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Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids in 2021

Summer Vibes are here and we have been getting outdoors to try out some of the latest fun toy offerings that are on the market for families, check out our Best Summer Outdoor Toys Guide for Kids in 2021.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun is more a permanent fixture in our skies over West Wales it’s time, we can enjoy more fun and games in the outdoors with the family.

With this in mind you might be thinking of updating your outdoor toys to break the boredom up, so if you’re looking for some inspiration with this, we have put together a handy list of some of our tried and tested favourites that are on the must haves list for this year’s summer months ahead.


At the Beach

Melissa and Doug Seaside Sand Baking Set

Melissa and Doug Seaside Sand Baking Set at the beach

£10.94 From Uber Kids


This little sand baking set is so cute, nice and sturdy and just the right size for little hands it is made up of a mixing bowl, whisk, spoon and three little measuring cups so your little one can bake up some awesome masterpieces. Also, the pretty turtle lid even doubles as a sieve which is ideal for shaking some sand on top of your sand cakes!


Melissa and Doug Turtle Target Action Game

Melissa and Doug Turtle Target Action Gamea at the beach

£15.67 From Amazon


Melissa and Doug Turtle target game is great fun for kids of all ages. It folds up and is light enough to carry down to the beach for some extra fun. It sits well on all surfaces including sand so you have no worry of it falling over and the little velcro bags are just the right weight to be able throw and so easy to clean if its does get wet and sandy.


Melissa and Doug Camo Chameleon Watering Can

Melissa and Doug Camo Chameleon Watering Can at the beach

£10.99 From Amazon


Another cutie from the Melissa and Doug range is the chameleon watering can, its brightly coloured character themed watering can is really sturdy and holds a good amount of water perfect for filling the moat of any sandcastle. It also has a fab pouring spout so works well in the garden watering flowers too.


Kids Capturing their Memories

Vtech Kidizoom Duo Camera

Vtech Kidizoom Duo Camera

£39.49 From Amazon


Kids can now enjoy taking photos on family outings too with this duo, auto flash kids camera from vetch. Our kids really loved all the features on this and with rear facing camera it make taking the must do selfies an easier process for them.

Aside from capturing great photo images it can also record video and kids can get creative with all the add on features of over 70 photo and video effects, including voice changers for the videos. It has internal storage for about 140 photos but you can also put in a micro sd card so they can get clicking to their hearts content.

Vtech Kidizoom Duo Camera 2

Another added bonus we found for in the car whilst driving to places is there are games on this camera that the kids can enjoy, all with parental controls as well, which we thought was a great little extra.

This camera comes with a cable to download images and videos that your child has made and is available in various colours so you can pick the ones that best suits your child.


Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

£38.00 from Argos


Another option for helping kids capture those memories whilst on family outings is the Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, additional to all the different clock faces that your child can pick from to tell the time this smart watch comes with a front facing and side facing camera, so they can take photos around them as well as the perfect selfie.

This touch screen watch comes with heaps of fun features including alarm, timer, calendar, pedometer and loads of brain boosting games.

Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 taking a photo

This smartwatch has a rechargeable battery and comes with a cable to download images and videos your child has made. It is available in various colours so your child can pick the one that matches their style the best.


Getting Closer to Nature

Hape Nature Fun Wooden Bamboo Hand Powered Flashlight

Hape Nature Fun Wooden Bamboo Hand Powered Flashlight

£18.00 from John Lewis


This Hape nature bamboo hand powered flashlight the kids just loved. There is no need for batteries to power it, you just have to pull the little cord to power, which is pretty quiet a process and neatly tucks into the bottom when not in use. You turn the light part to switch on and off and it even comes with a bright green case to keep it well looked after.

As parents we just loved this as the eco friendly credentials are just fab, it is made with plant plastic and bamboo. It feels good quality and the light that it gives off is actually rather impressive especially for something that doesn’t use batteries. It can take a bit of punishment too as our kids dropped it by accident a good few times and it never even chipped, we can see this being a good investment item for the kids and perfect for camping or exploring the outdoors in the winter evenings when it gets dark before bedtime!


Hape Nature Fun Wooden Bamboo Periscope Set

Hape Nature Fun Wooden Bamboo Periscope Set

£9.50 from John Lewis


A classic children’s outdoor toy has to be the periscope the must have in any serious hide and seek game in the woods, but too we found ours to be a prefect take with essential to places if you have little kids to save you lifting them up all the time to see over displays at shows or at zoos to see over things.

Again a lovely well made eco friendly toy aimed at kids over 3 it is made of plant plastic and bamboo, so you can be confident its sustainably made and for sure something that we can see lasting your kids for years.


Edu Science Children’s Bug Viewer

Edu Science Childrens Bug Viewer

£1.99 From Amazon


If you have child that loves to get up and close with bugs then this inexpensive little insect viewer is a god send. With a simple pop on/off top it has all clear sides and the lid has a magnifier on it. What our little ones really loved was the bottom has a ruler etched into it so when you look down you can measure about big your insect is as well.


