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Back To School Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year again that us parents start getting organised for our kids going Back to School for the start of a New Term. From School uniform to school bags and more we have been trying out some of the latest offerings that are on the market for families to help and you can check out our favourite finds in this year’s Back to School Shopping Guide.  

Getting everything your little one needs ready for their first day back at school can become a stressful thing for many parents. Plus, too from a time point of view you don’t want to spend loads of your valuable time with your kids during the Summer Holidays hunting down good deals or the perfect stationery.

That’s where our Back to School Shopping Guide comes in super handy for the busy families as we have taken the time to hunt out the best buys and test out the latest products on the market, putting them all together in our handy list of some of our tried and tested favourites that are on the must haves list for this year’s New School Year ahead.


School Uniform

David Luke Eco Uniform

David Luke 2

From £7.50 From David Luke

BUY NOWDavid Luke is a UK family run business that is trying to lead the school uniform market into a more ethical future, by making uniform from recycled plastic bottles and responsibly sourced materials. They product a wide range of junior and senior school uniform styles and sizes and we have been trying out some of their products such as


Permanent Pleated School Skirt

Part of their Eco-Uniform range made using eco-fabric from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this pretty school skirt comes in black, grey or navy colour. It washes and irons really well and has an elasticated dropped waist with adjustable loops which we find so useful and tend to always make sure we have on all the kids’ uniforms.


Unisex School Cardigan

Part of David Luke’s eco-uniform range. Designed in a sweatshirt style it is made of super soft eco-fabric and it has a really lovely fluffy inside which will keep the kids nice and cosy during the day at school. It comes in six different colours which are red, bottle green, dark royal blue, navy, grey, and maroon and features a colour-fast technology to stop the colour fading over the school year. Aside from fitting and washing so well we just love that it has been made from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill.


Girls Long Sleeve Blouse with Revere Collar

Luke David Shirt

Sold as a two pack and available in white and blue colours these girls’ blouses are also part of the eco-uniform range. Fascinatingly the durable soft fabric used to make these blouses contain three and a half recycled plastic bottles. We found these have washed and ironed well compared to others we have for the older kids.  


Unisex School Polo

This Polo shirt is part of their eco-uniform range made using eco-fabric from 100% recycled plastic bottles, making it a hard-wearing good quality sustainable fabric and they are available in different colours of black, white, red, light blue, green and yellow.

From the second we unpacked this polo shirt you could feel the difference in quality in comparison to many supermarket buys. It feels a lot softer and in the kids, words it doesn’t scratch like their other polo shirts usually do, so that sold it to us.


TU Two Pack Cargo School Shorts

TU School Shorts

From £7.00 From TU Clothing

BUY NOWAs we all know the weather in September is still hot and that’s why we always make sure we have some tidy school shorts for the little ones at the ready. We find that Sainsburys Tu clothing wears well, coming in either grey or black they have an adjustable waist which means you can make them bigger over the year, but too you don’t need to worry too much about the fit on buying as you can adjust them for the best fit. We also find them to be good value to money as they stay in good condition throughout the year.


Permanent Pleats School Pinafore

M and S Pinafore

£10.00 From Marks and Spencers

BUY NOWWe love Marks and Spencers classic and neat look school pinafores for the younger girls. The bib design has easy button up detail and it is stain and crease resistant so when time is tight guilty as charged we have sent them in without even ironing this, but you would never know as the permanent please stays in place so well after being washed. It is also made with recycled polyester and sustainable viscose, which we just love.


School Shoes

Bobux Journey Shoe

Bobux Journey Shoes

£59.00 from Bobux

BUY NOWBobux new Back to School collection for 2021 has not disappointed. Designed in New Zealand and approved by podiatrists, Bobux is loved worldwide by parents as they offer your child good quality, comfy and healthy shoes.

We tried out the new girl’s journey shoe from this year’s collection which is a glossy patent leather that has a protective coating on the scuff-prone toe and heel areas and a removable leather and memory foam innersole for comfort during the long days being active at school. The sole is durable but flexible and the design is simple and elegant which our girls loved.

This is just one of the designs in this years Back to School collection from Bobux and they do both boys and girls shoes all offering the same foot health-centric design.


Rockstorm Rob Shoes

Rockstorm Wynsor Shoes

£20 From Wynsors Shoes

BUY NOWThese black lace up shoes are generously sized, the soles are thick and your little ones heel is protected with a padded collar to the shoe. The kids found these really comfortable even when playing football!


