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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults 2021

No matter your budget we can help you find the perfect present for everyone on your Shopping list this Christmas with around 70 Gift Ideas see what’s new on the market, quirky buys, great deals and get some inspiration from our Best Christmas Gifts for Adults Shopping Guide.

We know how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect treat for your friends and family and sometimes the best thing is from a little independent that you might never have heard of before, or the inexpensive things you just wouldn’t have thought of buying until you see it in more detail and realise it’s actually a fab gifting idea.

So, to help families at this busy time of the year we thought we would share our favourites. We have some outside the box ideas, on trend ideas and cute gift ideas for young adults right through to grandparents to make 2021’s Christmas morning full of fun and smiles all round.


Eat, Drink and Be Merry


Guylian Chocolates


From Ocado for £8.00

BUY NOWFor anyone with a sweet tooth you can’t go wrong with gifting them some yummy chocolate, and chocolatier Guylian is a pioneer of Belgium chocolate seashells with more than 50 years of excellence to their name.

Guylians open box

We do love these detailed marbled seashells and sea horse designed Belgium chocolates, they are filled with a unique roasted Hazelnut Praliné that taste delicious. Made with a mixture of white, milk and dark Belgium chocolate we think they are a fab, affordable high quality chocolate gift for this Christmas


Rise Coffee Set

Rise Coffee

From Rise Coffee box from £9.99

BUY NOWRise Coffee is a coffee box subscription that delivers new speciality coffee blends from UK roasters to your door every month. There are various options to suit everyone’s needs so for example you can receive a deliver fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or even a one-off trial.

Rise Coffee inside

There are also different levels of subscription you can pick from such as receiving one bag of premium coffee a month, or two, from decaf, ground or whole bean or even capsule subscriptions.

In the box we tried out we had two different whole bean options. You get information about each coffee, recipe cards and each bag are always between 227g and 250g so they are a fair size for each month, even for us who can get through some coffee!

Rise Coffee yellow

From the second you opened the bags the smell just took you on a journey, both our coffees in this box were from Brazil and that’s what’s neat about these subscription boxes is that they introduce you to new brands of coffees from a variety of regions and variety of tastes and blends.

We found the Lost Sheep peaberry tasted nice and creamy and its best for using in a filter. We found the Lincoln work blend tasted stronger and a hint of chocolate taste it was great as our first cuppa of the day.

Rise Coffee Purple U pClose

Whether you are ordering whole beans or ground you are buying fresh, none of Rise coffee is re packed, so you know its as fresh as possible when you received it and with it all being freshly roasted coffee it is best used within three months. We really think this would make a fab Christmas gift for any coffee lover and one that keeps giving way after Christmas Day.


Cranes Cider Gift Set

Cranes Cider

From Amazon for £16.99

BUY NOWCranes Ciders are crafted in Cambridgeshire by co-founders and twin brothers Ben and Dan and the fab thing about them is that they are made using only natural ingredients resulting in them containing 30% fewer calories and over 40% less sugar compared to brand leaders.

They have some wonderful gift sets available this Christmas like this one that includes three of their refreshing natural fruit ciders Blueberries and Apples, Cranberries and Limes and Raspberries and Pomegranates, along with a branded pint glass.

We enjoyed the fruitiness of these Cranes Ciders amazing with heaps of ice and added bonus is they are both Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.


Chocolate Reindeer and Carrots

Reindeer and Carrot Chocolate

From Choc on Choc for £12.00

BUY NOWAs soon as we saw this festive punnet of chocolate, we just fell in love with how cute it is. Made with Belgian white chocolate the handmade carrots are bright and taste amazing. These are matched with a Belgian milk chocolate reindeer head which is as equally delicious. It’s a fab novelty sweet treat for Christmas morning that we think will bring a smile to everyone’s face.  


Personalised Christmas Cracker

Personalised Christmas Crackers

From Handmade Christmas from £8.10

BUY NOWThis Christmas you can add a little bit extra to your family Crackers by personalising them. With Handmade Christmas you can create your very own Christmas Crackers, individually personalise the outside choosing from either a royal red or champagne gold coloured cracker you can add the recipient’s name on the front and have it finished with contrasting red or gold velvet ribbon bows.

Then you can personalise the contents of the cracker for them too, selecting from family friendly treats such as sweeties, alcoholic miniature spirits and even pet treats.

Personalised Christmas Crackers Inside

We have to say the quality of the cracker is great, even down to the joke slip and Christmas hat inside. We think this is something lovely and different and you don’t even need to wrap it as you can just place them on the Christmas Tree to find on Christmas Morning.


Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Rose and Sparkling Chardonnay

Thomas and Scott wine

From Thomson & Scott for £9.25 and £8.99

BUY NOWNoughty is an absolute game changer in the alcohol-free space, it is the first top quality alcohol-free, organic, vegan, halal, low sugar sparkling drink, which makes it’s a no brainer of a choice when it comes to Christmas gifting.

The perfect pick for pregnant mums and teetotaler’s or even a secret Santa option. Whoever you gift this too you can be safe in the knowledge you are gifting quality and on trend as Thomson & Scott now sells to the world’s coolest bars, restaurants, hotels and spas around the world including Australia, Europe and North America.

They do taste amazing, and we think they are a lovely additional to the Christmas Dinner so that the kids don’t feel excluded. Another thing we love about these is that Thomson & Scott partners with Treepoints to offset the carbon footprint of every purchase, supporting a more sustainable future for our planet.


Gnaw Boozy Hot Choc Shots

gnaw hot shot

From Find Me A Gift for £7.99

BUY NOWThis Gnaw hot chocolate gift set from Find me a Gift has a fab boozy twist to them, making them the perfect excuse not to have to share its chocolatey deliciousness with the kids. There are three handcrafted hot choc shots in this pack and the flavours are Cherry Brandy, Amaretto and Spiced Rum.

Gnaw out of box

What we loved about these shots is that they come on chunky sticks and yummy marshmallows to sprinkle on top. You simply pop them into a steaming hot mug of milk and wait for it to melt. We mixed ours with vegan coconut milk and almond milk as well and this worked really well. You get a good size chunk of chocolate to be fair, we think this is great value for money gifting option.


Kocktail Espresso Martini and Cocktail Shaker Gift Pack

Kocktail and Shaker

From Kocktail for £16.00

BUY NOWGifting a Kocktail set this Christmas you will be gifting world-class cocktails. As their cocktail curator was the senior bartender at the Savoy Hotel's Beaufort Bar when it won "Best Hotel Bar in The World" and they only use the best ingredients and premium spirits to bring the experience of a truly exceptional cocktail bar into your home.


We think this Espresso Martini and Cocktail Shaker Gift Set is a fab gift set, its available exclusively at Sainsburys and comes with a premixed Kocktail drink and great quality shaker. The Espresso Martini is made up of wheatley vodka, cold brew coffee, borghetti coffee liqueur and vegan foamer. It tastes lovely and perfect for the festive season.


