles a little mischievous magic onto your Christmas gaming sessions.

Christmas Gifts for Kids The Grinch Adventures Nintendo Switch Game Start

We’ve seen kids from 5 to 10 years old embrace the role of the Grinch and his loyal dog Max, sneaking around and pilfering presents with glee. The game is easy enough for the young ones but still packs plenty of fun for the older kids. With Grinchy gadgets galore, from snowballs to a Santa disguise, and even a Candy Cane Lasso, the puzzles and challenges keep the fun rolling.

Grinch Video Game

The Christmas spirit oozes from every pixel, with the game drawing inspiration from Dr. Seuss’s classic illustrations. Whether in single-player mode or teaming up for two-player action, helping the Grinch find his Christmas cheer is a journey filled with laughter and heart.

The Grinch Adventures Nintendo Switch Game

For us this is has been a big hit. The vibrant graphics, clear sound, and engaging gameplay had all our junior testers hooked. Choosing between playing as the Grinch or Max brings a personalised touch to every playthrough. If you’re after a game that captures the holiday spirit and offers up a hearty dose of fun, “The Grinch Christmas Adventures Game” is a present that will keep on giving long after the decorations come down.

Sink the Floater Game

Sink the Floater game in box

From The Range for £22.99


Get ready for gales of laughter with the “Sink the Floater Game,” a cheeky, poop-themed twist on classic battleship-style strategy. It’s guaranteed to have the family in stitches this Christmas, from the littlest to the biggest kids at heart.

We’ve had the joy of diving into this game, and it’s fair to say it’s been a riot of fun. The children were in giggles at the mere mention of ‘poop’, but the real chuckles came when they started ‘flushing’ their opponent’s floaters with strategic guesses. It’s not all just toilet humour, though; there’s a decent dollop of strategy involved, which had everyone’s brains ticking.

Sink the Floater

The game is a breeze to set up with a toilet-shaped board, colourful poos of various sizes, and a sea of plunger pegs for marking your hits and misses. It’s a wonderful blend of the familiar and the fantastically silly, making for an engaging game that tickles the funny bone and sharpens the mind.

We think this “Sink the Floater Game” isn’t just a passing giggle—it’s a full-on belly laugh combined with the satisfaction of outsmarting your opponent. It’s a playful way to bring everyone together and create those memorable family moments. For a festive gift that’s a bit quirky, heaps of fun, and a touch educational, this game is a cracking choice.

Karate Cats and Kung Fu Dogs Card Game

Karate Dogs and Cats boc

From Ginger Fox for £11.99


The “Karate Cats and Kung Fu Dogs Card Game,” is a gem we’ve had the pleasure of playing. It’s the perfect mix of martial arts and furry fun, a combo that’s been a hit with every kid that’s joined our game nights. This game is all about speed and a dollop of strategy, making it a brilliant addition to any family’s game collection.

It’s a hoot watching the kids (and adults, let’s be honest) getting fiercely competitive, eyes peeled for three matching cards to execute that swift karate chop on the coaster. Laughter erupts every time, and it’s a wonderful sight. This game tests those reflexes and keeps everyone on their toes, which is just the ticket for lively family gatherings.

The rules are easy to pick up, so everyone’s in the game right from the get-go. Plus, with a playtime that’s just long enough to keep the excitement up but short enough to hold the wriggliest of attentions, it’s spot on for family fun.

Karate Dogs and Cats

And it’s not just about the giggles; this fast-paced game is ace for teaching quick thinking and observation skills without anyone noticing they’re learning something amid the merriment. The travel-friendly size is a bonus, making it perfect for holiday jaunts or a quick game at the park.

We’ve found “Karate Cats and Kung Fu Dogs” to be a fab pick for kids who are full of beans and those who might not fancy longer games. It’s a quirky, quick, and utterly charming game that’s earned its stripes for our Christmas top gift list. So, if you’re after a game that’ll be the new favourite in the house, you’ve found it!

Snow Problem

Snow Problem in box

From Happy Puzzle for £22.99


“Snow Problem” is an absolute cracker of a game that we’ve had the joy of tackling, and its snow joke when we say it’s perfect for the festive period! This wintery themed puzzle brings the fun of snowman building indoors, minus the chilly fingers and wet socks.

