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Best Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Father’s Day is once again nearly here and if you are on the lookout for the prefect present for the father figure in your life then we have got some brilliant gifting ideas to share with you in our Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2022

This year Father’s Day is being celebrated on Sunday 19th June and let’s be fair, when your dad has such a perfect child it can be very hard to find a gift for Father’s Day that tops that…. but fear not fellow gift hunters as we have put together a Handy list full of some inspiration just for you.



At Home


Kuhla Music is My Life Mini Fridge


From Kuhla Store for £139.99


If you are looking for something practical to gift your dad on Father’s Day, then you can’t go wrong with this mini fridge from Kuhla.

Perfect for parties, the home, man cave or garden bar and even for home working this 43L Mini Fridge with Ice Box, comes in some awesome designs.

We absolutely love this bright music design, but you can get many others such as a gamers, beers and vinyl record design too, so we are sure you will find something to match every family member’s personality.

We were surprised with just how much storage space there is inside, plenty for cans, bottles of water, fruit snacks or the odd sneaky trifles! There is even an ice box area with tray included, so you can put that extra bit of chill to your special drinks.

inside fridge

We love how you can easily swap the door opening direction to suit your home set up and how the door itself has shelving perfectly sized for holding larger bottles and cartons. We were really impressed with how well it kept everything cold and how quiet it was not interfering with hearing the TV or taking important calls in the home office. We think it’s a real find to find something so practical whilst also adding an extra luxury of convenience to your room with the added bonus of such a choice of stylish designs.


Arlo Doorbell

doorbell in box

From Arlo for £179.99 RRP, But currently on Special Offer £99.99


Perfect for the tech obsessed dad this Father’s Day is the gift of added security for him and his family. We tested out this Arlo wire free video doorbell and were so impressed with it we just had to include it in our list of ideas.

The popularity of video doorbells is on the increase, and we can see why, as it adds so much peace of mind to your day and convenience at a push of a button.

All of Arlo devices can be controlled by using an app on your smartphone. The first thing that impressed us for sure was the quality of camera images which includes 4K function and they even superbly clear night vision.


This doorbell allows you to watch the camera on it as a live video streaming, and when someone presses the doorbell, it can also video call your mobile and it has a handy two-way audio feature so you can talk with the person at your door and them back to you. Additionally, this Arlo video doorbell has a cool feature of motion alert, so the video starts recording when it detects motion in front of it.

We think this doorbell will really give dad’s a sense of security and also gives him the chance to customise the levels of security he wants for his home and family, with things like adding a siren or activity zones, it’s all really clever.


We really loved how this doorbell is wire free as it can be a real put off having to rig up wires from your front door. It comes with a rechargeable battery which when charged provides a staggering 6 months of usage before needing to be charged again.


Grow So Simple Seedcells

seedcell in box

From Grow So Simple for £14.99


After all your dad did helping you to grow, so Father’s Day makes the perfect opportunity for you to now help him grow with his very own herbs and vegetables.

If your dad is green fingered or a bit of a foodie then he will love it if you gift him one of these fab eco-friendly selection boxes packed full of quality seed mixes. They are even the ideal gifting choice for the gardening beginners too as they are so easy to use


Seedcell comes with 12 convenient biodegradable, plastic free seed pods, so all that is needed is a pot and compost. Each pod has lots of seeds inside them so you are guaranteed that something will grow. It is a stress free way to help your dad easily grow his own herbs and vegetables with no special tools needed and limited mess.

We tried out the Herbs and Vegetable boxes and you get a lovely variety in both. In the herb box you get basil, parsley, coriander and rocket. All are perfect for growing in small spaces or larger pots. Then in the vegetable box you get courgette, broccoli, butternut squash and pumpkin, which will be fab to decorate with the kids around Halloween time.

seedcell 2

We love how simpler these seedcells makes growing your own fresh produce. We also think its a fab activity for the kids to enjoy helping their dad or grandfather with.

Another thing we love is how they come in themed boxes, so additional to the herb and vegetable boxes you can get a burger topping, tomato selection and a chilli selection, there’s lots to pick from.


Tallulah the Teal Highland Cow Footstool

teal highlnad cow footstool

From Red Candy for £74


OMG.....If there was ever an amazing way to gift your dad the present of putting his feet up for Father’s Day, just check out this awesome footstool from Red Candy

Red Candy have loads of different stylish animal footstools and just like this Tallulah the Teal Highland Cow footstool you can be sure they will bring a smile to your dad’s face.

