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Family Life Halloween Shopping Guide

Whether you are taking your little one out Trick or Treating or planning the Best Halloween Party Ever at Home, we have you covered with some of the best buys, special offers and latest offerings that are on the market for families in this year’s Halloween Shopping Guide.

Here to help we have listed some of our favourite finds in shops and online to bring smiles to your little ones faces this Halloween.

We have everything from Halloween Party Supplies and Decorations, Halloween Dress Up, Halloween Party Foods, Kids Halloween games and Halloween crafts as well as sweet and non sweet treats.

This Handy Halloween Shopping Guide can not only save you time hunting for things you need, but also give you some great inspiration and Ideas for gifting or hosing the most epic family party at home.


Halloween Party Supplies and Decorations


Trick or Treat  Halloween Vegan Candle

 Trick or Treat Halloween Vegan Candle

From Vegan Bunny for £13.50

BUY NOWWe love this Trick or Treat Candle, its truly not like any other we have seen. First off, we have to mention that its magic in a glass jar when it burns, starting off with a white wax colour as it burns the wax turns black which is super cool.

Made in Britain, it smells amazing too, with a mix of Bergamot, Lime and Clove, you cant help but smile when you open the lid to see your candle topped with Halloween coloured sprinkles and creepy eyeball too.

Trick or Treat Halloween Vegan Candle Close Up

However, let’s tell you about the best part of this Halloween Candle, whilst looking and smelling fab on your mantlepiece this October, the most magical part of this Vegan Bunny Candle for us is in its credentials. With a 25 hour burn time, this plastic free candle is made from 100% natural ingredients, it’s vegan and cruelty free, comes delivered to your door in reduced product packaging and made only with eco-friendly supplies that are safe for you and the planet.

Vegan Bunny make loads of wonderful eco-friendly candles and even have a subscription service for tealights as well, but if its more Halloween themed candles you are looking for to treat your family home with then they do a yummy Pumpkin Latte Candle and a Kooky Bunny O’Lantern Halloween candle which is a mixed smell of Pumpkin patches and Bunnies and it turns from white wax to orange as it burns, we just truly love the originality of Vegan Bunny Candles so cant rave enough about them.


Halloween Eyeballs Props

 Eyeball Halloween Props

From Amazon for £7.98

BUY NOWThese 1.3 inch plastic ping pong Creepy Halloween Eyeball props come in a pack of twelve and are fab for decorating the kids party table or popping in a fruit punch bowl to make it more creepy.


Glow Sticks

 PoundToy Glow Sticks

From PoundToy for £1.25  

BUY NOWThis is an affordable pack of fifteen glow sticks connectors, which are super easy to use but very impactful on a creepy Halloween night. This pack includes four different bright colours which are green, yellow, pink and orange. Also makes a cool little addition to the kids Halloween party bags.


Ghost Glass Tumblers

 Halloween Ghost Tumblers from Next

From Next for £14.00

BUY NOWWe fell in love with these frosted glass ghost faced tumblers from Next the second we saw them. These spooky glasses come as a set of four and we think they will make a fab addition to any Halloween Party you are hosting at home this year.


Colour Your Own Halloween Mug

 Halloween Colouring In Mug PoundToy

From PoundToy for £1.50

BUY NOWKids can get creative with these colour your own Halloween mugs from PoundToy, They come with two different colouring sheets inside and we loved how the kids would know which cup is theirs at the home party as they have the chance to customise it.


Halloween Character Tumblers

 Tesco Halloween Character Tumblers

From Tesco for £2.00

BUY NOWLooking for something more durable than paper cups but still child friendly then you will love these plastic Halloween tumblers. They come in packs of six with two green, two purple and two orange-coloured tumblers. They are not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or holding hot liquids, but we did find them a great match and good value reusable cup option for kids.  