Miss Riot Dolly Shoes


£18 from Wynsors Shoes

BUY NOWOur Girls loved the simplicity of these patent school shoes, especially as it has a chunky block heel making them feel like they have high heels to strut around in, they are also really comfy to wear again we found these generous in their sizes, so we found them a great buy to last the school year out.


School Bags

Frugi Trail Blazing Backpack

Frugi Rucksack

£50.00 From Frugi

BUY NOWThis New rucksack from Frugi is so pretty and impressively practical too. It has loads of space inside to hold all your little one’s school items, as well as a padded protective pocket that holds a thirteen inch laptop making this a fab option for older children as well.

Frugi Zip

It has two pouches on the side to hold water bottle and they have drawstrings which is brilliant as it stops any size bottles falling out. It has two zipped pockets on the outside and bonus for when the weather gets wild it has a rain cover you can unzip from the bag so to keep everything inside even dryer on the walk home from school.

Frugi Raincover 3

All the kids loved this design with its pretty pink horses and flowers really something different to what their other friends have and something we really love about this rucksack is the fact it is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s really well made and whilst a bit more money than other options it has the durability to make it great value for money.


Hype Leopard Backpack

Hype Rucksack

£24.99 Online Only from Marks and Spencers

BUY NOWThis Hype kids’ rucksack is Super Bright which definitely makes it stand out from the crowd. It is lovely and spacious so will be perfect for older primary and secondary school kids. It is made with wipe clean material making it super practical and the adjustable straps are really padded making it a really comfort able bag for kids to carry all their school essentials around in. Oh and best bit that the kids loved was the fuzzy pom pom keyring that it comes with for an extra bit of snazziness.


Under Amour Halftime Backpack

Under Armour Rucksack

£27.00 From Under Armour

BUY NOWThis black rucksack is ideal for older kids or college kids as it has a section inside it to keep laptops safe, but too is has loads of space so aside from school uses it will double nicely as an overnight bag as has plenty of room to hold clothes and other items. It has adjustable, padded straps and has a highly water-repellent finish.



Tinc Hugga Pencil Case

Tinc Pencil Case

£15.00 from WHSmiths

BUY NOWThis bright green Hugga Silicone pencil case is one of Tinc's cheerful mascots and you can get it in green or black. With a good quality zip to the bag we loved it as it has plenty of space for holding everything your little one will need for a day at school.

Tinc Pencil Case 2

its water resistant making it super easy to clean but ultimately the best thing about it is that it will 100% put a smile on your child’s face every time they reach for it as it’s just so darn cute.


Harry Potter Hedwig Fluffy Pencil Case

Hedwig Pencil Case

£6.00 From Hamleys

BUY NOWThis is such a cute fluffy good sized pencil case, with white fluffy fake fur it has hedwig’s face embroidered into the front of it. With a sturdy zip and ample storage space this pencil case will be loved by any Harry Potter Fan if they had it to return to school with.


Frugi Polar Bear Pencil Case

Frugi Pencil Case

£8.00 from Frugi

BUY NOWThis new pencil case from Frugi is inspired by Sweden's magical night's sky, it has a fab space for storing heaps of colouring pencils, pencils, pens, crayons and highlighters making it ideal for school. Added love of ours is that fact that this pencil case is made from recycled plastic bottles making it a sensible pick as well as a cute and practical one.


Panda Ice Cream Pencil Case

Panda Pencil Case

£2.99 From The Range

BUY NOWThis is such a cute and practical Panda Ice Cream Pencil Case for the little ones to store all their stationery essentials in for school. Even though this novelty design is a cone shape we found it can still hold a fair bit, it is 25cm high and if you place your erasers and sharpeners at the top then there is plenty of room for everything.


Clintons Let’s Go Wild Pen

Clintons Pen

£3.00 from Clintons

BUY NOWThis is a multi colour pen with its funky pink and turquoise wild animal print design will for sure add some style to any written project. The pen has six different coloured inks for you to pick from including black, blue, purple, red, green and orange. It’s the perfect size for little hands and comes in a cool camo design as well.


Staedtler 10 HB Noris School Pencils, Mini Eraser and Sharpener

Staedtler rubber set£4.20 from Amazon

BUY NOWStaedtler has an unmistakable yellow and black striped design and these Noris pencils with this recognisable designs give students confidence that they can expect a high-quality HB lead to get the job done at the same time as giving parents an affordable options for their kids stationery needs.

This classroom favourite offers premium choice for quality, with a hexagonal grip making it easy to hold and control.  The polished barrel on these HB pencils offer a moisture protection for a longer life using wood only from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests. This set comes with 10 HB pencils, a sharpener and the kids can expect minimal crumbling with this excellent quality eraser.