Octopus Kite

octopus kite 2

From £8.99 upwards depending on colour choice from Amazon


We all love flying kites here at West Wales Family Life and have tried many different ones out over the years and some we found can be quite tricky for little ones to get flying and keep up in the air.

Octopus Kite 1

However, these octopus shaped kites have been a real find, aside from looking amazing floating in the skies they are really easy for kids to handle and can get up to some impressive heights. They come in loads of different colours which we have found handy so each child can have their own colour so no arguments.  


Brainstorm Toys UltraFlyers


£10.00 From Amazon


In each pack you get two foam like soft material stunt flyers that due to their unique design actually fly back to you. You can make these bright coloured stunt planes do big loops, barrel rolls, drop heights and then flip and come back to you.

UltraFlyers 2

They are easy to assemble and even easier to flyer, the kids had fun for hours watching them whoosh through the air.


Water Play

HydroClash Elite Set

 Hydro Clash

£15.00 From Argos


Hydro-Clash is a fun way for kids to enjoy some water play this summer. Aimed at kids over 6 you can really up your target skills. Using a catapult style shooter kids can use the two foam ammo balls once you soak them in water to hit the target on your opponent.

Hydro Clash target

They shoot a good distance and even if they don’t stick to the target it leaves a wet mark on the target so you can tell if you got hit or not. Plus note this game comes with safety googles so you don’t need to worry about the kids going wild in the garden with this target game.


Octopus Water Sprinkler

Octopur Water Sprinkler

£8.60 From Amazon


This cute blue water coloured octopus sprinkler is a fab easy to use little kids sprinkler for some water play in your garden. The top yellow hat spins around pretty fast and shoots out water to the sides. You don’t need any add on parts you simply just push the hose end onto the side of the sprinkler and your all set, top tip make sure you turn the tap up full and don't have any kinks in the hose to get the best water heights.   


Foam Water Soakers

Water Foam Soaker

£9.99 From Amazon


These foam water soakers are an awesome alternative to water guns for a bit of water play. They are easy to fill up and can be used with no need to for little fingers having to work around triggers or buttons.

Water Foam Soakers 2

They also surprisingly have a huge range they can shoot water up to and ever come in various pack sizes of 2, 4 or 6


Garden Games

Wilko Boules Set


£5.00 from Wilko


Boules is a traditional garden game that still remains a firm favourite of ours. You simply throw the little jack ball and then each player has to throw their coloured balls to try and get the closest to the jack. Boules sets can range in price and quality, but we found this plastic version in Wilko offered us a good vale option for kids this summer.


Giant Pass the Pigs Game

Pass the Pigs Game

£14.49 from Amazon


This is a giant fun version of the family game pass the pigs. With this game you get two large inflatable pigs that you take in turn throwing in the air. The way the pigs lands equals different points, you get a handy picture chart to cross reference and the end winner is the first player to get to 100 points. We found this to be a great fun game to play in the garden at the weekend which didn’t take too much thinking from the grown ups to join in with lol!


Croquet Set

Croquet Set

£15.99 from Amazon


Croquet can be played as individuals or in teamed pairs and our colourful set we got online the kids just love it. You pick a colour and matching coloured ball and have to hit your ball through all the hoops and then back around through the start / finish poles in the least hits as you can to win. There are loads of different colours and size sets available for families.


Active Fun

Chad Valley Pogo Ball

Chad Valley Pogo Ball

£10.00 from Argos


This fun bouncy pogo ball from Argos will keep your kids active in this summer. Kids have to grip their feet around the ball and bounce away like a Kangaroo on a mission. The board on this ball is sturdy so can handle little kids as well as teenagers. The kids loved trying to have jump races as well as try to go over a mini obstacle course with up and down steps. It’s a fab outdoor toy for building your kids strength, endurance, co-ordination and balance.


Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes

£30.00 from Argos


Bouncing on a pair of Moon Shoes are like having mini trampolines on your feet, it blows your sensory feeling of standing securely on the floor and challenges your running and walking skills. You get a bunch of rubber straps so you can put on as many or as little as you need so children up to adults can wear them.


Jump it Lap Counter

REVIEW Jump It Lap Counter 2

£13.00 from The Entertainer Toy Store


Jump It Lap Counter is the prefect outdoor toy to bring back some fab childhood nostalgia for parents and we loved spending the time with the kids showing them how this skipping toy is used as well as trying to run with it. You can even get creative and build a mini obstacle course and test your skills skipping over it with jump it.


