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Best 2021 Stocking Fillers for Under £10

Are you on the hunt for some Awesome Christmas Stocking Filler presents for the kids? Find what’s new on the market, great deals and get some inspiration from our Best Stocking Fillers Shopping Guide which won’t break the bank as everything is Under £10

We know how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect little treat for the kids at Christmas and just how expensive it can all get, but there are some really fab gifts out there that the kids will love as will your wallet, so to help families at this busy time of the year we thought we would share our favourites.

We have some traditional, trendy and cute gift ideas for girls and boys to make Christmas morning full of fun and smiles all round.


Best 2021 Stocking Fillers for Under £10


Build Your Own Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle Box

From Build Your Own Kits for £9.99

BUY NOWIf your little one likes to build things, then this is the perfect gift for them. New for 2021 Build your Own Kits have brought out these four mini builds, which are Honeybee, Ladybird, Dragonfly and this Stag Beetle.

Build you Own Kits are a leading designer of sustainably made STEM toys, making these a fab eco friendly buy for your kids. When you open the box, you will find shapes that you just pop out of cardboard and paper that you slot together to build your insect with.

Each kit has between 15 and 27 pieces, are aimed at kids over 8 years old and its estimated that they will take around 20 minutes to build.

Stag Beetle pieces

From our experience we have to say the cardboard is good quality and makes for a sturdy creation. It can be a bit fiddly not going to lie, so grownups might need to lend a hand but the 20 minutes is totally based you and how quickly you manage to go, we for sure took longer than this, which is totally fine as we enjoyed it from start to finish.

We loved that there is no mess for us to clear up after as there is no use of glue needed and we were impressed with how big our stag beetle turned out to be once built. Another cool feature was how when you pull the tab back the beetles pincers move in like a snapping action.

Stag Beetle

We think this mini build offers a great fun,  educational and plastic free option for Christmas that is great value for money.



Explosive Volcano

 Explosive Science

From PoundToy for £2.00

BUY NOWThis is a fab little science experiment for all kids that are science lovers, in this affordable little kit kids can watch an exciting Volcanic eruption

inside Explosive Box

An educational pressie for Christmas has all the items you need to see some explosive science and we just love the price tag too.



Melissa and Doug Re-useable Stickerbook

Melissa and Doug Reuseable Sticker Book

From Amazon from £3.49 upwards

BUY NOWWe love Melissa and Doug toys as they are always good quality screen free fun for the kids. If you haven’t checked out their re-useable sticker book yet then we totally recommend that you do.

These sticker books come with sturdy scenes that you can stick the stickers onto, take of and use again. Its great for role play, creative play and getting your little one’s imagination going.

Melissa and Doug Sticker Background

The stickers are not actually sticky they are like a plastic sticker that sticks to the board with like friction, super clever and easy to clean!

Melissa and Doug Stickers

These sticker books come in different themes this is the adventure one that has like pirates and knights in it, but the options are endless like with animal habitats and vehicles. Price wise they start from a few pounds up to about £7 so all under £10 making them a good affordable option for hours of playtime.



PlayMonster Pop - A – Top


From Amazon for £7.99 or Argos have them on special offer 2 for £15

BUY NOWNew this year are these fun pop a top games from Playmonster. An exciting range of new and already popular games that uses a dice popper on the top of the tub, along with cards inside the tub to play the game.

There are five different games available at the minute which are Dino Scores, Pet Factor, Match a Martian, Bake a Cake and Best in Snow (Best in Snow is exclusive to Argos.)

These are such a fab size to take on sleepovers or travelling. You can easily pop off the top part to find inside different cards or items to play the game. Each game is different so kids can enjoy collecting them all.

Pop A Top Dino

For example, the dino one is like a matching game where you need to beat each other dinosaur score and the Baking one is where you have to be the first to build your cake. All the games involve you popping the dice in the tops to take your move which is clever.

Pop A Tops Baking

 Having played all these four we think they are fab, and the kids enjoyed them, we can see them being a big hit for taking to picnics or on holidays in the summer as so easy to carry.



Star Wars Pencil Toppers

Star Wars Pencil Toppers one

From PoundToy for £1.00 each

BUY NOWMystery eggs perfect little treat for any Star Wars fan. Inside each egg there is a plastic Star Wars helmet pencil topper, we were impressed with the size of them as they are near enough the same size as the egg.

