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Top 20 Colour inspired Girls and Boys Names

Your new bundle of joy definitely brightens up your day, so how do you fancy calling your little one a name that is inspired by different bright colours or dark

To give you some ideas, here is our Top 20 favourite Coloured inspired Baby Names to help you out: -



  1. Cherry
  2. Coral
  3. Fuchsia
  4. Hazel
  5. Amber
  6. Jade
  7. Rose
  8. Scarlet
  9. Heather
  10. Violet
  11. Skye
  12. Alba
  13. Sienna
  14. Ruby
  15. Bluebell
  16. Pearl
  17. Honey
  18. Aurelia
  19. Rainbow
  20. Arianell



  1. Blue
  2. Rusty
  3. Ocean
  4. Indigo
  5. Ash
  6. Red
  7. Grayson
  8. Roan
  9. Sunny
  10. Blaine
  11. Enfys
  12. Slate
  13. Bay
  14. Sandy
  15. Hunter
  16. Storm
  17. Tanner
  18. Alwyn
  19. Clay
  20. Eurig


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