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How to Make a Haribo Starmix Bouncy Ball

Guilty… Our Family loves Haribo Starmix sweets so much that we took it a step some may say too far and memorialised them inside a homemade bouncy ball for our whole family to enjoy playing with. But you can too, as we share with you How to Make a Haribo Starmix Bouncy Ball

Surely it cannot just be us that has thought about making a unique bouncy ball to play with. Oh well if it is, now we mentioned it, do you fancy it? If yes, its very simple to make, doesn’t cost a fortune and we have all the info you need to make it happen, just keep reading.


What you Need to Make a Haribo Starmix Bouncy Ball

  • Pack of Yummy Haribo Starmix

    Haribo Starmix

  • Translucent Silicone (not one that is anti mould, just general purpose one)
  • Tennis Ball
  • Knife (For an Adult to Use)
  • Brown Parcel Tape (Optional)


How to Make a Haribo Starmix Bouncy Ball

The first thing you need to do is be at one with your Will Power and Don’t eat all the Haribo Starmix Sweeties lol…. I say this with great sincerity as I found myself having to pop to the local co-op for another packet lol!

So… that in check to start, you will need to cut the tennis ball in half, not completely apart, you want it to still be attached together but just cut enough so you can still open it wide.

Fill the inside of the tennis ball with silicone, once you have put a thin layer inside start placing your Haribo sweets into the silicone, the closer to the outside the better you will see the sweets in all their glory. Then keep repeating this process until the tennis ball is completely full of silicone and sweets on both sides.


HAribo Bouncy Ball Cut Open


Gently close the two halves of the filled tennis ball together and wipe away any excess at the joint, once pressed together. If you want extra security you can tape the two halves together and then leave sitting indoors for a few days to dry out and set.  

Once the silicone has set and gone hard (you will be able to tell this by simply squeezing the ball, to if it gives some resistance) cut the two halves of the ball apart and take the bouncy ball out.

And there you have it, your very own homemade Haribo Starmix Bouncy Ball


Hario Bouncy Ball




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