Staedtler Noris School Pencil in Assorted Degrees

Staedtler pencils 2£3.63 from Amazon

BUY NOWWith the Staedtler unmistakable yellow and black striped design, these Noris pencils can easily be identified in a hurry. Children can enjoy a high-quality HB lead in all these pencils. This assorted packet includes a 2B, B, HB, H and 2H pencil. The assorted pack of Staedtler pencils are the kids favourites to use in their art projects allowing great sketching and smudging to create their masterpieces.


Harry Potter Eraser

Harry Potter Eraser

£1.99 From The Range

BUY NOWIdeal stationery gift for any Harry Potter Fan are these cute full body 3D character erasers and there is a variety of character to pick from and collect.


Staedtler Noris Student Set

Staedtler Student Set

£2.49 from Amazon

BUY NOWIf you are looking for a good quality affordable all round set for the kids then you cant go wrong with this Noris student set from Staedtler. It is the prefect stationery choice for going back to school or even just for around the home.

It comes with two signature black and yellow design HB pencils with their hexagonal grip for easy to hold and control and polished barrel to protect the wood from moisture for a longer life. It also has a sharpener, 15cm clear ruler, good quality mini eraser and a blue ballpoint pen. For a few pounds this is a great value stationery set for any child.


Tinc Pastelicious Gel Pens 

Tinc Pastel Pens

£7.50 From WHSmith

BUY NOWIf you want to treat the kids to pretty pens to write with at school then you cant go wrong with these pastel coloured gel pens from Tinc. They come in a packet of eight within a solid plastic case to keep them safe and they are also scented, however we have to say some are stronger smelling than others and do expect them to fade a bit over time, but writing wise they are the business and the kids loved their bright coloured writing.


Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 10 Pack of Pens

Staedtler Fineliners

£8.74 from Amazon

BUY NOWThe Staedtler fineliners are the perfect companion for everyone who likes doing delicate writing or drawing in bright colours. They have a line width of around 0.3 mm making them Staedtler’s thinnest triplus writing implements.

What we found with these pens is that they didn’t dry up when the kids left the lids off them and they do wash off clothes so when accidents did happen we didn’t have to get all stressed. The colours you get in this pack include black, brown, two different greens, two different blues, pink, red, orange and yellow, so a great variety for when the kids are completing their school work.


STABILO Fineliners

Stabilo Fnieliners

£14.99 From WHSmith

BUY NOWThe Stabilo Point 88 is a universal fineliner for use by school children and professionals. The kids fine them a useful pen for adding colour to their work in class, adding comments to their homework and they are great to use them with rulers and stencils.

This 15 pack we tried out comes in with a plastic wallet that holds 10 colours and 5 neon coloured fine liners all perfect for writing, drawing and sketching as the nib can make a 0.4 mm line.


Bambino Crayons

Bambino Crayons

£7.50 from Amazon

BUY NOWOur kids love all arts and crafts and we have gone through loads of crayons over the years, but very rarely do the kids make comment on them, but they did with these Bambino Crayons. They kept telling us how different they coloured pictures in, so of course we had to give them a try for ourselves.

Bambino Crayons are clay crayons which makes them easy to blend colours together and we found them a lot easier to get off the kitchen table when mistakes happen! They are really bright colours and perfect for little hands, we think they would make a fab addition to your child’s stationery essential list and they even come with metallic colours in them too.


10 Mini Positive Worded Stib Colouring Pencil Art Park

Stib Pencils 2

£7.95 from Stib Pencils

BUY NOWWe Love these colouring pencils so much. Trust us when we say you’re not just buying your little one a packet of colouring in pencils for school when you get them these stib pencils. Just hand them over and watch your child’s face light up, its priceless. All the kids we had test out these pencils were all the same they loved them.

Inside this 10 Inspirational Mini set you get ten mini colouring in pencils which are triangular so makes it easy to hold and use. You also get a good quality wooden pencil sharpener with two size sharpening holes and a cute mini paper activity book, which the kids found fun.

But the best part of these pencils is that each colouring pencils has an inspiring word or words on them. These are what our pencils had on them – Storyteller, World Changer, Big Thinker, Peace Keeper, Earth Lover, Good Listener, Joy Finder, Freestyler, Self-Believer and Problem Solver. If you go back into the activity booklet you get there is then a little animal on each page that matches each of these words.

