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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2021

Don’t be stuck hunting for Ideas of the perfect present for your child this Christmas, with over 90 Gift Ideas in our 2021 Mega Christmas Gift guide for Kids you can find what’s new on the market, quirky buys, great deals and 100% get some inspiration of what to buy.

We know first-hand just how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect pressies for your little one and when they don’t hit you with an itemised wish list it’s up to you to find those must have quirky or on trend gifts to put a smile on their faces and sometimes that can be stressful for parents.

Thing is its quite often the inexpensive things you just wouldn’t have thought of buying until you see it in more detail and realise it’s actually a fab gifting idea.

So, to help families at this busy time of the year we thought we would share our favourites. We have searched through hundreds of options and just picked out the best ones to share with you. Some are outside the box ideas, on trend ideas and cute gift ideas. They are perfect for toddlers right through to teens making 2021’s Christmas morning full of fun and smiles all round.

So grab a cuppa and start scrolling…


Subscription Boxes


Little Cooks

little cooks

From Little Cooks for £8.33 per box up

BUY NOW Little Cooks is a flexible subscription box that is designed to help form healthy food habits for kids with organic baking kits which delivers all the dry ingredients needed through your door. We tried out the Beetroot Falafel and homemade flatbread box recently and were really impressed with it, not only do you get all the ingredients, but you also get some more recipes to try out and a record book which the kids can add that box sticker to and write a little about their baking experience.

little cooks 3

little cooks 4

These boxes are great for getting the kids to try something new and we think these boxes would make a fantastic gift option, and best of all they have flexible subscription options so there is no need to feel tied into anything.


MEL Science

MEL Science

From MEL Science start for £19.50 a month

BUY NOW MEL Science subscription consists of monthly deliveries of a box full of hands-on experiments covering a designated topic. They have boxes suitable for children aged 5 right up to 16. We recently tried out their box and made a Hydraulic Lift which was really interesting, and we found it easy to follow.

MEL Science 3

Digitally, you also receive access to VR/AR lessons packs, as well as access to live webinars conducted by rock-star science teachers.Every subscriber also gets access to the MEL Science app, where you can find a virtual assistant to make the experiments easier and a wide range of science content.

MEL Science 2

Again, you’re not tied in as you can pause or cancel or reactivate your subscription at any time all from within your online profile, making it a great educational option for Christmas gifting this year.




From Toucan for £10.95

BUY NOW Toucan boxes are creative and educational subscription boxes aimed at kids aged three to eight years old. The boxes are inspired by Montessori learning, and we recently tried out the new limited edition 2021 Christmas box and have to say the kids really enjoyed it.

Inside it came with everything we needed to build two crafts a 3D parachute Santa sleigh that you can drop and see high float to the floor and a frosty forest ice skating lake, which comes with a magnetic wand so you can move the characters around.

Toucan 2

It also came with a magazine and stickers. We love how the crafts you make in these Toucan boxes then become something your little ones can play with. It really does offer great value for money and best of all the subscription to these letterbox boxes is flexible, so you don’t need to feel that you are tied into them.


The Reading Adventure Book

reading adventure

From The Reading Adventure Book for £10.95

BUY NOW So, this is an interesting take on what instantly springs to mind as a book club. Yes, there are books all perfect for kids aged eight to eleven and additional to a fun book to read you will get up to 10 surprise gifts to unwrap. These gifts are all related to the book that you are reading that month and what we really loved was that the kids can’t just trick parents that they have read to the next gift as included in the box is parents notes, so you have questions that you can ask your child that will confirm that they have read up to the next gift. None was crazy hard, but just enough to prove they were not taking the Michael out of you.

reading adventure 2

Additionally, you also get a book related gift and subscription is flexible in that you can pay month by month, or pre-pay for 3 to 6 months. Perfect for Christmas you can gift a one-off box as well, which we thought was really fab. This really did engage the kids in the book they were reading and for those books they struggle to turn pages on we think this is a great way to help them along.



Sporty Gifts


Chicco Balance Bike

Chicco bike

From Amazon for £35.99

BUY NOW A great way to help your little one get started learning how to ride a bike is by getting them on a balance bike as a bike without pedals helps them easily focus on just balancing on two wheels. This makes the transition to a bike with pedals a lot less stressful for them as they have already gained the confidence in their ability to balance.

Chicco Bike 3

This brightly coloured red bullet balance bike from Chicco is aimed at kids aged 2 to 5 years old and has adjustable handlebars and seat which is handy. What we were really impressed with is that it is very sturdy and very light. The wheels are no puncture wheels so it really is a low maintenance cycling option that we think will for sure bring smiles on Christmas Day.


Smart Ball Speed Football

Speed ball

From Bargain Max for £24.99

BUY NOW We were so impressed with this New Smart Ball Speed Football from the second we saw it that we just had to include it as an idea on our list.

Speed Ball 2

Awesome gift option for any football fan is this clever football that can measure the speed that you kick the ball at. It has an inbuilt sensor, switch it on it and it counts downs to when you should kick. After you simply press the button, and it tells you your speed. It’s aimed at anyone over six years old, but honestly we can see this being a favourite with those competitive grownups just as much as with the kids!

Also, another bonus is to help with the pressures on families this Christmas if you buy from Bargain Max you can pay with ClearPay which allows you to pay up over four instalments every two weeks all interest free.


Xootz Pink Quad Roller Skates

roller skates

From Bargain Max for £23.99

BUY NOW The classic roller skates you simply can’t go wrong with gifting to the kids at Christmas. These lovely bright colourful skates are perfectly designed for beginners as well as they offer great support and protection of the feet and ankles.


skates 2

skates 1

There is no stress over kids growing out of them too quick as they are adjustable and come in two difference size ranges 9 to 12 and 13 to 3. We let the kids test these out and have to say there are sturdy and after a few uses you can tell that both the stopper and wheels are going to wear well.


Bobux Hi Top Trainers

Bobux Sport metalic shoes

From Boxbux from £46.00

BUY NOW New for Autumn 2021 are these sporty looking Bobux High Tops it’s a fab collection of street-styled trainers for serious play and we think the kids are going to love them as they definitely grab your attention.

Bobux boots

There are two designs in this collection the Hi Court which are matt coloured and Velcro straps and these the Alley-oop which are stunning metallic colours and their first lace up basketball inspired boot which features laces and a side zip and the colours are just so amazing and for sure way better in person. Added bonus too is if you sign up to Bobux newsletter you will also get 15% off your first order, which is a brilliant bargain.



Creative Play


Junko Zoomerkit


From Junko for £36.99

BUY NOW We haven’t seen anything like this before and we just loved this eco friendly creative kids toy. In this Junko Zoomer kit you get 7 pieces that you then use to turn all your family’s recycling waste into toys for the kids to play with. With this Junko Zoomerkit you can build a car and even one large enough to take all your dolls or action figures for a drive in or just a car to race around with.

junko 2

All the plastic pieces are made from recycled plastic and on the other side of the instruction booklet is a fun comic for the kids to read. Really with these Junko kits yours kids can build moving toys as wild as their imaginations will allow. We fell in love with Junko from the get go so just had to include them as a gift ideas on this list.


Stitch and Story Children’s Kitting Kit

Stitch and Story Kinitting Kids

From Stitch and Story currently on special offer for £12.99

BUY NOW Stitch and Story have some really lovely kits for kids, this one covers all the basics needed to help someone start their knitting journey, such as how to start, the knit stitch, and how to finish. Broken down into easy to follow lessons this kit really does guide the kids step by step on how to knit.