You really can add a bit of a pizazz to your lounge or his man cave, as well as a fab talking point with this funky coloured highland cow footrest.

We love the premium quality feel to this footstool, the teal-coloured synthetic fur feels lovely we think its sure to stand out as a fab gifting option this year.


Keep Calm and Call Dad Personalised Mug

mug front

From The Gift Experience for £9.99


If your dad is always your go to for fixing things or just advice then this funny mug, we think will make a fab idea as a pressie, with one side reading “Keep Calm and Call Dad” and then the reverse you can get a personalised message of your choice written on it, up to 50 characters in length or simply opt for a Happy Father’s Day message.

Whilst this ceramic mug is dishwasher safe, it is best using a cooler hand option to keep it looking its best colours wise.


We think this would be a fab gift to set your dad’s Father’s Day off to a fab start full of morning coffee or tea.


Personalised Whiskey Glass

glass in box

From Engravers Guild for £19.99


Presented in a beautiful silk lined box is this stylish straight sided classic whisky glass with a stylish bubble in the base that you can get engraved with a personalised message for the special father figure in your life.

We love how this elegant gift can be such a practical one as well, designed with character that any modern whisky lover will appreciate.

glass 2


EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station

ecoflow generator

From EcoFlow for £299


This EcoFlow RIVER mini–Portable Power Station we think is a real find and perfect idea for a gift if your dad is an outdoorsy type of guy, or simply looking to get some power to his garden shed or man cave.

This has a huge output of 210Wh capacity which we think is brilliant for the size of the unit. In simple terms it means it can charge your phone 13 times, charge your camera 9 times and give you 18 hours' worth of light all from a single charge. You can even charge up to 9 devices all at the same time, using all the different ports on it.


We couldn’t get over just how many different ports it had, including traditional wall sockets, USB-A and USB-C. This means you can use it to power lights, laptops, mobiles, tablets, kettles and even a hairdryer or heater for when you go camping.

We were so impressed by how fast this little power station charges up, its nearly fully charged in just over an hour, when you connect it to the wall socket.

We love how easy we found it to take on your travels, from beach walks, to picnic in the woods or just family van life on the next best road trip, this EcoFlow power station is light and does not take up loads of space.

generator 2

We also love how if you get the right cable and solar panel you can charge this Eco-flow Power Station by solar power, which is perfect for getting free power on your family adventure in the countryside or simply saving a few pounds power things in your back garden, or as an emergency backup if your house has a power cut.


Novelty Garden Gnomes


From Tesco for £6


These little novelty gnomes just made us smile so much we just had to share them as a gift idea for your dad this Father’s Day.

They come in all different themed sports and hobby styles, such as golf gnome or BBQ gnome, so its quite easy to find one that matches your dad’s personality. We think these will be a well-loved addition to anyone’s garden or patio.



Grooming Good, Feeling Good


Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask

eyemask in box 2

From Echor for £17.99


With light being one of the main reason people can’t relax enough to have a good night sleep an eye mask can really be a blessing of a gift for any dad looking to gain a better night’s sleep, this Father’s Day.

Too much light when your trying to nod off can actually trigger your optic nerve to tell the brain that its time to be awake, and therefore by simply covering your eyes can make such a different to your ability to calm your mind and help you get a more restful sleep, in turn allowing you to wake up feeling a little bit more refreshed than usual in the morning.


Echor total blackout mask is something really special, it has clever wings on each side of the nose area that work so well at preventing any light from shinning in. It has also has indentations around the eye area so to relieve pressure on the eyelids, which makes the mask more comfortable to wear as well as giving you fresher eyes after you wake.

eyemask 2

We love the feel of this eye mask, it has to be the most softest and lightest eye mask we have every tested, its so comfortable to wear when lying down to sleep and adjustable so one size fitted everyone. We think this would make the perfect gift for any father that’s needs to improve their sleep habits.


Restless Sleep Roller


From The Ives for £14.99


This Sleep roller from the Ives is the perfect self-care gift for your dad this Father’s Day. Coming in a stylish glass roller bottle its is designed to roll onto your calves, stomach or back at bedtime to help support a deep sleep.

Magnesium has many benefits including helping you sleep better, lower stress levels and has been known to even help with restless or achy legs at night-time.

roller up close

We love how easy this roller was to use and the smell of all the essential oils was lovely, we think this would make an excellent addition to your loved ones daily night-time routine.


Plastic-Free Shaving Brush

brush in box

From Clear Confidence for £14.97


This Father’s Day why not gift Dad the right tools to give him an amazing traditional shaving experience. The men here have put to the test this unique plastic-free vegan shaving brush from the Clear Confidence Company and given it a big thumbs up to be included as a suggestion in this guide as they found it to provide a way smoother shave.