Stib Pencils

We just think these are great and think aside from School Stib Pencils will make a fab little present for any child, also bonus is that Stib Pencils actually donate 10% of their profits to education projects for vulnerable children which make us feel like your purchase of these for your child are even more worthwhile.



Staedtler Noris 12 Pack of Colouring Pencils

Staedtler Colouring Pencils

£2.25 from Amazon

BUY NOWKids can enjoy colouring in with this Noris coloured pencils with the traditional hexagonal Staedtler design.  They have an unbelievably break-resistant special lead in them meaning you don’t need to sharpen them as much, making them last longer. 


STABILO Aquacolor Water Colour pencils

Stabilo Colouring Pencils 2

£4.33 From Amazon

BUY NOWThese STABILO multi coloured pencils give colouring and art projects a cool twist as they are aquarellable coloured pencil, which means are water soluble so as well as using them as colouring in pencils you can dip them in water and they become a paint set that your child can enjoy.

The kids really enjoyed them and we thought they were a good quality and being a two in one art supply they are great value for money.



Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighter 4 Pack

Staedtler Highlighters

£2.50 from Amazon

BUY NOWKids can brighten up any page with a variety of highlighting options in four brilliant colours that do not smudge the ink. All highlighters are designed for paper, fax and copies and do not bleed through the paper, which is brilliant if you are working on both sides of the paper.

The kids found them really easy to hold and the tip has held out well even though sometimes they have pressed harder than they should, they are really quick drying and hold a lot of ink, so we think these are a great affordable buy that will last your child right through the new school year.


Tinc Happy Highlighters

Tinc Highlighters 2

£5.00 From Amazon

BUY NOWThese cute character design Highlighters from Tinc are fab for kids to take to school, they are good quality, bright easy for them to hold and they are scented too, which is so much fun to smell as you use them. They even come in a handy plastic case to keep them safe.


Tinc Multi Star Highlighter

Tinc Highlighers

£3.00 From WHSmith

BUY NOWAnother highlighter option from Tinc iS this cheaper star shaped highlighter with five bright coloured tips in purple, pink, yellow, green and orange your child can make any important info at school standout making it ideal for exam review or note taking.


STABILO Sweet Friends Highlighters

Stabilo Highlighters

£8.00 From Amazon

BUY NOWThe STABILO Sweet Friends highlighter edition is a set of five mini bright highlighters that will fit into a child’s pencil case no problems to give them a colourful school day marking and underlining with them.

In this set you get five colours, green, yellow, orange, blue and pink and each has a cute, sweet design on the outside such as cupcake, popcorn, lollypop, ice cream and ice lolly. The quality of these novelty highlighter is really good and we think they just add a bit of fun to the kids stationery.


Pilot Erasable Highlighters

Erasable Highlighters 2

£3.49 From The Range

BUY NOWWe just loved these quirky highlighters, they are so clever. All the kids are familiar with the erasable pilot writing pens but these are light pastel coloured highlighters that are erasable, which are not that common but making them a god send as we all make mistakes from time to time.

Erasable Highlighters


Helix Oxford Maths Set

Maths Set

£2.49 from WHSmith

BUY NOWAs the kids get older a Maths Set is going to be a must have for school and we found this one to be a good affordable option as it has everything all in one set with the added bonus of being housed in a metal tin to protect it as it gets thrown around inside their school bag.


Love Gifts Personalised Children’s Notebook

Love Gifts Notebooks

From £7.99 from Love Gifts

BUY NOWThese hard covered spiral bound notebooks are available in either A4 or A5 size with either plain paper inside or lined and they make a fab gift for kids as you can personalise them with their name.

We loved how nice and thick quality the pages are making them perfect for taking notes on both sides of them in class and added bonus the kids will be hard pushed to lose them, because if found everyone will know who to return then to.


CASIO FX-85GTX Scientific Calculator

Casio Calculator

£10.99 From WHSmith

BUY NOWA scientific calculator is a must if your child is going into secondary school and quite often the school advise parents which calculator to get them and this CASIO one is always advices by our local schools.

Casio are the UK's number 1 scientific calculator brand and this one is the upgraded version of the Casio FX-85GTPLUS. It has a clearer display, clearer menus a faster processor as well as 14 additional functions and is dual battery and solar powered.

Parents can buy this with confidence as this calculator is allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used and is recommended and approved for Key Stages 3 and 4 including GCSE, national and higher, junior and leaving.