Stitch and Story Knitting Kids

This kit is aimed at kids age 8 and over and includes two different coloured balls of wool, some really good quality bamboo needles, a plastic sewing needle and instructions on how to make a hat or a scarf, that is also backed by online tutorials. Christmas is a fab time to sit with the kids and learn new crafts and we think what this kit offers is well worth the price, also they have a special offer on that if you buy three kits you get them at a reduced price.


Aquabeads Star Bead Station


From Amazon for £26.47

BUY NOW We are huge fans of Aquabeads, as the kids always enjoy so many hours of creative playtime with them. Kids can basically layout all different pictures then spray them with water to watch all the beads stick together.

Aquabeads 2

This is a new large set of over 2000 star, solid, and jewel beads in 35 colours which includes a handy star container to hold all the beads safely in. You get a bead pen with bead picker, flip tray set, sprayer, template sheets, and easy to follow instructions. Aquabeads are suitable for kids over four years old and think that they would be well loved by most kids this Christmas.


Melt And Make Your Own Chocolate Lollipops

Make your own lolly

From Choc on Choc for £14.00

BUY NOW Kids can get creative while also making something yummy to eat, which is a real treat for them. This Choc on Choc kids kit allows kids to melt and make different chocolate animal lollipops. Inside this kit you will find five plastic moulds for the chocolate animals, milk chocolate buttons for melting, 6 lolly sticks, and a cute paper chef's hat.

Make your own lollY 2

We have to say this is a great quality making kit for the kids as the Belgian milk chocolate is so delicious. This kit is aimed at kids over six years old, though adult supervision is required. We think it would make an awesome gifting option this Christmas.


DIY Make Your Own Scrunchie Kit

tabitha and Eve Scrunchie

From Tabitha and Eve for £11.95

BUY NOW This new DIY Make Your Own Scrunchie Kit from Tabitha and Eve we think would make the best Christmas present for keen crafters as well as eco-friendly conscious kids, as this kit has everything you need to make your own eco-friendly, plastic-free, biodegradable scrunchies.

tabitha and Eve Scrunchie 2

Inside the box you will find easy to follow instructions, 2 x Pre-cut pieces of organic cotton, 2 x Pre-cut lengths of plant-based, naturally extruded rubber elastic as well as a needle and thread, which is all you need to make two biodegradable, cotton scrunchies.


Colour Your Own World Map Duvet Cover

Colour your duvet

From Eat Sleep Doodle for £29.95

BUY NOW We quite often like to gift the practical present of a new duvet set to the kids at Christmas time, so when we saw this paired with a fun, creative option from Eat Sleep Doodle we just had to share it with you.

Made from a good quality cotton material you can get pillow cases and duvet sets with all different images on it that kids can colour in with wash out pens, like this world map. It is great for kids creativity and imagination and because it washes out they can colour it in again and again.

Colour your duvet 2

These sets come with the wash out fabric pens and we just love how it gives the kids the chance to personalise their own bedding, making it fab for sleepovers with their friends. There are loads of different images and they also do pencil cases and bags with plenty of Christmas themed options as well.


Ravensburger CreArt Paint Set


From Amazon for £12.75

BUY NOW Ravensburger CreArt sets are great paint by numbers sets that depending on which one you get is suitable for all different ages of kids, this Tiger one is for over 11 year olds but other ones are available for younger kids.

CreArt 2

These sets come with everything you need the picture is on a good quality canvas, you get an easel to hold the little acrylic paint pots and a good paintbrush. We cant fault this as a little arts project for the kids that will keep them entertained for good few hours.


Triple Chocolate Brownie Box


From Britain Loves Baking for £8.00

BUY NOW Perfect for any child that loves a bit of baking, no matter of their skill level this triple chocolate making kit from Britain Loves Baking we think will be a real hit. Inside this box you get all the ingredients (bar some eggs) ready weighted out that you need to make yummy gooey brownies

The kids really enjoyed making these, they didn’t take that long, and they found the instructions easy to follow.

Brownies 2

Britain Loves Baking has loads of different gift boxes that are perfect gift for adults and children at Christmas time, some more involved than others all with varying prices so worth checking them out for some hassle-free baking gifts.


Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Baking Box


From Britain Loves Baking from £6.00

BUY NOW Another fab Baking Box ideal for gifting the kids this Christmas is this chocolate dipped shortbread baking box, which comes with cute festive sprinkles.

Its easy for the kids to make and ideal for building their confidence in the kitchen at the same time as giving them something super yummy to eat! Britain loves Baking has loads of different baking kits available for gifting this year for both Children and Adults so if you have a family member that loves baking we think a visit to their website to see what they have available would be worth it.


Personalised Reusable Colouring Sheets

Doodle You

From DoodleYou from £15.95

BUY NOW These kids colouring sheets are fab, they are big durable sheets that your little one can enjoy colouring in, with the added bonus of being able to wipe them clean if they make mistakes or just simply want to re do them another day.

You will need to make sure you use washable markers; however, you get these with your sheet. What really caught our eye though was the fact that you can get the sheet personalised with your child or family name, which we think just adds something special to this.

All our kids have loved and spent hours colouring so not only is it enjoyable for them it has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, plus too improve fine motor skills, coordination for writing skills and helps focus the mind. Making these sheet an absolutely fab idea to gift this Christmas.


Make Your Own Hello Kitty Reindeer Kit

Hello Kitty

From Stitch and Story currently on Special Offer for £40.50

BUY NOW This is a project in a box, that honestly any crafting lover will be over the moon to receive this Christmas.

Using the art of Crochet you can make this adorable 19cm wide and 24cm high Hello Kitty dressed as a Reindeer. Inside the box you get everything you need from coloured merino wool, good quality bamboo crochet hook, toy stuffing, sewing needle and not only easy to follow pattern but too basic guide on how to crochet so this is great as a learner project as well.

Hello Kitty 2

Stitch and Story have lots of different kits for both adults and kids so think you will find some really great present ideas for your family this Christmas.


Fimo Kids Oceanlife

Fimo ocean

From Art Discount Currently on Speical Offer for £8.65

BUY NOW Staedtler Fimo Kids Form and Play Modelling Clay Sets, are perfect for any child that loves doing arts and craft projects and this Oceanlife kit does not disappoint.

Inside you will find all the FIMO and accessories needed to create a whole host of Ocean life including a crab and turtle. There is also detailed step by step instructions of how exactly to make them, stickers and fun play background.

Fimo Ocean 2

Fimo is a soft easy to handle clay that kids can play and model pretty much anything in. Building on their fine motors skills, creativity and stretching their imagination. Though the best of it is once you have finished creating your masterpiece you can bake it and it will stay hard forever and you can even add a varnish to make it all fancy. Fimo is recommended for kids over 8 years old and we think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for any crafting kid this year.


Fimo Kids Pets

Fimo Pets

From WHSmith for £10.99

BUY NOW We are huge fans of the Staedtler Fimo Kids Form and Play Modelling Clay Sets, in fact can even remember loving them when we were younger ourselves and you can even get them in themed sets like this Pets one.

Inside you will find all the FIMO and accessories needed to create a whole host of pets, including the detailed step by step instructions of how exactly to make them, stickers and cut out templates.

Fimo pets 2

Fimo is a soft easy to handle clay that kids can play and model pretty much anything in. Building on their fine motors skills, creativity and stretching their imagination. Though the best of it is once you have finished creating your masterpiece you can bake it and it will stay hard forever and you can even add a varnish to make it all fancy. Fimo is recommended for kids over 8 years old and we honestly cant rave enough about how awesome a Christmas gift this could make.