Make Your Own Mess - Eton Mess Chocolate Making Kit

Eat and Mess

From Britain Loves Baking for 5.00

BUY NOWPerfect for anyone who loves a bit of baking, no matter of their skill level is this chocolate making kit from Britain Loves Baking. We tested out this kit to make Eton Mess bars and yes, we are not the tidiest of baker so for sure made a mess, but that is just us lol.

This kit was a dream to use, it comes with everything you need to make your chocolate bars, including a good quality silicone chocolate bar mould, chocolate scraper, mix of freeze dried fruits, strawberry sugar crystals, crunchy meringue, chewy marshmallows, combination of Belgian white chocolate sprinkled with milk chocolate chips, piping bags and 2x cellophane bag and ribbons so if you want to make and gift the bars you can.

Eat and Mess 2

All ingredients come measured and weighed ready to use, so it’s hard to go wrong. It really is stress free baking and insanely amazing price for what you get. 


Dark Chocolate Crumb Fudge Making Kit

Ginger Baking Fude Set

From Britain Loves Baking for 16.00

BUY NOWAnother Fab Baking set for Britain loves baking is their Fudge Making Kits, this no cook fudge Dark Chocolate, Raspberry and Ginger Crumb Fudge Making Kit is so simple and easy to make, but fun and ideal gift idea for anyone who loves either a sweet treat for them to make their own or all baking lovers.

Ginger Baking

All ingredients come measured and weighed ready to use, which takes all the stress off you while making this fudge. Britain Loves Baking has loads of different gift boxes that are perfect for gift adults and children at Christmas time, some more involved than others all with varying prices so worth checking them out for some hassle-free baking gifts.


Black and Green Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

Green and Blacks

From Black and Green for £15.00

BUY NOWIf you are looking for a premium quality sweet treat to gift for Christmas Day this year, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous Green and Black's Organic Chocolate Lovers Gift Set.

We all love the taste of Green and Black's chocolate and the classic selection in this gift hamper delivers a delicious selection of milk, white and dark chocolate.

Presented in this classy, recycled gift box with a lid this hamper includes Organic Milk with Sea Salt Bar, Organic Milk with Roasted Almond Bar, Organic Dark with Ginger Bar, Organic Dark 85% Chocolate Bar, Organic Milk Bar, White Chocolate Bar, Dark 70% Chocolate Bar and Milk with Butterscotch Bar.


Iordanov Limited Edition Santa Skull Vodka

Santa Skull Vodka

From Bohemian Brands for £47.00

BUY NOWIordanov Vodka is one of the world’s foremost premium vodka brands. With most of their bottles a collector’s item in its own right, due to the distinctive and unique hand decorated skulls that adorn the bottles.

But Iordanov Vodka is most well known for its pure and smooth taste. Produced in one of Germany’s oldest distilleries with 150 years of distilling experience. This vodka begins life as a crystal-clear water in the Vogelserg Highlands.

Using high quality ingredients is not its only secret though, it’s down to how its distilled five times and charcoal filtered to achieve a level of purity almost unheard of in the world of premium spirits, before bottled at 40% ABV to produce a premium vodka with ultra-smooth finish.

Vodka Santa Skull Bottle

Vodka by far is one of our drinks of choice on a night out and we have to say this is up there with one of the nicest we have ever tried and it’s pretty strong too. The bottle is so blinking impressive its hand decorated with super sparkly crystals within an awesome Santa Skull design, making it the perfect Christmas present and unique vodka gift.


Three French Hens Chocolates

Wickedly Welsh Choco Hens

From Wickedly Welsh for £14.99

BUY NOWThese are a cute chocolate design from the classic twelve days of Christmas carol and at Wickedly Welsh Chocolates visiting exclusively for Christmas 2021.

three hens

These three French hens are hand-crafted using the finest Welsh milk, dark and white chocolate, and the detail on them is brilliant, they come individually wrapped in a pretty box making it a stylish and delicious Christmas Gift.



Grooming Beautiful

Dr PawPaw Overnight Lip Mask

Dr PawPaw Lip Night Mask

From Waitrose for £5.33

BUY NOWThis is a thick gel-like lip mask absorbs lovely overnight giving you an intense lip mask treatment. It has natural peptides in it that both plump lips and smooth any fine lines. We definitely noticed smoother lips after just one use, and this improved over time. You can use it more than just at night time, but we found once a day for us was enough to see the benefits and best of all its vegan and cruelty-free.


Dr.PAWPAW Mini Natural Beauty Gift Collection

Dr PawPaw Trio

From Beauty Bay for £10.00

BUY NOWMade in the UK this little trio set can make the perfect Christmas present. It comes with a clear and two neutral tinted balms which can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes. The balms are pocket-sized so easy to take with you out and about.

Dr Paw Paw Trio

The balms can be subtle if you put a thin layer on or you can make the colour more intense if you put a thicker layer on. They are also fab at soothing sore irritated skin and at this price we thought it could make a genius idea for a secret santa present as well.


Silk Cleansing Cloths

This is Silk Box

From This is Silk on Offer for £21.00

BUY NOWThese cleansing cloths are like no other that we have come across. They have the texture and feel of a muslin cloth, but they are made from 100% silk so not the feel you would expect.

There are added benefits of having silk amino acids in these cleansing cloths and it’s this uniqueness that brings something extra by gently exfoliating, conditioning and smoothing skin as you cleanse. Silk has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and speed up the rate of cellular regeneration.

This is Silk Cleansing cloths

You get three of these cloths in a pack and they come in either white or black colours. They are machine washable; you just need to use a detergent suitable for silk and from the gifting side of it they come in a classy box.


Donna May London Flat Makeup Bag 

Donna May London Makeup Bag

From This is Silk on Offer for £32.00

BUY NOWFor those who don’t know, Donna May Clitheroe is a Professional Makeup Artist to the stars and renowned for her red lip, which the whole Donna May London brand has been built around. Donna is a graduate from the prestigious London College of Fashion and is now head of makeup at ITV for award winning shows such as Loose Women and Lorraine.

Lay Flat Makeup bag

When we came across Donna’s lay flat makeup bag, we just fell in love with it and just had to share our find with you. Its genius how it makes life simpler, to pick out something from your make up bag you simply open the bag laying it flat, no more hunting for anything as this unique design means every item can be easily seen as you are literally laying the sides of the bag flat and best of all the surface you are lying your makeup on is kept clean. The other thing we love about this makeup bag is if you fancy gifting it this Christmas for a few pounds extra you can have a lovely silver initial added to it to make it personalised.


Acala Reusable Bamboo Razor

Real Razor

From Ocean and Bee for £ 22.90

BUY NOWLooking for a plastic free alternative to disposable razors, then we think you won’t go wrong with this stylish unisex double edge safety bamboo razor from Acala.

We love how it has a unisex design to it and having tested it out it does genuinely offer a close shave for both men and women. It comes with one blade and has a comfortable feel to it and not too heavy either.