Ghost Serving Platter

 Next Ghost Serving Platter

From Next for £14.00

BUY NOWThe stoneware ghostly design platter is just perfect for your family Halloween Party, it’s a handy size too around 28cm tall so can hold many a sweet cake, with the added bonus that its dishwasher and microwave safe.


Black Pumpkin Rimmed Serving Bowl

 Poundland Black Pumpkin Serving Bowl

From Poundland for £1.00

BUY NOWThis is a stylish black plastic good size serving bowl that will be a great affordable option for serving snacks at a Halloween party or holding all your treats for when the kids come calling.


Orange Pumpkin Shaped Serving Bowl

 Poundland Pumpkin Serving Bowl

From Poundland for £1.00

BUY NOWThis plastic large bright orange trick or treat bowl is sturdy and able to hold plenty of trick or treat goodies for the little ones.


Orange and Black Spider Web Serving Bowls

 Home Bargains Spider Web Serving Bowls

From Home Bargains for 79p each

BUY NOWThese legged spider web Halloween baskets come in two colours either orange or black. With its web frame its obviously not ideal for all snacks but looks great on a Halloween Party Table and works really well with items that come in packets.


Purple Halloween Character Serving Bowl

 Home Bargains Purple Halloween Character Serving Bowl

From Home Bargains for 99p

BUY NOWThis brightly coloured large purple plastic Halloween decorated serving bowl we think is great value for money as it will look good and function good at any home Halloween Party.


Long Halloween Paper Serving Plates

 Poundland Long Halloween Paper Serving Plates

From Poundland for £1.00

BUY NOWThis funky eight pack Pumpkin design paper serving platter will make passing the sandwiches way easier at your family Halloween Party. Also, if you want everything to match they comes with matching paper cups, and paper pumpkin plates.


Halloween Character Paper Plates

 Tesco Halloween Character Paper Plates

From Tesco for £1.00

BUY NOWThis fun pack of ten paper plates have iconic Halloween faces on it which the kids loved and we think they will make a great part of any family party. They also come with matching napkins, cups and tablecloth.


Purple Bat Paper Plates

 The Range Purple Bat Paper Plates

From Range for £1.00

BUY NOWPerfect for older kids these purple bat Halloween Paper plates come in packs of 8 and with matching napkins will make a perfect party supply.


Halloween Character Napkins

 Tesco Halloween Character Napkins

From Tesco for £1.00

BUY NOWMatching the Halloween face paper plates these bright coloured paper napkins will come in handy for serving cake or catching spills at any family Halloween Party, we thought they were a great deal as a twenty pack.


Purple and Black Bat Napkins

 The Range Purple and Black Bat Napkins

From Range for £1.00

BUY NOWMatching the purple Bat Paper plates these thick good quality black and purple sixteen pack bat napkins are a good value extra for your Family Halloween Party.


Halloween Character Tablecloth

 Tesco Halloween Character Tablecloth

From Tesco for £1.50

BUY NOWAs paper table cloths go we found this one from Tesco pretty tough, and able to wipe clean to some degree. It’s a pretty good size at 120cm x 180cm and its a cute little extra to spruce up any Halloween party table.



Halloween Dress Up Fun


Melissa and Doug Astronaut Costume

 Melissa and Doug Astronaut Costume 2 2

From Amazon for £22.95

BUY NOWWe feel like you can’t go wrong with Melissa and Doug kids dress up costumes as they are always such a good quality that we find they wear so well. Even though its Halloween we find not all kids want to dress up in something scary so thought we should mention this lovely unisex costume ideal for little ones aged three to six.

This astronaut costume comes with a zipper spacesuit, shiny helmet, fitted gloves and reusable name tag, all thick and godo quality material not flimsy.  Over the years we have found Melissa and Doug costumes to wash well, so you will for sure find these will keep great for World Book Day as well.  