Ultra Dash

Ultra Dash

£18.69 From Amazon


Ultra Dash is a high energy family game where you race against the clock and each other. Using the electric wand and 5 coloured targets you have to run to the correct colour target when the wand flashes that colour, slotting the wand into the colour target to trigger the next colour to flash. You can play as a relay team or individually against each other. This game is great for all ages as you can just move the targets to a smaller area for little kids and then move them over a larger area for older kids.


Phlat Ball

Phlat Ball 1

£6.99 From Amazon


Great for getting the kids active this summer is the phlat ball, you squash the ball into a disc shape throw it and by the time the next person catches it, it has popped out into a ball shape.

Phlat Ball 2

It is great for improving your little ones hand eye coordination and is the perfect size and weight for kids of all ages to play with. Aimed at kids over 6 years old we have to say teenagers and adults loved this too. Also, we found it so easy to tuck away in the picnic bag to take with you to your local park too.


Wahu Ryzr Outdoor Flying Ring

Wahu Ryzr Outdoor Flying Ring

£9.99 From Amazon


Just like a frizbee but next level as it actually rises in the air when you throw it. Easy to clean and available in bright colours so you can see it coming, this flying ring is aimed at over 6 year old but we would say younger kids can play with it too. It is for sure one of these things you will love practicing your skills on and building your skills down your local park moving further and further apart it really did provide us with hours of fun.


Creative Learning

Junko Zoomer Kit

Junko Kit

£36.99 from Junko


We haven’t seen anything like this before and we just loved this eco friendly creative kids toy. In this Zoomer kit you get 76 pieces that you then use to turn all your family’s recycling waste into toys for the kids to play with. This kit was to build a car, the boys wanted to make a cat car, but you can build one for dolls or action figures or just a car to race around with.

Junko Cat Car

All the plastic pieces are made from recycled plastic and on the other side of the instruction booklet is a fun comic for the kids to read. Really with these junko kits yours kids can build moving toys as wild as their imaginations will allow.


Spike Expert Explorer Cheeky Monster Story Book and Toy Set

Spike the Expert Explorer Cheeky Monster

£21.98 From Cheeky Monsters


The cheeky monsters are made up of five different soft cuddly toys that have matching story books and Spike is super soft, super bright Expert Explorer.

The storybook tells the adventure of Spike and his friends visiting a park that has lots of litter lying around and how they have a litter parade to help tidy it up, it then follows Spike and his friends explorer the outdoors and gives ideas of how to keep our planet green.

What we loved about these cheeky monsters is additional to the cuddles and reading fun cheeky monsters have a fab website full of kids crafts ideas, game, activities and there is also an excellent free to watch youtube channel to go along with these monsters that has musical melodies kids can dance to and silly science experiments to watch.

The quality of the toys is lovely and the monsters are gorgeously themed for kids. You can just get the books or just the soft toys on their own or buy them together like this pair.


TBC Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

TBC Pavement Chalk

£12.43 From Amazon


Kids can get creative outdoors with these giant chalk sticks from TBC. These chunky sticks are easy for little hands to use and bright coloured on patio or pavements. The chalk quickly washes away with water so another art sessions can be enjoyed day after day.


Galt Bubble Lab, Science Kit for Kids


£6.99 from Amazon


We were really impressed with this little science Bubble Lab kit, it is aimed at children over 5 years old and it comes with loads of kit to do 7 fun experiments, including making your own bubble solution, although you do get premade bubble solution with it as well. You can make 3D cube and pyramid bubbles as well as a snake bubble as long as you can blow. The instructions are super easy to understand, and we loved how this kids science kit encourages early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun.


Easy to Take on your Travels

Nine 2 Nothing Card Game

Nine to Nothing Card Game

£5.06 From Amazon


Nine to nothing is a pocket size family card game ideal for taking on your Family travels or on sleep overs and for sure will keep the kids entertained for hours. The game is easy to play and the main aim is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards. We previously reviewed this game and wrote an easy to follow guide on How to Play Nine to Nothing if you want to check it out.


Marvel Cinematic Universe Top Trumps Quiz

Marvel Quiz Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

£9.49 from Amazon


Is your child a Marvel fan? If yes then this Top Trumps quiz would be a perfect gift option to keep them entertained.

Questions are not super easy which is good so expect to be challenged, they are aimed at over 12 year olds but too we would say you have to be familiar with Marvel. There are over 500 questions in the two sided container so hours of fun can be had as a family with this card quiz game. 


Soundiculous Kids Card Game

Soundiculous Rocket Card 2

£8.99 From Amazon


We are a great believer that kids learn well through play and can highly recommend this kids card game as a fab way to help expand your little one’s creativity and imagination.

Kids Soundiculous Game is a hilarious game where you see a picture on the card and using only sounds have to make noises for the others to guess what the picture is and at the end the person with the most points wins. However, don’t be thinking its easy as its can be quite tricky to make sounds for some of the pictures it really does get you thinking.





All Prices Correct at Publishing 21st June 2021

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