Its comfort to hold and great for working up a lather and aside from giving a really close shave, it also helps with less irritation and less ingrown hairs. This is because it works like an exfoliator by clearing off any dead skin or dirt and lifting your hair up from the skin to allow for a closer shave.


Added bonus is unlike many other traditional shaving brushes this one uses grass-based (sisal) bristles, making it vegan friendly, meaning you can gift your Dad the luxury of a good old-fashioned shave with modern materials that is actually cruelty-free!


King C. Gillette Style Master

razor in box

From King C Gillette for £20


We think this King C. Gillette Style Master is a fab idea to gift to your dad this Father’s day to allow him to get creative and choose the stubble style he wants to wear.

razor 2

This styler comes with 3 combs and 4 cutting elements designed to trim different hair lengths. Its fully waterproof and has a pivoting head so to adapt to the face’s contours. It’s cordless and lasts around 45 minutes before you need to charge it again, making it a convenient styler for men wanting to trim, edge and shave.


We love how comfortable this was to use, easy to clean and not too heavy. After testing many times, we enjoyed how it did not give a patchy shave nor irritate the skin.


Wax Lyrical Hand Care


From Wax Lyrical for £3.60


Made in a factory in the Lake District Wax Lyrical has been producing candles, reed diffusers and hand care products for over 40 years and are experts in home fragrance.

So, gifting your dad with one of these hydrating hand wash, moisturising hand lotion, or no rinse hand cleanser for Father’s Day, you can be sure you will be gifting a premium well trusted product.

We tested the Jasmine and Oudwood from the Colony collection and have to say it is a perfect scent for men as it is not too feminine of overpowering. We love how when using the hand wash you get an explosion of scent, but once washed this scent is not stuck on your hands in an overpowering way it’s very subtle.

The non-rinse cleanser and moisturiser is similar in that the scent is wonderfully subtle, and we love how they are not tacky or greasy they just soak in and look after your skin and think a hand care set like this for your dad’s hardworking hands could make the perfect gifting option this year.


MÜHLE Shave Sandalwood Shaving Soap

soap in dish main

From Amazon for £23.00


This traditional shaving soap from MÜHLE is the perfect way to gift your dad an essential care product for wet shaving. Designed to lift your beard for a close and comfortable shave with less irritation we loved how this shaving soap lathered up so easily and the fragrance of Sandlewood is wicked and the porcelain bowl makes its an elegant option that means dad only needs to buy the refill soaps in the future.

soap dish


BeBarefaced Vegan Clay Mask

mask in box

From Amazon for £12.99


Add to your dad’s beauty this Father’s Day by gifting him a vegan friendly non-toxic natural ingredient only, multitasking face mask.

This UK made face mask cleverly cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturises. It has a unique combination of dead sea, natural willow bark and essential oils that has a fab smell to it.


We love how easy it was to take off and leaves the skin so soft while minimizing pores, we think this is ideal treat for dad’s who especially work in the outdoors as their skin will really thank you for it.




Games and Gadgets


Waboba Backnine, Nomadic Disc Golf

back nine in bag

From Amazon for £18.09


Backnine is a fantastic game for dads and can be enjoyed by all members of the family. It is also so easy to learn how to play. First you throw the larger target ring like a frisbee and then using the smaller discs each take it in turn to try and get your disc inside on touching the target.

We love how this game can be adapted to longer distances for adults and shorter distances to allow for kids to enjoy too.


We were so impressed by how far all the guys got these to fly, and whilst so light and easy to take on your travels, we think this would be an amazing game to gift now for loads of use over the summer on the beach, in the park or simply for just some back garden fun whilst enjoying all the family BBQ’s.


Ticket To Ride London Board Game

ticket to ride box

From Amazon from £19.99


Ticket to Ride London board game is a fast-paced strategy game aimed at over 8-year-olds. To win you need to be the first player to claim the most important bus lines connecting districts in the capital of the UK and complete your destination tickets to score the most points.

When we played it, we all found it pretty easy to understand how to play, It can be played by 2 – 4 players and each game play for us lasted around 15 to 20 minutes. It features all the classics of iconic London such as double decker bus, big ben and globe theatre.

ticket to ride

We love how this is a game that all the family can play including the kids and have to say it became a bit addictive as we try to win and win again. So can see it being a big hit as a gift option for Father’s Day this year.


