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So Chill Mini Fridge: Keeping Your Cool in Style

In the scorching heat of summer, there’s nothing quite like having icy-cold beverages readily available to beat the heat. The So Chill Mini Fridge comes to the rescue, offering both style and convenience for families on the go.

We were really excited to get our hands on the So Chill Mini Fridge, which was sent to us for testing. In exchange for trying it out and sharing our honest thoughts, we’re here to give you the lowdown. So, let’s jump into our experience with this cool little gadget that has quickly become a must-have in our family’s everyday life.


A Stylish and Compact Mini Fridge

The first thing that catches your eye when unboxing the So Chill Mini Fridge is its chic design. The sleek moving handle reminiscent of full-sized refrigerators adds a touch of sophistication to this compact appliance. Available in Teal or Black, it effortlessly blends into any setting, whether it’s placed in a bedroom, living room, car, or even a dorm room at uni.

So Chill Fridge Closed


Designed for Every Lifestyle

One of the standout features of the So Chill Mini Fridge is its adaptability to a variety of lifestyles. We discovered that this mini fridge was a versatile companion, suiting kids of all ages. It’s ideal for teenagers who want to keep chilled cans ready for their friends who drop by their room, gamers looking to avoid dashing downstairs for a drink, students seeking midnight refreshments without leaving their dorm, parents who need a convenient spot for their skincare essentials or for placing it in their home office, and families who want to ensure their kids always have fresh treats at hand..

So Chill Fridge open empty


Personalise Your Mini Fridge

Making your mini fridge uniquely yours is a breeze. You get this awesome sheet of funky stickers in the package, and you can totally jazz up the look of your fridge just the way you like. We totally vibed with this feature because it meant everyone in our family could add their own flair to the appliance, showing off their personality in a cool way.



Unboxing Delights

Inside the box, you’ll find the Mini Fridge itself, a removable shelf, a USB power cable and a sticker sheet. The inclusion of the USB power cable, is a game-changer, with the carrying handle on the back it gives you the flexibility to use the mini fridge anywhere – be it in your room, your car, or even on picnics. It’s a practical solution for maintaining a consistent cooling experience, no matter where you are.

Back of so chill fridge


Thoughts on Performance

We had the opportunity to put the So Chill Mini Fridge to the test during the peak of summer, and it didn’t disappoint. The initial setup was a breeze, and the mini fridge’s compact size made it easy to find the perfect spot for it.

Cooling beverages swiftly and effectively was where the mini fridge truly shone. Within a short span of time, it managed to chill our drinks to the ideal temperature.

While we knew it’s recommended for beverages only on really hot days we couldn’t help but use it to prevent our chocolate from melting and it passed the test with flying colours.

So Chill Fridge with can open


On-the-Go Convenience

Perhaps one of the standout features for us was the USB power cable. This simple innovation makes the So Chill Mini Fridge a hassle-free companion for outdoor adventures. We found it incredibly convenient to take it on picnics and trips to the park, as we could effortlessly power it using a portable power bank. It transformed the way our kids think about staying refreshed on the go.

So Chill Fridge switches


A Family Favourite

As a family, we found the So Chill Mini Fridge to be a versatile addition to our daily routine. It quickly became a beloved fixture in our children’s bedrooms, ensuring they always have access to chilled beverages and treats. The thought of sending it with our older child who’s off to university was met with unanimous approval – a practical and thoughtful gift to keep them fuelled during their studies.


Final Thoughts: So Chill Mini Fridge Wins Hearts

So chill mini fridge open with cans inside

Overall, the So Chill Mini Fridge has solidified its place as an essential gadget in our family lifestyle. Its sleek design, adaptable functionality, and portable convenience make it a must-have for anyone looking to beat the heat in style. The included stickers allow you to add a personalised touch, ensuring that your mini fridge reflects your unique taste.

We appreciate the opportunity to have tested the So Chill Mini Fridge, and our review is a testament to our honest impressions. It has seamlessly integrated into our lives, proving its worth during the hot summer months. We wholeheartedly recommend it to families, students, and individuals of all ages who want a reliable and stylish solution to keeping their essentials cool wherever they are. If you too want to stay refreshed anywhere with the So Chill Mini Fridge, you can get your own for just £44.99 online at Amazon.

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