Lunch Time

Hype Water Bottles

Hype Water Bottles

£14.99 From WHSmiths

BUY NOWWHSmith have currently got these 500ml water bottles on a special offer for 3 for 2 which is a bargain worth tapping into if you fancy treating your child to one of the latest Hype Water Bottles for less. They are made out of stainless steel which is a fab option for kids as they do tend to drop them from time to time and stainless steel is also great for keeping clean.


Clintons Let's Go Wild Water Bottle

Clnitons Water Bottle

£10.00 From Clintons

BUY NOWThis bright turquoise coloured thermally insulated double walled metal water bottle is a hit with the kids with its pink cats on it. Holding 500ml this BPA Free water bottle keeps liquids hot for 7 hours and cold for 12hours which is perfect for taking to school. Clintons have loads of different colours and designs of water bottle too and they also have an offer on some that is 3 for 2.


Love Gifts Personalised Water Bottles

Love Gifts Water Bottles

£12.99 From Love Gifts

BUY NOWThere is no need to constantly write your child’s name on the underside of these water bottles throughout the school year as you can get them personalised just for your family. Love Gifts have loads of different fun and pretty designs that you can pick from to have specially printed onto these 600ml aluminium water bottles. What we loved about these bottles is they come with the option of a screw cap or a non drip drinking cap.


Clintons Camo Snack Boxes

Clintons Snack Boxes

£7.00 From Clintons

BUY NOWThese stylish snack boxes come in three different sizes making them ideal for a range of snacks and perfect for kids to take to school for their lunch and playtimes. They come in different fun designs for kids and some of them also come under Clintons 3 for 2 special offer.


Sistema Bento Box

Sistema Lunch Boxes

£5.00 From Range

BUY NOWWe love these lunch boxes for the kids as you get three compartments on the top, one can hold the water bottle you get with it, but we tend to use that compartment for fruit. Then you have an additional large compartment inside which allows you plenty space to give the kids a little of loads of things, which is ideal for fussy eaters. These lunchboxes are pretty robust if drop and they wash well in a dishwasher, we have found that at just £5 they have worked out as good value for school lunches. They also come in different colours and the lid pop off so you can even make your own colour scheme up if you fancy.


Learning Resources

Orchard Games

Orchard Games 4

From £8.50 From Orchard Toys

BUY NOWOrchard Toys are a leading manufacture of educational games and puzzles in both UK and globally. All their games are well known for being brightly coloured, good quality and durable no matter how hashy your little one is with them. Orchard games have huge educational benefit to your child as they allow them to learn through play. We tried out some of their games such as


First Times Tables

Orchard Games 1

Aimed at children aged 5 to 8 year old this game introduces children to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables via a fun cooking game, the kids really enjoyed playing this and we can see how this would be ideal for kids starting school this term


Wiggly Words

Orchard Games 2

Aimed at children over 6 years old this Wiggly Words game is a fab little brainteaser game with double sided cards you must try and spell words with. This is a great game to help develop your little one’s literacy skills and well paired with work they would be undertaking at school


Match and Spell

Orchard Games 3

Aimed at children 4 years and over this game can be played with one or four players as it has two ways to play it. It helps children with letter recognition and is a great game for pre-schoolers and those just starting in school this term.


Pretend and Play School Set

School Classroom

£40.00 From Learning Resources

BUY NOWThis is a really good quality classroom imagination play set that is a great way to help young learners feel confident about starting big school as well as encourage letter and number recognition.

Role play has many benefits for kids such as allowing them to act out and make sense of real-life situations at the same time as developing their communication and language skills. This school set folds out to show a wipe clean white board, a double-sided map of UK and Europe, Calendar, School clock for basic time telling activities and a variety of teaching supplies, our kids loved the school bell.


Botley 2.0 Activity Set

Botley 2

£86.00 From Learning Resources

BUY NOWBotley 2.0 is a coding robot that is so easy to use that it will have children as young as five years old coding in minutes. This activity set includes one Botley robot, remote programmer, two face plates for the robot, 40 coding cards, six double-sided boards, 27 obstacle building pieces, and starter guide with coding challenges.

We were so impressed with Botley the coding robot and all the fun activities you can get up to with this set. The kids loved this, they picked up on how to code so easy and have enjoyed playing for hours with it and still has loads of playtime left in him as they haven’t touched on all the things he can do. We think this is a great resource to compliment school life and can highly recommend it as a gift for your child or grandchild.


MathLink Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set

Number Blocks

£25.00 From Learning Resources

BUY NOWMathLink Cubes are robust stackable cubes that kids can stack, connect and twist apart. They help develop early learning maths skills through play and are useful in complimenting classwork.

