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REVIEW: Aqua Dragons

Have you been on the look out for the perfect first pet for your child, but can’t make your mind up to what would be the best fit for your family? Well, we have been reviewing the Aqua Dragons and think they could offer many families the perfect solution for just this dilemma.

We have recently been gifted an intriguing Aqua Dragons set that offers families a mix of educational learning and pet ownership responsibilities, as you watch them grow, which we were excited to try out with the kids in return for us sharing our honest review with our readers.


What are Aqua Dragons?

Aqua Dragons are little aquatic creatures that have been in a hibernated dried state for years and now your child can bring them back to life and watch them grow in a space saving water tank right in your own home.

The scientific name for Aqua Dragons is Artemia Salina and they come from the crustacea family. The thing our kids found fascinating about these Aqua Dragons is that they have been living in the sea and in salty lakes on the earth for millions of years including while dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

When you first release them into your tank, they look nothing more than just dust, however within just a few days they hatch and start their life journey which can last around 2 months.


What’s Inside the Box


LATEST NEWS Aqua Dragons Whats Inside the Box


When you open your Aqua Dragons, Underwater World set you will find inside: –

  • Decorated Tank
  • Eggs
  • Food
  • Air Bubbler
  • Spoon
  • Full instructions and info booklet


How to Set-up Your Aqua Dragons

It’s pretty important that you set up your Aqua Dragons properly, because it could make the difference between them hatching or not!

We found it very easy to set up, you must use bottled water and you simply pour between 350ml and 380ml into the tank to start. Then tip in the whole sachet of live eggs and your already to go.


LATEST NEWS Aqua Dragons Eggs and Food



LATEST NEWS Pouring Aqua Dragons Eggs


You don’t feed them on day one, but on day two you just use the included spoon to drop in one scoop of food. We fed ours every other day and if the water gets murky, we just didn’t feed them that day and the water soon cleared up.

Its also important from time to time to use the air bubbler to pump some bubbles into the water to generate some oxygen for your little Aqua Dragons.

After a few days of setting them up you will soon see them hatching, little white dots swimming around, which will be a bit hard to see.


LATEST NEWS Aqua Dragons Few days later


But it won’t take long and they will grow large enough to see these funny three eyed long tailed Aqua Dragons swimming around, bringing hours of fun watching them doing their own little thing.








Benefit of Kids Looking after a Pet

Owning a pet can offer a child a really positive experience. Obviously, children can’t be expected to look after pets on their own, but parents are great role models and your child will learn responsible pet ownership by observing their parents’ behaviour.

Some of the benefits to a child in caring for a pet that we have seen with our kids includes:

  • Bringing fun to their lives, all pets bring fun to any household.
  • Helps encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Helps build family bonds as pet are often the heart of all family activities.
  • Decreases anxiety, ideal for homework and exam times!
  • Gives them comfort and companionship, reducing loneliness.
  • Helps give an understanding of the circle of life.
  • And surprisingly research has even shown that by having a pet it can even make your child’s immune system stronger and make them less likely to develop childhood allergies and asthma.


Where to Buy Aqua Dragons

Aqua Dragons are suitable for children over 6 years old and they come in all different sets. This one we reviewed was the Underwater World set and they are available from all well-known toy stores including from Amazon here and are on sale for around £10


Would we Recommend Aqua Dragons to Your Family?

All the kids found it super cool that these Aqua Dragons would have been around when Dinosaurs were and now all this time later they are now living in our lounge….It kind of blew their minds.

They all really enjoyed watching them hatch, eat and play around and they found it way more interesting to watch them grow than when they watched our goldfish grow, as its visually so much more.

It’s really kept the kids mindful of the importance of having to feed and look after something and on the days, they do forget we just had to remind them and the enthusiasm to feed them has never subsided.

For us the Aqua Dragons were not our kids first pet, so don’t think they are only ideal as a first pet option for your child as they are not, they are fab for wall kids and ours loved them and were as fascinated in them even though we had more pets in the home.

We would totally recommend these for families, they are so much fun for kids, they don’t take up a great deal of space in your home and gives your kids a fab interactive learning experience. We can’t fault the Aqua Dragons and feel like they are really good value for money.

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