By switching to reusable safety razors, you are contributing to the zero-waste movement, making a cleaner environment for everyone and this robust option would make a fab gift option for anyone who wants to make a difference too.

Even though this razor will last for years as you just replace the recyclable razor blades. When you do feel that you no longer wish to use it then you can easily recycle the metal parts and compost the bamboo handle, making it a truly zero-waste product.


Wonder Serum Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan 2

From Skinny Tan Currently on half price for £ 15.00

BUY NOWOk so it maybe the winter and it’s too cold to walk around with shorts and t-shirts to show off your summer tan but isn’t this then the best time to get a fake one!

Skinny Tan have a fab wonder serum that pairs tan with skincare and we just loved the results. This Wonder Serum contains Q10, aloe vera and Vitamin E that gives you a full body hydrating and anti-aging skincare treatment that is perfect for your mature or dry skin. It has silky feel when you apply it, and the smell is an awesome coconut and vanilla scent

What’s clever about this serum is you can see where you have applied it and it hides redness and imperfections straight away. You need to leave it on for about 6 to 8 hours to fully develop and once you have washed it off you will see that it gives you a really lovely natural looking tan so nothing fake about it in the Winter if you use this Skinny Tan.

Additional to the half price savings offer on at the minute, Skinny Tan are also offering a Free Gift with every order over £35, which is a great way to get a little something extra to gift at no extra cost.


NIVEA Pampering Indulgence Giftset

Nivea Pampering Set

From Amazon for £14.09

BUY NOWWe love Nivea products and are big fans of pampering gift sets. This is one of the larger gift sets from Nivea and comes with some fab goodies inside such as a super soft shower puff and moisturising skin care essentials like the cashmere and cotton seed oil shower cream, nourishing body mousse, irresistibly smooth body lotion, soft moisturising cream for everyday use on face, hands and body, smooth hands and nail care hand cream and the Nivea original care caring lip balm.

Nivea Pampering unbox

Making this a bumper size gift to strengthen and protect your family or friends skin this winter.



Nivea Luxurious Lips Gift Set

Nivea Lipbalms

From Wilko Currently on Special Offer at £4.25

BUY NOWIt’s like tradition for us to always gift some fab lip balms at Christmas and when we saw this gorgeous tin full of the Nivea lip collection, we thought it was a great find.

Nivea Lipbalms open

Inside this fun keepsake heart shaped tin, there are 4 moisturising lip balms, the soft rosé one which leaves a rosiness to the lips, the pearly shine one which leaves a pearly shine to the lip, the hydro care one which is enriched with aloe vera and gives a boost of moisture to your lips and the original care caring lip balm with jojoba oil for smooth all day moisturised lips


Nivea Pamper Night in Gift Set

Nivea Night

From Tesco Currently on Special Offer with Clubcard Half Price at £5.00

BUY NOWThis is a Fun Nivea papering set to gift at Christmas time, with products that are ideal for everyday use on face, hands and body, these trusted Nivea products are awesome for soothing dry and stressed skin over the winter months. Plus, too they all come in a fun keepsake popcorn tin. A perfect Christmas gift.

Nivea Night unbox

Inside this gift set you get two Bye Bye dry skin nourishing face mask face masks, a soft moisturising cream, smooth hands and nail care hand cream and soft rose caring lip balm.


Nivea What a Cracker

Nivea Cracker

From Home Bargains for £2.99

BUY NOWOne of the smaller Nivea Gift Sets but just as awesome for your skin is this cute 100% plastic free cracker. Ideal as a little extra or even a secret santa pressie, it’s the perfect gift to show skin some love.

Nivea Cracker unbox

Inside this cracker you will find two Bye Bye dry skin nourishing face masks, soft moisturising cream and a soft rose caring lip balm


Angela Langford Thirsty Work Moisturiser

Angela Langford

From Angela Langford for £37.50

BUY NOWThirsty work moisturiser is the creation of Masterchef finalist Angela Langford, who has expanded from making recipes that treat your taste buds to recipes that gratify your skin.

Angela Langford skincare is actually based in Pembrokeshire, although they are predominately an online brand. What caught our eye about this skincare collection is its credentials of being a natural alternative to premium brands. They don’t use parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours, or any other nasties and they are vegan friendly.

We tested out this thirsty work moisturiser which is aimed at dry, dehydrated or mature skin as it is designed to improve hydration and elasticity.

Unlike many other moisturisers we found it really easy to understand what was in this product as it explains it on the back of the bottle that it includes rosehip, raspberry and chia seed to protect your skin from future damage. Vitamins A, C, Q10 and arctic blackcurrants are used to repel wrinkles, plus hyaluronic acid is used to keep skin hydrated.

Angela Langford up close

This lotion is thicker than we tend to use, but you only need a few pumps, and it does work well under makeup. The smell is for sure something that seems familiar, can’t quite place it but it’s one that moves you into a calm mindset and raises a smile to the face.  

Now we obviously know that this moisturiser is intended initially for your face and neck, but us being us we like to get our money’s worth as they say and as it did such a fab job on soothing our dry skin patches on our face, we couldn’t help really putting it to the test and smoother our feet with it too lol…. Tell you what worked wonders, all the dry spots between the toes and on the heel not only looked healthier but felt it too! We think this is a real find and something you can be proud to gift this Christmas.


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Perfect Finish Eyebrow Shaper

Wilkinson Sword Eyebrow

From Amazon for £3.00

BUY NOWHave to say these are an absolute game changer, from using tweezers for years to giving these eyebrow razors a go, on a pain level its night and day. Whilst you can feel them at work there is no pain at all unlike when you use tweezers.

These are actually a multi-purpose beauty tool that expertly shapes eyebrows, gently removes fine hairs and exfoliates dead skin for smoother skin.

Wilkinson Sword Up Close eyebrow

They have high quality blades that have micro guards on them to protect your skin and making them a dream to use, you just pull your skin tight and gently glide the razor in the direction of hair growth. For shaping your eyebrows, you also get a precision cover to put on to help. We honestly think these are fab and a great idea for a stocking filler.


Wilkinson Sword Shave and Style Men’s Electric Trimmer

Wilkinson sword razor

From Wilkinson Sword for £39.99

BUY NOWIf you are looking for the ultimate grooming tool to gift this Christmas, then this Wilkinson Sword one can offer great value for money and performance.

This Wilkinson Sword Shave and Style Men’s Electric Trimmer is an all-in-one groomer for trimming and styling your look which includes a nose and ear hair trimmer attachment​.

trimmer up close

It has dual sided stainless-steel blades​ and comes with three precision combs so you can trim hair to different lengths.

Up Close Wilkinson Sword Trimmer


Trimmer heads


What we found useful is that you can use it in the shower, and it comes with a usb rechargeable battery which actually has a long runtime on it.