Melissa and Doug Baker Costume

 Melissa and Doug Chef Costume

From Amazon for £22.99

BUY NOWAnother fab unisex option that we put to the test from Melissa and Doug is this role play Chef Costume Set, again age ranged for three to six year olds, this costume comes with a chef jacket, hat, oven mitt, cute little wooden utensils, measuring spoons and name tag.

This costume was a fantastic fit for the butcher the baker and candlestick maker boat for the little ones to attend a Halloween party in and with all the added utensil features in it, it has been played with just as much on normal fun dress up playdays. We really do feel Melissa and Doug costumes offer great value for money as they wear so well.


Wolf Amazon Mask

 Wolf Mask

From Amazon for £7.87

BUY NOWThis face mask is perfect for kids that are not a fan of face painting or dressing up as it offers a big impact when worn and can be paired with a low key dress up option. It is really good quality and with a realistic fur face. Easy size to be store we also think it would be a good option for World Book Day for kids.


Poco Nido Monster Shoes

Poco Nido Monster Shoes

From Poco Nido Currently on Special Offer Price of £35.85

BUY NOWThis adorable bright green laser etched monster leather shoes are from Poco Nido, the award winning, truly enchanting British brand that nurtures the all-important first steps, building confidence from crawling, walking to jumping of children.

We really can’t fault the quality of these little beauties; they are so soft and we can really see how they can promote the development of healthy and happy feet in your little ones. This monster pattern comes in three different designs, with laces or Velcro options and we just love them.

Up Close Poco Nido Monster Shoes

Available in sizes UK 3.5 to 8 We think they would make an awesome addition to your little ones Halloween look this autumn.


Halloween Glow in the Dark Horn Headband

 PoundToy Glow Horn Headband

from PoundToy for £1.00

BUY NOWThis glow in the dark headband is a fab affordable addition to your little ones Halloween costume choice this year. Inside the packet you will find two mini glow sticks , one plastic headband and two plastic horns. It is easy to assembly you simply snap the mini glow sticks to activate them push them into the horn sections and then click the little horns onto the headband. We think these are so effective in the darker evenings when the kids go trick or treating.  


Furry Bear Scary Bear Mask

 Furry Bear Scary Bear Mask

From Poundland for £2.00

BUY NOWAbsolute Bargain.....This scary fluffy bear mask comes in either white or brown and is a cheap dress up option for kids and adults perfect for trick or treating or a home Halloween party. We honestly cant fault this Halloween mask, for just £2 its really sturdy, just shows you dont have to spend a fortune on the kids Halloween dress up ideas this year.



Halloween Family Playtime  


Beaker Creatures Monsterglows Lab

 Beaker Creatures Monsterglows Lab

From Learning Resources for £24.00

BUY NOWAll the kids had great fun with this real working children’s experiment lab set. This Monsterglow set is a fab educational gift for kids at Halloween time as it helps them build STEM skills with experiments inside being inspired by biology, chemistry, and astronomy.

It comes with test tube and lid, beaker, flask, wand mixer, stirring mixer, centrifuge, bio-paddle and UV light and a detailed colourful experiment booklet. You get two mini monsterglow creatures in eggs that you release and there are six that you can collect.

Aimed at children over the age of five there are various experiments that explores the science behind the glow that they can work their way through including making glowing goo, spiderwebs on the moon and monster slime. Adult supervisor is a must with this but boy it is well worth joining in with this one as its super fun.


Halloween Hand Soap Making Kit

 Cosy Owl Craft Supplies

From Cosy Owl for £17.18

BUY NOWWe are huge fans of Kids Crafts at Halloween time, they love making creepy things and this craft supplies from Cosy Owl we love as it not only a fun project for the kids but that fun continues as each day your little ones can have a giggle washing their hands with this spooky purple Halloween Hand soap.

It goes without saying that as this soap making process involves melting a clear soap base that an adult should always be the one making this soap, and the children can assist only in the decoration element of it. We made this hand soap by using the alien type fragrance oil and magic violet mica powder to colour it with a fancy shimmer, however Cosy Owl sell loads of different soap making supplies including the melting pots and pouring jugs.  