Fimo Zodiac Key Chains Set

Fimo Zodiac

From Amazon for £13.56

BUY NOW To match with the growing TikTok trending videos about zodiacs we think this Fimo Zodiac Chain Set would be a fab on trend gift that also involves some creative fun.

Inside this set you get everything you need to create keychains out of oven bake modelling clay which can be decorated with stars and personalized zodiac signs

Fimo Zodiac 2

Kids can make beautiful galaxy effect key chains and use the included metallic marker to decorate and add the zodiac signs, template for all 12 zodiac signs are included, which makes it really easy for your little one to be able to personalise their creations. What we love about this set is additional to the step-by-step-instructions there are video tutorials available online to support this set.


Staedtler Noris 24 Pack of Colouring Pencils

noris pencils

From Amazon for £4.00

BUY NOW Kids can enjoy colouring in with these Noris coloured pencils with the traditional hexagonal Staedtler design. They have an unbelievably break-resistant special lead in them meaning you don’t need to sharpen them as much, making them last longer and are super colourful.


Staedtler Design Journey 48 Coloured Pencils in Metal Tin

Staedtler Pencils coloured

From Amazon for £24.99

BUY NOW This reusable metal tin comes full of high quality Staedtler Classic hexagonal shaped colour pencils that have a tempered head and soft lead so they can be used to perform a wide range of dry drawing techniques.

Staedtler Coloured Pencils 3

These bright colours are highly pigmented colours making them easy to blend. We think these would make a fab Christmas Present for a range of hobby artists.


Barbie Bumper Activity Set

Barbie Craft bus 2

From Tesco for £14.99

BUY NOW Perfect for any Barbie Fan this bumper Craft Set comes in a shape of a campervan and is bursting with over 300 pieces to create amazing Barbie projects, such as felt pens, colouring pencils, washi tape, ink stampers, stick on gems, pom poms, stickers on rolls, a sticker book and so much more.

Barbie Craft bus

Barbie Craft bus 3

It even includes mini cardboard Barbie dolls with paper outfits that you can colour in and dress them in.


Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Crayola Tracing pad

From Amazon for £21.90

BUY NOW This Crayola Light Up Tracing pad is an all in one art set for kids. It lights up and allows the kids to easily trace images onto their pages, to then go on and free hand finish off their artwork.

Tracing images gives kids the confidence to create different picture they may not have attempted on their own. This pad comes with a colouring board, art supplies and a small amount of tracing paper.

Tracing pad

This tracing pad comes with loads of images and scenes that the kids can trace and best of all you can go onto the Crayola website and download loads more for free, from the hours spent playing on this so far and supported by free online downloads we do think this is great value for money.





Screen Screen Antibacterial Cloths

screen wipes

From Smart Screen from £9.95, however currently on Special Offer if you buy two

BUY NOW We came across these luxury antibacterial microfibre cloths just at the kids were going back to school in September and we have been so impressed with them ever since. They come with a soft detachable pouch so you can fold the cloth up and pop it in to keep it clean.

smart screen

What we love so much about these is the Antibacterial properties within the cloth it kills 99.9% of bacteria on your phone, tablet, reading glasses and other devices making it the best for cleaning your kids gaming screens. This premium cloth is machine washable at 30℃ and this limited-edition range comes with gold foil which wont damage your phone, tech screens or eyewear and has been rigorously tested by MTS Global.

Smart Screen 2

We have to say of all the cloths we have used over the years on glasses and mobile screens we have never come across one that leave such a clear view and now wont be without our cloth, so just had to include it in this list.


Stealth Premium Travel Kit for Nintendo Switch

Stealth travel set

From Argos for £19.99

BUY NOW This premium travel kit is the perfect gifting option this Christmas if your little one has a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. It is really sturdy and robust this travel case has a hard shell so you can be confident that your switch is being protected whilst on the go and it even has soft cotton lining to protect your console from scratches.

Stealth travel set 3

Stealth Travel set 2

This travel case also comes with the brightly coloured gaming headset, in neon red and blue colours. They fold in on each other and are light weight so again we found them perfect for on the go gaming. The lead attached is 2m and comes with charging cable and we have to say the sound that comes out of them are fab.


Stealth NEON Gaming Headset

Stealth Headset main

From Argos for £24.99

BUY NOW Visually this Stealth Gaming Headset has the Nintendo red and blue neon theme going on but technically you can use these to enhance your gaming experience whatever your platform as they are fully compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile and even a Tablet via 3.5mm jack connection

stealth headset

Stealth Headset 4

They have a flexible mic, soft foam cushioning, and importantly what we liked is that you can control the volume and place on mute during the game/chat. They have a stylish matt finish to them and quality of sound during game play we were impressed with.


Chocolate Gaming Controller

Game Controller

From Choc on Choc for £10.00

BUY NOW This handmade Belgian chocolate gaming controller is the perfect gift for any gamer. It tastes amazing and looks the part too all made from a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate it even comes in a stylish gift box. Any keen gamer will be happy to open this on Christmas day we think.


Official 2022 Square Wall Calendars


From Danilo for £9.99

BUY NOW Kids can keep organised with schoolwork, playdates, birthdays and more with these official gaming wall calendars.

Even though Minecraft is like ten years old its still super popular with young kids and teenagers. This Lego style adventure game staying power is of course helped by all the You Tubers, so we know if you gift your child this calendar it will for sure bring a smile to their face. This official wall calendar from Danilo is good quality, imagery is fab on all pages and it has plenty space per date for writing notes. We are a sucker for the polar bears so really loving December!

Calendars 2

Epic Games Fortnite is another uber popular game right now and this official wall calendar is a treat you can gift to your little gamer. Again, made with good quality pages it has really vibrant imagery of your favourite Fortnite characters such as Yule Trooper, Bash, and Scratch, with plenty writing space so not just all about the looks as its sticks true to its practical needs.

Danilo are specialists in Calendars, and they have a fair few gaming ones for 2022 as well as other genres, and as you know you are getting good quality from which ever you buy from them we would totally recommend checking them out.


Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

xbox hard drive

From Viking for £86.99

BUY NOW Most Gamers nowadays want and need additional storage for their games as it frees up space on their console’s internal drive whilst consolidating into one single location.

Fab thing we liked about Seagate’s drives is the plug-and-play functionality which gives you instant power up. Xbox automatically detects your drive and walks you through a hassle-free setup process that will have your drive game-ready in minutes.


Turtle Beach Recon 70 Artic Camo

Turtle Beach headset

From Game for £29.99

BUY NOW In stylish light grey camo and white we love how these Turtle Beach Recon 70 multiplatform gaming headset look. They are comfy and light weight to wear which is good for hours of game play.

Turtle beach headset 2

They have over-ear premium synthetic leather cushions which aid the noise cancelling feature and helps gives you crisp sound. Comes with high-sensitivity mic which you flip up to mute and as mentioned they are compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile devices.


Playstation 5 White Alarm Clock

playstation cloack

From River Island for £25.00

BUY NOW After a night gaming what a brilliant way to get woken up for school with this New PlayStation PS5 White Controller Alarm Clock.

It’s been designed with details that stays true to the famous PlayStation 5 DualShock controller and its handy how the large, reverse LCD display makes it easy to read the time and aside from having the purpose of waking you up, it also doubles as some neat memorabilia for gamers.

It’s powered by USB and you get the cable with it, we think it looks fab and is nice and loud, and this will make a fab pressie for younger kids as well as teenagers and young adults.


