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Best Advent Calendars for 2021 Christmas Countdown

Christmas is coming and we are just weeks away from the excitement of counting our way through the festive days and to help if you’re on the lookout for the Best Advent Calendar to do this with then we’ve got you covered, as we share our Favourites available for 2021.

Aside from counting down to the big day, parents love how advent calendars are great for teaching  children patience by opening each door in sequence, until December 24th and of course nowadays advent calendars are not just for kids, with some really lovely and practical options available for adults.

So having check out what’s on the market this year, we have listed our favourites to give you some insight to what’s new and give you some inspiration for what to treat your loved ones with.


Best 2021 Advent Calendars for Kids


Organix Advent Calendar

Oragnix advent calendar

From Organix Online Shop, Boots, and Tesco for £8.99

BUY NOWWe are a huge fans of Organix and have been for years, so just loved it when we saw they were doing an advent calendar this year as it’s a parents dream to be able to offer their little ones healthy treats each day in the lead up to Christmas, as December is so often a sugar filled time for kids.


Organix Advent Calendar Main


Inside you will find Organix Jammie Monsters little biscuits, Organix Mini Oaty Bites Raspberry and Apple and Organix Mini Oaty Bites Apple and Orange.


Organix Advent calendar open windows


All these soft yummy fruits filled and wholegrain oats treats are suitable for children over 18 months old making this advent calendar a fab alternative to chocolate filled ones.










Schleich Wild Life Advent Calendar

Schieich Advent Calendar

From Schleich for £24.99

BUY NOWThis Christmas help your child look away from two-dimensional pictures on paper and screens and hold something in their hands that will help them discover and experience the world around them with more than just sight.

For us Schleich symbolises a trusted name and must have for any playroom to develop your little one’s creativity and imagination. So, we were excited to see a new addition to the Schleich collection in this wildlife advent calendar and have to say on opening we were not disappointed.


Schieich Advent Calendar


Hidden behind 24 doors are some fantastic Schleich figures and accessories suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old. All modelled in the finest detail which helps provides some quality educationally playtime. Some of the fun that your child can find in this advent calendar includes a figure ranger




Whose hands can even hold accessories such as spade, binoculars, rucksack, treasure map and treasure chest adding to the play time experience.







There are seven quality animal figures also inside such as really detailed elephant calf, a super sweet faced hippopotamus, a cute cheetah and ring-tailed lemur.





cute hippo figure



detailed animal figure





The other thing we love about this advent calendar is that everything inside fits perfectly with the other wild life items in the Schleich range, which we find fab as it allows us as parents to gift our child this advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas day and then add to this on Christmas day with additional items such as the Wild Life Ranger Adventure Station or Animal rescue large truck which means its expands their safari play ability.



Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

From Amazon for £20.99

BUY NOWThis Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar will certainly add some magic to your little ones Christmas countdown this year.

With hours of building fun this Lego toy advent calendar has 24 doors to open with a surprise building toy hidden behind to play with and what we really appreciated is that when you open each door on the back of the door is the instructions on how to build the item inside.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar building instructions


Suitable for children over seven years old this year’s LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar recreates Harry’s magical journey from Privet Drive, so playtime can include Hogwarts letters arriving through the fireplace, collecting gold from Gringotts’ vault, meeting Hedwig the owl and more.


Lego Hedwig


It also includes 6 minifigures which are Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Dudley Dursley and Griphook


Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar minifigures


Each minifigure have changeable heads, which is fab, you just swivel the head around to show a different expression


Harry Potter Lego Minifigure



Harry Potter Lego Minifigure two


It gets better, after you open and build for everyday during December on day 24 you will open a colourful spinner that helps you turn your Harry Potter Advent calendar into a board game.


Lego Spinner


The drop down of the box is your board game area and you use your minifigure as your pieces to move along to win, which we think is just a genius idea.


Board Game area


If you are feeling lucky and think your little one would enjoy this Lego Advent Calendar, then you might like to enter our competition that we have running until the 22nd November for your chance to WIN your own Lego Harry Potter advent calendar. Enter for Free Here.



Melissa and Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar

 Melissa and Doug Wooden Advent Calendar

From Amazon for £16.99

BUY NOWYou can always rely on Melissa and Doug to deliver a lovely, good quality products and this wooden advent calendar again ticks all those boxes.