HYDRO Comfort Skin Reset Razor

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Razor

From Wilkinson Sword Currently on Special Offer for £11.66

BUY NOWThis Hydro Comfort Skin Reset Razor is new on the shop shelves and Wilkinson Swords first razor designed to comfortably tackle up to 7-days of hair growth, with less tugging and pulling compared with the Hydro 5.

Wilkinson sword Razor up close

Up close hydro razor

It’s all down the comb guard working to aligns the hairs to help prevent tugging and pulling. You can flip the blade for trimming and best of all, all the Hydro razors and blades are compatible.


Snugpak’s Hands and Face Towel

Snugpak towel

From Snugpak for £12.00

BUY NOWOn the hunt for a present idea for a frequent traveller, outdoor lover or day adventurer then we think you should check out this Hands and Face Towel from Snugpak’s

Made from microfibre, it is an extra absorbent, fast drying, antibacterial travel towel. It’s made with Silvadur intelligent technologies which not only makes it soft but actually reduces odours and minimising the build-up of bacteria.

Snugpak Towel and bag

Its light weight and can easily be folded or rolled up to take it on your travels. We love how it is more than just a towel, in that you can use it as a neck scarf or under your hat to protect you from sunburn on a hot day or as an added a layer of warmth on the cold days.

It has easy maintenance as its machine washable and comes with a handy corner attachment to either hang it up to dry or to attach to a rucksack to take with, for how versatile it is we think its great value for money.


Winter Wonderland Gift Box

Winter Wonderland Outside

From The Pretty Little Treat for £20.00


This Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Gift Set is a beautiful little box of four pretty little treats that are just perfect for a bit of winter pampering and you can even personalise the box with the person’s name.

Inside this gift set you will find a herbal bubble bath concoction, chocolate orange lip balm, gorgeous sparkly tree soap and a devine smelling hand cream which we just loved.

Winterwonderland inside

Another thing that we thought was fab about this is how all the elements of this gift set are fully recyclable or reusable. Even the beautiful package is 100% recyclable packaging with a ‘Do not open until 25th December’ sticker to avoid early peeking! Bit of a heads up though this is limited edition, so not too sure how long they will remain in stock.


Tabitha Eve Plastic Free Organic Cotton Scrunchie

Tabitha Eve Scrunchie

From Veo World for £5.95

BUY NOWAvailable in organic cotton jersey and cotton velour these handmade eco-friendly plastic free scrunchies are made in the UK.

They are so soft and perfect for all hair types, securing even a heavy head of hair. They don’t snag or tangle and we love how they use plant-based elastic, with the added feature of being vegan and cruelty free ethically. Can you believe they are even compostable and biodegradable.

We think these would be a perfect gifting option for anyone aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle and  you can get them from Veo World.

Veo World is an online sustainable lifestyle shopping platform for independent sustainable brands and products, its totally worth checking out as you will discover a world of unique lovely products.


Buff Sea Salt Body Scrub

buff up

From Veo World for £12.50

BUY NOWBuff is an eco friendly body care and candle brand that is inspired by nature. Made from the highest quality pure essential oils and all natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

We tried out this 2 in 1 sea salt body scrub, it can be used as a moisturising body scrub as well as a relaxing bath soak and it comes in a pretty jar that is 100% recyclable.

Buff up close up

What’s special about this scrub is that it is handmade in small batches with hand harvested sea salt, certified organic coconut oil and Pure Essential Oils, which are bergamot, ginger, palma rosa, patchouli and sandalwood. We think it will make the best idea for gifting to anyone who needs a bit of pampering and it can be found at Veo, which is the UK's most sustainable online shopping destination.

Veo World also allows you to pay using Clear Pay, which is when you can split your payments over four instalments with no interest added, which might be handy for families in the lead up to Christmas to help spread the costs.


Clean U Vegan Lip Cheek Balm

Cleanu lipbalm

From Veo World for £8.00

BUY NOWPerfect for the environment conscious person in your life is this Clean U Vegan Lip and Cheek Balm as its both kind on the body and kind on the environment

Clean U Skincare products are all inspired by age old traditional beauty recipes from India that use exotic and wild crafted ingredients.

Cleanu lipbalm open

This vegan friendly lip and cheek balm is packed with goodness using five organic essential oil, it smells lovely and leaves your lips smoother.


Ava Care Health Supplement Sprays

Ava care

From Veo World for £10.99

BUY NOWThis is a gift with a difference yet super topical this year. Lately load of people have been keen to find new and innovative ways to boost their immune system so we thought why not use a little stocking filler gift to introduce your friends and family to a new brand such as this AvaCare.

Then it comes to health supplements did you know that if consumed in liquid form it can give you the best absorption levels and that’s why AvaCare liquid can provide you with the optimum dose.

Ava care out of box

In a spray form with a nice tasting tropical orange flavour, AvaCare is a neat way to support the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, muscle function and support a healthy immune system.


Haoma Handmade Soap


From Veo World for £8.00

BUY NOWHandmade in small batches in England these Haoma Handmade Soaps are built on the power of plants, only using certified organic, pure plant ingredients.

We tried the geranium and palmarosa soap and have to say it was lovely and moisturising with a fab smell, its totally bath time approved by us and it can also be found at Veo, which is the UK's most sustainable online shopping destination.


Flawless Toner and Makeup Remover Pads


From Veo World for £15.90

BUY NOWThis pair from Flawless is the perfect gift to add to any morning and evening skin routine. This rose and lavender toner contains vitamin C and E to help stimulate collagen and reduce cell damage. Plus, the lavender adds fab anti-inflammatory properties to the mix.

Used with these soft, durable and reusable cotton pads your skin will for sure be left feeling clean and smooth and all final traces of make-up and impurities completely gone.

We love how Flawless believes that true beauty is cruelty-free, kind to animals, people, and the planet. They create zero-waste, vegan-friendly beauty products and you can pick them up from Veo World.




Echor End of Day Candle

echor candle

From Enchor Currently on Special Offer for £ 19.99

BUY NOWThis End of Day Candle is an amazing pre-sleep aromatherapy aid. Using the Signature Echor essential oil blend encased in soy wax this is truly a therapeutic 100% pure, natural and vegan friendly candle and it looks elegant in this spa like reusable jar.

The Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils that have been added to this candle not only smell amazing, but they have been known to lower your stress, anxiety and blood pressure levels all helping you get to sleep, whilst Geranium has been found to have natural anti-inflammatory properties, opening your airways and may help to reduce snoring caused by sinusitis.

Echor Candle and box

This Vegan soy wax is slow burning so this candle will last around 60 hours and its all natural so does not release any toxins or anything bad for you into the air.

Echor Candle out of box and up close

We found this candle a fab a pre sleep aid, it really does clam your mind and support the end of day wind down to help you get a more restful sleep as you wake up feeling a little bit more refreshed than usual in the morning, we think this would make an elegant and practical gift this Christmas.