Star Wars Pencil Toppers two

There are six to collect including Dareth Vader, CP30 and Boba Fett they are light enough not to affect your writing and suitable for kids over three.



Cry Babies Magic Tear Storyland Dress Me Up

Cry Babies Main

From Amazon for £10.00

BUY NOWYou always know with cry babies that you are getting a good quality doll that can take some punishment from the kids! And even though this is a mini version the doll is still robust.

The doll comes inside this capsule which doubles as the wardrobe, opening up the sections kids can find some little surprises, which include clothes to dress up your doll, in fact each doll comes with 8 surprises and accessories.

Inside Cry Babies

In this new storyland collection, there are 13 different dolls to collection which includes one rare one. We love how all the clothes and accessories can be used on other dolls and how the capsule is handy to hang up and store all the clothes inside. We found that the capsules became like the dolls home as the kids enjoyed some imaginative play.

Also of course the little cry babies doll cries real tears after you give them water from their bottle and squeeze their tummy which is a neat little feature. We think this is a fab idea for a stocking filler and all for no more than £10



Grow Your Own Sloth

Sloth Egg

From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWHow’s about allowing your child to grow their own Sloth pet, well with this egg they can. Kids can add this egg to water and watch it crack to reveal a sloth inside then if you pop the sloth into water once out the egg it will continue to grow bigger and bigger.

We have hatched many eggs like this, and the kids love them and at this price it is such a fab affordable stocking filler option for this Christmas.



Racing Christmas Dinner Wind-Up Toys


From Find Me a Gift for £8.99

BUY NOWOmg these are class, what a way to enjoy the festive season with your family by racing traditional parts of your Christmas dinner lol!

In this Racing Christmas Dinner pack you get a Brussel sprout, Christmas pudding and little turkey characters that are all wind up, so you can pick which one you want to race, wind them up and take bets on who is going to win.

Race Christmas Dinner Up Close

This is just some hilarious fun which we think will be a real hit on Christmas day, after your family dinner. They are well built and surprisingly a lot faster than we thought they were going to be. Good simple fun for all ages of the family .



Kinetic Sand Dino Kit

Dinosaur Sand

From PoundToy for £2.00

BUY NOWThis is a great priced little stocking filler where kids can get a little messy and create a prehistoric dinosaur with Kinetic Sand.

Inside this set you get everything you need to create your very own dinosaur including 2 bags of coloured sand that magically sticks together, making it easy to model and shape.

Dinosaur Sand Bags

There is also a stick and a mould tray for you to pour your sand into and make different coloured dinosaurs, heads up though this is not suitable for children under the age of 6.



Make Your Own Bouncy Ball

Bouncy Ball

From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWAnother affordable creative activity stocking filler idea is this Make your own bouncy ball kit. This is suitable for children over the age of 3, comes with easy-to-follow instructions, colourful packs of sand and a mould. There are 4 different moulds to collect and a variety of colours to choose from.

Bouncy Ball Bags inside

We found it easy and fun to be able to build our own bouncy ball, they are not huge bouncy balls but great size for little hands and again really affordable little treat for the kids to open on Christmas Day.



Kindi Kids Mini Scented Sisters

Kindi Kids Mini Main

From Amazon on Special Offer at £10.00

BUY NOWThese dolls are the little sisters range to the older scented Kindi Kids dolls and we came across a real find in a special offer at Amazon as these dolls are usually around the £15 price mark, but like most things on Amazon we have no clue how long they will stay reduced for.

Kindi Kids Mini Main

These are adorable mini dolls, there is three to collect and they each have their own scent. This one is Mini Mello and when you squeeze her, she blows you a scented kiss from her mouth that smells like marshmallows, the other two dolls have candy and strawberry scents and are just as cute.

Kindi Kids Eyes

But by far the most amazing feature that the kids loved were her eyes, glitter filled with stars they really stand out. Each doll comes with a removable nappy, dummy and bib and their arms and legs are super squishy perfect for cuddling. She also has curly hair that kids can enjoy styling.



