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New Halloween Spooky Sparkle Care Bears: Frightfully Fun and Fabulous

Hey, Care Bear fans! Are you as excited as we are? New for 2023 in the UK, we’ve got the limited-edition Halloween Care Bears, and honestly, we’re over the moon! One of the bears making a sparkling debut is the Spooky Sparkle Care Bear, which transforms our loving Tenderheart Bear into an adorable vampire. You read that right—a vampire Care Bear!

The design features vibrant pink, purple, and orange colours, And we can’t overlook the little touches, like the nifty black cape, playful vampire fangs, and let’s talk about the unique belly badge! It’s a bright orange fluffy heart that’s sprouted fangs and wings, making it spooktacular! With orange paw hearts, a cute nose, and even the iconic Care Bear heart on its bottom, it’s a Halloween treat. Plus, those lightning-shaped eyes will light up your Halloween night. It’s like Tenderheart Bear had a little rendezvous with Dracula, and voilà, Spooky Sparkle Bear!


Two More Halloween Care Bear Designs: Triple the Spooky, Triple the Fun!

New Halloween Care Bears two designs

Hold on to your broomsticks because Spooky Sparkle isn’t flying solo this Halloween; it’s got company! We have the Halloween Skeleton Tender Heart Bear, decked out as—you guessed it—a skeleton! Another version of the warm and lovable Tenderheart Bear but this time it’s all bones and cuddles.

Then, meet the Halloween Trick or Treat Bear, the magical Care Bear dressed as a witch, flying in on its own cuteness rather than a broomstick! With soft and squishy materials, both these 9-inch (that’s 22cm for those who like specifics) soft toys are just perfect for boys and girls aged 4 and up. These three bears make Halloween thrice as nice!


Eco-Friendly Bears: Because Even Bears Care About the Planet

Spooky Care Bear Eco Friendly Badge

Feeling a bit green? Well, you’re going to love this part. These Halloween Care Bears are not just cuddly; they’re kind to Mother Earth too! Crafted from recycled materials equal to four 50ml plastic bottles, these bears are a sustainable choice.

Spooky Car Bear Paws

High-five for eco-friendliness!  They’re soft, snuggly, and eco-conscious.


Why We’re Absolutely Smitten with These Bears

Now, let’s sink our fangs into the real story. We’re head over heels for these bears. The Spooky Sparkle Care Bear’s dinky little cape and the hilarious belly badge with the tiny fangs had our kids giggling for ages. Halloween is one of our favourite seasons, and these bears are the cherry on top—or should we say the fang on the vampire?

Spooky Car Bear Nose

Spooky Care Bear Cape

But hey, the Halloween magic doesn’t have to stop here. Check out the other new Care Bears for 2023 for more cuddly fun!

Spooky Bear Heart Belly Badge

Spooky Bear Bum Heart

In a world where Halloween usually equals tons of sweets, these bears are a fantastic alternative. Your kids get all the spooky fun without any of the sugary downsides. Now, that’s what we call a win-win!


Snap Up Your Halloween Care Bears Today!

Eager to add a sprinkle of magic to your Halloween celebrations? Look no further! Grab your Spooky Sparkle Care Bear, Halloween Skeleton Tender Heart Bear, or Halloween Trick or Treat Bear from Amazon for just £10 each (price correct at the time of publishing). What a fab non-sugary treat for your little spooks this Halloween!

And there you have it, lovely people. With these Halloween Care Bears, you’re set for a cuddly, spooky, and eco-conscious Halloween season. Wishing you all a Happy Halloween filled with cuddles and joy!


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