Xbox Shaped Mug

xbox mug

From IWOOT for £11.99

BUY NOW This sturdy Xbox official gear Shaped Mug has a wicked feel to it, matt smooth finish it gives off a classy feel and it has a fair weight to it as well.

xbox mug 2

It is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave but the handle is pretty quirky and we think that gamers will be happy to open this beauty on Christmas morning.



Playsets and Role Play


So Slime DIY Ice Cream Factory

DIY Slime

From Bargain Max for £20.99

BUY NOW This is a fun colourful playset where kids can make their own fun creations with slime in their very own ice cream factory.

You get everything to mix to make your own slime, then you can squish them into moulds to make ice cream sundaes, decorate them and serve them. You can make three different types of slimes Icee slime, squishy fluffy slime and scented slime.

slime set

The kids played with this for hours and really loved the colours of the slime you can make and the smells, its really hassle free out the box and get playing, which we loved.


Littledug Toy Workstation and Tool Set

Little Dug Workstation 2

From Big Dug for £9.99

BUY NOW This LiTTLEDUG is a new limited edition Toy Workstation and Tool Set, it has a peg board panel to store tools on and comes with six different tools like a hammer and wrench, plus it has a play vice and storage bins.

little Dug Workstation

On unboxing we found this really easy to put together and little ones loved playing for hours with it, they were totally captivated. It’s the perfect size for pre-schoolers and built well we think its great value for money and will make the ideal Christmas present for your little ones.


Kid's Hand Puppet

Hand Puppet

From PomPom for £16.95

BUY NOW From the second we held this little fox we were besotted with him, made from organic felt he was played with for hours, all the kids took him on some awesome adventures that day and we just knew he will make a fab Christmas present for your little one.

Fox Puppet

He has a friend a little rabbit he is super cute as well and they are armed with carrots and ladybirds and ready to bring some fun to your little one’s imaginative playtime, that we are sure of.


Batman 1966 Classic Batmobile


Amazon for £25.79

BUY NOW This Jada Batman classic batman model we think will make a great gifting option for any Batman fan, especially of the original series.

Batman 2

It is a 1:24 scale die cast metal model, perfect size to re-enact your favourite scenes, it has opening doors and we thought it is a really good model car, that includes figures of Batman and Robin.


Squishville Mini-Squishmallow Vehicle


From The Entertainer Toyshop for £6.00

BUY NOW These little squishville characters are so blinking cute in their fluffy vehicles. You can literally squish them into their seats.

They are not huge about 5cm, but that’s what adds to their “aww” ness there are all different ones that kids can collect and the vehicles kind of match the character. What we love is they are great size for little hands to carry around and they are actually rather easy to wipe clean when needed.



Games and Puzzles


Trapped Escape Room Game


From Amazon for £10.00

BUY NOW Trapped are Escape Room Game Packs that you can play with the whole family and turn any room in your home into an Escape room. Everything you need is inside the pack, you just need to work with your team to beat the game and escape.

There are loads in the collection each with a different backstory, for example, you can get

  • Flight 927, in this game you must solve the puzzles and enter the cockpit to save the day.
  • The Zoo, in this game you must spot the clues, solve the puzzles and catch the meerkats.
  • Bank Job in this game you must crack the clues to exit the vault
  • Art Heist in this game you must steal the painting and flee the scene

Trapped 2

We found the trapped games were not like other escape game in that they are not just a card game, you have real codes to crack, tests to pass and fun interactive games to play. We really enjoyed these and would totally suggest if your into problem solving games then your family will enjoy these style games for sure.


Weird Things Card Game

Weird Things

From WHSmith for £20.00

BUY NOW This is such a funny game to play and surprising one to, because it is blinking strange some of the stuff people search for on the internet!

So basically, this game is guessing what people search for. You get the start of the search question such as Can Loud Noises…. Or Why does my hair…. Or Is it Wrong to….

And then you have to finish the remainder of the question. The higher up your answer ranks the more points you score. Top tip think weird because we started playing being all sensible and did terrible but the more weird and random we got the more points we won.

Weird Things 2

It really is a great laugh though and to think that the questions are based on real life questions. For example the question I keep hearing…… has a high ranking answer of “my dead cat” so that means not just one random person has search the internet for that! This game will for sure get you laughing on Christmas day if not questioning why your internet searches are so lame lol!


Junior Colourbrain


From Amazon for £9.99

BUY NOW This an easy and fun game for kids to understand and play. Each team have eleven colour cards in front of them and each round they need to work out which is the right colour to play to answer the question. Such as what colour is cooked squid or a new born kangaroo. You get points for guessing the right answer as long as the other team gets theirs wrong and it’s the first team to get to ten points.

Colourbrain 2

Some of the questions are easy and some a bit more tricky but it’s a fab game option for over six year olds and we think a perfect game to play as a family on Christmas Day or any Family Games Night.


Santa Banter Game

Santa Banter 2

From WHSmith for £12.99

BUY NOW This is a brilliant game for the older kids, its aimed at fourteen and upwards and is a Christmas themed version of the popular game Obama Lama.

There are three styles of rounds which are led by the Describe it, Solve it and Act it cards. First off you place all the rhyming cards face down in the middle of the table these are the cards you get to turn two over to try and find a matching pair, so its like a memory game, if you find two that rhyme you get to keep them if you don’t you turn them back over and play continues.

Your team only earns the right to turn over matching pairs if they get enough points through the rounds. With the describe it round using the cards you have to describe the rhymes on the card without using any of the words on the card. The Solve it round the aim is the same you are trying to get your team to shout out the rhyme on the card, but this time you are only allowed to say the riddle that is on the card. And finally, the Act it round is basically like charades where you have to act out the rhyme on the card without speaking.

Santa Banter

The rounds are timed and its once a team gets three points during the rounds that they get to flip over a pair in the middle of table in attempt to find a rhyming pair. There are hundreds of daft Christmassy rhymes to guess, and we have to say you will be laughing your heads off from start to finish, we just loved this game, but it is for sure one for an older kids age range.


Dodo Observation Puzzle World of Animals

Dodo Observation Puzzle World of Animals 2

From Halilit for £7.99

BUY NOW This is a well-made educational puzzle that has 80 pieces and loads of animals. Kids get to build a map of the world and then it has lovely little animals pictured in the part of the world that they live, so kids are learning as they build. There is also a really cute border around the edge of the jigsaw, so you can work your way round it with your little one, looking to find each animal and learning where they can be found.

Dodo Observation Puzzle World of Animals

We really did enjoy building this with the kids and just adore the imagery of the animals and the combined learning element, it is aimed at children plus 5 years and the pieces are nice, sturdy and easy for children to handle.


Ultimate Harry Potter Movie Quiz

Harry Potter Movie Quiz

From Find Me A Gift for £19.99

BUY NOW So, you think you know everything about the Harry Potter Movies? …… Well, this quiz game will for sure test your theory on that one as it really does test your knowledge, which is a good thing after all who wants an easy quiz game.

You can expect some tricky questions and on things like the rules of Quidditch and the names of spells now that one got us giggling as many spell names just got made up lol!

Gifting wise it comes in a pretty box, so that will go down well the instant it is unwrapped. All in all, there are 1600 question cards covering questions related to all 8 movies. The winner is the person that manages to collect all 8 movie cards.

Harry Potter Movie Quiz 2

We really enjoyed playing this on family games night, we found it was easily adapted to be played as teams as well, which helped the grown ups bridge the knowledge gap…. For sure though if you have a Harry Potter fan then this will bring a smile to their faces.




