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Vulgar Trend Involves Teenagers Boiling Used Tampons to Get High

Yup, you read right!!.... A dangerous and disgusting trend amongst teenagers is seeing teenagers oiling used tampons and menstrual pads to use the chemicals in them as a means to get high.

Are you sitting down to read this one as it’s a bit hard to take in and if I’m honest a bit of a stomach wrench! Alarming news tells of how Police have arrested teenagers who reportedly boil used tampons and menstrual pads then drinking the fouled potion in a bid to get high in Indonesia.

According to Vice, Adj. Sr. Comr. Suprinarto, the head of the Central Java branch of the National Drug Agency (BNN), some teens mostly between the ages of 13 and 16 years old have been boiling both new and used sanitary tampons and menstrual pads in an effort to distil and ingest the chemicals inside the products.

Apparently giving them hallucinations and feelings of “flying,” according to The Jakarta Post. The Daily Mail, citing an Indonesian news outlet, reported that a 14-year-old admitted to police that he and his friends drink the concoction “morning, afternoon, and evening.”

The Chemicals

Bit worryingly the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of sanitary items like tampons include things like dioxides, furans, unidentified fragrance chemicals, and pesticide residues and are pretty similar to toxic cleaning products.

Jordana Kier, the cofounder of reproductive health brand LOLA, told Teen Vogue that SAP (superabsorbent polymers), which is not used in LOLA’s organic cotton pads, “is made from chemically blending acrylic acid and sodium hydroxide to form sodium polyacrylate.” The effects of consuming it in high concentrations have never been tested, but when handling precautionary measures such as wearing protective respiration gear, gloves, and safety glasses are suggested so this gives you an indication that SAP is dangerous and should be prevented from entering the body

Not a New Trend

Shockingly this doesn’t seem to be a New trend as The Jakarta Post reported that this also happened in 2016, However it seems that the number of teenagers now doing this greatly increasing.


Thoughts Behind Why they are Doing this

It’s a struggle to comprehend why anyone would do this, however one thought is that Indonesia's drug laws are uber strict when using traditional illicit drugs and carry really harsh penalties, such as life in prison or even death.

Technically the materials they are using are not illegal, but they're not being used in a way that's intended, so it ends up being used like a drug.  

The Senior Commander Suprinatro told Jawa Post, as reported by Vice. “We need to take steps to educate people that there are materials that aren’t classified as drugs or psychotropics in the eyes of the law but can still be misused.”

Chemical Free

All this totally makes you think mind, if they are doing this to get high on the Chemicals are you happy about using these products monthly?

Well listen just in case this has freaked you about a bit, we best let you know there are chemical free options you might want to explore. Some of the better known Chemical Free Alternatives Include:

  • TOTM – Organic Cotton Tampons and Pads
  • Flo – Organic Tampons
  • Natracare – Organic Cotton Tampons and Pads
  • Veeda – Natural All Cotton Tampons
  • Naty Tampons
  • Oganyc Sanitary Towels

However, a bit of a warning, don’t get lured into the presumption that just because these tampons are chemical free it means you're no longer at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, because YOU ARE and you will still need to change them every 4-6 hours as the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome has more to do with your tampon's absorbency level and how long you wear a single tampon than if they are full of chemical or chemical free.

Of course, another option you might prefer is the OrganiCup, it’s an award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons. You can wear them night and day and is totally chemical free.

Organic Cup in article

Also I hope it goes without saying DO NOT try the whole boil, drink and get high thing at home, aside from being disgusting it is really is dangerous!!




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