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Best Easter Eggs to Treat Your Family to in 2022

To help take the stress out of buying your family Easter Eggs this year, we have tried and tested loads and thought we would share a list of the 15 Best Easter eggs for 2022 from Cadbury, Guylian, M&S, Crayola and more

There is no need to spend hours hunting for the perfect Easter Egg to gift this year as we have taken one for the team and tested out so many that are on sale this year, just to put together a handy list for families.

We have listed our favourites for kids and adults and options that are affordable and fun.


Children’s Easter Eggs


Cadbury Peter Rabbit Bunny Toy and Easter Egg

Cadburys peter rabbit

From Cadbury Gifts for £6.99


This is such a cute Easter egg to gift to the kids this year, it has Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate hollow Easter egg inside the box, and it also comes with a super soft plush Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Bunny Toy, which is just the perfect size for little hands.

Cadbury peter rabbit


Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Egg kit

Britain loves baking

From Britain Loves Baking for £19.99


If you are looking for an Easter Egg Gift with a difference this year then this Make Your Own Kit from Britain Loves Baking we think makes the perfect option.

Kids will be able to get creative with the family and make their very own Easter Egg using this easy-to-follow baking kit.

Britain loves baking easter egg

This Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Egg Kit comes with everything you need to make an Easter egg from scratch as well as packaging and ribbon, so that you can give your egg away as a thoughtful gift after, which we think is just a fantastic touch and best of all the Easter Egg moulds are reusable, so your child can use this many times over.


Jelly Fried Eggs Gift Box

Farhi Easter Egg

From Farhi for £9


Not ever Easter Egg has to be Chocolate filled and we came across a fab alternative in this luxury jelly fried eggs Easter Egg from Farhi.

Farhi Easter Egg up close

All handmade in Britain, this pretty egg gift box comes filled with jelly and foam sweets which are delicious and such a fun play on the egg theme for Easter, with kids being able to reuse the egg gift box to hold some of their other cherish items in afterwards. We think this stylish egg would make a perfect gifting option this year.


Decorate Your Own Crayola Easter Egg

Crayola egg

From Sainsburys for £5


This Kinnerton Crayola Decorate Your Own Egg can let kids bring their Easter egg to life, as it comes with two tubes of different coloured icing so that kids can draw and get creative to decorate their milk chocolate Easter Egg before they eat it.

crayola draw easter egg

Added bonus, is that it contains no artificial flavours and is suitable for vegetarians.


Thorntons Unicorn Easter Egg

Thorntons unicorn

From Thornton for £3


Thorntons have delivered a really pretty Easter Egg this year we have to say, made with a lovely smooth milk chocolate egg, which is then decorated with a cute magical unicorn on its side, popping in colour with its vibrant white and pink chocolate details.

Thorntons Unicorn open

We think this will not only be loved in taste by the kids but to put a huge smile on the face of any Unicorn fan if gifted this year.


Thorntons Dinosaur Easter Egg

Thorntons Dino

From Thornton for £3


Another cool Easter egg from Thorntons, that we couldn’t not include on our list is this Dinosaur Easter egg. Similar to the unicorn version in that it’s made with a yummy milk chocolate, we think it will be a roaring success for your family once your little one sees the fierce green and white chocolate Dinosaur popping off the side of this delicious Easter treat.

Thorntons Dino OPen


Lakeland Dinosaur Egg Hot Chocolate Melt

Lakeland dino egg

From Lakeland from £2.49


The moment we saw these Easter eggs at Lakeland we fell in love with their quirkiness, as it’s so nice to gift with a difference.

Kids can be mesmerised by the magical transformation that happened when you drop this chocolate filled egg into a big mug of hot milk.

lakeland chocolate melt

Slowly the chocolate melts away turning the milk into a thick creamy hot chocolate drink, and the inside of the egg floats to the top to show all the yummy marshmallows that were hidden inside the egg.

lakeland hot chocolate

We think it’s such a lovely twist to an Easter Egg gift this year that the kids will love, and with the Dinosaur version of the egg you even get dinosaur sprinkles with it to sprinkle over the top of the drink to finish it off.