From Find Me A Gift for £7.99

BUY NOW This is such a clever little cube puzzle that kids and adults both loved. You basically are challenged to recreate the different 3d shapes, there are over 100 different to create and some are much easier than others to achieve.

We love how it gets your brain going and how focused it got the kids to achieve something. Its perfect for fidgeters and in car trips or if you need your little one to sit while you are waiting on something we found this invaluable

Dynacube 2

It’s an amazing way for kids to switch off as well, just lost in this addictive puzzle, off screens and using their problem-solving skills for fun. Also, for the price that it is we think its really great value for money as it really does offer hours of play.


Ghost Cube

Ghost Cube

From Find Me A Gift for £17.99

BUY NOW This is a puzzle that has one end game and that is once you have scrambled it up, all you have to do is make it back into the cube shape that it started in.

Ghost Cube 2

And that is way harder than you think it would be. It’s a fab 3D combination puzzle, a lot tricker than you think even though it has a simplistic objective. It is aimed at kids over 7 to adults and be prepared its rather addictive. We think the reason it might be called a Ghost cube is down to the fact it comes back to haunt you until you manage to solve it!


Ravensburger Scotland Yard Game

Scotland Yard

From The Entertainer Toy Shop for £18.00

BUY NOW This is a fun detective game that the whole family can enjoy. One player plays as the criminal Mister X and goes on the run around London and all the other players plays as the detectives and as a team working together to try and follow his route and try to catch him.

Players have to move around the map using different modes of transport bus, car or train. All the detectives have a marker that is physically on the map, but Mister X does not he keeps record of what space he is on by writing it down on his player card that no one can see.

Every so often the detectives get to see Mister X location on his player card and using logic then have to close in around him. Finally, they win if they land on the exact same space as Mister X. Mister X the criminal wins if he manages to last the full number of rounds without being caught.

Scotland yard 2

This is a fab game to get the grey cells going and best of all if you have really young children they even make a Scotland Yard junior version as well.


Ravensburger Cat and Mouse Game

Cat and mouse

From Amazon for £15.00

BUY NOW This is a fun game where all players are little mice and are trying to be the first to get five pieces of cheese while the cat tries to stop them.

Players move around the board, with each space having a different action to follow such as take 2 pieces of cheese or climb the ladder. You basically move around the board following the action on each space, trying to get your pieces of cheese as fast as you can.

Cat and mouse 2

The kids enjoyed this game, they picked up the rules really easily and were entertained for ages with it.


Ravensburger Christmas Gingerbread House 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

3D Gingerbread

From The Entertainer Toy Store for £21.00

BUY NOW This is a lush 3D jigsaw puzzle that will test not only your jigsaw solving skills but your building skills too, as you put together a freestanding gingerbread house. This is aimed at over 8 year olds and super fun to build, with the added delight of having led lights inside it so it glows on completion.

Gingerbread 3D PUzzle

The pieces are really good quality to stands together well as you build. We just love how it adds another skill level to jigsaw solving and with a cute Christmas theme to it as well.


Gibsons Christmas 2021 Limited Edition Light Up the Night Jigsaw

Light up night Gibsons

From Amazon for £17.49

BUY NOW This is a lovely Christmas themed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that comes in charming box that includes a special serial-numbered certificate inside as it’s a limited edition jigsaw, so a perfect present for the collector.

Light up night Gibsons 2

The image on the jigsaw tells the tale of a whole town getting in the Christmas spirit as they dress the houses with twinkling fairy lights and spreading Christmas spirit. Like all Gibsons jigsaws you know the quality of pieces are going to be fab and not flimsy we just love the quality of them.


Little Gibsons Dear Santa Jigsaw Puzzle

Dear Santa

From Amazon for £11.99

BUY NOW We always love gifting jigsaws to our little ones and this Dear Santa one is such a fab choice for this year. It is a cute Christmas children’s jigsaw with a big cheerful Santa taking centre stage. Its colourful and all the pieces are nice and robust so can take children using it time after time without premature wear and tear.

Dear Santa 2

And we just love how much jigsaws can help kids with their problem solving and logical reasoning whilst they are having fun.


Elf Top Trumps Match

Elf Trumps Match Game

From Winning Moves for £15.99

BUY NOW This is a fab Christmas themed cube game where you have to be the first player to match five of your favourite characters in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Elf Trumps 3

Its so easy for kids to understand how to play and win this game. You start by each player picking two trumps cards randomly, then you take it in turn to take a cube out and turn around to the image you want and push back into the grid try to get your five characters in the row. You get points for matching your five and extra points if you manage to match the character on your cards. Its great fun to play and really easy to travel with, so great for car journeys, picnics, or sleepovers.

Elf Trumps

This Elf Top Trumps Match is obviously Christmas themed, but they also do all different themed ones, such as Harry Potter, Disney and Marvel ones



Discover the World Game

Discover the World Game

From Fiesta Crafts for £38.99

BUY NOW This is a fun family game where you move around the countries of the world, learning cool facts as you go. The winner is the first person to get 10 destination cards. Everyone picks a country to start on then after they pick a destination card they have to roll the dice to make the journey to the new country either by crossing borders on the land or travelling along the dotted lines over the oceans.

Discover the World Game Board

After arriving at their new country then you take an arrival card to see if you get to keep the destination card and sometimes you will need to complete a challenge to be able to keep the destination card.

Discover the World Game cards 2

Discover the World Game cards

All the kids that played this game really enjoyed it, and we have to say although you may learn the facts of all the countries the more you play this game, the gameplay its self does mean that this game can be played again and again with just as much fun. We think this would make a fab idea as a Christmas present this year.



Building It


Le-Glue Non Permanent Water Glue for Lego

glue lego

From Kids Happy House for £7.99

BUY NOW This is a genius find for us. If you have kids who love building structures in Lego and want to keep them built together for a bit longer or if your child gets quite distressed or triggered if the their Lego structures fall apart before they are ready to take them apart then this is going to be a god send.

Le-Glue is a temporary glue for Lego, Mega Blocks, Nano Blocks, and More. Its completely safe for kids to use as its all non toxic and a game changer in helping kids design and build like a professional, making it the top choice for competitive brick building and model making.

This is the only non-permanent glue designed specifically for brick building and it’s so easy to dissolve as you just use warm water. It doesn’t damage the bricks or leave any residue on the bricks. We honestly cant rave about this enough, if you are in need of this in your kids life then they will love you for gifting them it and wont be disappointed as it 100% does what it says on the label.


Design and Drill Bolt Buddies Fire Truck

fire truck

From Learning Resources for £46.00

BUY NOW This is a really fun fire truck construction toy that kids are going to love using the real working power drill on to build.

It comes with the cutest figures of a firefighter, fire chief, and Dalmatian dog that the kids can role play with. The firefighter has changeable expressions, and doubles as a tool which can be used to twist, turn, and assemble the components, which is pretty clever.

fire truck 2

There are loads of building opportunities and it comes with different drill bits, drill board as well as loads of colourful bolts and what we really love is how the packaging doubles as a play backdrop. We think this is an awesome mix of imagination with construction play for your little ones.


Spy X Lazer Trap Alarm

Spy x

From Bargain Max for £19.99

BUY NOW This is next level protect your bedroom in a box…. In our experience most kids with siblings like to build some kind of alarm to protect their bedroom from invasion of the brother or sister and this very cool Spy X Laser trap will totally help them in their mission.