Cosy Owl Craft Supplies

Cosy Owl actually made a super useful TikTok Video showing you exactly how to make this, which was a godsend, if you fancy giving it a go you can watch how here 

The kids just loved watching us make this soap as its something so different, it makes a perfect decoration on your shelf but way more fun to wash your hands with a hand soap, dont know why but the kdis just find it such a giggle.


Stomp Rocket Junior Glow

 Glow in Dark Stom Rocket

From Amazon for £15.99

BUY NOWThis Stomp Rocket Junior Glow really does tick all the boxes as a fab gift for kids at Halloween. Kids love the darker evening playtime around October Half Term and this Stomp Rocket is perfect for that as it comes with four foam rockets that glow in the dark. So kids can enjoy this during the daylight or in the night.

It is super easy to put together and just using your kids power the kids can have some jumping fun as they launch the rocket into the sky, they can even reach up to 100 feet so added bonus that they glow in the dark so you can see them whizzing around in the sky. We loved this as it really gave us the chance to get the kids off the screen, get them active and enjoy some fun family time together in the spooky dark.


Waboba Moonshine Ball

 Wobaba Moonshine Ball

From Amazon for £7.99

BUY NOWA New Waboba Moon ball is being released this October and we think that it a perfect well priced gift option for the kids this Halloween.

The Waboba Moonshine ball is a gravity-defying ball which turns any routine ball game into some crazy fun family playtime. Invented in Sweden back in 2005 its titled the original "ball that bounces on water" but this new ball is going to allow kids to play in the dark which is ideal as the darker winter months are just round the corner.

The Moon ball’s surface has crater like dents on it just like on the moon surface. Its is crazy bouncy, it claims to be able to bounce up to 100 feet high and although we have not achieved that as yet, we can totally see how that could be the case.

This Waboba Moonshine ball make a cool pop sound every time you bounce it and it lights up for couple of seconds each time it is bounced. The batteries inside the ball are not replacebale however they will last for over 100 hours of glowing and even after they do dim out you are still left with an awesome ball.

Glow in the Dark Moonshine Ball

We have to say we were impressed with how bright the light did shine in the dark and it does really well at getting the kids playing outdoors in the darker evening, which they find exciting.


Test Tube Slim

 PoundToy Test Tube Slime

From PoundToy for £1.00

BUY NOWThis test tube of slim is safe for kids over three years old and comes with two different colours of slim inside it. Kids enjoyed twisting and stretching this slime and its super handy that it can be put back into the test tube which has a screw top to it, we think it is a really affordable treat for the kids this Halloween.


Halloween Create Your Own Terror Train

 The Range Halloween Terror Train

From The Range for £14.99

BUY NOWThis big Halloween cardboard train is such an awesome craft activity for the kids, proving hours of creative fun the kids can help you build this terror train that is based on the haunted house rides you get a fairgrounds. It is a decent size streatching to about 100cm wide and 70cm high kids can crawl through the door and play inside after they colour it in.

We found the cardboard to be sturdy enough to take paint as well as colouring in pencils, felt pens and chalk and took some good level of bumping as they little ones made their way in and out of the train. This Halloween Terror Train from the Range is really worth the money when you see just how much hours of fun they can get out of it over the October Half Term, although top tip for us locally instore stocks were low so found online ordering helped manage disappointment.


Glow in the Dark Skeleton Finger Puppet

Skeleton Finger Puppet

From Fiesta Crafts for £5.99

BUY NOWKids can enjoy hours of imaginative play with this fabric and wood finger puppet. This little glow in the dark skeleton is really well made and perfect for little fingers. All the kids will love to create and recreate scenes from spooky Halloween stories, but what will really impress them as it did us is just how bright he glows when he is in the dark, its awesome.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Finger Puppet



Halloween Party Food


Toblerone Spider Cheesecake

Toblerone Spider Cheesecake

From Tesco for £3.65

BUY NOWWe love cheesecakes, in fact it could possible be our most favourite type of dessert, but funnily enough there aren’t many Halloween cheesecakes around in the shops, but don’t let that stop you from having it at your Family Halloween Party, just look at how we have levelled up this yummy Toblerone cheesecake.

