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JK Rowling Releases New Free Online Kids Book “The Ickabog”

Harry Potter Author JK Rowling has released a New Children’s Book Called “The Ickabog” for Free Online to entertain kids during the Coronavirus Lockdown and children can even take part in a competition to have their own artwork included in the book.

Years ago, JK Rowling wrote a children’s book called “The Ickabog” and after reading it to her own children as she was writing it, she thought at the time that it was only ever going to be a story that was just for her own children, so when she finished it she, packed it away in her attic and instead went ahead to published a book for adults.

However, when we got put into this Nationwide Lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, she couldn’t help but notice how hard it was on children and decided to dig the book out of her attic and after reading it again she made a few tweaks before deciding to release this book online for free for all the kids to enjoy.

Heads Up……. The Ickabog children’s book is not like Harry Potter, in fact it does not include magic at all as it’s an entirely different type of story.

LATEST NEWS JK Rowling has Released a New Childrens Book Online for Free 2 Chapter Names

The Ickbog children’s book is going to be published for free online in instalments over the next seven weeks.

To start with two chapters have been published, Chapter One is “King Fred the Fearless” and Chapter two is “The Ickabog”

Going forward each week two or three new chapters will be published for everyone to read for free and the link to read is below.


The Ickabog Competition

If this new book release wasn’t exciting enough, JK Rowling is asking all the kids to illustrate it for her.

So everyday she will be making suggestions for what you might like to draw, and you can enter the official competition which is being run by her publishers.

This is a fab chance for your child’s imagination to run wild and the winner’s artwork will be included in a printed version of this book which is due to be published later this year.

JK Rowling herself will not be judging the competition the publishers will be, however if parents or guardian’s can share your little ones artwork on Twitter using the hashtag #TheIckabog then JK Rowling will get to see the artwork and maybe even share or comment on it.


How Kids Can Enter The Ickabog Competition

LATEST NEWS The Ickabog Competition

This competition is for children aged between seven and twelve years old and entries must be submitted via the official competition page of the publisher’s website

Residents of the UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and India can enter via the UK publisher’s competition.

Residents of the US and Canada can enter via the US publisher’s competition.

There are some pretty specific guidelines you need to follow to enter your artwork and you can find all of them and enter via the links below


The Closing Date and Prize

Entries open from 29th May 2020 the competition will close at 6pm BST on Friday 17th July 2020.

34 winning illustrations will be selected to bring the serialised story to the printed page when it is published in full, which is intended for November 2020

The winner’s illustrations will be featured in The Ickabog book when it is published, and they will also receive a copy of the published Book signed by JK Rowling herself

Also, the winners will get £500 (or the equivalent in your local currency) worth of Hachette children’s books to a school or public library of their choice


Children can Enter the UK Competition Here

Children can Enter the US Competition Here


Where to Read the New Ickabog Children’s Book

This Book is being published online for Free on the new The Ickabog Website in various instalments for the next seven weeks.

The book is going to be physically published in November 2020 and all of JK Rowling’s are being donated to go towards helping people who have been affected by the Coronavirus, with more info about this being given nearer the time.



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