The challenge is just right—select from the 80 multi-level puzzles and get those snowballs rolling to build your frosty friend. But here’s the twist: you’ve got to be canny with your moves, as the snowballs will only stop rolling when they hit an obstacle. It’s a brilliant brain-teaser that had us all scratching our heads and strategising for the best moves.

Snow Problem board

The game’s quality is excellent, and with it being a limited first edition, it feels a bit special knowing you’ve got one of only 3000 copies. Making it more than just a game, as it’s a potential collector’s item, which adds a sprinkle of excitement to the gift.

Snow Problem up close

What’s particularly fab is the solo play option, giving kids a chance to dive into a world of play without a screen in sight. It’s great for sharpening up those problem-solving skills and keeping the grey cells buzzing. Plus, it’s the sort of game they’ll return to time and again, always finding a new challenge to master.

In our book, “Snow Problem” is a fantastic Christmas gift, blending festive fun with a hearty dose of brain power. It’s a hit with all that played, and we reckon it’ll be just the ticket for your little ones too. So, for a gift that’s sure to delight and engage, we think “Snow Problem” is a snow-brainer!

Edu-Fun Picks


Qwaffle Game in box

From Amazon for £14.99


Cue the “Qwaffle” – it’s the word game that’s become an absolute smash with the kids and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just a word game; it’s a race, a sprint of wits that gets everyone’s minds whirring and the laughter flowing. The concept is simple: find a word that fits the bill, shout “Qwaffle”, and flip the timer, then it’s a mad dash for everyone else to scramble for their unique answers.

This game’s got charm in spades, starting with the adorable waffle carry case it comes in—it’s a real treat and had the kids beaming before we even started playing. The pace is swift, keeping the energy high and the players on their toes. It’s a nifty little brain workout, disguised as a heap of fun.

Qwaffle Game in play

We’ve played our fair share of word games, but “Qwaffle” stands out with its delicious twist on the genre. It’s perfect for family game nights, sleepovers, and any time you fancy spicing up a quiet afternoon. Plus, with the portability factor, it’s fab for trips and holidays, making it a versatile gift that keeps on giving.

The kids can’t get enough of it, and honestly, neither can we. It’s competitive in the best way, pushing you to dig deep into your vocabulary stash. And with over 2,500 possible letter and category combos, this game’s got stamina; you won’t tire of it anytime soon.

So, for a Christmas gift that’ll tickle the brain cells and get everyone talking, we think “Qwaffle” is a brilliant shout. It’s gone down a storm with all that’s played it, and we’re betting it’ll be the same when your family plays. A tasty game for word lovers and a recipe for hours of enjoyment—now that’s what we call a winning combo!.

Connetix Tiles

Connetix Tiles in box

From Connetix from £28


Step aside, traditional building blocks, because Connetix tiles have taken centre stage in our playroom, and what a splendid show it’s been! This 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack is a bundle of joy that has genuinely sparked the imagination in ways we hadn’t seen before.

The pack, with its soothing earthy pastel hues, has been a delight for the eyes and a boon for the creative spirit. These tiles aren’t just pretty to look at; they’re a powerhouse of play, offering endless possibilities from majestic castles to intricate mandalas. It’s been a wonder watching the kids, hands busy and eyes alight, as they delve into open-ended play, whether they’re building solo masterpieces or collaborating on grand designs.

Connetix Tiles built

And let’s talk about durability because these tiles have withstood the test of playtime and then some, proving themselves as sturdy as they are enchanting. The tactile pleasure of snapping the tiles together is matched by the satisfaction of watching a creation come to life, piece by piece.

Beyond the fun, there’s a wealth of learning tucked into each connect. The kids have been honing their fine motor skills, exploring the principles of STEAM, and learning the virtues of patience and resilience as they build and rebuild.

Honestly, we believe that Connetix tiles are a gift that truly grows with the child, their simplicity inviting the youngest of builders, their complexity challenging the older ones. It’s a beautiful investment into a child’s playtime and development, and we can’t recommend the Connetix 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack enough, although there are small starter sized packs too. For a Christmas present that’s sure to be a hit and will be reached for time and again, these tiles are a sparkling gem.