Spy x 2

Kids can build and invisible laser by using a receiver two lasers, they can set a trap of up to 4 feet, that can set off a loud sounding alarm or silent flashing light when triggered. This is aimed at kids over 6 years and all the kids we got to test it out absolutely loved it and the fact they could protect their stuff with invisible beams and no one knowing. .


Build Your Own Solar Robot 14 in 1

Solar power robot

From Find Me A Gift for £19.99

BUY NOW We were so impressed with this build kit, mostly by the fact that you can build so many different types of robots with it, as too often kits don’t allow for this. You get one solar panel and a heap of different parts that will allow you to build different robots that can either walk, swim, roll and float. The kids were really impressed to be fair.

We love how educational and fun this robot kit is, the instructions were easy to follow and what was really fab was that you could opt to build your robot in basic version or an advance version, so as kids skills grow so does the longevity of this kit as they can move to more advance difficulty levels.

Solar power robot 2

Renewable energy is so important nowadays and we love how kids can learn about solar technology with this little solar powered robot and think it’s a great kit for home learning.


Cadbury Santa’s Sleigh Kit


From Cadbury Gifts Direct for £14.00

BUY NOW We have enjoyed loads of Cadbury assembly kits before so when we saw this one to make your own Christmas Santa's Sleigh, we had to check it out and it didn’t disappoint.

It comes in a cool novelty sleigh shaped gift box and has everything inside that you need to build your Santa Sleigh, such as the Dairy Milk Bars, Dairy Milk hollow Santa, Curly Wurly, Freddo, Fudge Chomp and white buttons.

Santa Cadbury Sleigh

You get easy to follow Instructions, some stages can be a bit tricky for the younger ones, so a bit of adult supervision its required, but trust us when we say they won’t need your help to eat all the yummy chocolate after its built!


Incredibuilds Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Incredibuilds Harry Potter Sorting Hat

From Amazon for £9.43

BUY NOW An awesome model building gift for all Harry Potter fans must be this hardcover book and 3D wood model set from Incredibuilds.

 Harry Potter Sorting Hat 2

Incredibuilds come in all different Harry Potter themed models, but the sorting hat is so iconic it jumped out as a fab option for keeping on display afterwards.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat 3

This is really well made, affordable and comes with really easy to follow instructions, it was a real hit with all the kids, so would totally throw it out there as a great gifting option this year.


Press Play Playsets

Press Playsets

From Press Play from £5.99

BUY NOW As soon as we spotted these press play playsets we just fell in love with them and their credentials. They are a range of eco-friendly playsets that are made from thick sturdy sustainably sourced PEFC paper and paperboard, packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box and made here in the UK.

Press Playsets 2

Press Play Playsets come in all different themes including well known names such as Gruffalo. Kids can push the pieces out and slot together to make the characters and scenes comes to life, all the kids we gave them to spent hours enjoy building and playing with these immersive sets.

Press Playsets 3

We think the simplicity of these sets are fab, they are affordable for parents and truly amazing at helping your little one tap into their imagination


Play-Doh Create N Canister Set


From Amazon for £32.20

BUY NOW We are huge fans of Play Doh as its just so much fun building and playing with the kids and seeing how creative they get with their designs.

This big tub is a fab bargain as you get so much in it, brilliant as a starter box or add on. Its full of 20 cans of different coloured Play-Doh and has 45 accessories to inspire the imagination, such as cutters, moulds, stamps and scissors.

Play doh 2

There is also a mini–Fun Factory tool to press out fantastic shape strips to decorate their creations with. As well as snack moulds, a knife, plate and fork so perfect if your little ones want to make some play doh food.


Geomag Colour


From Amazon for £28.00

BUY NOW Geomag is a fun magnetic construction toy for kids over the age of 3. Using magnetic rods, panels and steel spheres kids can play for hours building as many 3D shapes and patterns as their imagination will allow.

Geomag 2

Available in all different colours we like how all the collection now use 100% recycled plastic. You also know with all Geomag sets are a high-quality standards and can be mix and matched with each other to make even bigger structures.





Coding Critters Magicoders: Blazer The Dragon

Coding Criters

From Learning Resources for £52.50

BUY NOW Coding toys are so on trend at the minute, and it can be a bit of a minefield for parents when it comes to deciding on which is the best to pick. Which is why we thought we would mention this one from Learning Resources on our Ideas list to help you out.

Critters MagiCoders sets come with different animal characters as the robots, such as a unicorn or this bright red Dragon. Blazer the Dragon is cute robot toy that teaches your child early coding skills through play.

Coding Critters 4

This magic coding set is aimed at kids 4 to 8 years old and uses the dragons magic coding wand to give instructions to the dragon to make him move, dance, light up. We love how robust this set is and how using play you are able to help your child at home with their learning. All the pieces in this set are great quality and you for sure get what you pay for as we never had any glitches or mishaps with this set like we have with others.

Coding Critters 2

Your child really will get hours of play from this as there are loads of coding challenges they can complete and enjoy with this interactive playset. As we mentioned Learning Resources have loads of different characters and coding sets available so its well worth popping over to their online shop to if you’re looking for good quality coding toys this Christmas.


Doddl Children's Spoon, Fork & Knife Set


From Doddl for £16.95

BUY NOW Genius springs to mind with this toddler set of cutlery. This set will help your little one learn how to hold, cut and eat their food a lot easier. Shaped differently to other toddler knives, forks and spoons the doddl handles make it easier for your little one to hold and control. It is mental how quickly kids took to these and as parents you can notice the difference straight away.

Doddl 2

Aimed at children 18 months plus, they are really safe for them to use. The knife has a clever blade to it that only cuts food and not skin, so you really don’t need to worry about that. As your little one finds it easier to use, they feel achievement and their confidence grows. We think this set is a total game changer for families’ meals and would be a cute but practical gift at Christmas time. Worth mentioning too that Doddl also do a baby set that works of a similar concept.


Yoto Player

Yoto Player

From Yoto Play for £79.99

BUY NOW The Player wow…. We wish we had come across this earlier, as it is awesome. We were intrigued to test it out but outright impressed when we did.

So, what is it then, well first it’s a storyteller, a way for your child to discover a whole new world of audio and in a time where podcasts are so popular and growing in popularity daily, we found all kids quickly embraced this way of hearing stories, way more than they would have say even a few years ago.

Kids can explore hundreds of titles for all ages and stages, it says its aimed at kids aged 3 and over, but honestly the library contains cards suitable for children from birth to 12 years old.

Yoto Player 2

So, cards are one of the ways you access the audio, you can buy one with different titles, there is a Christmas themed ones, Marvel and Lego Duplo for example and some books from well-known authors such as Julia Donaldson, Tom Fletcher and Roald Dahl.

Yoto Player 15

It so easy to set up using wifi and an their app, but once set up you pop the card into the player and it downloads the content so it doesn’t need to be connected to the wifi all the time. It has storage for up to 250 hours/ 16Gb of audio storage, which is huge.

yoto player 16

Yes, you need WiFi in order to setup your Yoto Player, but then when you insert a Yoto Card into Yoto Player it downloads the content from the server so can be used without being connected on future occasions.

Yoto Player 13

Thing is this Yoto Player is so much more than just a storyteller, you can get access to sleep sound, radio stations, podcasts and you even get blank cards so that your child can records their own stories on to. We really loved that it’s a speaker that puts your child in control of their listening, learning and play and there are No cameras, No microphones, and No ads. We honestly love this player and would totally recommend you check it out for your little one. Also just last month they release a new small more portable version which looks cool.


