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6 Places You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Sleep

Are you Aware of some of the Dangers behind where you let your Baby fall Asleep? As a bit of help we have put together a list of 6 Places You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Sleep

Exhausted new parents often are just so happy when their baby falls asleep that they don’t always question if it’s a safe place for them to let their baby sleep and not every place is. 

Some new parent do get anxious when their little ones nods off in their high chair or pram if it is safe to just leave them there, plus too you feel so blessed to have a few minutes rest for yourself you are tempted not to move them just to give yourself a breather! 

However in the long run there are some places that are more risker than others if you do leave your child to sleep there and to help you we have put together a handy list of popular places that you shouldn’t leave let your baby sleep in.


Baby Car Seat  

Baby Car Seats are design to keep your little one locked into a safe position in case you have an accident while driving, so of course you naturally think this is a safe place for them to be and it is a billion times safer than travelling without protection.  

Thing that is worth thinking about is the seat does have them in a position that hinders their airways from being in a relaxed and natural position, so they are not breathing as fully as if they were not in it.

In an ideal situation you would like your baby to be awake and in an active state when you are driving, but if your little one is anything like ours, they nod off the second you start driving so it's not always possible. So just be sure to limit the amount of time you have them in the seat and always take them out for a good stretch as soon as you stop travelling. 

Also, a big no no is feeding your baby in the car seat as due to the position they are being held in, it can actually be super dangerous for them possibly choking.


Pram / Buggy  

You might be thinking were nuts to say this as it seems so natural to allow your little one to sleep in their pram. 

However, if it is one that hold them in an upright position similar to the car seat then for the exact same reason it's not wise to let them sleep in it for a longperiod of time

Also as we all know it is so much easier to rock your little off to sleep in their pram or if your back in from a walk to just leave them finish their nap and if they have a pram that reclines back into a flat position then this is not as risky at all, it's mainly the ones that are sitting in an upright position that you need to worry about. 

One thing to remember and that we did fall into the trap of is if you use their pram to get them off to sleep too much then babies can quickly get used to it as a habit and you will struggle to get them out of the habit and get them to fall asleep in their cot bed, so we tend to try use it only as a last resort to help the back from all the standing and as soon as they have fallen asleep move them over to their cot. 


Baby Carrier  

Now don’t get us wrong wearing your baby in a carrier offers loads of benefits to your baby as well as offering a priceless bonding experience to the grown up wearing the carrier. 

Although you really shouldn’t allow your little one to sleep in it regularly, it's not because of the position of the little one's airways its more about that there have been cases of babies suffering from asphyxia. 

So, it's just one of those things that parents need to be aware of the associated risks with and make your own judgement on if you want to take that chance. 



As parents we buy Highchairs for the sole purpose of feeding our little one in and reality is from time to time either during or after eating your little one will fall asleep – Its hard work eating lol!

Thing is the position that your little one is held in is upright and really not a comfortable position for them to sit in for a long time let along fall asleep in. 

There is also a risk of choking that you might not think of, for example if your little one falls asleep straight after eating its worth checking they still don’t have a mouthful of food that they have not swallowed that they could choke on. 

Safest thing to do if your little one falls asleep in their highchair is check their mouth is free from and then just place them in their cot to finish sleeping safely.   


In Bed with You 

We know loads of parents not only share their bed with their baby, but also promote it to other parents as the best thing to do. 

Thing is as many health professionals will tell you there are so many risks associated to this that you really should not do it.

Risks include such things as your bed sheets getting tangled around your baby and causing suffocation. Your mattress and sheets causing your baby to overheat, or you rolling over while sleeping and end up lying on top of your baby without even knowing and again cause suffocation

There are also other risks associated to bed sharing with your baby if you smoke, have taken drugs or drank alcohol as it is known to increase the risks of SIDS and you can read more information about this on the NHS page all about Sharing a bed with your baby ups risks of cot death


On Sofa   

This should be the most logical place of them all to avoid, but still many parents do leave their little one to sleep on the sofa, but the risks are high for your baby rolling off the sofa and causing themselves some serious injuries bless them. 

Quite honestly no baby should be left unattended on the sofa asleep or not for the exact same reason

Quite simply the safest place to let your baby sleep will always be within their moses basket, cot or cot bed. 

If you want to make your life a bit easier in the early days, then bring your babies moses basket downstairs every morning to save yourself going up and down the stairs or back and for to the bedroom as in the early days new-borns sleep loads. 



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