Kinder Surprise Natoons Easter Egg

kinder surpries

From Tesco for £10


As Parents we know that all the kids love Kinder Egg Surprise with the yummy fine milk chocolate shell and milky white lining. Its that level of excitement of unwrapping a fun toy that comes with being gifted a Kinder Egg into their little hands.

kinder egg surprise red egg

But this Easter Egg from Kinder is something even more special as inside is a much large toy, in fact it has a soft toy hidden inside a giant hollow milk egg.

Koala kinder egg

We think the kids will love unwrapping this eggs-ellent Easter treat and finding out which Natoons soft toy they have as it offers a little more than just a chocolate goodie!


Moo Free Bunnycomb Easter Egg

Moo Free

From Tesco for £3.50


Moo Free is an ethical family run business who makes chocolate treats from cocoa that is purchased from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms to support sustainable farming.

This scrummy Easter Egg is dairy, gluten and soya free. Has No Palm Oil in it and completely suitable for both vegetarian and vegan.

Moo Free up close

What we loved about this vegan friendly easter egg option is the taste, it is honeycomb toffee and one of the best tasting vegan eggs we have tried this year.


Haribo Chick n Mix Egg


From Amazon for £4.90


Ok so the box is more the shape of the tradition Easter egg shape than the sweets, but we are huge fans of Haribo and therefore just had to list this affordable non chocolate treat on our list of gifting ideas.

Haribo sweets from easter egg

Packed full of Easter themed fizzy and fruit flavour gums with sweet foam gums. We love how cute all the eggs, tangfast shaped chicks, Jelly Bunnies and spring time sheep and bunnies are, and we think this would make a fantastic Easter treat for sweet lovers young and old.


Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

lindt easter egg

From Morrisons for £5


Adding that bit of luxury to the Easter gifting this year has to include this stunning milk chocolate egg from Lindt master chocolatier.

lindt out of box

Not only do you get a large milk Easter egg inside, but too you get two ickle chocolate bunnies that the kids thought were so cute and all super tasty, the little bunnies are a fab way to bring a bit of fun to the spring season.



Adults Easter Eggs


Guylian Seashells Egg

Guylian egg

From Orcado for £8


For anyone with a sweet tooth you can’t go wrong with gifting them some yummy chocolates, and chocolatier Guylian who is the pioneer of Belgium chocolate seashells with more than 50 years of excellence to their name.

guylian up close shells

This lush large Easter egg is made with the finest milk chocolate and comes with a box of Belgian original marbled chocolate Sea Shells filled with the Guylian signature hazelnut praliné. We are huge fans and think this will make a memorable Easter gift this year.


M&S Drippy Chocolate Egg

ms drippy egg

From Orcado for £10


M&S drippy chocolate egg is certainly a unique treat that won’t disappoint if gifting. It’s an arty hand decorated Belgian milk chocolate egg, finished with a delicious colourful drip.

MS Drippy easter egg

We love how its presented in a paint pot style container adding to the feel of the creative vibe of the egg but too the keepsake element to this year’s Easter.


Ferrero Grand Rocher

Forerro rocher

From Wilko for £5


if you love Ferro Rocher then you will be over the moon if your family gifts you this larger than life Grand Ferrero Rocher this Easter.

Ferrero rocher up close

Made with exquisite milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces, this hollow figure is cleverly wrapped just like its smaller counterparts, in the iconic "pirottino" paper cup and bow, adding a big of elegance we think to your seasonal gifting this year.


Buttermilk Vegan Orange Chocolate Egg

buttermilk easter egg

From Tesco for £6


Another Vegan Easter Egg that we had to add to our favs list is this thick plant-powered orange choccy egg from Buttermilk.

Bursting with zingy orange caramel flakes this dairy and gluten free egg comes with a bag full of plant-powered chocolate orange buttons.

buttermilk choc buttons

We love how this tasty palm oil free treat also comes in packaging that's recycled, recyclable or reusable, making it a no nasties and no waste Easter egg option for families to enjoy, even if they are not vegan.




All Prices Correct at Publishing 28th March 2022

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