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REVIEW: Twisty Girlz

In need of some Gift Inspiration for your little one? We have been checking out the new Twisty Girlz Collectibles, from the makers of our family favourite Twisty Petz, so keep reading to find out if we think all the hype about them are worth it!

It’s that time of year again, when us parents are bamboozled by all the possible toys that we could get our little ones, as we look for that little something to bring a smile to their faces on Christmas day.

So, to help we have been checking out a few of the new and old toys on the market to give you a better insight. And this week we have been lucky to have these New Twisty Girlz Collectibles sent to us to review in return for us sharing our honest thoughts about them with you.


What Are Twisty Girlz

Twisty Girlz are fashionable dolls that transform from a girl into a bracelet and back again, by simply twisting them.

LATEST NEWS Twisty Girlz Up Close


Inside each Twisty Girlz pack you will find:

  • 1 Twisty Girlz Bracelet
  • 1 Twisty Pet Ring
  • 1 Lead
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Collector’s Guide


There is different styles of girls to collect and each Twisty Girlz has her own unique outfit and different hairstyle.

Its really easy to change your doll into a bracelet, all you have to do is twist her body and her legs pop open for you to wear as a bracelet.


LATEST NEWS Twisty Girlz bracelet


Each Twisty Girlz also comes with a cute little cardboard box carrier that inside has a secret Twisty Pet.


LATEST NEWS Twisty Girlz Pet Ring


There are different mystery pets you can get, you might find a little unicorn, cat, puppy or even an elephant and all these pets turn into a dinky ring.


LATEST NEWS Twisty Girlz Pet Ring Wearing


With every Twisty Girlz you also get a lead that you can attach to your pet and your girl, so she can take her pet for a walk, however our kids decided they would much rather use that lead to attach to the bracelet and wear as an additional ring, which works quite well too to be fair.


LATEST NEWS Twisty Girlz Lead


LATEST NEWS Twisty Gilz Wearing Braclet and Ring


Where to Buy Twisty Girlz

These Twisty Girlz transforming doll to bracelet with Mystery Twisty Petz are on sale for £9.99 from Smyths Toys or Amazon and they are aimed at children aged 4 years and older.


Would we Recommend Twisty Girlz?

We have had Twisty Pets for years and found them to be sturdy, no matter how much the kids pull them, and these seemed to be built very similarly, so we are guessing they will take just as much punishment, giving you good value for money as they won’t break within a second of kids playing with them, which is always something we look for when buying gifts for the kids.

We found it very easy for little hands to twist the girl in and out of a bracelet. The kids loved using the bracelet with the lead as a ring, rather than attaching to the ring and the twisty surprise pet is very cute as a proper little ring.

Overall, we think this is a winner and no matter if your little one has been a fan of the Twisty Petz previously or not. Our kids really loved these and we think Twisty Girlz would definitely make a fab addition to your child’s Christmas Present List or even make the perfect Birthday present with many different ones to collect.





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