Boppi World Jigsaw

Boppi World Jigsaw Tub

From Amazon for £14.99


The “Boppi World Jigsaw” puzzle has become a firm favourite with all our little ones, and it’s a joy to share the world with the kids through this beautifully illustrated piece of art. Not just any jigsaw, this 150 piece wonder is a round-the-globe adventure, waiting to be pieced together by eager little hands.

Crafted from 100% recycled card, this puzzle gets two thumbs up for being eco-friendly. The kids have been utterly absorbed, placing each piece and discovering animals, habitats, and cultures from all corners of the globe. And what conversations it’s sparked! From the depths of the oceans to the expanse of the savannah, we’ve chatted about it all, making it so much more than a puzzle—it’s been a gateway to learning about our wonderful world.

The quality is amazing, with durable, 3-layered pieces that are gentle on tiny fingers and can withstand the enthusiasm of repeated play. The round gift box it comes in is just as sturdy, making storage a dream and keeping all those precious pieces safe.

Boppi World Jigsaw

And the artwork, illustrated by the talented Laura Watson is nothing short of captivating. It’s the kind of visual treat that draws everyone in, children and adults alike, encouraging you to linger on each piece, to appreciate the cute characters and vibrant scenes.

In our eyes, the “Boppi World Jigsaw” is more than a gift; it’s a treasure trove of learning and family bonding. It’s a joy to see the kids so engaged, and for a Christmas present that combines fun, education, and sustainability, this world map jigsaw is a winner.


yathzee game in box

From Amazon for £9.99


Yahtzee is one of those timeless games that has rolled its way into our family game nights with gusto, proving itself as a classic favourite yet again. It’s the kind of game that bridges generations, with the kids, teens, and yes, even grandparents, eagerly reaching for the dice cup.

This isn’t just a game of chance; it’s a dance with luck and strategy that gets more intriguing with every roll. It’s fascinating to watch the kids ponder over their next move, weighing up whether to play it safe or go for that elusive Yahtzee with the same intensity as a grandmaster in a chess match.

What surprised us the most was how Yahtzee, although easy to play, has a lot of interesting strategies. It’s as much about nailing those combinations on the scorecard as it is about the laughter and friendly rivalry that comes with each play. And let’s not forget the suspense that builds with each roll, the highs and lows that come with the territory of this classic dice game.

Yathee open

The game’s portable size is an advantage, fitting snugly on the shelf or in the travel bag, ready to be whipped out whether at home or on holiday. The quality is just what you’d expect from a game that’s endured the test of time—sturdy and reliable.

When it comes to value for money, Yahtzee is a bit of a gem. It’s affordable, and the sheer replayability makes it a gift that keeps on giving long after the Christmas decorations have been packed away.

So, if you’re after a gift that’ll get the whole family rallying around the table, full of anticipation and cheer, Yahtzee is a solid roll of the dice. It’s been a hit with our lot, and we reckon it’ll score big with yours too.

Children Game Disney Around the World Game

Around the world game in box

From Ravensburger for £24.99


Take off on a fantastical journey with the Children Game Disney Around the World Game, where Disney enchantment meets family game night. This isn’t just any board game; it’s a sky-high adventure where you pilot a hot air balloon across six beautifully illustrated Disney realms. Every turn is a new chance to collect stamps for your passport, making it a whirl of discovery and delight.

We’ve had this game out on our table and the buzz it creates is something quite special. With characters from beloved tales like Moana, Toy Story, and Frozen, the kids are swept up in the excitement, strategising their next move to outwit the clouds and catch those sunshine cards.

The game is a winner for little hands and growing minds, suitable from age four and upwards, and it’s as sturdy as it is charming. Plus, it’s made from responsibly sourced materials, so you’re giving a gift that’s kind to the planet too.

Around the world Disney Game

Ravensburger’s stamp of quality is all over this game; you can feel the durability in each piece, ensuring that this game can be enjoyed for many Christmases to come. It’s the sort of game that not only brings the fun but also stands up to the test of time.

For us this Disney Around The World Game has been a hit, sparking joy and conversation as we all gather round to play. It’s the perfect present for Disney-loving families, promising a sprinkling of magic and a whole lot of fun in every play. For a festive gift that’s sure to charm, it’s a soaring success.