Make your Own Robot Book

Build your own book

From  PoundToy for £4.00

BUY NOWFor all robot loving kids this is a fab idea for a pressie. It’s a hardback book, that tells the interactive story of how Rusty the robot searches for items to make a wonderful birthday gift for Bobby Bot.

pop out build your own robot

On the front and back inside covers there are over 20 robot pieces that you pop out so you can build your own robots. We think this is great value for money.



Reindeer and Gingerbread Pencil

Fiesta Crafts Pencils

From Fiesta Crafts for £3.99 each

BUY NOWThese pocket money range fun character pencils will make a brilliant Christmas stocking filler treat for kids. Made from wood and fabric, their wooden feet make a clacking noise when shaken and they can be used as mini puppet as well as for writing with.

Fiesta Crafts Christmas Pencil Topper

Fiesta craft have loads of different characters for you to pick from, but we just love these Christmas themed reindeer and gingerbread man, they are so well made and super cute. .



Reindeer and Gingerbread Finger Puppet

Fiesta Crafts Christmas Finger Puppets

From Fiesta Crafts for £5.99 each

BUY NOWKids can enjoy hours of imaginative play with these fabric and wood finger puppet. These festive reindeer and gingerbread man are really well made and perfect for little fingers. All the kids will love to create and recreate scenes from Christmas stories.

Fiesta Crafts do loads of cute different finger puppets and additional to the reindeer and gingerbread man they have more Christmas themed ones as well as including elves, snowman and santa, we think they are all awesome.



Four in a Row Game

4 IN A Row Game

From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWA classic family game just in mini version, this is a travel size version, making it not just ideal for travelling, but for little hands too. Taking it in turn to take your shot the main aim is to be the first player to get four of your counters in a row. For £1.50 this is well built and it folds down on its self to save it getting broken, with the counters storing well in the tray bit. We really can’t fault it for the price.



3 Inch Care Bear Poseable Plush


From In Store Only at Tesco for £3.99  

BUY NOWWe are huge huge huge Care Bear fans, in fact we still have some from when we were a child, that our kids don’t get their hands on lol.

So, when we saw these ickle plush care bears, we just had to include them on our ideas list. New out these fluffy care bears have moveable joints so you can put them into different pose’s They are perfect size for hand cuddles and sneaking into school in the pocket or pencil cases and just know the kids are going to love them. There are 5 to collect which are Cheer Bear, Harmony Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Laugh-A-Lot Bear. Currently they are only available in store at Tesco but there are loads of Care Bear gifting ideas online if you cant find the time to head into store.



Colour Your Own Mugs

Colouring in Mugs

From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWKids can get creative with these colour your own mugs from PoundToy, They come with two different colouring sheets inside and we loved how the kids would know which cup is theirs at the home party as they have the chance to customise it.

There are loads of different styles available all for around £1.50 each such as Flamingo, Dino, Unicorn, Farm, Princess, Christmas Mug, Jungle, Superhero, Space and Elf



Harry Potter Mystery Capsule

Harry Potter Magical Capsule With Wrapper

From Tesco for £10.00

BUY NOWCalling all Harry Potter Fans….. You can’t go wrong with this little surprise reveal capsule to put smiles on your kids’ faces this Christmas. As you open the different compartments of the Hogwart Crest box you can discover the magic by using color-coded, heat and water reveal clues to unlock the surprise.

Harry Potter Magic Capsule without wrapper

Inside each capsule you get 1 Hogwarts Character figurine, 1 Fantastic Beast pet, 1 wand and 3 surprise accessories.

Inside Harry Potter Magic Capsule

There are 15 different characters to collect, including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, and Snape. Nine of these are normal coloured characters then 5 rare bronze characters and one ultra-rare bronze one. And what’s the chances we get one of the rare ones, Excited Much!



MixUps Animal Card Game

Mixup Cards

From Amazon for £6.99

BUY NOWMixUp is funny animal card game that all the family can enjoy. Each card has animals mixed up on them, so half of one animal mixed with another animal, so the kids will have a giggle when they see some of these cards for sure.


Designed as a two to five player game, it’s a quick and easy snap based game where you flip over the cards and match the animal halves, so basically you are doubling your odds of calling snap. Winner is the player that collects the most cards. Its fun and affordable with games lasting around 10 minutes each depending on how many people are playing.





