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Family What’s on Guide for February Half Term in West Wales
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Family What’s on Guide for February Half Term in West Wales

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Make your own After School Routine Clock

Make your own After School Routine Clock

After the kids are back from school, do you find everything goes to pot and chaos fills the house or siblings start nothing but continually arguing? Maybe a Routine Clock could help?

Put some structure back into your home mid-week during term time and make an after school routine clock with the kids.

The kids will find it easy to follow this routine clock, as it is color-coded so they know what task they should be working on at that time, simply colour your clock similar to the picture above with the times you wish for your family and work out your own code, so for example:

  • Colour Red – homework time
  • Colour Blue - Playtime
  • Colour Green – Family Dinner Time
  • Colour Purple – Bath Time
  • Colour Orange – Bed Time

The Benefits of Routines

Putting structure into your family evenings will help develop an easier bedtime routine for everyone, which is essential for kids. Their brains are working overtime and a simple routine has so many benefits, such as:

  • Help children understand time and time management
  • Help develop self-discipline
  • Help children get used to having chores.
  • Help give them a sense of security
  • Help establish important habits such as brushing teeth and hair.
  • Help strengthen relationships by focusing on time together.

Its suggested that children who grow up in chaotic homes where belongings aren’t put away never learn that life can run more smoothly so being organised and more structured can help. Also that children growing up in homes where there is no set time or space to do homework, never learn how to sit themselves down to accomplish an unpleasant task. As well as children that do not have basic self-care routines, such as grooming, hygiene and feeding, can find it hard to take care of themselves as young adults. So, simple little routines can kick start constructive habits.



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