Gabble Game

Gabble Game in box

From Amazon for £13


Gabble Game is the tongue-twisting, quick-thinking card game that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on – and let’s tell you, it’s a hoot! Perfect for those fast-paced family game nights, it’s been a riot seeing everyone from teens to grandparents trying to out-describe each other under the ticking clock. It’s not just fun, it’s a merry mind-bender that had us all in stitches – think describing David Beckham without saying ‘football’ or ‘tattoos’!

What’s really nifty is the built-in scoring device; it’s genius and makes tallying points up so easy, even for the kids. The portability is a game-changer too. We took it along on a trip and it turned travel time into an absolute blast, fitting snugly in our carry-on. It’s clear why it’s a top pick for us – it’s clever, compact, and complete with everything you need to play on the go.

Gabble Game open

We think Gabble Game is a winning choice for your Christmas list. It’s an awesome memory maker, and we’re sure your family will love it as much as we all do. Suitable for ages 12 and up, it’s guaranteed to bring a bundle of laughs and challenge everyone’s descriptive prowess. Ready, set, Gabble!.

tri-FACTa Maths Game

trifacta maths game in box

From Amazon for £24.75


Tri-FACTa!™ Maths Game has been a real game-changer for us, as it’s a clever little board game that turns multiplication and division into a fun, interactive challenge that keeps kids from 8 to 12 years (and beyond) engaged and learning. We’ve tested it ourselves – the excitement of creating true fact triangles before passing the play along is contagious.

It’s not only a blast but a subtle educational experience, reinforcing numeracy without the eyerolls. The game’s design is clever, with a triangular board that serves as a visual cue, helping youngsters to build fluency in fact. It comes with all the bits and bobs you need, including 100 number cards and four trays, all durable quality.

Tri Fact Game Playing

Our play sessions often turned into mini competitions, making it a hit for family game nights. Whether your child is a math whiz or needs a bit of encouragement, tri-FACTa!™ is a fantastic pick. It’s hands-on, brains-on fun that’s sneakily educational and fabulously entertaining. Trust us, ‘beating your best’ becomes the new family mantra. So, if you’re on the hunt for a gift that ticks the boxes of fun, learning, and family time, tri-FACTa!™ is a top contender on our list.

Cuddles, Dolls & Adventures

RSPB Soft Toy Singing Robin


From RSPB for £10


The RSPB soft toy singing robin is a little bundle of joy that’s flown straight into our hearts – it’s a charmer, truly. This plush toy is so cuddly and crafted to bring the wonder of nature indoors with a lifelike bird call that fills the room at the press of a button. We’ve squeezed, hugged, and listened to this fluffy feathered friend and can vouch for its delightful chirp that’s bound to light up any child’s face.

It’s handcrafted with care, non-toxic, and has a softness that begs to be snuggled. Sized at a convenient 13cm, it’s ideal for tiny hands to carry around as their new favourite companion. Plus, it’s easy peasy to clean with a simple wipe-down, ready to be perched back into playtime after any adventure.

Singing Robin up close

This singing robin soft toy is more than a cuddle buddy; it’s a song of the wild for indoor play. Ideal for young nature lovers, it merges fun with a touch of learning. Plus, we love that it’s a gift that gives back – each purchase supports the RSPB’s conservation efforts. It’s been a cherished find, and we’re sure it’ll be a heartwarming hit with your little one too, bringing joy and supporting a great cause this Christmas.

Miraculous Movie Ladybug and Cat Noir Dolls

Miraculous Ladybug Doll and Cat Noir

From Amazon for £28


Embark on a Parisian adventure with the “Miraculous Movie Ladybug and Cat Noir Dolls” — the perfect Christmas surprise for your little heroes. The kids have had the joy of playing with these 26cm tall, fashion-forward dolls and it was lovely to see the sheer excitement they brought. With a remarkable 13 points of articulation, Ladybug and Cat Noir are ready to leap into action, striking any pose the show inspires.

Miraculous Ladybug Doll and Cat Noir out o fbox

We love the dolls’ authentic detailing, from their signature weapons to the adorable Kwamis, mirroring their on-screen magic. These dolls are compatible with the Miraculous 2-in-1 Balcony Bedroom playset, which is an awesome way to expand the imaginative play universe.