We just love this more traditional take on a countdown to Christmas. Made out of wood, kids can enjoy placing the magnetic baubles onto the Christmas tree.


Melissa and Doug Wooden baubles


All the unhung Christmas baubles can fit neatly into the attached wooden box at the bottom of the Christmas tree so you can store them safely through out the month.


Melissa and Doug Wooden Calendar Box


From our experience with this advent calendar ones of the things we just loved was how it was used by the kids as an add on to their playtime, swapping the baubles around, random bears and dolls placed around the tree was just the best imaginative play to warm any parents’ heart when you see it. We honestly can’t fault this Melissa and Doug Advent Calendar so just had to include it in our list.



Personalised Elf Advent Calendar Letters

Elf Advent Letters

From Elf for Christmas for £22.99

BUY NOWA fantastic alternative to chocolate advent calendar for kids this year are these Advent letters, sent all the way from the North Pole from your child’s Christmas elf pen pal.

We haven’t seen anything quite like this before, they got us really intrigued and we must say we found them rather enchanting. Printed on good quality paper and delivered in lovely brown envelopes, parents receive twenty four letters, each clearly marked with the day number on the front. The idea being that parents can surprise their child with a letter from North Pole each day in the lead up to Christmas Day.


Envelope and paper


You can do this by maybe smuggling it in among the post, hiding it in with toys or schoolbooks, popping it in the cereal box in the morning or left simply on their pillow at night, you can choose to use the same place each day or switch it up throughout the month.


Elf Letter Day Numbers


Each letter written from an elf in the North Pole, tells your child of all the exciting adventures, fun, magic and mayhem that is going on in Santa’s workshop as Christmas day gets closer and even includes colourful fun images to help explain the storyline


Elf Advent pictures

Elf Letter Words

The added beauty that we loved about these letters is that you have the option to personalise them. In the letters the elf mentions your child’s name, the town they live in and other people in their home like Mummy, Daddy or siblings.

Elf Letters Pictures

For us what we liked about these advent letters, is that it can improve your child’s reading skills and brings parent and child together as they read together and get involved in what’s going on in North Pole, as your child talks with you all during the day about what was in the previous letter. They are fab as a night time story at bedtime and just amazing at building some magical Christmas Spirit in your family home.



KreativeKraft 24 Duckies Advent Calendar

 Rubber Duck Advent Calendar

From Amazon for £24.99

BUY NOWYou must be quackers if you don’t love this rubber duck advent calendar lol…… sorry couldn’t resist the wee pun.

Behind each of the 24 doors you will find a cute rubber duck and some of them are hilarious looking, like a green square duck,  teddy bear duck, unicorn duck and ninja duck.


duck in calendar


Unicron Duck


Ninja Duck

Rubber Duck on top of box


And there are of course some festive themed rubber ducks like a Christmas tree or our fav the santa duck


santa duck


Although perfect as bath toys for the younger kids, this advent calendar could actually be well loved by older kids as they can be placed on display as a fun decoration.


duck calendar



Cry Babies Magic Tears Rosie Advent Calendar

 Cry Babies Rosie Advent Calendar

From Amazon for £24.99

BUY NOWWhether your child is a long-term lover of Cry Babies or not, we are sure they will fall in love with this pretty coloured Magic Tears Rosie advent calendar, which is suitable for children over 3 years old.


Cry babies Advent Calendar


Kids can find loads of exciting surprise behind the 24 doors on this fun shaped advent calendar. With the first door starting you off with your actual cry baby Rosie doll. She comes wrapped up in tissue and unwrapped is the cute, good quality doll that we have come to love from Cry Babies.

Cry Baby Wrapped


Cry Baby Doll


We love all the little accessories that come for your doll and how even though it’s an advent calendar you still get some large accessories behind the doors like a big Christmas tree, and you even get a sleigh


Cry Baby Hat


Cry Babies Green Tree


And of course, you get the cutest little reindeer pet for your cry baby to play with.


Cry Babies Pet Reindeer


The calendar front cover folds down and can be used with the cardboard pieces as a fun wintery scene to have fun playing out the Cry Babies Magic Tears adventures from the web series.


Cry Babies Tree



Haribo Glow in Dark Advent Calendar

Haribo Calendar

From Ocado for £5.00

BUY NOWOMG…..Yet again Haribo does not disappoint with this premium advent calendar. This calendar is full of a selection of mini bags and wrapped sweets for a perfect countdown to Christmas.