Science Mad Planetarium Globe


From Smyths Toys Store for £24.99

BUY NOW There is something exciting about bright stars constellations being projected onto your bedroom walls and ceiling, moving round and round as you lie on your bed just taking it all in and this Science Mad Planetarium definitely delivers that experience for your kids.

Planetarium 2

Planetarium 3

It comes with a commentary on the main planets as well as a LED pointer for you to point out certain stars. It really is a fun light up globe that your kids will enjoy.


Fingerprint Kit

Fingerprint 2

From Find Me A Gift for £14.99

BUY NOW Designed by the Science Museum to inspire young minds, this kit is a brilliant introduction to the world of forensic science.

It sets a challenge to catch a culprit of a crime, someone has eaten the last cupcake and you have to solve it using fingerprints. This fingerprint kit has everything in it that you will need to detect, record and analyse fingerprints.


We loved the educational element of this, and the kids loved how they were learning skills that real life detectives use, it was all great fun so just had to share it as an idea for Christmas Pressie.


LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe


One of the best prices at the minute is From Harrods for £79.95

BUY NOW Yet again Leapfrog brings out an amazing toy that’s engaging and educational. This Magic Adventures Globe is the perfect gift this Christmas to help little ones explore the world from the comfort of their own home.

This interactive spinning globe goes beyond teaching your child about countries and capitals as it uses animations and live-action videos by the BBC on the integrated screen, to teach them about different languages, cultures, animals and geography. In fact, there is over five hours’ worth of BBC educational videos for your child to learn from.

globe 9

globe 5

Your little one can use the stylus to select different places and learn different facts and there are even interactive games that they can enjoy.


Harry Potter Lex-Go! Word Game

Lex Go

From Winning Moves for £14.99

BUY NOW This is a fast word game that is aimed at children over the age of seven. You have to race against other players to be the first person to get rid of all your playing card tiles. You can use your letter tiles to spell out words, you can swap a letter tile from the pile in middle to see if that helps you spell words. You can also add or replace letter tiles onto other players words to help you get rid of your letter tiles. We all enjoyed playing this fun educational word game and loved the magical twist because it was a special Harry Potter Edition of Lex-Go!

Lex Go

This Harry Potter special edition includes 4 spell tiles that helps increase your chances of winning, it has a Polyjuice Potion tile which can be used as any letter to help you spell out more words, plus what everyone was trying to do was if you can spell the word SNITCH with your letter tiles you automatically win the round.


Plantable Christmas Tree, Star and Heart Set

Plant a Bloomer

From Plant a Bloomer for £16.00

BUY NOW This is a quirky eco-friendly gift option that caught our eye this year. In three different shaped hanging Christmas tree decorations kids get a glittery seed paper, which after Christmas is over and the tree comes down can be planted to grow into wildflowers.

Plant a BloomeR 2

Plant a BloomeR 3

These sparkling shapes are made from handcrafted recycled materials that once it is planted breaks down into the soil so the seeds can grow. We love how different a gift this is and how it will give kids something to look forward to later on in the year when the flowers grow.


Sam and Lou tee

Our Planet Too T shirt

From Its Our Planet Too for £18.00

BUY NOW This is an adorable soft organic unisex t-shirt that also is a conversation starter. Being made out of sustainably sourced material and displaying its logo of Sam and Lou whose planet it is too, its hope these this will act as inspiration for your little ones to become little eco heroes.

It’s out planet too have different designs and loads of educational facts about endangered animals and climate change that you can read over with your little one.


Learning Cards and Educational Poster Boards

Teddo Play

From Teddo Play from £16.50

BUY NOW Teddo Play is a UK Family run business that are passionate about helping children become enthusiastic about learning. They have created a range of multi-purpose play based educational learning cards and we tested out the Beautiful Birds and Insect one and have to say we were very impressed.

The images of the birds and insects were stunning, and the quality of the cards was fab and can easily take some handling from the kids without being damaged. It was lovely to see not as common insects and birds and the kids really got engrossed with the facts about them all.

teddo Play 5

We love how you can use these in different ways and as a family come up with different ways to play with them and brilliant that they come with little magnets as the kids can stick them to their radiators in their bedrooms.

Teddo Play 2

Teddo Play also do stunning Poster boards which married up well with what they were studying at school, they are bright and clear to understand. If you are looking for a fun yet educational gift for Christmas then we are sure you won’t go wrong with these learning sets.


Jack and the Beanstalk Challenge

Jack and Beanstalk

From Smart Games for £24.99

BUY NOW We were totally captivated by this fairy tale challenge; we loved this one player brain teaser set. Aimed at children aged 4 to 7 years old you must try and help Jack climb up the beanstalk to the castle in the clouds. To do this you need to work your way through the booklet of 60 challenges trying to copy the images shown on each challenge.

Jack and Beanstalk 2

It’s not as easy as it seems, because when you drop the double-sided puzzle pieces down the beanstalk to match the image shown in the challenge they flip round and round so don’t necessarily end up in the position you need, meaning you have to start all over again.

Jack and Beanstalk 3

Jack and Beanstalk 4

We haven’t seen anything like this puzzle style before and we think the fairy tale theme is a great one for younger kids to relate to.


Snap Watch


From Snap Watch for £9.99

BUY NOW This Christmas you can gift your little one a cool new way to tell the time with this Snap Watch. This snap watch is a cool soft silicone watch that uses a unique flexible LED display that tells the time in both 12- and 24-hour time.

There are loads of different designs that you can pick from, and if you click the buttons, it even shows you the date and month. What we loved is how it is shockproof and splashproof making it really robust for kids to wear anywhere, along with the price tag making it an affordable gifting option this year.



Dolls, Action and Soft Toys


Airbrush Unicorn Plush

Airbrush Unicorn

From Bargain Max for £24.99

BUY NOW This is a super cute plush unicorn toy that allows kids to get really creative. Using the battery-operated real airbrush they can make their unicorn plushie all different colours and styles, they can also jazz it up with stick on stencils and then if they want to re design it, you simple wash it and they can start again.

Airbrush Unicorn 2

It is suitable for kids over 6 years and we have to say we were impressed how easy it was for them to use the stencils and how easy it was to wash clean again.


Grace Ragdoll

Grace Doll

From JoJo Maman Bebe for £18.00

BUY NOW This Grace Ragdoll is so adorable, dressed in an elegant red tartan dress with ribbons which is removeable and she has arms and legs that the little one loves to hold her by as she is taken everywhere.

This ragdoll is suitable from birth and is a decent size too at 45cm high and lovely and soft for long cuddles. The things we really love though is that you can personalise her by having your child’s name placed on the dress which is a lovely touch, making it an extra special gift for Christmas.


Cheeky Monsters Plush

Cheeky Monsters

From My Cheeky Monsters from £14.99

BUY NOW The cheeky monsters are made up of five different super soft cuddly toys that have matching story books that tells the adventure of each character.

What we loved about these cheeky monsters is additional to the cuddles and reading fun cheeky monsters have a fab website full of kids crafts ideas, games, activities and there is also an excellent free to watch YouTube channel to go along with these monsters that has musical melodies kids can dance to and silly science experiments to watch.

Cheeky Monsters 2

The quality of the toys is lovely, and the monsters are gorgeously themed for kids. You can just get the books or just the toys on their own or buy them together as a pair. You can read our full review about them here


Kindi Kids Scented Big Sister

Scented doll

From The Entertainer Toy Store for £25.00

BUY NOW There are different Kindi Kids Scented Sisters dolls that are available all each with their very own unique scent. This one is Pearlina she is an adorable doll who the kids have fallen in love with playing with and her unique scent is a delicious Summer Ice Cream scent.