Electronics Toolkit by iFixit

i fix it in box

From Sugru from £21.99


With the ever-growing volume of tech gadgets in family homes and the skill of all dads to fix things what better a gift that an Electronics DIY toolkit for him this Father’s Day.

i fix it tool in tray

This handy kit will be a god send to any dad trying to fix one of his family’s trusty devices, such as smartphones, small appliances, laptops and more. It includes precision-engineered tools for all types of tech and detailed step-by-step guides, so he can even learn how to become the ultimate fixit guru.

ifix it tool

We love how good quality each tool is and how it comes in a sturdy compact magnetised case we think this would make a super practical gift for any dad.


IQ Circuit Puzzle Game

iq game in box

From Amazon from £12.15


We are huge fans of Smart Games and whilst many are more aimed at children some like this IQ Circuit Puzzle Game are actually ideal for adults too.

This brain teaser has 120 Challenge and comes in a handy case making it perfect to take on your travel or prevent taking up too much space around the house or office.

Starting off easy and moving through to much harder challenges, you complete by moving the game pieces around to create different patterns, but don’t be fouled by how easy that sounds as it really is one to get your grey cells going.

iq game

We love the sturdy feel and clear instructions that come with this puzzle game and how many hours of play that we have enjoyed with kids trying to help dad’s out when they get stuck!



Food and Drink


Cocktails of the Movies

movie cocokatil

From Amazon for £9.99


We thought this would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift for the movie loving dad. At the start of the book, it explains the basics of cocktail making, going through the base spirits and essential tools as well as how to apply the best finishing touches to your drink.

inside cockatil book

Then this little book cleverly takes you on a journey through some classic Hollywood movies giving you instructions on how you can make the cocktails from the movies, it talks about the actor and its character it plays in the movie and then the drink and how to make it.

cockatil book in side

We love how each cocktail has a full recipe, method, a history of the drink and info about the scene in the movie. The book itself is really good quality, nice and robust and comes with some really cool artwork of the actors on each page as you make your way through to the end.


Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka


From Waitrose for £24.50


If your dad loves vodka as their drink of choice then we would highly recommend that you check out the delicious Ramsbury Single Estate vodka as a gift choice this year for Father’s Day.

We got the chance to try this out for the first time this month and fell in love. It is has a smooth taste with a hint of fruits and a little smell of vanilla as you pour from the bottle.

We love how distilled in Wiltshire you can trace each bottle back to the field that the wheat originated in which we think is a bit special.

Also the bottle looks fab on any home or garden bar for when your friends and family come around for a few drinks and laughter. We found it worked well on the rocks as well as in a few fancy cocktails, so its super versatile as well.


Personalised Scotch Whisky Father’s Day Gif Box


From Sparkling Direct for £39


This is a beautiful, personalised gift for any Whisky loving dad this Father’s Day. Presented in a solid wooden box and lined with wood wool protecting the bottle of Famous Grouse Whisky we think this will be a gift of style to stand out this year.

If you are wishing to gift a Whisky then you can’t go wrong with the classic and very respected amazing tasting Famous Grouse, a hot favourite with most men.

We love how sturdy the wooden box is and how it adds to the gift giving experience as you can customise the personal message additional to the ‘Happy Father’s Day’ words it comes with on top.


Bumbu Rum


From Tesco for £35, Clubcard Price £30


Lets keep it real Bumbu is an authentic Caribbean legend, blended by hand from island rums and native spices chosen from across the West Indies, it’s always been a hit when any bottle is popped opened at family events. Plus, too the bottle looks very cool and pirate like when sitting and serving from a home or garden bar, so we just had to mention it as a cool gift idea.


Cast-Iron Pepper Mill and its Salt Cellar

pepper mill in box

From Peugeot Saveurs for £89.99


This Father’s Day you can gift your dad something from the Peugeot’s kitchen product range, ideal for the foodie or BBQ lover these premium pepper mills are the perfect tool for seasoning soups, salads, chips or even a man-sized steak.

pepper mill

This Bali Spice Palace mill we tested out is made from cast iron, which has a very high-end sophisticated feel to it. The gift set comes with a pepper mill and a salt cellar with lid and spoon made from bamboo.


The grind on the pepper mill is amazing and the adjustment button allows you to change as to suit your preference and what we were really impressed with was how the pepper mill and salt cellar comes with a five-year warranty.