Haribo Open doors


The mini sized haribo bags are so darn cute


Haribo mini bag 2


Smaller than parents are used to buying in multi share packs, these ickle bags are still crammed with plenty haribo sweets for a daily yummy treat.


Haribo mini bags


But by far the most impressive part of this Haribo Advent Calendar has to be the Glow in the Dark feature.


Haribo Glow in the Dark


If you leave the outside of the advent calendar box exposed to light, then in the dark it shines so bright that everyone’s first reaction was an instant wow


Haribo Dark



Best 2021 Advent Calendars for Adults

Skinny Bars

Skinny Bars Advent Calendar

From Skinny Bars for £14.95

BUY NOWBeing “skinny” isn’t the end goal in life but as family life can be so busy at times, we thought it would be great to include an advent calendar that includes a delicious low-calorie range of skinny bars that have been specially designed for on-the-go snackers, who don’t have time to feel bad about nibbling on something scrummy.

For the second year running Skinny bars have only 5,000 advent calendars available this Christmas. Packed with 24-full size bars, in a variety of flavours all of which come under 99 calories, so perfect way to satisfy those sweet cravings in the countdown to Christmas.


Skinny bars hanging out of the box


Bar outside Skinny bars box


We love how bright and colourful the box is, the bars inside include bars like chocolatey crunch and yummy whip filled ones.


Skinny Bars three


The whipped bars are light and fluffy, chewy and full of flavour


Skinny Bar Whip Strawberry



Skinny Bar Mint Whip


The crunchy bars again do not disappoint on flavour


Skinny Bars Orange


But by far our most favourite bar has to be the Rocky Road…..How this is under 99 calories is crazy, but it is and we have to say waistline aside we would buy these as they are just such a lush snack.


Skinny Bars Rocky Road


Bit of a heads up if you do fancy this for yourself or for gifting someone else, Skinny bars last year’s advent calendar sold out in uber quick time so we wouldn’t dilly dally, and all orders will be despatched by Friday 19th November in plenty time for 1st December.


The Couple’s Advent-ure Scratch Calendar

Couples Scratch Advent Calendar

From Amazon for £7.99

BUY NOWOK, first off, this advent calendar is not for everyone, especially if you’re a bit prudish…… Secondly we are realists and fully aware how even the most tired parents still need time together and we just thought that this couples advent calendar not only offered that, but was pretty unique and has a price that will not brake the bank.

This is a simple cardboard style advent calendar that for sure is best not stored next to the kids’ ones on the kitchen worktop lol


Couples Advent


It has 24 silver scratch off areas, which reveal some ideas of what to do each day together as a couple. Some are romantic and some are a bit more adult playtime shall we say.


Couples reveal


Advent one


If you gift this to your other half then, you can both be sure to have a giggle and reminded that’s it’s not always that bad to be on the naughty list at this time of the year.


Advent 2



Cheesies Advent Calendar

Cheesies Advent Calendar

From Cheesies for £29.99

BUY NOWCalling all cheese lovers….. have you ever seen a cheese advent calendar that’s totally fridge free? Well, you have now, check out this advent calendar it is filled with full-sized 20g bags of Cheesies made from 100% cheese.


Cheese Bags open


All these Cheesies are vegetarian friendly, have zero sugar in them, have low to no carbs, are high in protein and are gluten free which is a bonus!


Cheese Bag


These colourful bags come in six yummy cheeses which as cheddar, emmental, goats cheese, red leicester, gouda and or personal favourite chilli cheddar.


Cheese Bags


Few things we can totally recommend is additional to scoffing your way through each bag, pop them on your lunchtime salad or add them to some soup we loved them on top of some tomato soup Mmmmmm….. This Cheesies Advent Calendar is available on pre-order and will be shipped out from the week commencing 15th November.



Draper Tool Advent Calendar

Draper Tool Advent Calendar 

From Various Online Retailers with a RRP of £34.99

BUY NOWIf you are looking for an advent calendar perfect for DIY enthusiasts, then that is why we just had to share this Draper Tools Advent Calendar with you.

New for 2021, Draper Tools has launched this fab advent calendar. Inside it has 54 tools and associated bits hidden behind 24 doors, so as you open each door and build your very own mini toolset in time for the big day.  