Made with a chocolate biscuit base and topped with Toblerone's Milk Chocolate, we simply melted some milk and white chocolate to turn the top into a spider web, so it’s a double win, having a delicious cheesecake and a treat on our party food table that is acool Halloween themed.

You will find these cheesecakes in the freezer aisle of your nearest Asda, B&M Stores, Morrisons and Tesco, its signature Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat in the instantly recognisable makes the perfect family feast.


Cadbury Pumpkin Patch Cakes

 Cadbury Pumpkin Patch Cakes

From Tesco for £2.00

BUY NOWThese Cadbury Pumpkin Patch Cakes come in boxes of four and are yummy chocolate cakes with orange coloured cream, with bright orange pumpkins on top we think they look good as a Halloween themed food on your party table.


SPAM Spooks

How to Make SPAM Spooks Halloween Party Food Main

From £1.49 from most Supermarkets

BUY NOWGet creepily creative in the kitchen with the kids and cook up some Spooky Halloween Food for your Family Party with the iconic meat SPAM Chopped Pork and Ham.

Look at what we have managed to make with the kids, some SPAM Spooks, it’s quick and easy and makes a fab addition to your Family Halloween Party Food Table, if you wish to give it a go you can see the full recipe here to make your own SPAM Spooks Halloween Party Food


Mr Kipling Toffee Apple Pies

 Mr Kipling Toffee Apples Pies

From Tesco for £1.50

BUY NOWAnother Mr Kipling treat we just had to test run was the Halloween themed toffee apple pies, a twist on the traditional apple pies these melt in the mouth pastries were loved by everyone so we would for sure say check them out if your looking for something a little different for your party food table


SKIPPY Spooky Cookies Recipe

SKIPPY Spooky Cookies

From £2.40 from in major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Costco, Ocado

BUY NOWYour family can enjoy a Scary, yet Smoothly Satisfying Halloween with Terrifying Treats made with SKIPPY Peanut Butter like these Spooky Cookies.

We really enjoyed making these Spooky Cookies with the family, what child doesn’t love getting in the kitchen to make a good old cookie! This easy-to-follow recipe will make a fab addition to your Family Halloween food list this year, if you wish to give it a go you can see the full recipe SKIPPY Spooky Cookies Recipe over in our Halloween Food section.


Halloween Ghost Mini Cupcakes

 Tesco Halloween Cupcakes

From Tesco or £1.50

BUY NOWSold in packs of two these cute little cupcakes looked and tasted great. Made with chocolate sponge and filled with salted caramel these cupcakes are topped with chocolate and salted caramel flavoured fronting, sprinkles, and cute ghost edible character. We did find it a bit unpractical that they only came in a two pack, but they tasted so yummy and looked fab that we just had to include them in our list of ideas for your family Halloween party food table.


Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies

 Mr Kilping Halloween French Fancies

From Tesco for £1.50

BUY NOWKids love Mr Kipling French Fancies anyway so we were excited to try out these limited edition Halloween themed ones, in packs of eight all cakes have orange flavoured sponge with vanilla topping and the whole pack has just orange coloured ones in it.


SKIPPY Crispy Rice Monsters

SKIPPY Crispy Rice Treat Monsters

From £2.40 from in major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Costco, Ocado

BUY NOWThis Halloween you and the kids can enjoy making petrifying peanut butter delights like these SKIPPY Crispy Rice Treat Monsters that will both freak out and delight you party guests and we have all the steps of how to make them.

