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REVIEW: InstaGlam Glo Up Girls Dolls

When we saw these New InstaGlam Glo Up Girls fashion dolls hit the shop floors this year, we couldn’t resist checking them out as a possible new collectible for the kids.

Keen to add a new fashion trends doll to the collection we headed to our local Smyths Toy store, to hunt the toy filled shelves for the latest InstaGlam Glo Up Girls dolls, so we could put them to the test and find out first-hand if they are the next big thing in the UK fashion doll world and if they are worth the price tag.

in shop


Meet the InstaGlam Glo Up Girls Doll

These New InstaGlam Glo Up Girls fashion dolls have over twenty-five surprises for kids to unbox, including accessories for them and the doll.

There are four different Glo Up dolls that kids can collect, and they all have their own unique goals, personalities, and style preferences, with the intension that they will inspire kids to be proud of what makes them unique.

The four dolls that are available to collect are:

  • Sadie – Her style is fancy. She is warm hearted and empathetic; she feels called to create social harmony. She is good at seeing the best in people.
  • Tiffany – Her style is casual chic. She is a loyal friend and although shy at first, she will become a fast BFF and fly to the moon and back for you.
  • Kenzie – Her style is Hollywood posh. Charming, funny, and unfiltered, she is the first one to say what everyone’s thinking. Music is her favourite way to express her GLO…. well, that and a pair of glam designer boots.
  • Erin – Her style is creative and colourful. She is clever, street-smart, strong-willed, and independent and she’s always chatting with friends. The first one to the party, she loves pulling pranks on her friends.

We were recently gifted an InstaGlam Glo Up Girls fashion doll in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers, so read on to find out our thoughts to the Sadie Glo Up Girl Doll.

box opens up


Unboxing InstaGlam Glo Up Girls Doll

Something that we noticed from the get-go is when unboxing this doll, children will need some adult help as there are plenty of plastic ties that will need cutting, although we don’t feel this will distract from their unboxing experience as the accessories are pretty easy for them to unbox themselves.

unboxing accessories from packet

Each doll comes with various accessories that the kids can unwrap, adding to the excitement, as although they can see through the box to pick which actual doll they want, they have no clue what accessory the doll comes with until they unwrap them.

unboxing accessories

No matter which dolls you pick, you will always get a change of clothes, with Sadie we got a bright coloured dress.

unwrap dress

As well as pair of funky boots

unwrap shoes

Each doll also comes with some cool fashion accessories. With Sadie we unwrapped a bag with her name on it, rucksack and belt

unwrap bag and belt

And we also unwrapped some bright purple pom pom like earrings.

Unboxing earrings

Plus, a cute little makeup playset

makeup set toy

Another fab interactive unboxing experience the kids can enjoy with every doll is the bath bomb surprise you get, we got a bright purple one.

Fizz block before in water

You get a foot spa with every doll, so we used this to pop the bath bomb in to dissolve

Makeup brush in bath

It takes a bit of time and some bubbles later to reveal what is inside your bath bomb, we found a magic makeup brush. .

Make up brush in purple fizz brick


Playing with Your InstaGlam Glo Up Doll

Sadie came already dressed in pretty brightly coloured pyjamas, with a silver unicorn design on them and a very cute matching eye mask for uninterrupted sleeping.

Sleep Eye mask

Kids can enjoy dressing their doll up and changing their accessories, we had different bags that the kids could swap out and they even have a little space inside them so they can store little items adding to the role play experience.


The doll itself is super moveable, her head moves in a full circle, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles are all moveable, which is great for placing the doll into different poses.

Make up brush in doll hand

The makeup brush we discovered inside the bath bomb has magic powers in that when you wet it and brush it gently onto Sadie’s face it highlights her makeup on her cheeks and eyes.

Makeup brush on face

The earrings that we unwrapped are another accessory that the kids can enjoy putting on and off the doll

Putting earrings in doll ears

Sadie also comes with some awesome coloured hair which does make for some fabulous hair styling fun.

dol with earrings in

Every doll comes with a face mask for you and the doll. We used our little foot spa to pop ours in and it expanded instantly and unravelled.

Pamper face mask in water

There isn’t anything fancy on the face mask its simply material and water, bit fragile to unfold, but at least no need to worry about your little one being allergic to this face mask, its simply designed to be a pampering treat for the doll and the child to enjoy together.

Face Pamper Mask

Another cool interactive play aspect of these InstaGlam Glo Up Girl Doll are their colour changing nails.

Doll hand nail before change

Doll Feet Before nail change

Kids can pretend to be treating their dolls to some spa nail treatments, simply by holding them in some cold water the dolls nails change colour as if they have had them painted.

Doll hand nail after change

Doll feet nail colour change


Where to Buy InstaGlam Glo Up Dolls

InstaGlam Glo Up Dolls  are aimed at children 6 years and over and can be found on sale at many toy retailers such as Smyths Toys Superstores, Home Essentials, Argos, The Entertainer, Very and Amazon for £24.99 RRP


Would we Recommend InstaGlam Glo Up Dolls for Your Family?

Doll and all accessories

Dolls are a firm favourite with the kids and essential we think to much of their role play time, so we have many in the toy box to compare to.

This Sadie doll came dressed in bright coloured pyjamas with a unicorn sleep mask and her change of clothes was a similar coloured fancy dress, ready for going out out.

Many of our dolls have come with an extensive wardrobe of clothes to change them with and we have to say the pyjamas that this Sadie doll came dressed in is very cute, lovely colours and well made. The fancy dress the kids unwrapped is tricky to get on and off the doll, as the material has holes in it so the dolls fingers kept getting stuck in it, so we can see if the kids aren’t careful it will easily end up with ripped sleeves in a few weeks, but once on it is super cute.

Accessories wise , all of the ones we got with this Sadie doll were fab. Adults found the belt hard to close, but the kids didn’t so we are guessing it’s an accessory that’s better suited to little hands.

All in all, after many hours of play time with this Sadie doll, the overall feedback was a good one. Kids loved the spa play theme with makeup and manicures. They are big fans of unboxing mystery accessories anyway and with so many coming with these InstaGlam Glo Up Dolls it was a huge hit from the start.

We would totally recommend that families check out these InstaGlam Glo Up Dolls and can for sure see them being a firm favourite on many little ones Christmas Wish Lists!


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