Miraculous Ladybug Doll adn Cat Noir up close

Our own young Miraculous aficionados were over the moon, spending hours enacting scenes from their beloved series. The quality of the dolls is brilliant, the articulation points allow for dynamic role-play, and the added rose touch is a sweet nod to the show’s charm. Trust us, these dolls are a gateway to creativity and storytelling that we think will keep your kids engaged and enchanted this festive season.

X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire


From The Entertainer for £49.99


Ready for action that’ll knock the socks off any thrill-seeking kid or teen this Christmas? The X-Shot Insanity Motorised Rage Fire by ZURU is a game-changer. We’ve put this blaster through its paces and it’s nothing short of epic. This isn’t just a blaster; it’s the centrepiece of any battle with its jaw-dropping 40-dart auto-feeding belt and the power to hit targets up to 27m away.

The genius of the included tripod allows for a full 360-degree rotation and vertical pivot, meaning no corner is safe during playtime. Plus, with additional storage for 46 darts, the fun feels endless. The air pocket technology in the darts is so clever, sending them flying faster, further, and with pinpoint accuracy.

X Shot Fire Range

As for the fun factor – it’s unanimous. The kids couldn’t get enough of the rapid-fire action, and the adults? Well, let’s just say it brought out our competitive spirit. Easy to load, a blast to fire, and a sure-fire hit for Christmas morning. Trust us, the X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire is the big-ticket item they’ll be talked about long into the New Year.

Pets Alive Smitten Kitten

smitten kitten in box

From Amazon for £14.99


Imagine the delight on your child’s face when they unwrap their very own Pets Alive Interactive Smitten Kitten Plush by ZURU. It’s like bringing a little piece of magic into your home this Christmas. We’ve seen firsthand the joy these cuddly kittens bring, with their lifelike purrs and over 10 genuine kitten sounds that will melt your heart.

Smitten Kitten out of carrier

Each kitten comes with its own milk bottle for interactive feeding times, adding to the realistic charm. And the excitement builds with the unboxing of five surprises, including a unique kitten litter compound. The kittens even boast glow-in-the-dark eyes for a bit of night time wonder.

Smitten Kitten Up Clsoe

While you can’t pick the kitten, the surprise element only adds to the fun. Whether it’s Alli, Minxy, or the ultra-rare Rainbow Kitty, each one has its own personality waiting to be loved. We saw pure adoration from the kids, who were smitten with their Smitten Kittens. A purr-fect companion for your little one, we do think this plush toy is set to be a cuddly hit under the Christmas tree this year.

Elf for Christmas Elf Toy

Elf for Christmas Girl Toy on box

From Elf for Christmas for £15.99


Sprinkle a bit of Christmas enchantment into your home with this adorable Girl Christmas Elf toy. It’s a new festive friend from the North Pole, ready to become a cherished part of your family’s holiday traditions. We’ve had the joy of playing this little elf, with her long arms designed for elfish antics and hands that velcro together — ideal for hiding in the Christmas tree or hugging a sugar cane!

Elf Girl Toy up close

She’s not just for show though, her soft cuddles and mischievous smile have been a hit with everyone, sparking imagination and festive giggles. Although she arrives without the Christmas Elf Magical Reward Kit, she’s a standalone star, inspiring stories and festive play all December long.

Elf for CHridtmas Elf Girl Toy

It’s a resounding thumbs up for this heartwarming toy. Exceptional in quality, ready for countless cuddles, and perfect for bringing the magic of the season to life. Elf for Christmas have girl and boy Christmas Elf toy and we think they offer a beloved keepsake, making every Christmas to come a little more special.

Kaloo Lapinoo Rabbit

Kaloo Rabbit in presenting box

From Amazon for £18.65


The Kaloo Lapinoo Rabbit is a bundle of joy wrapped in the softest jersey-knit fabric. We’ve seen the magic it brings, with its delightfully long ears that are just waiting for a little one to tug them around. It’s the kind of rabbit that’s ready for any adventure, whether that’s standing on its head, teetering on the see-saw, or even hanging from the clothesline.

