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REVIEW: Curiosity Journals

The art of Journaling has been around for centuries, with the therapeutic benefits being discovered in the 1960’s, but with journaling continuing to grow in popularity even today, we thought it was the perfect time to check out the new Curiosity Journals.

Its well known that journaling can be a helpful tool to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, as well as build your self confidence levels.

Journaling is when you write down your thoughts and ideas, daily, weekly or maybe just monthly. Its perfect for getting things off your chest onto the page, so you worry about it less but still have the ability to reflect on it when needed.

Emotionally journaling can help you grow by offloading your negative thoughts and emotions, which other wise can run round in circles in your head.

Academically writing in a journal regularly can improve your writing skills as well as your communication skills and has been found long-term to even give you a higher IQ.

Surprisingly journaling has also been shown to bring physical benefits, such as improved sleep and an improved immune system resulting in helping wounds recover faster.

So, it is of no surprise when we were gifted one of these new Curiosity Journals to put to the test in return for sharing our honest thoughts with our readers we were intrigued and excited to give it a go.


What Makes the Curiosity Journal so Different?

Journaling is perfect for helping you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health by the simple act of writing down your thoughts and feelings so you can understand them more clearly.

But have you ever felt stuck in a rut, and not sure why or how to get out of it? Well this is where a Curiosity Journal can help out as it helps you adopt a Curiosity mind set.

This journal is designed in a way that helps you find some clarity, as well as inspiration and make you become more curious. The Curiosity journal is set out so that it actually brings structure to your curiosity.


How to Use Your Curiosity Journal

Encased in a bright yellow hardcover book is pages full of thought-provoking questions for you to work your way through and ignite your curiosity.

Full of cute illustrations and clever diagrams each page has a simple methodology that helps you get unstuck, bringing clarity to problems you may face, so you can achieve your own breakthroughs.


You will find a:

  • Question generator – designed to spark your curiosity and to ask better questions
  • Action generator – designed to nudge you towards tangible actions
  • Curiosity maps – designed to provide a list of common questions for common challenges

Curiosity Maps

As you work your way through the journal it makes you ask yourself questions you may not normally ask yourself.  You’re made to think a bit more in depth about your answers which can in turn help you think more clearly, act with confidence and make progress with challenges in your life.

The aim of this journal is to give you a tool that makes you focus on learning and encourage a willingness to learn from your mistakes.

Questions f

Different to other journals this Curiosity Journal gives you a simple structure to tackle the challenges you face in life, giving you greater insight and helping you with solutions as you gain a deeper understanding of the problem you’re facing.


The Benefits of Keeping a Journal

As we mentioned before over the years there has been loads of research done to prove that journaling brings with it so many benefits to you such as: –

  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Build self-confidence
  • Strengthen your self-discipline
  • Improve writing and communication skills
  • Increase your IQ
  • Improve memory and comprehension
  • Grow, inspire, and spark creativity
  • Achieve goals and keep better track of your intentions
  • Evoke mindfulness
  • Improve emotional intelligence

However, this Curiosity Journal can bring some extra rewards as neuroscience studies have shown that being curious increases brain activity in the regions that transmit dopamine signals. Meaning curiosity taps into the same neural pathways that make people yearn for chocolate, nicotine and a win at the races.

Essentially, we are all wired to be curious, with young children often the most curious among all of us and experts in asking questions about things, we as adults would never think about!

Over the years as we grow up, sadly a combination of social settings, modern education and professional pressures sees us create an inner level of expectation that we should always have the right answers and we end up adopting a really fixed mind set to life, but the beauty of this Curiosity Journal is that it puts us back in touch with our once questioning ways, changing our mind set to a more open one.


Where to Buy Curiosity Journals From

The best place to get your own Journal is online from their own Curiosity Journals website. These journals are on sale for £19.99 and conveniently AfterPay is also available as a payment option.



Would we Recommend a Curiosity Journal to Your Family?

Curiosity Journal

We loved how this journal does well in reminding you that it is ok not to have all the answers and that to be curious is blessing.

We like many are familiar with the basics of journaling, but we quickly learnt that we needed to approach this Curiosity Journal with a different mindset, as well as a different end goal in mind.

We think this journal is such as fab idea, after all who knew being more curious about life could be so enriching. No matter if you are in need of a new direction in your career, a new business idea, facing a personal challenge, or just trying to achieve your next life goal, we can totally see how this Curiosity Journal can help you.

We have to say the quality of the journal is premium with a beautiful bright yellow hardcover with thick luxurious paper pages inside, making it well worth the money we think. The layout of the pages made sense, with awesome quotes and real thought provoking questions.

From our experience of using this Curiosity Journal we would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a bit of self help to overcome life challenges.

We also can’t help but think that with the high-end finish and core benefits of these Curiosity Journals they will for sure, make the most perfect gift for teenagers, graduation, mother’s day, father’s day, birthday and Christmas.



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