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Ways to Make Easter Memorable for Kids

Our Family Loves Easter Time, the kids are off school for a couple weeks, things slow down and we get to spend more time together, it’s a time of year the kids look forward to as every year we do loads to make it memorable for them, so we thought we would share our Ways to Make Easter Memorable For Kids.

Even if you are stuck at home and unable to visit organised local events with the kids there are still plenty of fab ways to celebrate Easter with your kids this year and make it memorable for them.

Easter brings with its Springtime and all the lovely colourful flowers, chirping birds and new sign of wildlife emerging, however if you are stuck at home and unable to explore your local neighbourhood there are still plenty Easter Themed Ideas for children of all ages to help your family enjoy celebrating Easter

Here’s are some of our Favourite Easter Fun Activities for the kids:

Easter Egg Hunt

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt is a strong favourite of all kids, the rush and excitement of running around seeking out the colourful eggs and other treats is so exciting and such an old tradition for many families.

Whether you hunt out what the aster Bunny has left as soon as you wake up on Easter morning or wait till later in the day to hide them it’s a fab activity for the kids to look forward to and will create some awesome memories.

Usually we tend to attend organised Easter Egg Hunts around West Wales, the National Trust ones are always a firm favourite, however this year we won’t be able to attend these so there are two Easter Egg Hunts we will be doing.

Easter Egg Hunt at Home – Hide Easter Egg Treats such as little Chocolate eggs or treats around your house or garden if you have one, you can also hide Easter non-candy treats such as Easter stationary, Easter temporary Tattoos, Easter Lego or Easter reading books.

Top Tip for you Easter Egg Hunt at Home is make sure you write a list for yourself of all the places  you have hidden everything as the last thing you want is for some of the hidden items being missed and going off and attracting bugs in the weeks after Easter. Also don’t forget to take loads of photos its lush to look back on as your kids grown.

Glow In the Dark Easter Egg Hunt – This is such a fun activity as the kids not only get to hunt eggs but they get to do it in the exciting dark and its so easy to do, simply get yourself some of the little plastic Easter Eggs we bought a big bag of 48 from Amazon here Then you place little battery operated flameless LED Tea Light Candles inside them, again we bought a packet of 48 from Amazon here and they include the batteries in them as well.

All you do then is hide the glowing eggs around your home and garden if you have one and the kids race round to see who can find the most or you can aside a colour to each child so they all have the same number to look for and don’t forget a little surprise treat at the end once they collect all the eggs.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Online – After your home hunt you can always get online and have fun letting the kids try out some of the many virtual Easter egg hunts online


Easter Themed Crafts for Kids

In the lead up to Easter the kids always tend to do loads of fun Easter themed crafts at school and we love doing loads different things at home too.

We are always adding loads of fun Easter Printables and Craft Ideas for kids in our Easter Section of our website here and you should pop over and follow us on Pinterest as we have an Easter Board there where we pin loads of fun Easter craft inspiration from all over the internet. Click here to follow us on Pinterest now 


Easter Food

So, to be fair food plays a huge part in any seasonal event in our house, but Easter has some super yummy traditional delights to get in the kitchen and make easily with the kids.

Plus, too Easter food is often very bright coloured and sweet tasting so again no child of ours refuses to bake some Easter Treats.

We have added some of our favourite and really easy Easter Family Recipes in our Easter Section of our website here and once again have to say you should pop over and follow us on Pinterest as we have an Easter Board there where we pin loads of Yummy Easter Food Recipes and Ideas to try with the kids from all over the internet. Click here to follow us on Pinterest now 


Easter Kids Pizza


Dying Easter Eggs or Painting Eggs

Another old family classic for Easter is sitting all together and making lovely colourful eggs. With the younger kids we tend to just boil the egg and let them decorate the outside using all different material from felt pens, paint and glue to stick everything and anything on to them.

Same principle for the older kids but to add to the difficulty we always put a tiny hole into an uncooked egg and blow out the inside and up their skill level as they have to decorate a super fragile egg, best part of this is always the funny faces pulled during the creative moments lol!

Another traditional activity has to be dying eggs. We tend to buy this cheap Dye Kit from Amazon for a few pounds, however we have loads of How to Guides on Dying Easter Eggs on our Pinterest Page, including fun designs to try out and even natural ways to dye them, so Pop over and Follow Us here 


Easter Baskets

Another memorable idea for Easter with the kids is to gift them an Easter basket filled with all kinds of treats. This can cost as little or as much as you want it to be and often the kids love the cheap little things more than the uber expensive, so be sure you gift your child things you know they will love.