The Kids loved these and you can make them using all different coloured icing, we also made orange and green ones. They are so easy to make,  if you fancy giving it a go you can see the full recipe SKIPPY Crispy Rice Treat Monsters Recipe over in our Halloween Food section.


Orange Gingerbread Biscuit Pumpkin Kit

 Tesco Decorate Your Own Pumpkin Biscuit Kit

From Tesco for £1.80

BUY NOWWe are big fans of Tesco’s decorate your own kits for some hassle-free creative food fun with the kids and this Orange Gingerbread Biscuit Pumpkin Kit did not disappoint. It comes with five large pumpkin biscuits, some black food colouring and sparkly orange edible glitter for the kids to decorate their own biscuit before enjoy this yummy treat, making them an ideal activity during your family Halloween party at home and if you want to make this last longer you can always give them more toppings to decorate the biscuits with.


Mini Spooky Gingerbread Biscuits

 Tesco Mini Halloween Gingerbread Biscuits

From Tesco for £1.80

BUY NOWThis mini biscuits comes in a pack of thirty gingerbread biscuits all with different spooky designs including skulls and bats. They look good as on a party food table and offer an affordable party food option for your family Halloween party at home.



Child Friendly Trick or Treat Treats


Haribo Scaremix Sweets

 Haribo Scaremix

Currently On Special Offer at Ocado For £1.00

BUY NOWWithout artificial colours this share size bag of Halloween themed Haribo sweets include some cool sweet treats such as blackcurrant and blueberry Dracula rings, blood orange and apple Dracula rings, blood orange boo bear, lime boo bear, cherry boo bear, toffee monster's eyeball, apple and blackcurrant Dracula rings, blood orange witches brew and blackcurrant and bubblegum vampire hearts. We love adding these treats to little snack bowls at Halloween Parties and all the kids and grown ups always favour them too.


Haribo Tangfastic Tricks Sweets

 Haribo Tangfastic

From Tesco for 79p

BUY NOWWithout artificial colours these fizzy fruit flavour, Cola Flavour and Sweet Foam Gums sweets can add a tangy tastiness to your families Party food table this Halloween, which kids and grown ups will love and it wont break the bank either.


Haribo Trick or Treat Packs

 Haribo Trick or Treat Multi Pack

Large 32 Multi Pack From Ocado for £3.99  

BUY NOWWithout artificial colours this Haribo Trick or Treat Multipack is full of Halloween themed mini bags and we just love to use these in party bags and in our treat bowls for when the kids coming round trick or treating at Halloween, the little bags make them mess free, but also gives confidence to the kids and parents that the sweets are safe and clean to eat.


Haribo Share the Happy Packs

 Haribo Happy to Share Pack

Double Size Packs From Tesco for £2.00

BUY NOWThis Share the Happy Multi Pack is full of mini individual packs of all our favourite packs such as the  Haribo Supermix, Haribo Starmix, Vegetarian Haribo Giant Strawbs and Haribo Tangfastics. They are perfect for Halloween to use to fill Party bags or pop into your Trick and Treat bowls.


Skull Lollipops

 The Range Skeleton Lollipops

From Range for £1.00

BUY NOWThese ghoulish looking white skull lollipops are fab, they are hard boiled fruit flavoured lollipops and there is around 17 of them in this bag so we thought they are good value pack ideal for trick or treat bowls.


Creepy Pumpkins Solid Milk Chocolates

 Tesco Pumpkin Chocolates

From Tesco for £1.00

BUY NOWComing in a netted bag, you get around 15 individually wrapped milk chocolate pumpkin sweets, which look fab in little snack dishes on the food party table or makes a cute little treat to mix in with other sweets in your trick or treat stash for when the kids come calling.