This set includes 100 numberblocks mathLink cubes in the Numberblocks characters One to Ten in all configurations as seen during episodes. 59 faceplates, 54 stickers, 11 numberlings, 11 character cards, 15 double-sided write and wipe activity cards, 1 stand for zero, and an activity guide.

There are lots of activities on write and wipe activity cards that all the kids enjoyed completing all of which were a brilliant way to help them with numbers recognition, learning to count, adding and subtracting, multiplication, and developing their problem-solving skills.


Junko Epic Cereal Box Creations

Junko 5

£14.99 From Planet Junko

BUY NOWWe were recently introduced to Junko and fell in love instantly with its endless creative possibilities and how much it got our kids imagination going. We just loved this eco-friendly creative kit. Inside this Epic Cereal Box Creations kit you get 30 reusable Magic Corners that you then use to turn all your family’s empty cereal boxes into some impressive projects, such as making a helmet.

Junko 2

The boys wanted to make a Mandalorian helmet, but you can build cars or even a space rocket, included in the kit is some idea and instructions to get started but honestly the best part of this is to just let your little and big kids minds runs wild!


Melissa and Doug Double Sided Easel

Melissa and Doug

£31.14 From Amazon

BUY NOWThis Sturdy wooden double sided tabletop easel will make a fab art station for your little one to practice their schoolwork on. One side is a magnetic write and wipe board, and the other side is a chalkboard. There is also a tear bar at the top that holds a big 12 inch paper rolls. This easel comes with 50-foot long paper roll, dry-erase marker, 5 pieces of coloured chalk, eraser, and 36 letter and number magnets


Paper Projects Gruffalo Reward Chart

Gruffalo Reward Chart

£3.50 From Amazon

BUY NOWThis Gruffalo Reward Chart is awesome for helping with home teaching as your kids can enjoy placing their next Gruffalo stickers when parents reward achievements such as reading and spelling, as well as other things such as eating all their veg or helping tidy up their toys.

Paper projects have loads of sparkly Gruffalo stickers that can also be used to jazz up your child’s lunch box, schoolbooks or even their water bottle, they will be a hit with any fan of Gruffalo.


Dobble Junior Card Game


£17.49 From Amazon

BUY NOWDobble is an awesome card game of speedy observation. In this Junior set you get two games in two metal tins, one is Dobble Food and the other is Dobble Fantasia. Each game has 55 cards in it and each of those cards has eight different symbols on it. When played between any two cards there is always exactly one matching symbol, it’s just up to you to spot the match the fastest.

There are different mini games to test your reflexes, but all are excellent at developing and testing your child’s observational skills, we found it hilarious fun and perfect for travelling or taking on sleepovers.


Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

Roald Dahl Dictionary 2

£8.79 From Amazon

BUY NOWA dictionary is such a vital learning resource for any child. However, this Roald Dahl Dictionary from Oxford is so unique we just had to share it with you. This is not an ordinary dictionary, because most dictionaries tell you what an 'alligator' is, or how to spell 'balloon' but they won't explain the difference between a 'ringbeller' and a 'trogglehumper’ or say why witches need 'gruntles' eggs' or suggest a word for the shape of a 'Knid'.

Roald Dahl Dictionary

Inside this dictionary all the words that Roald Dahl invented are there, as well as where words came from, rhyming words, synonyms, and lots of alternative words for words that are overused. We just loved this and think it’s just the perfect dictionary to support literacy and learning.


Leap Frog Leap Start

Vtech Leapfrog 1

£55.96 From Amazon

BUY NOWLeap Start from Leap frog is an interactive learning system for kids. Aimed at children aged 2 to 7 years old this is a fab system with a stylus that encourages children’s writing grip, and it has over 400 activities across a library of 25 plus books for kids to enjoy.

Vtech Leapfrog 2

For kids this bring learning to life as it’s so interactive with activities of problem solving as well as helping them learn to read and various maths activities. All the kids found it so easy to use and it was great to see them learning off screens.



Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Vtech Watch 1

£37.99 From Amazon

BUY NOWThis school term you can treat your little one to a Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, to help learn how to tell the time with all the different clock faces that your child can pick from, but too for older kids this touch screen smart watch comes with heaps of fun features including counting and colour games, alarm, timer, calendar, pedometer and loads of brain boosting games. It even has a front facing and side facing camera, so they can have fun capturing their day at school or when your next out on a family day out.

Vtech Watch 3

Designed for children aged 4 to 12 years old this smartwatch has a rechargeable battery and comes with a cable to download images and videos your child has made. It is available in blue and pink colours so your child can pick the one that matches their style the best.


Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids

Ace Fitbit

£59.99 From Amazon

BUY NOWDesigned for children aged over 6 years this Fitbit Ace Kids tracker has some cool features additional to having the date and time on it, such as animated clock face characters that change and grow as kids make progress toward their goal throughout the day. This kid friendly tracker will count steps, track movements and sleep, plus you can even set up fun family challenges to go head-to-head on.

This tracker can connect to a Family Account on your fitbit app on your mobile which has both a parent view and child view and is where you have the ability to set parental controls. It a great tool to encourage your little one to keep healthy as well as offering them a watch to keep track of time and lessons during their school day.


Health and Wellbeing

Nitty Gritty Headlice Comb

Nitty Gritty Comb

£9.65 From Amazon

BUY NOWAs every parent will know back to school means being head lice alert! Its not fun for the little ones, so over the years we have found that catching these little blighters as early as you can is the way to go, however we also have learnt that continual use of chemicals and special shampoos can really ruin your child’s hair in the long run, so this Nitty Gritty comb is an absolute blessing.

Completely chemical free this is the best head lice comb we have ever come across and best of all it works out a lot cheaper as you can use again on all family members! Top tip though use it on wet hair to make it pain free.




From £5.30 From iHerb

BUY NOWMaybe more so this year than others, boosting our family’s immune system as we enter the winter months is on our minds. Sambucol is passionate about supporting family’s health by providing a range of products that are uniquely formulated with black elderberry to support the immune system and help protect against office and classroom germs.

Sambucol is widely recognised internationally for its anti-viral and immune defence properties, by preserving and maximising the naturally occurring health benefit of the Black Elderberries which are clinically proven to help to reduce the spread of infectious viruses, protect healthy cells and boost immunity. We have been trying out some of their products such as


Sambucol Liquid for Kids

Sambucol Liquid

Sambucol Liquid for Kids is suitable for children aged 1 to 12 years which is a yummy child-friendly liquid that contains the natural goodness of Black Elderberries as well as Vitamin C to help support growing immune systems. It doesn’t have any artificial colours or flavours and the kids thought this tasted good.


Sambucol Gummies

Sambucol Gummies 2

Sambucol Gummies are suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years old which are delicious child friendly black elderberry flavoured gummies that just like the liquid contains Black Elderberries and Vitamin C and are Gluten Free and suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans.

Sambucol Gummies


Sambucol Capsules

Sambucol tablets

Sambucol capsules are suitable for older children 12 years and over, still offering the benefits of Black Elderberry and Vitamin C just at higher amounts and these tablets also have Zinc in them to help with the protection of cells making them a perfect support for your teenagers everyday immune health, especially back-to-school and Winter wellness.


Higher Nature Vitamins

Higher Nature Vitamins

From £4.95 From Higher Nature

BUY NOWAs we just mentioned it seems that family’s focus seems to be shifting more towards boosting our family’s immune system as the kids head back to school this year than in previous years and Higher Nature is a vitamin brand that has recently launched some new vegan-friendly products for helping boost immunity and aid energy and focus that children over 11 years and adults can benefit from as we enter the winter months. We have been trying out some of Higher Nature products such as


Energy and Focus Effervescent

Higher Nature Energy

Higher Nature Energy and Focus Effervescent are suitable for children over 13 years old and they deliver a natural caffeine-free way to boost energy levels fast, with a combination of energising B vitamins and L-theanine to help feel focussed.

You pop these tablets into water to dissolve and create a refreshing lemon and lime flavoured drink which is free from artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. From the experience of everyone that has tried this here so far, we can totally agree with the boost of energy and think these are fab for busy parents as well as teenagers on the lead up to exam season.


The Immune Effervescent

Higher Nature Immune

Higher Nature Immune Effervescent are suitable for children over 11 years old. With a mixture of Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3 and black elderberry they deliver you immune support in a delicious elderberry flavoured drink.

The kids enjoyed the taste of these, and they can easily be popped in the school bag to be added to bottles of water for a pick me up, so very handy for back to school time.


Kids Vital Vits

Higher Nature Vital Vits

Kids Vital Vits are chewable multivitamins for children over the age of 3 years old. They provide 19 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D, B vitamins, folic acid and iron to support your child's health and come in three tasty fruity flavours mango, lemon and lime and raspberry.

These Higher Nature Vital Vits are also great for fussy eaters or those kids that are not eating a sufficiently varied diet and who may not be getting all the nutrients that they need. All the kids liked the taste of these, and parents found them to be an affordable option to support a good daily diet.


