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Will the Switch Witch be Visiting your Child Tonight?

Do you know who the Switch Witch is?  Will she be coming to visit your Child on Halloween Night in West Wales?

Who is the Switch Witch?

Just who is the Switch Witch? Well she is a good witch that visits people’s homes on Halloween night, usually while the kids are asleep, and she swaps some of the children’s Halloween sweets for a toy or non-food gift instead.

The Switch Witch loves everything sugary, she’s a real lover of all sweets, but she never just takes them, she only ever appears if she is invited in by the children who want to happily swap their sweets for toys.


Why Do Families Want the Switch Witch to Visit Them?

Think of the Switch Witch as the October Santa Clause, bringing your little one’s non-edible goodies during the holiday season. Not only is she a Good Witch but is she really a good idea as she can help families start a new and healthy Halloween tradition.

With the increase in child obesity, high levels of child tooth decay and real threat of child diabetes some parents dread the Halloween season as it can be hard to say no to your child even though we really want to, as the whole trick or treat season is so heavily focused around sweet giving.

Well one way to cut back on the amount of sweets your little one has is to bring the magic of switchcraft into your family home and let the Switch Witch turn some of your Halloween sweets into a surprise gift!

Some people think that the Switch Witch is just for the party popper parents, although if asked most parents will agree that the amount of sweets the kids consume over Halloween is a worrying amount and it can be hard work to get them to not want to chow through their whole sweet haul in one go!


Halloween Treat Bucket 800 X 480


Does the Switch Witch Take the Fun Out of Halloween?

Ok, so yeah maybe some people might this so. But Trick or Treating is such a fun activity, getting all dressed up and heading out on an adventure in the dark, knocking on many doors whilst being filled with excitement of if it will be answered! However sometime this is all overshadowed by kids bragging over who got the most sweets and fuelled with greed to want more and more sweets.

The Switch Witch is something that is never sprung upon the kids, its something that is discussed with them and the kids invite her into their homes to make the switch and she doesn’t even need to swap all the sweet stash if the kids don’t want to.

The Switch Witch is a fab way to tactfully teach the kids about all things in moderation, about making choices and trading something for something else and parents can feel like they are not being a killjoy and still let their little ones enjoy the trick or treat fun.

As parents we are always looking at ways to keep our kids healthy and the Switch Witch is a great way for us to have chats about picking healthier alternatives.

Too, if your child suffers from allergies or dietary wise, they can’t tolerate certain things like nuts or certain E numbers etc then the Switch Witch can totally help them out. They can really feel part of the Trick or Treat experience with their friends knowing they won’t be missing out!

In fact, for some kids it actually might make Halloween a bit more exciting as they wait in anticipation of what gift she will bring them in exchange for their Sweeties!


How to Give Switch Witch a Go

If you fancy trying to invite the Switch Witch into your home this Halloween here is some Top Tips of what to do:

Switch Witch

  • First off sell the idea to your child on the idea. Make up a good story about who the Switch Witch is and where she comes from
  • Before heading out trick-or-treating, have your child decide if they are inviting the Switch Witch into your house that night and how much sweets they want to give to the Switch Witch.
  • Sit with your little one and write a lovely letter to the Switch Witch that can be left for her asking kindly for the toy or gift that they would love the Switch Witch to leave in exchange for their sweets.
  • After the trick-or-treating is done, help your child put their sweets ready for the Switch Witch.
  • Once your child is fast asleep, swap the sweets for the toy or gift and get rid of the sweets straight away so that your little one doesn’t find the stash and so you don’t munch them all lol!



Hope your Family has a Happy Halloween



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