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Review: SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Force Series

Exciting times this summer as the New Series of SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom from Magic Box Toys is hitting the shop shelves and we have been lucky enough to review this New Pocket Money Friendly Rescue Force Series of Kids Collectibles

Fans of SuperThings will be able to let their imaginations run wild with this new Series 10 Rescue Force Series as they play with all the new characters and try to collect them all.

Recently we have been sent a bumper box full of some awesome SuperThings New Rescue Force Series goodies to check out the new rivals and pack sizes, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and if we think they are worth adding to your family’s toy collection.


SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom

For families new to SuperThings they are little rubber collectable toys that are basically different types of daily objects which have been designed into cool mini characters, that are divided into two teams. One of the teams are full of superheroes and the other team of supervillains.

It is clever as for every superhero there is a matching rival super villain to collect, and you can tell them apart as the superheroes eyes are white and the villains are yellow. Kids can enjoy playing pretending that the villains are causing trouble and the superheroes are saving the day from all their mischief.


In this series there are more than 80 to collect, some are gold, some silver, some have a shinny chrome effect to them and for the first time ever there are two ultra-rare figures Moonarchaos and Emperorder to try and find.  There are also new Kazoom Kids and vehicles to collect in this rescue force series.


Packs Available in the New SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Force Series

There are variety of packs on sale for this series which includes:

Single Blind Bags – Inside is One SuperThing and a collector’s guide

Single pack rescue force

Collector guide


Rescue Jets Box – These are new to this series and are flying vehicles that can help characters fly over Kaboom City. Inside is One SuperThing and a Rescue Jet

Rescus Jets


KAZOOM Kids Box – These are new to this series and are larger characters. Inside is One SuperThing and 1 accessory and there are six in total to collect.


Kid up close


Starter Pack – Inside is two SuperThings, one has a chrome effect, one special metal jet and a comic guide which explains everything kids need to know about SuperThings, it has a fun story to read, few puzzles and at the back has a full list of all the collectibles in this series.

Starter Pack

Starter Pack Open

Inside Comic

Comic Book


Pack of 6 – Inside is Four SuperThings, one rescue jet and One jump wing. There are six different packs of these to collect with images of what are characters are inside each, which is fab for limiting the possibility of duplicates.

6 Pack Rescue Force

Six Pack up clsoe

6 pack up close


Pack of 10 – Inside is Ten SuperThings, one is a super rare gold character and three are chrome effect characters. There are two different packs of these to collect with images of what are characters are inside each, which is fab for limiting the possibility of duplicates.

ten pack

Gold character

10 pack box cover


Where to Buy New SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Force Series

The SuperThings Rescue Force collection are on sale now at The Entertainer, Amazon, Tesco and other local supermarkets.

Single blind bags are a very pocket money friendly at 80p. The starter park is £5.99, 6 pack £7.99, 10 pack £9.99, The Kazoom Kids £4.99 and Rescue Jet Set £2.99


WIN a SuperThings Rescue Force Series Bundle Worth £30

As an extra little treat, we are so lucky to be able to offer the chance for one of our readers to Win their very own SuperThings Rescue Force Series Bundle Worth £30. If you are interested, then simply Click Here to Visit our Competition Section and Enter this Competition for Free – Good Luck!


Would we Recommend SuperThings Rescue Force Series to Families?

playing rescure force

All our kids love collectible toys and as parents we love how with SuperThings the blind bags are very pocket money friendly and if you are looking for an extra treat for your little one, then there are larger variety packs available.

Each Blind bag comes with a collector’s guide in it which we think is so handy to keep a record of which ones you still need to find as the kids can tick off the ones they already have.

We loved the additions to this series with the Kazoom kids that fit perfectly into the new rescue jets which the kids were really entertained with when it came to adding to their imagination play with them.

An easy way to get started with this new series is of course with the starter pack which we think does offer great value for money. The kids loved the comic and at this time of the year it’s the perfect in car distraction as you head off on your summer travels.

Something we picked up on straight away with this new series is how they have changed the packaging, which was a refreshing find, we love how its now all made of paper and cardboard which is easily recycled once the kids have enjoyed unboxing every pack.

Like other series’ of SuperThings all our kids are addicted and eager to collect them all and enjoying playing with them making up new adventures with their friends. We would totally recommend this to families to check out this summer.




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