From The Entertainer for £5.25

BUY NOWThese new super soft Beamies are so adorable and the best thing for cuddling as they are so squeezable. They are 18cm high so a good size for kids and there are 10 different characters to collect. We got Splash the magical mermaid.

Suitable for kids from new-born upwards the best part about these New Beamies is they all have a really cool Glow in the Dark feature which really adds to the adventures.

Mermaid Beamie Glow

Beamies Glow Up

Just leave them in the light and then when you take them into the dark they each has certain areas on them that glow and they glow bright we were really impressed. For our Mermain Beamie it was its eyes and shells that glowed up.



Disney Classic Top Trumps Quiz

Trumps Game Disney

From Amazon for £9.00

BUY NOWIs your little one a Disney Fan? If yes then this Top Trumps quiz would be a perfect gift option to keep them entertained this Christmas.

Trumps Disney Quiz

Questions are both easy and a bit harder which is good as you expect to be challenged, they are aimed at over 8 year old but too we would say you have to be familiar with Disney, their characters and Movies. There are over 500 questions in the two-sided container so hours of fun can be had as a family with this card quiz game. 



Rowdy Kind Hair and Everywhere Bar

Rowdy Kids

From Rowdy Kind for £10.00

BUY NOWTreat the kids to some soft skin and hair with these beautiful Rowdy Kind bars. We think these bars are a fab alternative to endless plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. With other benefits being that they are all palm free, sulphate, paraben and PEG free, vegan and cruelty free with all the ingredients being sourced in the UK from UK suppliers.

We tried out this sweet tangerine-scented bar and the smell is devine, from the second you open the tin. They do have other scents including wild berry, oats and a Christmas special naughty and spice which smells of fresh baked Gingerbread.

The other thing we loved is that 10% of all sales for gifts that include the limited edition naughty or spice hair and everywhere bar will be going to the YoungMinds Charity, the UK's largest supporter of Youth Mental Health. So, by buying this you will be double gifting this Christmas.

One of the best things for us though is how much money you will be saving in the long run. Two ways one is that one bar equates to the equivalent of uses you will get in 2 x 250ml bottles of shampoo and the second way is you can give this fun bar to your kids and the whole thing one be poured down the drain in minutes! They also have fluffy flannels that you can get in different colours as well.

 Rowdy Kids 2

We found the kids hair even the girls longer hair all washed really well with this, there was no sticky feeling that we have sometimes found with other similar type of bars and their hair has been left really soft and easy to brush through.



It’s Our Planet Too Notebooks

Earth books

From Its Our Planet Too for £6.00

BUY NOWWe love these notebooks that we came across as did the kids. Kids love scribbling down notes and doodling and this notebook just adds a bit more for them.

They are A5 in size and additionally to the lovely illustrations on the front of them inside each page has some fascinating facts, 50 in each notebook for them to learn about the animal on the front cover.

Inside the earth books

The paper inside is good quality so wont cause ink bleed allowing both sides to be used and the pages alternate between lined and plain pages. We really think this beats just a plain notebook as a gift this year as they are really educational at the same time.



EUGY 3D Santa 

EUGY SANTA Box outside

From Amazon for £7.99

BUY NOWKids are going to love building this Eugy 3D Santa Model from Brainstorm Toys. This 3D model from EUGY is an awesome creative model building gift for any child this Christmas. You get everything you need to build your figure in the box including easy to follow instructions and its take around half an hour to build, with some kids needing a bit of grown up help.

Eugy Santa in cardboard

All you need to do is pop out all the pieces from the thick card and push them through the middle holder. Our Santa had like a black bead for its eye and the card tells you exactly what stage to add it and you even get a tube of non-toxic glue to keep your model from falling apart after its built.

Eugy Santa Being built

What we loved that it is all made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card and even printed with natural eco-friendly ink. There are loads of different characters and animals in the EUGY range that you can make which makes it’s a truly unique craft collectable for kids to enjoy.



Wicked Mega Spin Saturn Yo Yo

Mega Spin yoyo

From Wicked for £10

BUY NOWWe love yo-yo’s it’s like that old classic that you can never go wrong with when looking for presents for kids. However, to ensure you pick right, then we must suggest this Mega Spin Saturn as the perfect choice.