Vegan Bunny Candles

Vegan bunny Candle

From Vegan Bunny from £7.90

BUY NOWWe love vegan bunny candles, they make some magical candles that even change colour as they burn. But they also make amazing smelling candles that offer other benefits too, such as this calming Lavender candle, its perfect for night time and relaxation or adding some calmness to your home office. Or this Spring blossom candle that with its flowery and citrus smell transports your mind to walking through a meadows whilst in full bloom.

Vegan bunny Candles lid off

For us the most magical part of this Vegan Bunny Candle is in its credentials. With between a 25 and 50 hour burn time, these plastic free candle are made from 100% natural ingredients, are vegan friendly and cruelty free, comes delivered to your door in reduced product packaging and made only with eco-friendly supplies that are safe for you and the planet.

Vegan Bunny make loads of wonderful eco friendly candles and even have a subscription service for tealights as well, they even do a Christmas Tree, Christmas Pudding, Candy Cane and Mulled Wine one if you’re looking for more Christmas themed treat for gifting.


Olivia’s Haven Christmas at the Old Rectory Soy Candle

Olivia and Haven Candle 2

From Olivia’s Haven for £29.00

BUY NOWOlivia’s Haven has a luxurious collection of uniquely scented soy candles that each have their individual stories and gorgeous box illustrations making them the perfect gift for someone special.

For Christmas there are three key festive scents that all tell a personal story, we tried out the Christmas at the Old Rectory, which burns with a warming mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and is present in a lovely white matt reusable glass.

Olivia and Haven Candle 2

We loved this classic Christmas day scent and the best thing about soy wax is that it has a lower melting point which means it burns up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candles and it is clean burning not releasing any nasties into the air. This Soy Christmas at the Old Rectory  scented candle has around 45 hours burn time.

Olivia and Haven Candle

All Olivia’s Haven products are vegan, cruelty-free and made using 100% soy wax. The premium fragrances fills your home with rich aromas of Olivia’s Haven so whilst enjoying the long clean burn time its acts as relaxant to your mind.


Sassy Wax Body Products and Wax Melts

sassy wax

From Sassy Wax, Whipped Soap £7.95 and Wax Melts £3.20

BUY NOWWe honestly have not seen anything quite like these Whipped soaps before. We tested out the snow  pixie one and it is so pretty. Made in a pale pink with adorable flecks of pastel colours on top, it has a wicked smell with a mix of bubble-gum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss. The second you take off the lid your senses go into overdrive, it smelt so good we wanted to eat it.

With these whipped soaps you scoop enough into your hands and just rub it together to create a thick creamy lather and then apply to the rest of your body for a moisture-rich body wash and shaving foam.

sassy wax both open

Sassy Wax Melts are so pretty, with amazing colour combo’s and pretty flecks of metallic and colour droplets they look really eye catching. The Wax melts are sold in 50g pots of scented wax, with 5 segments in each pot. Typically, this would give you over sixty hours’ worth of scent in every segment pot and at the price of a few pound per pot we think this is great value for money.

Sassy wax open white

Added bonus is that their wax melts and body products are both vegan and cruelty-free


Clarity Blend Aromatherapy Active Life Roller Ball

Active life roller

From Amazon for £9.00

BUY NOWClarity Blend make natural and vibrant blends to help you clear your mind, boost your energy or uplift your mood, by using 100% natural and vegan aromatherapy formulations with the purest, highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils carefully sourced sustainably.

We tried out this Active Life Pulse Points Roll On, it has Eucalyptus in it which releases tension and relieves sore muscles. It also has Peppermint which can help soothes and it also has Grapefruit which helps lifts a flagging mood.

Active Life Roller up close

We think their aromatherapy roller balls are the perfect aromatherapy pick-me-up to help you through the day, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. All you do is roll it on either your temples, neck, behind ears and wrists and feel the benefits of aromatherapy on your mind and body.


Olverum Bath Oil and Restful Sleep Pillow Mist


From Olverum, Restful Sleep Pillow Mist £25.00 and Bath Oil £36.50

BUY NOWWe are a huge fans of pillow mist sprays as an aid to a more restful sleep and we have to say this Olverum Pillow Mist has quickly become one of our favs.  

On our first spray from this opulent bottle the scent of this pillow mist as it drifted to our pillow did not disappoint. A stunning mix of lavender, bergamot and amyris instantly gives a breeze of calm and comfort to you, achieving the job that pillow mists should in helping promote a tranquil mind to aid a restful sleep.

Whilst perfect on its own, you can also pair it with the Olverum bath oil to really indulge yourself on a natural and meditative way to help regulate your sleep cycle.

Olverum unboxed

This bath oil again uses an expert selected blend of essential oils to ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body.

Reducing stress and improving sleep can go along way to reviving a tired immune system and we think this little bottle which is enough for at around 25 baths, is such a luxurious way to gift the power to unwind and soothe aching muscles this Christmas.

We also love how both the Olverum Pillow Mist and Bath Oil are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and free from artificial preservatives, fragrance, colourants, Silicone, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Sulphates, Phthalates, Parabens, Triclosan and animal derived ingredients.


Holy Blue Holt Mind Body and Soul Candles

Holly Blue Holt Candle on box

From Holy Blue Holt Large Candle £16.50, Medium £13.50

BUY NOWThese unique holistic therapy candles really caught our eye when we first saw them, as they pair colour and scent as a way to positively impact your mental and physical wellbeing. 

By combining the principles of colour psychology, aromatherapy, and spirituality in these candles it takes into account how colour has an effect on your moods and we haven’t seen anything quite like these before so just had to share them with you.

Two candles we were drawn to was the Orange one for Energy and Inspiration and the Green one for Health and Harmony

Holly Blue Holt Inside Candles

Orange is the colour of loving life and vitality. It sparks enthusiastic and this candle is mixed with an Orange and Goji Berry scent to uplift you.

Green is the colour of growth, for renewing and restoring depleted energy and this candle is mixed with Bergamot and Patchouli scent, to help fight feelings of anxiety and depression and help you achieve harmony. This is also the perfect candle to burn to support mindfulness meditation and healing.

We instantly thought these candles would be a fantastic gifting option for any yoga lovers or friends and family looking to restore some calm to their lives again. They are all vegan friendly and cruelty free and depending on the size of candle you pick they have a burn time of 35 to 55 hours.


Mindshine Happiness App


From Mindshine for Free or Full Access for £30.99 for 3 months

BUY NOWYou know what after the bizarre year and a bit that we have had lately when we heard about Mindshine App, we had to check it out to see if it was worth all the fuss and a potential for gifting this Christmas.

Mindshine app is a digital Happiness Coach. It a tool using psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness in one app that constantly adapt to you to make your everyday better.

You can download this app for free and gain access to a limited number of exercises for free, or you can pay to have a 3 month or yearly subscription and gain access to all the coaching sessions.

Mindshine coaching

This may not be for everyone, you need to be the type of person that’s open to calming your mind, willing to try different method of trying to relax and just open to wanting to change and feel like you would like to achieve better levels of sleep, less stress and more focus on positives in life.  