HARIBO Megastars

haribo box

From Sweet Tastic for £4.99


Haribo is a go to favourite sweet treat for most families, so it’s a no brainer to think this box of classic Haribo Megastars would make a fab gifting option for dad this year.

haribo open

The Haribo Megastars gift box is a mix of the classic Starmix, Supermix, Tangfastics and Giant Strawbs sweeties and this big bold bright coloured gift box is full of enough sweets that there will even be plenty yummy sweets to be shared around the whole family, as well as add a touch of childlike happiness to this year’s Father’s Day.


Rubies in the Rubble Condiments


From Rubies in the Rubble from £2.99


If your dad is King of the BBQ, then a gift of ketchup and flavoured mayo we think would make the perfect treat.

We tried out these environmentally friendly sauces from Rubies in the Rubble and have to say we can understand why they have won a Great Taste Award. The tomato ketchup has a lovely taste and texture and comes in either a glass or squeezy bottle. It is sweetened using surplus pears which would otherwise be wasted. In fact, the ketchup is full of twice the fruit and half the refined sugar that other leading brands have, which is always something that parents are on the lookout for.

We love the fact that their range of garlic and chilli mayo is plant based, made from aquafaba which is the nutrient-rich water left over from cooking chickpeas and normally thrown away. In fact, all Rubies in the Rubble condiments are made from ingredients that would otherwise go to waste down to it being the wrong shape, size or colour which is such a refreshing find in a day when food waste is so high.

The mayo all of us loved as well as the apple chutney, we can see all these fitting so well at the next family picnic or garden BBQ and sure it will put a smile on your dad’s face.


Make Your Own Hot Chilli Sauce KIt

hot chilli

From Amazon for £14.95


This make it yourself gift we thought was quite a quirky find we thought, ideal for a dad that loves his food this has all he needs to make his very own chilli sauce, so they can make it as hot as mild as they want or can take!


We really loved the novelty re-useable skull face glass bottle that comes with it to store your home made sauce in and how adaptable this is so you can enjoy this kit even if you don’t like super-hot chilli sauce as you can make it as mild as you need.



Accessorising the Look


Toff London Men’s Dartboard Watch

toff watch

From Toff London for £99


Toff London is a family company based in London that has over 50 years of watchmaking experience, and experts in customisable timepieces.

Hit a triple 20 in style with this Dartboard 180 watch, it is available in various different strap colours as well as the case metal being available in either gold, or silver.

dart watch

It has a good quality strap, and you can even select the colour of the darts. We love how you can also personalise it just for your dad by engraving a message on the back of the case, we think this would make an amazing gift for Father’s Day.


Ted Baker Cardholder Wallet

ted baker wallet

From Mainline Menswear for £29


Add a bit of class to your dad’s Father’s Day gift this year by gifting this Ted Baker Rifle Cardholder it’s available in both a brown and black coloured leather and has the signature Ted Baker logo debossed on the front bottom right corner in silver.

wallet 2

There is a large sized central pocket for cash and card slots on either side. We love the quality of this wallet and think it will make the perfect practical yet stylish gift for your dad this year.



Chillin and Grillin Apron

apron 2

From Stickerscape from £17.95


This generously sized apron is absolutely a brilliant gifting idea for any dad who is a BBQ enthusiast! Available in grey, black, white and navy it can come with or without a giftbox and even has the add on option of a matching tea towel.

We just love the quirky nature of this apron with the words Chillin and Grillin written on it. It’s really good quality material and the one we tested also washed really well. We also love how this is not only a practical gift, but also one that can be personalised, as you can add text or a name of your choice onto it.


Mori Papa T-Shirt

t shirt

From Mori for £14


This bright white t-shirt has a cute little black Mori character on the front and will make the perfect gift for dads to lounge around in on Father’s Day as they put their feet up. It is available in various sizes, and we just love how soft and premium the material feels.

The t-shirt we tested we found to be true to size and it washed really well, we think if you’re looking for a pairing to your dad’s chill out day then this would make a fantastic option.


Tactical Belt


From Amazon for £15.98


This military hiking rigger heavy duty belt has a cool quick release buckle made from aluminium which looks and works well. The belt is made from study nylon material which is of great quality, and we love how it holds firm and doesn’t slip, we think this would be a fab practical gifting option for any dad.

belt 2



Norse Viking Bracelet


From Amazon for £16.89


This black Viking cuff bracelet is something a bit different and special, styled with a twist we love how it’s a bit of a different choice for a man’s bracelet.

Made from stainless steel which means it’s really strong and wont tarnish nor leave marks on the skin. We love how its adjustable so one size will fit most wrist sizes and comes in either black plating, silver, or gold so something for all preferences.

bracelet up close




All Prices Correct at Publishing 30th May 2022

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