Halloween Chocolate Lollipops

 Halloween Chocolate Lollipops

From Home Bargains for 99p

BUY NOWMilk Chocolate treats on a stick these Halloween lollipops come in packs for six and we thought they offered an affordable option for families to treat the little ones, ideal for in the trick or treat bowls and the we think the bright wrapper colours could add a needed bit of pop to the party food tables.


Gummy Fang Sweets

 Gummy Fangs

From Home Bargains for 99p

BUY NOWThis strawberry flavoured gummy fangs come individually wrapped making them handy for trick or trick bowls, inside party bags or on the party food table. Each bag has around 20 pieces in them so they are a good affordable option for families this Halloween.


Gummy Eyeball Sweets

 Gummy Eyeball

From Home Bargains for £1.99

BUY NOWThese Gummy Eyeball sweets are a returning favourite of ours from last year, 4D eyeballs come individually wrapped so perfect for trick or treat bowls and party bag fillers, we used them last year to top a basic cake which worked well and we even added them to a fruit punch which the kids found very gross. Each bag comes with around 40 sweets so again an affordable option for Halloween themed treats for the family.


Gummy Body Parts Sweets

 Gummy Bodyparts

From Home Bargains for 99p

BUY NOWOk now we have to be honest and say not all the body parts are easy to work out what they are but these gummy body parts sweets have made it back on our list from last years as they taste so good. In orange, strawberry and blueberry flavours everyone enjoyed them and we did find them handy again to add on top of cupcakes just for a bit of Halloween theming to the food on the party table.


Halloween Temporary Tattoos

 Halloween Tattoos

From Amazon for £1.33

BUY NOWThese 4cm x 4cm bright coloured temporary kids Halloween transfers come in twelve different designs, and you get two of each in this great value pack of twenty four, making it an affordable sweet alternative trick or treat option or for Halloween party bag fillers.


Skull Erasers Party Bag Filler

 Skeleton Erasers

From PoundToy for £1.00

BUY NOWWe just love these little spooky erasers and they come in the cutest little test tube style container. You get 12 mini erasers in each, they are each about 1cm in size and you can get either green or pink ones.


World of Zombies Collectible Figures

 World of Zombies

From Amazon for £3.99

BUY NOWThese Bandai Mystery Collectible Toys are the perfect sweet alternative trick or treat gift for kids this Halloween. Coming in a creepy coffin each blind pack comes with one zombie and one rock, paper, scissors collector card. We loved that each Zombie has their own background story including its quirky personality and country of origin.

Each zombie has a detachable heads and arms so the more you collect the more you can swap around to create even weirder zombies. Their hands can even grip objects or other zombies. Kids can even get add on playset so they can get their zombies to compete in sporting events with the World of Zombies Ball Sports and Stadium playset.


Sticky Monsters

 Sticky Creatures Halloween Treat

From Amazon for £4.49

BUY NOWThese individually packed sticky monsters come in a pack of twelve. Kids can have fun throwing them at hard surfaces such as walls or ceilings, which seems to be all the rage these days. We think for around 30p each they offer a great non sweet alternative for trick or treating or Halloween Party bag filler for kids.


Fabric Treat Bags for Halloween

 Halloween Fabric Treat Bags

From Amazon for £2.99

BUY NOWFor the price these fabric little tote bags which come in a pack of two, are a good option for your little ones to take out trick or treating or for families to fill with goodies and gift to all kids attending a Halloween house party. They are roughly about 34cm x 28cm in size.


Spooky Skeleton and Spider Pencils

Fiesta Crafts Skeleton and Spider Pencils

From Fiesta Crafts for £3.99 each

BUY NOWThese pocket money range fun character pencils will make a brilliant non sweet alternative for trick or treating or Halloween Party bag filler for kids. Made from wood and fabric, their wooden feet make a clacking noise when shaken and they can be used as mini puppets as well as for writing. But what we love the most about these is just how bright the glow in the dark skeleton, which all the kids will be impressed by on Halloween.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pencil






All Prices Correct at Publishing 4th October 2021

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