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Easter Egg Frozen Yoghurt Lollies Recipe
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Easter Egg Frozen Yoghurt Lollies Recipe

Printable Easter Bunting Template
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Printable Easter Bunting Template

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Nurse writes Children’s Book to help with Coronavirus Worries

Nurse writes Children’s Book to help with Coronavirus Worries

A paediatric intensive care nurse has written a book to specifically help children who are anxious about Coronavirus and she has made it free for everyone to access online, which we think is just fab

Over the years that Molly Watts has worked as a staff nurse within the Southampton paediatric intensive care unit, she has written and illustrated a number of stories and poems for her little patients to help them with their fears and worries.

Each of her books features a nurse called Dotty and focuses on a different character who has been admitted to a specific hospital ward, for a specific problem or for a specific procedure or operation.

All the Nurse Dotty books aim is to help alleviate anxiety around being admitted to hospital for children and their families, by helping to start conversations and help to relieve some anxiety and fear.

The online Nurse Dotty books have lovely, bright pictures along with a rhyming story to help explain things like equipment and procedures.


Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus

The Dotty Nurse book that Molly has written to help reduce anxiety in children caused by the Coronavirus outbreak is called “Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus” and has already been downloaded 15,000 times and was successfully used in schools and nurseries prior to their closures.

It tells the story of how Nurse Dotty meets a dog called Dave on her way into work who is worried about Coronavirus and how she explains the facts about he virus, how to keep safe and some of the things that may happen so to be prepared for them.

It also reminds all the children that its ok to worry and that this is not forever and will pass.

Everyone is welcome to download the book for Free and can do this Here




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