Some Ideas that we tend to include are:

  • Giant Chocolate Bunny and other little Easter Sweeties
  • Easter Book
  • Easter Pyjamas
  • Loads of Easter Arts and Craft Goodies
  • Tub of Playdoh
  • Bottle of Bubbles
  • Cute little Easter Teddy
  • Easter Stationary


Reading Easter Themed Books

There are loads of fab reading books that the kids can enjoy, which gives them a fun non-messy and calmer Easter activity to take part in.

We have loads of lists again on our Pinterest Page and some of our family favourites includes We’re Going on an Egg Hunt and Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt 

Easter themed reading books make and awesome Easter Basket Gift, however, don’t forget next year if you plan for it you can borrow some Easter themed books to read over Easter from your local library

Also don’t worry if you can’t go out to buy your little one a new Easter themed reading book this year as Amazon have plenty Kindle E-books that you can get for either Free if you have Fire for Kids Unlimited or for a Few pounds to buy from their Kindle Store have a look at them here 



Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts are perfect for the older kids as they enjoy reading the Clues and working out the riddle before running off to the next location to hunt for the clue.

Some people hide little chocolate treats with the clues and then there is one big Easter Egg at the end. We don’t tend to do that we just have one Big Surprise at the end as we found the kids ended up taking forever to complete the hunt as they stopped each time to eat the chocolate before getting the next clue lol!

Also its worth pointing out there is no need to go to the expense of buying more chocolate treats as with everything they will have had that day you could simply print them a Well Done Certificate or grant them one Special Easter Wish


Enjoy an Easter Parade

We always find it fun to attend a child friendly Easter Parade in our local Community, however again this year that won’t be an option, though that should not stop the fun.

Get creative why not put on your own family parade and put on a performance you will never forget as you march around your house and garden if you have one.

Dress up, where your Easter bonnets, make some props and floats and if you have family members that cant be with you then look to technology to bring them into your home using live video calling services (list of these are below so keep reading). They can also get dressed up and you take it in turn to put on your part of the Family Parade.

Don’t forget to get online for Virtual Easter Parades from around the world as well.


Easter Family Time 

For us Easter is typical time to get together with loved ones and celebrate. This year is not going to be any different and therefore we still intend to stay connected to our Family just this year it will be in a different way and here are a few ways you can keep connected to your family virtually

Some of the Best Video Calling Services that are Free to use:

  • Facetime, which is a video chat developed by Apple
  • Facebook watch party
  • Video Calling on Facebook Messenger app
  • Whats ap video calling, group chats are possible
  • Skype
  • Zoom, good for group chats
  • Google Hangouts
  • Viber
  • Talky
  • WeChat


Family Video Calling with Laptop

Live Steam Easter Service

If you usually attend church for Easter service, this year it’s wont be an option, but its still there is no need to worry as there are ample places around the world that are planning to hold their Easter Services online so you can live stream them and watch with all your family.

In the UK the Archbishop of Canterbury will be delivering his Sunday Service from his kitchen at home and you can watch virtual service on their website here from 9am on Sunday and if you cant watch it you can hear it live on BBC Radio 4 as well. You can also watch live-streamed and recorded services from The Church of Wales here 

Additionally, you can watch Catholic Mass Online from the Catholic Church of England and Wales. You can see the full list of churches broadcasting Mass this year online here which includes a full Easter schedule by time and date and link to Vatican Media Live You Tube Service  


Easter Cards

Again, every year we love making different Easter Cards, some to put up around our Home and some to give to friends and family. Not only is it a great creative time for the kids but it can help make your home feel all decorated for Easter

If this year you are unable to post your lovely home-made cards, the kids can always email pictures to the recipient or you could even send them an e-card instead this year.

You can get a 7-day free trial of 123 cards where you can send free e-cards for Easter and any other occasion really. Some of the designs are fab, admittedly some are a bit mmmm…… well worth scrolling past but they have tons to browse through. After your 7 days its £1.99 a month billed annually so all you got to do is send your cards for Easter for Free and then cancel your subscription.


Watch Easter Movies

After all the hunting for eggs, arts and crafts and baking must kids are a bit tired out and that’s why we find one of the best ways to enjoy a bit of quiet wind down time before bedtime in the evening is to all snuggle up and watch one of our favourite Easter movies as a family.

We have loads of favourites and we are luckily to have subscription to a good few streaming services as well as Sky TV, so our Kids Movies Choices could be pretty endless but here are just a few of ones think your kids will lovel

  • Hop
  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail
  • Peter Rabbit
  • It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • The Dog Who Saved Easter
  • Yogi the Easter Bear
  • Curious George Egg Hunting
  • Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Mystery of The Easter Chipmunk



Although this Easter Time with be different from others and its can still be just as special and as parents what we can do for our little ones is make it another memorable one for the right reasons, so we hope by sharing these ideas are of some to your family

Happy Easter Everyone




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