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Top Tips of Stationery Just for Left Handed School Children

As a parent, we are always happy to get everything that our child needs for school, but did you know you could get handy stationery to help your left-handed child?

If your child is left handed, you might be able to help them more than you think, by filling their school bag with some of these stationery aids


Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners are so easy for children to use that you often forget that left handed children will naturally turn the pencil the opposite direction. However, this sharpener which is specifically designed for left handed people will allow them to do a simple task their way and just as easy as right handed children.  This is not expensive and you can get them on Amazon Here for just £2.98

Pencil Grips

Pencil grips are so useful for children who are just learning how to write or wishing to improve their handwriting skills and these funky pencil grips are an ideal pencil case buddy for any left-handed child. They say they take only 2 months to develop the perfect pencil holding skills. You can get them off Amazon Here for just £7.45


A simple ruler used for drawing lines might not cross your mind as something that they have specifically for left handed people, however this fab ruler could make things so much easier for your child by simply running the numbers in the other direction, so they can naturally draw a line in the direction they want to. You can get this on Amazon Here for £1.55


Most children love arts and crafts and cutting shapes out of paper can sometimes be a bit tricky if you’re holding the scissors in the opposite direction to what feels natural to you. Cutting shapes out of paper if brilliant for children’s hand eye coordination. Left handed scissors can make simple cutting tasks much more manageable. You can get them off Amazon Here for £2.62


Coloured Pencils

Designed for left handed children who are learning to write or improving their handwriting skills, with perfectly shaped sides to each pencil that they can hold easily and correctly for all left-handed people. You can order these off Amazon Here for £4.00

 All prices were correct at time of publishing


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