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Top 5 Thoughtful End of Term Teacher GiftsTop 5 Thoughtful End of Term Teacher Gifts

Top 5 Thoughtful End of Term Teacher Gifts

With a few weeks left of school term, there is no need to stress about what to get your fav teacher, nor to spend a small fortune!

We all know that teachers appreciate any type of gift at the end of the year, however if you have are looking for something a little more thoughtful then we have a few Cute and Simple end of year gifts for teacher appreciation, ideas to help.

  1. Practically, teachers need highlighters, so why not dress them up with a cute little tag, either just tie them together with some string or decorate an old coffee jar place the hand-written sign on the jar. This is a good easy gift for the young kids to colour in the sign

    Teacher Gift Highlighters Article
  2. If your child’s teacher loves their plants maybe this cleverly painted Plant Pot would be a winner with them!

    Teacher Gift Help Me Grow Plant Pot Article
  3. What about the pencil vase, looks pretty and has a dual purpose as after the flowers need the vase, your teacher could use to hold pens and pencils. It’s really easy to make use, simply use an old can or cheap glass and glue the pencils around the outside, add a ribbon and you could even go as far as using your child’s hand prints to make the flowers if you don’t want to use real flowers.

    Teacher Gift Pencil Vase Article
  4. Teacher signs made with crayons, you could create a door sign for the classroom door or use a larger picture frame to make a stunning wall display. Using crayons glued down to spell out the first letter of the teacher’s name. You can write just the teachers name or write something like “Mrs Huddle, Thanks for colouring my world” or “Best Teacher”

    Teacher Gift Crayon Name Sign Article
  1. And lastly one of the best things that any teacher can get is kind words, because sometimes a simple “Thank You” from the mouths of the kids that the teacher has worked so hard helping all year is the best present they could get. Your little one could write a letter or make a homemade Thank You card. Also, just three or four lines in a letter from parents, could really mean a lot and why not send a copy to the school head teacher. Some teachers aren’t praised enough nowadays, and parent’s positive recommendation could help your child’s teacher’s progression in their career!

    Teacher Gift Thank you letter Article

Whatever you choose to send into to school its lovely to see your child’s happiness by giving something special to their teacher who they have had some much fun with this year!



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