Draper Tool


What we found clever is how on day one you get the sturdy storage case that you then fill each day


storage case and holders


which is super useful to stop you misplacing all the little bits and socket heads also included in this advent calendar.


Storage case from Draper Advent


Some of the other tools you can find in this advent calendar are a hex magnetic screwdriver bit holder, precision screwdriver and bottle opener


Draper Screwdriver


We can’t say we have ever come across a tool advent calendar like this before, making it a real find and the reason we thought we would share it with you.


Draper Storage Case


It’s a limited edition calendar that not only makes a perfect pre-Christmas gift but too gives back, as for every advent calendar sold, Draper Tools is donating £1 to the charity Tools for Self-Reliance,  which Draper has longstanding relationship with.



Village Wax Advent Calendar

Village Wax Melts

From Village Wax for £16.99

BUY NOWWhen we saw this advent calendar, we just fell in love with it and the thought of opening a window each day through December to find a new wonderful scent.


Village Wax Melts


It’s such a fab way to keep your family home smelling all festive right up to the big day, with 24 scents, some festive ones alongside some of Village Wax all year round best sellers this would be the perfect gift to yourself or others.


Gingerbread wax melt


Village Wax Melt White


Santa Cookies Wax Melt


Each wax is in a cute heart shape and all different colours. One of our favourites in this calendar by far has to be orange and cinnamon, but some of the other festive scents include candy cane, warm gingerbread and Let it snow.


Viallage Wax Melts Pink Heart


The other unique feature about this advent calendar that we thought was fab, is that it has a neat little stand at the back of it, just like you would find on a photo frame.


Wax Burner



The Chuckling Cheese Company Advent Calendar

 The Chuckling Cheese Company Advent Calendar

From The Chuckling Cheese Company for £29.99

BUY NOWAnother cheese lover’s dream in the countdown to Christmas this year is this awesome chuckling cheese advent calendar. The owner of this advent calendar can enjoy getting their teeth into 24 festive days of cheese, crackers and chutneys.


The Chuckling Cheese pink


cheese red


Inside you will find eight different flavours of cheeses over 12 days, which are pigs in blankets, orange and whisky cheddar, vintage cheddar, sunday roast cheddar, Christmas pudding cheddar, apple smoked cheddar, caramelised red onion cheddar and Mexican sweet chilli cheddar




As well there are 6 days of mini cheese shortbread biscuits and 6 days of mini potting shed pickle and caramelised chutney, and the potting shed pickle is so delicious.

cheese and biscuit


Chutney and Pickle





Pukka Herbs 2021 Tea Advent Calendar

Pukka Hearbal Tea Advent Calendar

From Amazon for £10.00

BUY NOWWe are big fans of pukka herb tea on any day, so it’s a no brainer that we would share this wall hanging pukka herb advent calendar on our list.

Pukka is such an awesome brand of tea bags as they are all organic, ethically sourced, vegetarian, and full of non-GM ingredients. Not forgetting the most important feature for us being that every Pukka tea bag is plastic-free.


Pukka Advent Calendar


This advent calendar cleverly unfolds and comes with string to hang it up on the wall. With 24 pouches filled with a different individually wrapped teabag.


Pukka Advent Wall Hang


Pukka Tea BAG


From calming herbs to help you relax, to refreshing ingredients to awaken your senses, this advent calendar is a brilliant way to discover delicious new flavours.

 Pukka Teabag up close



Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Advent Calendar

Wicked Advent Calendar

From Wickedly Welsh Chocolate for £19.99

BUY NOW If you are going to have a chocolate advent calendar, then you want a premium one that is going to excite you each day and we think this one from Wickedly Welsh will do just that for you. You can count your way down to Christmas by opening these twenty-four doors where hidden behind is a selection of different delicious chocolate and some even have awesome Welsh images on them.

Chocolate Inside Wicked Advent Calendar

You will find a sweet selection of milk, dark and white chocolates with fillings to make your taste buds happy for the day. And there is no guessing needed as behind each door is what chocolate flavour you have opened for that day.

Opend Door Wicked Advent Calendar

We really loved this treat and best of all its made here in West Wales as Wickedly Welsh Chocolate is based in Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire, so by gifting this you will be supporting a local business.





All Prices Correct at Publishing 1st November 2021

To help keep our site free to all readers, West Wales Family Life participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on some editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites, which carries no additional costs to our readers, but helps cover our running costs of the website. These do not affect our opinions or recommendations.


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