Kids can throw like a pro with this Mega Spin Saturn from Wicked. It runs smoothly up and down and gives you long spin times which does allow you to try to do some tricks, though our skill has not really moved further than flipping if over our hand while throwing it and walking the dog lol! But this yoyo will definitely be a good option if you want to start learning or improving your tricks.

Saturn yoyo 2

Another fab feature is the flashing colour-changing LED lights on both sides which just makes it even more fun. This yoyo comes in either red or blue colours and even has a replacement string included inside the pack. If you are looking for something small that will provide hours of fun, then this is for you and at an affordable price too.





From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWAnother classic family game to add to your child’s pressie list this Christmas is these affordable dominoes. They come in either traditional black and white dots or you can get animals ones. They are all made well and store in this handy box to save you loosing any.



Unicorn Strawberry Jam Lip Balm

Strawberry Lipbalm 3

From Pretty Little Things for £5.50

BUY NOWIt’s like and annual tradition each year we gift pyjamas, slippers and lip balm, could just be us, but all the kids go through loads in the winter months to the point I’m sure they eat them!

When we saw this unique lip balm tin we instantly fell in love with how pretty it was. The strawberry scent too is lovely and not overpowering with no funny taste which you can get from some lip balm. The unique design is so on trend but wonderful in quality too. Made from Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil and Beeswax it really works well to add moisture, plump and softens your lips. It even has Vitamin E in it to help heal and soothe chapped lips.

It adds a little shine to your lips but nothing too strong as we are not big fans on the little kids having like dark coloured lipstick style lip balms, not until they are a bit older anyway. When you order it, it comes in a lovely reusable organza bag with gift tag and we just think it makes the perfect pretty little stocking filler.



Little Glow Reading Book

Little Glow Outside Book

From Waterstones for £7.99

BUY NOWThis New book is from the Author Katie Sahota and it tells the story from the point of view of a little flame on a candle. Watching all the big street celebrations outside throughout the year such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hannukah, Ramandan and Christmas it feels down and wishes it could be bigger and brighter. However, after a family get together in the home around the little flame it soon realises that even the smallest of lights have an important purpose.

Like all Owlet Press published books this has such a fantastic vibe to it and is a real joy to read with all the kids. Little Glow book has a wonderful rhyming story to it and the illustrations by Harry Woodgate are really stand out and tell the story visually so well to the kids.

Little Glow Inside Book

This is a beautiful read for kids celebrating light, love and togetherness, which will bring a lovely warm fuzzy feeling to the end of the year.




Crap a pult

From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWOK….OK A bit gross but come on some kids will find this hilarious. You just hook the Poop onto the Catapult, pull back and watch your poop soar through the air!

It’s an affordable little stocking filler idea that will be used for Christmas day pranks which will bring some laughter to your home.



Mickey Mouse Disney Glass Drinking Jar

Tesco mickey mug

From Tesco for £2.25

BUY NOWAny Mickey Mouse fan will love this glass jar for drinking all their yummy Christmas punches out of, will also look fab on the Christmas dinner table and prevent spillages as the lid has a good fix and there is a little seal around the straw.



Cats V Pickles

Cats V Pickle 2

From Amazon from £4.99

BUY NOWWe are big fans of Cats V Pickles collectible plushies. The fab designs that they all come in some are just brilliant.

What is also great is that they all come with a QR code on their tag so you can download their free game app, which has provided the kids with hours of fun so far.

We have been collecting Cats V Pickles for a while now, you can download a collector’s sheet and check off which ones you have and still have need to collect. Not all have been released as yet and excitingly some of the ones that we really would like look to be out next year.



Bryn The Christmas Bauble

Wickedly Welsh Bryn the Dragon

From Wickedly Welsh Chocolate for £8.99

BUY NOWTreat the Kids to this yummy little Welsh Dragon chocolate inside a Christmas bauble. This is such a cute little baby dragon made out of delicious white chocolate, all cuddled up in a Milk Chocolate base to the bauble.

Wickedly Welsh Bryn the Dragon Bauble

You actually get quite a bit of chocolate inside and he even comes with his own white snow, so kids can enjoy shaking the bauble just like a little snow globe. We love how this give a unique Welsh way to treat the kids to something chocolatey a billion times better than a standard selection box.






All Prices Correct at Publishing 8th November 2021

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