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REVIEW: Discovery Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you on the hunt for the Ultimate Boredom Buster for Kids during those days they are stuck indoors? Well I think we can help, as we have been kindly sent some Discovery Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzles from family run Bort Shopping in Devon and asked if we could share our honest opinion of them with our readers which has been a Fab Family Activity over the past few days.

All our kids are huge Jigsaw lovers, which we are so thankful for, as we think jigsaws play such an important part of a kid’s childhood, as aside from passing the time with a fun reusable puzzle, jigsaws are amazing at helping improve children’s concentration levels, develop their problem solving skills and teach them how patience is key to solving problems.

So, it goes without saying when we unwrapped this set of three Discovery Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzles their eyes just lit up.

The set of three jigsaws made by Kidicraft include images of a Velociraptor, T-Rex and Triceratops and they are cleverly made with a prime 3D lenses to give the images the illusion of motion.

The boxes are a rip top opening but don’t worry they do re-close by simply tucking the flap into the lid, so you won’t lose any pieces.


REVIEW Discovery Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzles Solving Image


Each jigsaw has 150 sturdy pieces that when put together creates awesome imagery of Dinosaurs and creates a brilliant 3D optical illusion. When completed each jigsaw measures 46 cm x 31 cm so is the perfect size for little hands.

The puzzles are aimed at children 5 and over and that’s got to be down to the fact they are a bit trickier than other 150-piece jigsaws due to the 3D element of them. But that more complex nature does add more fun to the whole problem-solving side of it!


WIN Your Own Set of Three 3D Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws

Bort Shopping have also been kind enough to allow us to offer our followers the chance to WIN their very own Set of Three 3D Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws, so if you want to enter our Free Competition Click Here


REVIEW Discovery Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzles Set of 3 Image



Would we Recommend these Products?

Even though you do need a bit more concentration our kids loved them, not only were they fascinated by how the pieces were made so to be able to give a 3D effect, but they got these jigsaws totally got their imagination going as they talked about the Dinosaurs whilst solving the jigsaws.


REVIEW Discovery Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzles Completed Image min


These Jigsaws are different and our photos don’t do the 3D effect justice as they are really fab, So without a doubt we would 100% recommend them to families to add to their Kid’s Puzzle Pile in the house, as they are just perfect for those days you can’t or don’t want to go outdoors, they really are a fab kids Indoor activity to stop the boredom.


Special Offer for Our Readers

If you fancy getting these for your family, you can order them online Here from Bort Shopping

Normally these jigsaws retail at £10.99 plus delivery (£2.98) each, but if you use the link above then you will get a discount which will allow you to purchase each one for £9.99 plus delivery, or all three together for £28.99 with free delivery

The discount code will be applied automatically from this link above, however if you do have any problems you can add it manually at checkout using the promo code MNDD3DP.





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