Mindshine daily routine

This is a really good app to be fair and from what we have seen so far we would definitely suggest you check it out as we can see how this would be a wicked and really beneficial to gift for some people.



Loving Home Life


Beast Tumbler


From Greens Steel Currently on Special Offer for £21.00

BUY NOWOMG What a beast of a coffee cup was for sure the first thing we said when we first unboxed this beauty. We tested the huge Aquamarine Blue 40oz cup out, which is equivalent to 1000ml and is currently on Special Offer for £27. This Beast tumblers also come in two smaller sizes a 30oz / 900ml which is on Special Offer for £25 and a 20oz / 500ml also on special offer for £21.

Beast Tumbler

Beast tumblers are stainless steel vacuum insulated coffee cups with a splash proof lid and we have to say it definitely has a premium feel to it. They all come with two metal reusable straws, one straight and one curved.  Even though these Beast tumblers are big in size, because of their clever design they are all cup holder friendly so no worries when you’re taking your tumbler on your travels.

Beast straws

It is robust made from food grade steel with a superior non fading coated finish for maximum durability, with the lid from an unbreakable shatterproof BPA-Free Tritan plastic.

Beast top

We love how easy it is to clean as it is dishwasher safe and comes with a cleaning brush to be able to wash your straws well. Another feature we love is that all the beast tumblers come with a lifetime warranty, giving you a bit more peace of mind.

Beast tumblers comes in loads of awesome colours and we have already picked the next colour we are planning on getting,


Cup Cosy Mini Knitting Kit

Stitch and Story

From Stitch and Story for £12.50

BUY NOWThis is such a cute and quick beginner knitting kit that we think will make the Ideal present to gift this Christmas.

Perfect for a complete beginner to test the waters with before committing to any bigger projects, as well as a really cool fun mini make for more advanced knitters.

On opening we were really impressed with the quality of wool and knitting needles that you get with this kit. We got grey wool, but you can pick from 5 different colours. You learn how to cast on, knit in simple garter stitch, and how to cast off, so all the basics are covered.

Stitch and Story inside

We just love this cosy wintery craft gift and think it will genuinely make a perfect stocking filler or secret Santa gift as it is so different. Stitch and Story do loads of different kits so we would definitely be worth checking them out.


Hapi Bottles Drink Flasks

Hapi Bottles

From Hapi Bottles for £16.99

BUY NOWThe colours of these Hapi Bottles really pop and is the first thing that grabbed our attention. Its fab to see a practical item paired with stylish look.

Available in either 350ml or 500mp these direct drink flasks tick all the boxes. Able to keep cold drinks cold for up to 24hours and hot drinks piping hot for 12 hours they are an excellent gift option for friends and family to take on picnics or daily commutes.

Hapi Bottles out the box

Hapi Bottles open lids

Made from stainless steel, these are BPA, BPS and BPF free and come with a safety lock feature and great drinking spout. Another bonus is they are nice and lightweight before you add your drink, plus they come in an attractive box which is great for gifting.


Peropon Panda Drinking Animal Planter

Panda Planter

From Red Candy for £12.00

BUY NOWHow ridiculously cute is this Panda! We are in love with our adorable Panda Planter.

Panda is made from glazed ceramic and is nice and sturdy, inside there is a plastic plant pot that has a felt tongue attached to it, now this is where it gets clever. Once you have planted your herbs, which you get with this you put the felt tongue through the panda’s mouth and place it into the bowl, whilst it looks cute drinking away it is actually self watering as the felt is soaking up the water and passing it onto the plant pot.

Panda Drinking Water

Panda growing

So clever, we haven’t seen anything like it before. We got basil in with our Panda, however there are other characters you can collect, such as a cat which grows wild strawberry, a dog that grows clover and a frog that grows mint.


TKWide Insulated Cup

Klean Kanteen

From Klean Kanteen for £25.95

BUY NOWKlean Kanteen TKWide bottle is super versatile making it a fab gift idea for anyone, from taking water the gym, smoothie on your commute to work or keeping your coffee warm on the family picnic, this can do it all.

There is a whole host of different colours available all with a chip-resistant Klean Coat powder coat finish adding to the durability and safety of this bottle.

This vacuum insulated TKWide bottle comes with Climate Lock which keeps contents hot up to 11 hours or iced up to 38 hours

Klean Kanteen top off

A feature that we are really impressed by is the unique TK Closure, which is an internal thread design that increases thermal performance and compatible with TKWide caps. There are all different types of caps that you can order additionally that are all interchangeable, some with straws and it comes with the leak proof Café Cap on it with easy-carry swivel loop.

Klean Kanteen open

Its classy slim design means it will fit in most cup holders, its food grade stainless steel, BPA Free and backed by the lifetime Strong as Steel guarantee


Alpaca Super Soft Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottle

From Chilcott for £45.00

BUY NOWThe cold winter nights won’t be the same with this Lush super soft Hot Water Bottle from Chilcott, made from Alpaca and British Wool, it comes in so many different beautiful colours you may struggle to pick your favourite.

Chilcot Hot Water Bottle

We were so impressed with the feeling of this hot water bottle and have to say it’s perfectly sized for cuddling and we just feel in love with the little extra, that is the pocket of lavender attached to this hot water bottle as it adds to your relaxing night's sleep.


Craftiosity Festive Kit Box


From Craftiosity for £24.95 a month

BUY NOWLooking for a craft kit with a modern vibe to gift this Christmas then we can highly recommend that you check out Craftiosity subscription boxes, sent direct your doorstep.

Each box is delivered in pretty packaging and filled full of all the materials, tools and instructions you need to take you on a little creative adventure, well apart from a few household basics, like a pencil, ruler and scissors or an old jam jar. These boxes are bigger than letterbox size, so you will need to be in to receive these boxes.

Craft box open

Inside our box we got a candle making kit, with tins, the wax, wicks and the most amazing orange scent to add. You don’t need to worry if you’re more a visual follower, because additional to the written instructions, Craftiosity do video tutorials which we think is a fab touch.

Craft box inside

We think these craft kits will make a great Christmas gift, as you are gifting them a boost of creativity and me time! It’s simple to purchase a gift subscription online and give the code to the person you are gifting, who then has 12 months to redeem it. They will get a new and different craft kits every month well after Christmas, and you don’t need to fret about being tied into long subscriptions as you can cancelled whenever you wish to.


The Kelty Bestie Blanket

Kelty Blanket

From Wildbounds Currently on Special Offer for £14.95

BUY NOWYup we def found a new bestie in this Kelty Bestie Blanket… oh my gosh it’s a real find, so just had to add this one to our list of Christmas gift ideas.

Called the bestie blanket as you won’t want to go on an adventure without bringing your bestie along and this blanket is the best for taking on adventure, such as music festivals, hiking, road trips, day down the beach or just the park for a little picnic.