Kaloo Rabbit out of box

The Lapinoo Rabbit is more than ready to become your child’s first confidant, its ears perfect for snuggles and sharing those precious moments. It’s not only adorable but practical too — machine washable and presented in a beautiful box that you can personalise with a heartfelt message.

Up Close Kaloo Rabbit

Our experience has just been filled with pure affection. The children were enamoured, dragging this little charmer by its ears, which, by the way, are perfect for little hands to grip. Whether it’s a first Christmas gift or a ‘just because’ cuddle buddy, the Kaloo Lapinoo Rabbit is a soft, soothing friend that’s sure to be a hit with the tots.

Farting Freddie

Farty Freddie in box

From Amazon for £19.99


If you’re on the hunt for a gift that promises side-splitting laughter for the whole family, let us introduce you to the Farting Freddie Game. It’s pass the parcel with a gassy twist, guaranteed to have everyone from tots to teens (and let’s be honest, adults too) in fits of giggles.

Farting Freddie

We’ve witnessed the amusement first-hand; Freddie’s unpredictable toots and burps are the perfect recipe for festive fun. The game is simplicity itself, ensuring everyone can join in. When Freddie’s tummy is pressed, the music kicks off the passing. A little fart means keep it moving. A burp means it’s time to reverse. A giggle means to skip a player. But when Freddie shakes with a mighty fart, well, that’s when the fun really ramps up as that player is out.

Farty Freddie in box

Post-game, Freddie transforms from the life of the party to a soft, huggable plush pal, ready for a cuddle. As for durability, it’s spot on – Freddie comes with replaceable batteries to ensure the laughter never ends. So, for a Christmas gift that’s sure to bring joy and a little cheeky humour to your holiday, Farting Freddie is a winner.

True North Care Bear Plush

True North Bear in box

From Amazon for £29.99


The True North Care Bear Plush is the newest cuddle companion that’s bound to be a hit this Christmas. With its soft pink fur and the quintessentially Canadian red maple leaf belly badge, this bear brings a touch of warmth to the festive season. Donning a charming red beanie and featuring a bright blue nose with red hearts on its feet, it’s a special edition that’s caught our hearts.

North True Bear up close

Released as a Canadian exclusive by Basic Fun in April 2023, it’s a rare find here in the UK, making it all the more special for those with a love for Care Bears or collectors in the family.

North True Bear Belly Badge

True North Bear Heart

Having had the chance to meet this plush pal, we can’t help but be smitten. It’s the perfect size for a cosy cuddle and lives up to the high standards of Care Bear quality we all know and trust. Super fluffy and irresistibly huggable, the True North Care Bear is a snuggly gift choice for bringing a smile to someone’s face this Yuletide.

Books, Beats & Bedrooms

Polar Bear BuddyPhones PlayEars+

Buddy Phones in box

From Buddy Phones for £54.90


Whisk your kids away to a world of auditory delight with the Polar Bear BuddyPhones PlayEars+. These headphones are an adventure for the ears and a feast for the imagination. We’ve tested them out, and let’s tell you, they’re a hit! The animal ear design is so adorable and also wonderfully whimsical, turning every listening session into a playful escape.

BuddyPhones Polar Bears out of box

BuddyPhones Headphones Polar Bears

Crafted with care, these headphones blend superb sound quality with the vital SafeAudio feature, giving you peace of mind with three volume-limiting settings. They’re flexible, durable, and come with a fun set of animal-themed stickers for that personal touch.

BuddyPhones Headphones Polar Bears out of box

Plus, with a 24-hour battery life, 20m wireless range, and moisture-absorbing ear cushions, they’re built for the non-stop life of a child. And the foldable design is a dream for storage. We tried them with all sorts of devices, and they performed flawlessly every time. Comfortable, safe, and with sound that impresses, we’re sure the BuddyPhones PlayEars+ are an all-around winner for any child this Christmas.

Have you Seen the New Forest Unicorn?

Have you seen the new forest Unicorns Book

From Amazon for £9.99


Venture into the enchanting world of the New Forest with the captivating tale, “Have you Seen the New Forest Unicorn?” This beautifully illustrated book, published in July 2023, weaves a story that’s as magical as the mythical creature itself.

