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Top 5 Favourite Recycled Products for your Family
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Top 5 Favourite Recycled Products for your Family

£12m to be invested in Bishopston Comprehensive School
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£12m to be invested in Bishopston Comprehensive School

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Do you know Why your Child is taking the National Tests in Wales Just Now?

Do you know Why your Child is taking the National Tests in Wales Just Now?

All school pupils aged between seven and fourteen are taking national tests in numeracy and reading across West Wales just now, but do you know why?

You might have had your list of stationary to buy your child ready for these tests including, the illusive clear pencil case for secondary pupils, which #JustSaying is only 49p in Home Bargains! But are you even sure why your child is having to take these tests?


What’s the Point?

First off, no child can pass or fail these tests, they are all based around the curriculum they have already been taught and their purpose is to help teachers gauge how your child is progressing in reading and numeracy and help highlight if your child may benefit from extra support. The tests are not graded and they do not affect the school’s performance levels.


What’s involved in the Tests?

There are three tests that your child will have to sit, two maths one procedural numeracy (testing their skills on things like numbers, measuring and data) and numerical reasoning (testing their skills on problem solving) in secondary school they will be allowed to use a calculator for one and not for the other and then the third test is reading. The tests are not that long, the two maths tests are 30 minutes long and the reading test is one hour long, but the little ones in Year 2 and 3 have tests lengths broken up, so they aren’t sitting too long.

At home, there is no need to revise or put in extra homework to prep for these tests as this could give your child false results and not benefit them in the long run, as remember these tests are about accessing your child’s ability on a normal day, not a prepped for day!


When do you see the Results?

The results of how your child has done will be sent home from the school to parents usually around the end of June to early part of July. The results are basically marking how your child did in relation to other children their age in Wales, e.g average or above average for their age, as well as stats on how they have progressed compared to other children in their year group.




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