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Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen Review

In the ever-exciting realm of children’s toys, it’s a rare treat to find something as charming as the Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen! We’re constantly on the hunt for those exceptional toys that go beyond mere entertainment and ignite creativity and offer heaps of fun! As avid enthusiasts of DreamWorks’ Gabby’s Dollhouse, the arrival of the Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen had us buzzing with excitement and keen to put this Playdough Activity Set to the test to see if it could be an ideal choice for engaging the kids with joyful activities during the school holidays!

With a friendly price tag of just £16.99, this playdough activity set promises a blend of fun and creativity, making it an excellent choice for young chefs eager to craft their own doughy delights. Over the past few weeks, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring every aspect of this set, turning every play session into an adventure of imagination and let’s just say, it’s been an absolute hit in our household!



What’s in the Box?

PARENTING REVIEW Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen

Unboxing the Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen was an adventure in itself. The set includes:

  • 1x Factory
  • 3x (50g) Mini Dough Pots with Cover Moulds
  • 1x Icing Syringe
  • 3x Cake Moulds
  • 2x Cutting Moulds
  • 1x Instruction Sheet

Each component is designed to ignite the spark of creativity in children, allowing them to mould and craft their confections just like Gabby and her feline friends.



Whipping Up Fun: Our Hands-On Experience with the Dough Kitchen!

PARENTING REVIEWS Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen Baking

Over several weeks, we’ve put the Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen to the test, and it’s safe to say that it has more than lived up to our expectations. The set allows kids to effortlessly design and decorate their unique cake designs. We’ve observed firsthand the hours of entertainment this set provides, as the children shaped, moulded, and decorated their cake creations. It’s wonderful to see how this set brings the magical culinary adventures of Gabby’s Dollhouse into the real world.

PARENTING REVIEW Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen Yellow Squish

Key to our testing was the age-appropriateness of the toy. Recommended for children aged 3 and above, all pieces are perfectly sized for little hands. We were particularly impressed with the texture of the playdough, which is neither sticky nor messy—a common concern for many parents.



What We Love About This Playdough Activity Set

For us the Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen stands out from other playdough activity sets in several ways:

  • Imaginative Play: The hours of imaginative fun it offers is unmatched. The theme of the set really captivates the children, allowing them to feel part of Gabby’s world.

PARENTING REVIEWS Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen Cutter Playdough Activity Set

  • Ease of Use: The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making it accessible even for the youngest chefs.
  • Practical Design: The lids of the dough pots double as moulds, a clever and convenient feature that our kids loved.

PARENTING REVIEWS Gabby’s Dollhouse Playdough Activity Set Lids with Moulds

  • Quality of Components: The cutters are sturdy and easy to use, crafted to withstand enthusiastic play without breaking.



A Must-Have for Creative Families

PARENTING REVIEW Gabby’s Dollhouse Playdough Activity Set

After extensive playtesting, the Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen has undoubtedly become a hit in our household. The quality of the components is impressive, ensuring that the set isn’t just a temporary amusement but a long-term addition to our children’s playtime collection.

The compact design makes it easy to store and even easier to carry to sleepovers, making it our new go-to activity for a rainy day or any day, really! Given its value for money and the endless hours of creative play it offers, we highly recommend Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen to other families.

If you want to dive into the world of creative baking and whip up some delightful doughy creations with Cakey Cat, we guarantee this a fantastic buy! Grab yours on Amazon and for other fun playtime ideas to beat the boredom over the school holidays make sure to check out our other fun toy reviews. Ready to transform playtime? We think Cakey Cat’s Dough Kitchen is your ticket to endless creativity and laughter!


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