From the gorse-hidden troughs to the troll-guarded bridges, the narrative invites young readers on a quest with the free-spirited New Forest ponies. We’ve delved into its pages and emerged utterly spellbound, charmed by the adventure of Drummer, Merlin, Peewee, Riley, Willow, and Juliet as they search for the elusive unicorn.

New Forest Unicorn

We love the whimsical illustrations, they really bring the story to life, igniting imaginations and encouraging little ones to dream big and believe in the magic around them. Sharing this story with the children was a heartwarming experience. This book is a page turning gateway for kids to a world where unicorns might just exist amongst the stars.

We believe this is a perfect Christmas gift for budding bookworms, sure to fan the flames of curiosity and wonder. Imagine gifting a journey through the New Forest in the pages of this charming story. It’s a gem that inspires not just the joy of reading, but also the thrill of outdoor adventures and the excitement of stargazing, all in pursuit of a glimpse of that enchanting unicorn beneath the celestial canopy.

YouTube World Records 2024 Book


From WHSmith for £15.63


The “YouTube World Records 2024 Book” is your ticket to a world of awe-inspiring achievements and record-breaking wonders. This record book is a vibrant insight to the most jaw-dropping moments caught on video. We’ve had our hands on it, flipped through the pages, and let’s tell you, it’s a whirlwind of excitement that’s tough to put down.

Imagine sitting with the family, flitting from one incredible video to another, marvelling at the feats of human strength, skill, and sheer zaniness. With over 250 video links, it’s interactive reading at its best. From the high-flyers to the fast-paced, every record is a conversation starter.

Inside youtube book

Seeing the kids’ eyes widen at the world’s fastest drummer or the loftiest basketball slam-dunk has been a highlight. It’s not just about the records; it’s about inspiring the kids to think big, dream wide and maybe even aim for their own record one day. Whilst this book is a great gift idea for Christmas; it’s also for every day that calls for a bit of inspiration and a lot of ‘did you see that?!’ moments.

Warmies Microwaveable Plush

Otter and Axilolty Warmies

From Find Me a Gift for £19.99


As the nights draw in and the air gets crisp, the Warmies Microwaveable Plush range stands out as a must-have for cosy evenings. We’ve given these cuddly creatures a test, and they’re a hit – imagine a plush toy that not only offers a hug but also radiates warmth after just 90 seconds in the microwave.

The range is delightful, featuring an array of characters from an adorable axolotl to the playful otter, and even a daring dinosaur, each one as soft and snuggly as the next. Infused with the scent of French lavender, known for its relaxing properties, these Warmies offer more than comfort; they provide a serene escape, perfect for those bedtime wind-downs.

Axilotaly up close warmies 1

They’re not just for the cold months, either. Pop them in the freezer, and they become cool companions, ideal for soothing aches or just offering a refreshing cuddle during warmer weather.

playful otter warmies

Cleaning is a doddle, ensuring these plush pals are always ready for a snuggle. Our kids have been enchanted, and we’re confident yours will be too. Whether for a tiny tot or a growing teen, there’s a Warmies character to make everyone’s Christmas morning a little warmer.

Rachel Ellen Umbrella

Rachel Ellend Umbrella Kids Open

From Amazon for £14.99


Brighten up those dreary, drizzly days with a Rachel Ellen Kids Umbrella. These umbrellas are a burst of colour on a grey day, and our little testers couldn’t wait for the rain just to pop them open! Suitable for ages five and up, these umbrellas come with a sturdy, black-coated metal frame and a generous dome shape, ensuring the little ones are well-covered from the rain.

The see-through POE material is tough enough to handle gusty days, and the vibrant designs – from the cheerfully optimistic “You Are Pure Magic” to the playful “Fairy Ballerina” and dashing “Dinosaurs” – are a hit with the kids. They’ve thoroughly enjoyed the full visibility this dome design offers, keeping them snug and dry while navigating puddles.

Rachel Ellen Umbrella open

What we’ve found most charming is the chunky, brightly coloured handle that’s just right for little hands. Not only do these umbrellas spark joy with their lovely patterns, but they also stand up to the task of keeping our kids dry and smiling, even on the windiest of walks. A Rachel Ellen Kids Umbrella would make a delightful and practical gift under the Christmas tree, sure to be grabbed with excitement at the first hint of rain.