Suitable for children aged 4 and over, each Kindi Kids Scented Sisters dolls has a little baby sister and Perlina’s is Poppi Pearl, so its lovely that the kids can collect them all.

Kindi Kids doll

This doll is the perfect size for little hands to hold and play with and an ideal size for endless cuddles. Her eyes are stunning all pretty and glittery and her hair is very dreamy in its pastel colours, its also perfect for kids to style. All her clothes are removeable as is her shoes, so you can swap them with all your other Kindi Kids Scented Sisters dolls.


Crystalina Dolls

Crystalina Dolls 2

From Amazon for £12.99

BUY NOW These Crystalina Dolls are all about introducing kids to the world of crystals. There are different dolls to collect, and they all have a clear crystal body and colourful hair that kids can enjoy styling. They also come with a stand and amulet that changes colours, each colour is explained in the guide that comes with the doll.

Crystalina Dolls

If you shake the doll its body changes colour which is the dolls aura, you can sync the amulet and the doll colours up so they shine the same bright colours. They are perfect size to take on your travels and we love how pretty they look.


InstaGlam Glo Up Girls

instaglam doll

From Amazon for £18.00

BUY NOW These New InstaGlam Glo Up Girls fashion dolls have over twenty-five surprises for kids to unbox, including accessories for them and the doll.

There are four different Glo Up dolls that kids can collect, and they all have their own unique goals, personalities, and style preferences, with the intension that they will inspire kids to be proud of what makes them unique. You can read our full review about them here


Dreamtopia Colour Change Mermaid Doll

Barbie Doll

From Amazon for £21.40

BUY NOW We are a huge fan of Barbie, have been for years and this Mermaid Dreamtopia doll has made a fab addition to our collection. This Barbie mermaid doll has super bright neon rainbow hair, pretty tiara in her hair, a multi-colored tail and a bodice with sea-inspired accents.


Babie Mermaid tail

What we really loved is when you dip this Barbie doll in warm water you will see her hair, bodice and tail instantly transform to reveal a rainbow of pretty pastels as it changes colour. Then dip her into ice-cold water to see her change back to her original neon-bright looking colour.


Love Monster Fun Sounds Soft Toy

Love Monster

From Amazon for £15.99

BUY NOW If your little one is a fan of the CBeebies Love Monster show then they will love this fluffy little soft toy. Love Monster is about showing kids how its so important to be kind and how important friendships are.

Love Monster lives in Fluffytown and you are going to love the fluffiness of this soft toy, with super soft fur it makes this soft toy perfect for cuddles and set deep into the red fur is the signature heart all made in beautiful iridescent fabric, so it sparkles and shines as you move Love Monster.

Love Monster 2

The other fab feature though is if you give the hand a squeeze this one-of-a-kind, huggable hero will giggle and make a load of funny noises including some familiar sayings from the show. We can see this being a huge hit with the Kids this Christmas.



Perfect for Cuddles


Mimbleball Therapy Toy


From Kids Happy House for £12.99

BUY NOW Mimbleballs are a cuddly comforting companion and known as a plush therapy tool that benefits everyone who needs a little extra love. They come in different colours and have different names, this is Bimble

Size wize Mimbleballs are around five inches and have eyes for you to look into as a comforting feature that helps develop a bond. Its fur is incredible soft and soothes as you pat or stroke it, it can stand up straight and be put into different styles. By shaking, throwing up and down and stroking of your Mimbleballs it is comforting.

Mimbleball 2

Mimbleballs can help kids get relief from Anxiety, Stress and Depression. They can also help with Autism, Children’s Mental Health and even Meditation. We think they make a fab cuddling friend to gift this Christmas.


Super Soft Cotton Kids Happy House Throw

cotton throw

From Kids Happy House for £15.00

BUY NOW This lovely warm super soft cotton throw blankets are available in loads of different colours and patterns and we think the perfect gift for kids bedrooms.

All the designs are stylish and they come with a fun fringe, it definitely has a luxuriously soft and cozy, feel to it and offers some warmth over these winter months.

throw 2

Its machine washable and a really good size, the teenagers really loved this and we think would make a fab practical gift for them this Christmas.


Draigi The Singing Welsh Dragon

Draigi The Singing Welsh Dragon

From Si-lwli for £28.99

BUY NOW Draigi the Welsh Dragon is a lovely soft singing dragon that kids are going to enjoy cuddling. You can click on each paw and each foot and hear some well loved Welsh songs which are Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (National Anthem), Sosban Fach, Calon Lân, Ar hyd y nos

Draigi The Singing Welsh Dragon 2

The song quality is fab and the fur so soft and cuddly. Every child we had try our Draigi just loved him and couldn’t stop listening to his song, fab whilst taking on your travels we do think that he makes a great night-time soother as well.


Harry Potter Hedwig SuperCute Plushies

Hedwig Funko Plushie

From Amazon for £18.77

BUY NOW This Officially Licensed plushie from Funko is going to make the best gift idea for any Harry Potter fan, or owl fan as it goes.

He is really fluffy and great quality and we have found that it washes really well and retains its softness.


Zipstas Snuggle Pals

3 zip backpacks

From Bargain Max for £16.99

BUY NOW These new zipstas snuggle pals are both a soft toy and a bag and two toys in one means double the fun right!

zip backpack


As a rucksack these are nice and practical for kids to take on sleepovers or day trips. Bright and colourful they are a full size really pretty child’s backpack. Then you simply turn them inside out and they turn from a bag into a soft cute huggable friend.

zipstas 3

Suitable for kids over four years old there are all different ones to collect such as a Puppy, Unicorn or Narwhal and we think they make the best gift for Christmas this year.


Heart Wheat Bags

Curious Rose Wheat Bag

From Curious Rose for £25.00

BUY NOW Curious Rose are masters of taking the faithful comforters of wheat bags and making them colourful, youthful and on trend.

Wheat bags are super convenient and a safe way to keep warm and cosy over the winter months. Placed in the microwave to heat up they have inside specialist British wheat, and natural lavender buds to soothe any aches and pains away and help relax you.

Curious Rose Wheat Bag 3

What really caught our eye with these wheat bags is their bright colours on very traditional textiles. These wheat bags are fully British-made using a strong cotton liner to hold the wheat in place, pure wool blanket fabric, lambswool knitting and pompoms.

Curious Rose Wheat Bag 5

We love how the colours are different on the front and back and the quality of how It is made, gives you reassurance that you have got something that will last for a long time.

Curious Rose Wheat Bag 2

Curious Rose also makes similarly bright hot water bottles as well as wheat-filled migraine eye masks that help with pain relief. Whilst these are all great ideas for gifting to adults their colourful nature really makes them very appealing to kids especially teenagers and young adults. We just fell in love with them from the second we saw them so just had to add them to this list of ideas for others to love them too.


Cutetitos Babitos


From Tesco for £8.00

BUY NOW Cutetitos Babitos and basically baby Cutetitos and yes they do come with cute little nappies on bless them. Available in different designs there are 12 different animalitos to collect, all have their own gender-reveal nappy one and come wrapped up in their candy-coloured blankets.

cutitoes 2

cutitoes 3

The kids love how soft they are, and we love how much joy these little soft cuddly toys bring, with hours of playtime in them we think these fun plush toys will be a real hit with the kids and not break the bank balance on the way.





All Prices Correct at Publishing 19th November 2021

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