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Spintensity Game Review and Giveaway


Are you on the hunt for a New Family Game for Christmas Day and looking for some Inspiration? Well you will want to check out what we thought of the New Game Spintensity and you can even try your luck and Enter our Free Giveaway to WIN Your Own

Forward planning to the Big Day? That’s what most parents are doing right now, and we are currently creating a list of New Games we think will be good fun to play as a Family.

Spintensity is a game that’s aimed at teenagers and adults, and we have been lucky enough to have been sent a game to test run, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts about it with our readers.

Spintensity is an Electric game that is frantic, fast talking and fun as you are forced to play your best general knowledge in just five seconds!


What’s Inside the Box

Inside the Spintensity Game box you will find:

  • 200 Question Cards (these are double sided, so you are getting 400 questions in total)
  • 6 Playing Pawns
  • 1 Start and Finish Marker
  • 1 Electric Timer (batteries are not included and you will need 3 x AAA)


How to Play Spintensity


The Overall Objective

The objective of the game is to be the first to race your pawn around the timer by answering questions within five seconds.


Spintensity Timer


To Set Up

Its real easy to set up Spintensity game. First off you will need to put batteries in the timer, it takes 3 x AAA and like most toys they are not included.

Next you want to place the Start and Finish markers onto the edge of the timer board. How far apart you put them will determine how many questions you will need to answer to finish, we went for the max so put them right next to each other.

Finally place the timer and cards in front of everyone so everyone can reach the timer button and the question cards easily.

The question cards are double sided, one is green and the other is blue they are the same difficulty level but its worth deciding at the start what colour you are going through and make sure they are face up in the pile to make it easier.


Blue Questions

Green Questions


Playing Spintensity

Each game is divided up by the timer into rounds, so you just keep playing until the timer stops its countdown and instructions.

To start you press the timer button and pick up your first card…. You always have to name three of the items that are on the card you picked up. So, pick your card up and say name 3 then read what’s on the card.

You then must answer the question as quickly as possible and as soon as you name your three you press the timer button.

Now the timer gives you time to read the question, so you will hear it start and it gives you five seconds to read and then it flashes green for five seconds for you to answer. If you don’t hit it within the five seconds, then it will flash red, you don’t win the card and the game moves onto the next person who will pick a new card form the middle.

If you do manage to answer your question within the five seconds you keep that card and watch as the timer will start to flash around the board. It will stop on an instruction of what you are to do next, which include:

  • 2 More – If the light lands on this you most name two more of the things that is on the same card you just answered.
  • 3 More – If the light lands on this you most name three more of the things that is on the same card you just answered.
  • Next Card – You must quickly pick up a new card and name three things that is listed on it and again try and hit the button within the five seconds.
  • Next Player – Play moves to the next person and they pick up a card and try and name three items that are listed on that card

Your turn stops and you win the card when it lands on either Next Card or Next Player

You keep answering questions, pressing the timer button and following the instructions of what to do next until the timer stops. At this point you all count up how many cards you have won and move your pawn that many spaces around the board.

You keep playing like this until someone gets to the finish marker.


WIN Your Own Spintensity Game


Win Spintensity Game


The promoters of Spintensity have also been kind enough to allow us to offer our followers the chance to WIN their very own game, so if you want to enter our Free Competition Click Here


Where to Buy Spintensity Game

This Electric Timer Spintensity Game is on sale for £14.99 from Smyths Toys, Argos, John Lewis or Amazon and they are aimed at children aged 12 years and older.


Would we Recommend Spintensity to Your Family?

Without a word of a lie, Spintensity made us laugh so hard tears rolled down the cheeks. I guess its one of those games that its all down to who you are playing with, but that being said reality is the pressure of 5 seconds to answer a simple question, does make you say some screwed up answers and make the most intelligent look rather foolish.

Add into the mix teenagers perceptions on things nowadays and that gives you a hilarious family games night, for example we asked the question name a chef and what springs to their mind was Ratatouille!…. and whilst you can see where they are going with it your mind is still tickled pink as your grey cells are trying to remember your third cookbook along on the kitchen shelf and who its written by.

The age on the box says plus 12… and we can see why. There are some tricky questions to read/ pronounce and tricky topics too, which had our teenagers silent and wide eyed staring at each other. But that aside boy did everyone have a laugh.

Not sure what was funnier, the crazy and weird answers that were being given or the look of pain on people’s faces as they struggled to name three animals that walk on two feet lol!

And from an adult’s point of view I can’t not mention the fact that, whilst playing with the Kids a few cards came up that made me think…. Oh Okay and my mind fast forwarded to adults only playing after a few glasses of wine and yes I did end up having a wee giggle to myself as you could see how that could pan out.

What I’m getting at is if you are planning on investing in this game be reassured that you will a billion % have as much fun with this game as your kids will.

Honestly, we can’t rave about this game enough, its awesome, guaranteed laughterville and we would all totally recommend this to any other families.

Oh an added bonus for this Christmas if things do go a bit pear shaped and restrictions on travel are put in place, then for sure you could totally work out a way to play this game with a bunch of people over Zoom or Skype.




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