Gruffalo Hand Gel

Gruffalo Hand Gel 2

£2.50 From Ocado

BUY NOWOver the last year many parents have been making a point of sending the kids into school with an antibacterial sanitiser gel to help keep them protected against a wide range of bacteria and reduce the spread of infection by the hands. We have come across this Gruffalo one and think it would be a fab one to pop into their school bags this term.

Gruffalo Hand Gel

It is an alcohol-based Moisturising Gruffalo Hand Gel for children. Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 mins, fragrance free and suitable for 3+ months, it doesn’t leave a nasty feeling on your hand and the kids just loved that its Gruffalo.


Smol Hand Sanitiser


£15.00 From Smol

BUY NOWWhat’s different about Smol Hand Sanitiser is that it is made of 70% plant-based alcohol but still kills 99.9% of germs using organic aloe vera that's also gentle for your skin. We love this as it doesn’t nip your skin, doesn’t leave a sticky feeling to your hands and the smell is good. When you order this it comes with a small refillable aluminium dispenser to put in your bag to replace single-use plastic ones that end up going to landfill.


Wet Ones

Wet Ones Trio

£5.99 From Wet Ones

BUY NOWWet Ones are the UK’s original wet wipe brand making antibacterial hand wipes with all their products killing 99.9% of bacteria. They are also all dermatologically tested and made to retain moisture for longer. However Wet Ones wet wipes are not only used to sanitise your hands, they also remove dirt from the surface of your skin too and are effective against coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2. We have been trying out some of Wet Ones products such as


Wet Ones Hand Sanitizer

Wet Ones Gel

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and is effective against coronaviruses. It comes in a 100ml tube making it perfect to pop into a school bag and its vitamin E, aloe vera and pro-vitamin 5 combination is designed to soothe skin and combat the drying effects of sanitizer.

Wet Ones Gel 2


Be Gentle Wet Wipes

Wet Ones Small

Wet Ones Be Gentle Wet Wipes are also antibacterial and developed with aloe for sensitive skin and again great idea for popping in your child’s school bags to take with them. Bonus is that they are kind to the planet as well as your skin as they are made from plant sourced fibres, they are biodegradable and contain zero plastic.

Wet Ones Large

Wet Ones Be Gentle Wet Wipes come in small and large packets, which is handy for sending to school as well as picnics or other family days out.


PoxClin CoolMousse

Poxclin 2

£8.99 From Lloyds Pharmacy

BUY NOWAs Kids head back to school no doubt common conditions such as colds, tummy bugs and chickenpox will start to pop up, so we thought we would share with you a fab treatment for Chickenpox which can be quite a distressing infection for little ones and linger for weeks.


PoxClin CoolMousse is a child-friendly mousse that can be easily and hygienically applied to skin affected by chickenpox. It can provide instant itch relief and prevents infection and reduces the risks of scarring. It is made from all natural ingredients so is free from steroids, colourants, and parabens. With one bottle able to provide around 200 applications, it works out to be good value for money.


Elastoplast Paw Patrol Plasters


From £1.90 From Tesco

BUY NOWPlasters are a must have to have in any family first aid box, handbag, picnic basket and we often pop one or two in our little one’s school bag just in case. Although we know all schools are well equipped with plasters, we also know that a little bump can feel like the end of the world for a little one and a simple fun plaster designs can often provide both physical care and a calming relief by distracting them.

Elastoplast have collaborated with Nick Jr.’s “PAW Patrol”, the UK’s biggest pre-school brand so when needed your kids can pick from 20 different designs of Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky and Everest to save the day and protect their wound.


Tangle Fidget

Tangle Fidget

£2.99 From B & M

BUY NOWGoes without saying that back to school means its new fidget toy time again and excitingly Tangle the original brand to kick start the playground craze are filling the shelves of UK stores in time for start of term with some New Metallic, Pets, Crush and Classic Tangles.

Tangles are awesome for stress release, supporting fine motor skills and bringing out creativity. They are quiet and calming so kids can play with them without being a burden on people around them, making them an excellent tool for any child struggling with anxiety of going into school.

New to UK is going to include six different coloured shiny bright metallic tangles to collect as well as the Tangle Pets collection which is going to feature six super cute animal themes which are a Kitty, Bunny, Puppy, Sloth, Unicorn, and Flamingo all with tactile textures, but be warned they are highly addictive!




All Prices Correct at Publishing 17th July 2021

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