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Pendine Museum of Land Speed

Start Date:

Currently 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday (will be open longer in the summer)

Location: Marsh Road, Pendine, Carmarthenshire, SA33 4NY
Adults £7, students and disabled £6, children £4, 10% off for groups of 4 or more

Parking on site and visitors need to pay at parking machine.

Café next door

Looking for an extraordinary family day out that blends speed, history, and excitement? Then, rev up your engines and head over to the Pendine Museum of Land Speed in West Wales! This unique museum, opened in May 2023, celebrates the breathtaking history of land speed records at Pendine Sands, a place where the quest for speed has turned into legend.

Imagine stepping into a world where the sand beneath your feet has felt the rush of record-breaking speeds. Pendine Sands is not just any beach; it’s a historic runway where heroes of speed like Sir Malcolm Campbell and J.G. Parry-Thomas dared to push the limits of what was possible. These sands have witnessed the exhilarating highs of setting world records and the tragic lows, such as the loss of Parry-Thomas in his valiant attempt to reclaim his title. Yet, his legacy, along with his car Babs, beautifully restored to her former glory, is immortalized at the Pendine Museum of Land Speed.

The museum offers more than just a walk through history; it’s an interactive journey that brings the spirit of land speed records to life. From the early attempts by Campbell and Parry-Thomas in the roaring ’20s to Amy Johnson and Jim Mollison’s daring flight from Pendine Sands to New York in 1933, every exhibit tells a story of bravery, innovation, and the unyielding human spirit. The museum is not just about looking; it’s about experiencing. Dive into a video cave where you can feel the thrill of racing across the beach in Babs, or explore interactive displays that make the past a hands-on adventure.

But the story of speed at Pendine doesn’t end with the past. The beach continues to be a hub for speed enthusiasts, hosting events like the Vintage Hot Rods and the Straightliners, making it a living museum where the legacy of land speed records continues to grow. Whether you’re a motor enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking for a fun and educational day out with the family, the Pendine Museum of Land Speed offers something for everyone.

After a day of speed and history, why not explore more of what West Wales has to offer? If you’re on the lookout for more family-friendly spots to take the kids locally, make sure to visit our ‘Places to Go‘ section for all the best local attractions and hidden gems. Don’t miss out on making your family outings unforgettable with a visit to the Pendine Museum of Land Speed – where history races to life!

    Everything was spot on when we shared this, but for a hassle-free family day out, check with the venue before you go!

    At a Glance

    Indoor Venue
    OK for all ages
    Pay on Arrival
    Wheelchair Access
    Pushchair Access
    Toilets Available
    Nappy Changing Facilities
    Cash and Card
    Gift Shop
    Assistance Dogs Welcome

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