It’s a good size, just a little bit smaller than a single duvet size, its so thin and lightweight but its crazy cosy and you wouldn’t think that with how thick it is, but that is down to the cloudloft insulation that it is made of.

Kelty Blanket unwrapped

Both sides are made up with soft fabrics, one a brushed Polyester Pongee and the other a Poly Taffeta, which is a lavish lightweight, durable, and wrinkle-resistant material. It comes with a sack that you can roll and easily stuff your blanket in and carry around in.

Best of all this bestie won’t break the bank meaning its an ideal price and idea to gift this Christmas.


Having a Laugh


Santa Vs Jesus Card Game

Santa v Jesus Game

From Amazon for £20.00

BUY NOWThis game is a hilarious team game that is for sure not just for Christmas time, obviously should definitely be played at Christmas time, cause why wouldn’t you.

You can play with 4 to 16 players, and you divide into two teams, one is team Santa and one is team Jesus. You battle it out doing challenges to win believers, with the winning team being the one that has the most believers at the end of play.

When you open the box you will see five piles of cards, the ones in the middle are the believer and character cards and all others are game play cards and what’s super important is you do not shuffle the four game play packs of cards as they are already in the order you need them to be in to play the game.

Santa v Jesus Cards

This is a fab game for Christmas some of the challenges include spot the difference, put things in order and making a card tower.

Cards from inside Santa v Jesus

As it says on the box its not for little kids, there is no swearing in the game, it is just there are some 'adult' themes and hints, so older kids will be fine with it. And don’t let the title put you off, it’s not anti-religious or disrespectful to tradition. As it has four game plays in it we think this would be one we would for sure put away with our Christmas Decorations and bring out once a year to play with the family.


Confident? Board Game


From Amazon English Version £19.99 Welsh Bilingual Board Game £22.99

BUY NOWThis is a fab party game especially for when the family get together at Christmas time. It’s essentially a guessing game, so its ok if you have younger kids that would not know the answer to a question as they can still feel part of it of it and play.

For example, questions could be like how many nationalities have visited the international space station? Everyone uses the boards and wipeable pens to write their range of answers down. The smaller the range you put down the more you score. So, if one player wrote 10 to 40 they would score less than the other player who wrote 10 to 20. Of course, if another person wrote 10 to 15, they would not score anything, because the answer is 19 so you would have to have written a range down that had the actual answer in it.

You get different points based on what size your range was and the overall winner is the first to get to 15, inside the box you get a handy scoreboard so its easy to keep trace of everyone’s scores.

Confident inside box

We honestly loved playing this game, its was so easy for everyone to understand how to play, so all ages of the family could join in. The game includes some genuinely interesting questions and when you turn the card over to read the answer its gives you some extra facts or just interesting add on’s to the actual answer, so you are actually learning as you go.

Another awesome feature is the fact that you can buy this board game in the English Version or in a Welsh Bilingual version. So, the Welsh version is great to play with fluent Welsh speakers or with people and kids who are still learning, as all the instruction and question and answer cards are all in both English and Welsh.

The creators of the game have been so lovely and actually given us a Welsh Bilingual game to run as a competition so one of our readers can win it. So if this sounds like a game your family will enjoy and you want to try your luck, why not pop over to our competition page here and enter for free.



Tiny TV Classics Family Guy

Family Guy Tv

From Smyths Toy Store for £19.99

<BUY NOWThese ickle TV’s are class and showing some classics on theirs screens too! This Christmas you can gift someone a tiny TV that works, with pretty decent on-screen imagery and sound.


There are three different styles of actual TV you can get, one is designed as the millennial TV so 2010 to now and more like a flat screen style tv. Then one is retro 70’s to 80’s style tv and then the last is a ultra retro 50’s to 60’s tv style. And they all come with working remote controls and custom backdrop.


Tiny TV Classics are real-working little TVs that play the most famous scenes and quotes from top shows and movies. We got the Family Guy one, but the other shows available include Batman, South Park, Back to the Future, Big Bang and Friends.

Tiny TV with the volume control on

Have to say we were really impressed by the quality of the pictures on screen and the sound that came out of such a little telly and can totally recommend this as an excellent choice for gifting this Christmas.


Beat That Game

Beat That Game

From Amazon for £24.99  

BUY NOWThis is an excellent get up and play game, with 160 wacky challenges to pick from to complete to win you will be testing your skills for sure this Christmas.

This game is designed for 2 to 8 players, you pick a challenge and using your tokens place bets based on how confident you are to being able to complete the challenge, so for example you would bet more tokens on a challenge you think you would be able to complete compared to less on a challenge you know you will struggle on. So, a mix of skills, luck and savvy gambling.

Inside Beat That Game

There are a whole host of challenges from solo ones you take on, on your own, duel’s where you go head-to-head with another player, buddy up where you work with a partner or battle royale where all players play against each other.

The challenges are great fun, most using the equipment you get in the boxes, such as bouncing, flipping, stacking, blowing, or rolling things, however there are some non-equipment more question style challenges as well. Basically, the overall winner is the player that wins the most points at the end of 10 rounds.

This is a fab party game, and we can see this making the ideal Christmas gift option this year.


Mandalorian Trumps

Mandalorian Trumps

From Amazon for £9.99

BUY NOWGrab it while you can as this is a Limited Edition Top Trumps game of the Disney+ smash hit series The Mandalorian.

Featuring thirty characters from the streaming series you can pick from friends and foes that feature in Din Djarin’s quest to deliver and protect The Child, such as Boba Fett, Stormtroppers, Cobb Vanth, Frog Lady, Koska Reeves, and Grogu himself.

Madalorian Trumps Cards

The categories on each card includes Strength, This is the way, Greed, Technology, Resilience and Top Trumps rating. You must choose the best stat from each card to be in with the chance of outsmarting your opponents.


Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names

map funny

From STG’s Marvellous Maps for £14.99

BUY NOWWhy would I gift a Map your asking…. Well this aint no ordinary map, it’s the funniest map of Britain and we think it’s a blinking awesome idea for a gift. Ideal for the person that has everything or that one person your just on the hunt for something different and unique for this has their name on it.

ST&G’s Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names features over 2,000 of Britain's funniest, rudest and oddest place names and its guaranteed to make you erupt into some childish giggles.

This is Geography at its finest, highlighting real life places such as Fulking Hill in West Sussex, Slap Bottom in Hampshire, Twatt in Sheltand and the Devil’s Arse in Derbyshire. You’re going to discover some ridiculous places with this map which is all the fun of it.  

Map 2


We got the fold out version of the map; however you can get a wall map version either rolled or framed making it a fab Christmas Present Idea, you never know aside from the laughs it might even help plan some future road trips.


Treasure Trails

Trasure trails

From Amazon for £9.99

BUY NOWA treasure trail gift is a unique idea for all the puzzle loving people for Christmas Day. They are themed self-guided trails that takes place on an outdoor walking trail.

inside trails

Along the way you have to solve clues, using local landmarks, signs and monuments and of course your detective skills. There are well over a thousand of these trails in the UK, including plenty in Wales and around 20 to choose from here in West Wales.