Large LEGO Storage Head

LEGO Storage Head in box

From LEGO for £19.99


Tidy up time just got a whole lot more fun with the Large LEGO Storage Head! It’s a brilliant, playful solution that we’ve been lucky enough to try out, and it’s transformed how our kids view clean-up after their building sessions. With a variety of quirky character options from the cheeky winker to the spooky green skeleton, there’s a LEGO head for every little builder’s personality.

This upscaled LEGO minifigure head isn’t just about looks; it’s practical, too. The durable plastic design and lift-off lid make storing LEGO bricks, stationery, or any other treasures so easy. And talk about roomy! With over 10 inches in height, it’s a spacious haven for all those stray bricks.

Silly Large Lego Head Storage out of box

What’s really neat is how they stack. If you’re a multi-head household, they neatly fit one on top of the other, making a striking and space-saving feature in any playroom or bedroom. The kids can’t get enough of them – suddenly, clearing up is part of the play. It’s a gift that’s sure to be a hit with kids and a relief for parents, keeping spaces neat and adding a dash of LEGO charm to the home.

Christmas Sweet Hampers

Sweet Hamper

From Sweet Hamper Company from £22.50


Festive cheer arrives in the sweetest form with the Christmas Sweet Hamper from The Sweet Hamper Company. We’ve had the pleasure of sampling this confectionery delight, and it’s a treasure trove of yuletide joy. Imagine the classic tastes of childhood mixed with the festive flavours of Christmas, all in one beautifully packaged box.

Inside Sweet Hamper

From the moment we unfolded the Christmas tissue paper to discover the goodies inside, it was clear this was something special. Candy Canes, Christmas Trees and Christmas Elves nestled alongside retro favourites like Double Dips and Drumsticks– it’s a selection that’s sure to ignite festive spirits and nostalgic memories alike.

Sweet Hampers Inside Christmas Hamper

Adding a personal touch is effortless with the included gift card, which you can customise with your own merry message. It’s not only the sweets that impressed us; the presentation is impeccable, with every nook and cranny of the hamper bursting with treats, ensuring every penny is well spent.

Sweet Hamper Christmas Sweets out of packet

We were super impressed with the quality of sweeties includes in this hamper and think it has the makings of a perfect gift for those near or far, sure to bring a smile and a sugary rush to anyone’s Christmas morning. Whether for family, friends, or as a treat to oneself, it’s a delightful nod to festive indulgence and a thumbs-up from our resident sweet connoisseurs.

Survive Book

Five Survive Book

From Amazon for £5


“Five Survive” by Holly Jackson has landed with a bang, and we’ve turned every suspense-filled page. If you’re on the lookout for a Christmas gift that will keep your teens glued to their seats, this is it.

Published just this summer and already a chart-topper, this thriller is a wild ride from start to finish. Following eighteen-year-old Red and her friends on a road trip turned deadly, it’s a tale of secrets and survival that had us on the edge of our seats. The group’s battle against an unseen sniper had us racing through chapters, desperate to unravel the mystery.

Five Survive Inside Book

We recommend it as a heart-thumping read for any teen who loves getting lost in a good book, especially for those with a taste for crime and mystery. It’s also a great pick for young readers looking to dive into the genre for the first time. “Five Survive” is gift to escape into a world of intrigue this Christmas.

And that’s a wrap on our Top 2023 Christmas Gifts for Kids & Teens! We hope this guide has lightened your festive planning load and sprinkled a little extra joy into your gift-giving. Each suggestion has been kid-tested and parent-approved, ensuring that our selection is filled with tried-and-true winners for your family. Our festive elves have had a ball testing and choosing, all to help make your Christmas morning as merry and bright as possible.


For more holiday cheer, don’t forget to visit our Family Life at Christmas section, where you’ll find a sleigh-load of family-friendly local events, tips on selecting the perfect real Christmas tree, additional gifting ideas, and heartwarming Christmas traditions to enrich your family’s celebrations. Here’s to a holiday filled with happiness, laughter, and the perfect gifts under the tree!


All Prices Correct at Time of Publishing 3rd November 2023

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