The trails should take you no more than a couple of hours to complete and are a great fun activity to do as a family or even as an individual. Best of all these trails can be either posted out to your friends and family or they can be bought online and downloaded so are perfect for a last-minute gift idea for Christmas Day.



Wear It


Pure Silk Bunny Hairbands

This is Silk Scrunchie

From This is Silk on Offer for £9.99

BUY NOWThese are really cute hairbands that have a real whimsical vibe to them. Made from Pure Silk they will actually protect your hair from friction and damage.

Handmade by Silk specialists they are strong and unlike normal hair bands where elastic weakens and damages your hair, making it prone to kinking and breaking. These provide a strong hold without the damage; they also look fab wearing them on your wrist as well as in your hair.


Let’s Get Blitzened Christmas Socks

Blitzened Socks

From Find me a Gift for £12.99

BUY NOWSomething for the ladies with a festive vibe is this set of three funny Christmas socks. Bright and colourful each have a fun festive phrase on them reflecting the boozy time of year, with one saying Lets get blitzened, one saying Cheers and the other saying He sees you when you’re drinking. obviously though you can wear them  all year round.

Christmas Socks

In sizes UK 4 to 8 they are made out of cotton and are nice and soft and they wash well, we think they are a great festive themed idea for Christmas this year.



One and Eight Porcelain Earrings

One and Eight Earrings

From One and Eight for £30.00

BUY NOWHandmade in Devon these elegant porcelain paloma earrings come packed in a cool reusable glass bottle.

The porcelain discs are made via an intricate process where clay is coloured, crafted, fired and glazed, before adding the final gold design. Real gold lustre is added before the final firing.

One and Eight Earrings close up

Aside from looking beautiful, we just love how each pair of earrings are unique in size and have that handmade custom feel to them. They also have matching necklace if you want to gift a whole set.


Sight Hound T Shirt

Sight Hound T shirts

From Sight Hound for £24.00

BUY NOWSimplistic creative imagery and text is what caught our eye with these wonderful Sight Hound t-shirts.

We love the ethical credentials behind these t-shirts as they are manufactured sustainably, use solvent-free ink water-based screen print and posted out using plastic free packaging, with compostable cello and paper.  

Design wise we fell in love with the runner t-shirt, with a person running through a twist of paths of quirky houses and the writer t-shirt with an uncomplicated fountain pen.

Soight Hound T shirt blue

Sight hound t shirt purple

They are great quality cotton t-shirts that have washed and ironed really well. We don’t see designs like this in high street stores so just thought we would share these from a UK independent as a great gift option this year.


Edifier TWS1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds


From Amazon for £45.99

BUY NOWOn the look out for new headphones to gift this Christmas, then you might want to check out these from Edifier as we think they are great value for money.

Edifier TWS1 Pro are water and sweat resistant which makes them a perfect pick for using during a workout

Headphones closed

We found the Bluetooth wireless connection to be stable and the noise cancellation was fab, makes phones calls crystal clear. We found them quick to charge taking around 40 minutes which gives you around 40 hours play back time.

Headphones out of box

They are comfy to wear and handy that they come with various sized ear tips. We tried out the dark grey colour however they do them in a lovely ivory colour too. Testing them up again similar earbuds from other brands for the price tag on these they are great value for money, so no need to break the bank this year to get great quality earbuds.



Bijoux de Mimi Stacker Earring Set

mimi earring

BUY NOWBijoux de Mimi are a colourful jewellery brand that’s popular with girls aged 13 to 25 and who have been recently awarded a special mention as the Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards in 2021.

These five-piece stacker sets have just been released in October and they are a neat way to dress your ear. We love a good huggie hoop, but bonus with these are they are pretty and all different in designs. They come in six different stone colours and gold as well as silver-coloured designs.

mimi earring up close

They work well with all different type of piercing and the cuff and chain doesn’t need a piercing so gives the illusion you have a fifth piercing when you don’t. We thought these were on trend and a bit quirky, just love how they are all different designs.



Gifting Words


Brother P-touch Cube Label Printer

Brother Printer

From Brother UK for £49.99

BUY NOWThis was an absolute find for us, and we think any busy family home will totally benefit from having one of these brother cube p touch printers in them as they can do so much.

Compact in size, practical in design it is all down to what type of tape you use inside this label printer to what you can achieve. Ranging from all different colours to, waterproof, to iron on fabric and even ribbon, we were so impressed when we unboxed this, we have so many other ideas now of things to organise around the home its brilliant.

cut button brother printer

The labels are so durable that you can print labels to go on Tupperware put them in the fridge or freezer and even the dishwasher and they will still be perfect. Ideal for labelling jars or storage boxes in kitchen, fridge storage and even bathroom vanity cupboard storage.

Big hit with us was you can buy an iron on tape so you can print your child’s name on them and iron on school uniform or P.E. kit and we found that it was way cheaper than ordering them when we can print them ourselves. You can even get ribbon to print on to make wrapping your present a pretty personalised experience.

Labels printed from brother p touch

This label printer can run with a plug-in adapter or we just used batteries. And the ease of use was impressive, within minutes we downloaded the brother app, scrolled through the templates and were printing. You can add emojis and pick from all different font styles.


We adore how versatile it is from printing fun labels for the kids, stylish labels for home storage to legible labels for gardening. We think this would make a much appreciate gift from anyone who would get a buzz from adding some organisation to their life.


Shroot Greens and Greeting Card

Greens and Greetings

From Shroot for £6.99

BUY NOWThese Greens and Greeting from Shroot are genius as they are a Christmas card, envelope and plant pot, all in one.

Posted out to your loved one is an eco friendly packet that you can get a personalised message printed onto, a coir soil block that expands once you add water, microgreen seeds and a wooden stirrer.

Greens and Greetings open

Greens and Greetings planting

All you need to do when you get this is cut the top of the pouch open, add water to the enclosed coir soil block, sprinkle the seeds on top and pop it on a window ledge.

Merry Chritmas growing

It’s fun, something different and edible as you can grows tasty frilly pea shoots in under 2 weeks, which are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.




One Month Free, then £7.99 from Readly


Readly is something that we have recently stumbled upon and something that has saved us a huge amount of money every week now.

If your family member or friend is like us and loves to read magazine then that cost can soon add up over the month with many magazines costing around £4.99 each, so gifting your them the Readly app for Christmas could offer them Unlimited magazine and Newspaper reading all in one app.

There are more than 5,000 magazines available as well as newspapers so there is something for everyone and if you sign up you get one month free after you add in your bank details and in fact the whole family can use the app, from kids to grandparents, so it really does offer a fab gifting idea that will carry benefits long after Christmas has been and for the whole family.






All Prices Correct at Publishing 15th November 2021

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