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REVIEW: Grandma’s Magic Balm

Are you on the hunt for that perfect natural solution to heal and protect yours and your families stressed out skin? Us too and our latest little something that we have put to the test is the New Grandma’s Magic Balm, so read on to find out how we rated it and if it actually worked.

What is Grandma’s Magic Balm?

Grandma’s Magic Balm is a new natural skincare balm that has been designed to heal and protect irritated and damaged skin and we have been sent a tin of it to try out in return for us sharing our honest thoughts and results with our readers.

Grandma’s Magic Balm is a soft cream like balm that can be used on all skin types included sensitive skin, which promises to be a steroid free, nontoxic alternative to treat skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis as well as nourishing dry and hard skin.


Grandma Balm Texture


Additionally, Grandma’s Magic Balm can even be the new go to for those occasional accidents our family has, as it can help heal nasty cuts or grazes and even help burns.


What is in Grandma’s Magic Balm

One of the appealing things to us, that tempted us into trying out Grandma Balm is that it is made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients and that it is vegan and cruelty free.

Grandma Balm is free from parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals and alcohol. Which means you can hydrate and soothe irritated or damaged skin in a nontoxic way as the main ingredients in it are simply: –

  • Shea Butter
  • Mango Seed Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Flower Oil
  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Something worth noting though is due to the natural ingredients in this balm, once you have opened it, for the best results you really want to use it up within 6 months of doing so.


Grandma’s Magic Balm is for all the Family

When you have a family that is made up of all different ages and skin types you can soon rack up a hefty bill by buying a whole host of different skin care products to suit everyone’s needs. So, to find one product that can actually treat all different skin types, ages and ailments it does mean that in the long run you will save money as well as a vast amount of cupboard storage space.

We have found that this Grandma’s Magic Balm can be used on your hands, knees, feet, face and even your lips.


The Before and After Results

So how hard did we test this product out and how did it fair I hear you ask….. Well, I think we set it some tricky real life challenges, so certainly didn’t make it easy for Grandma’s Magic Balm!


Extreme Dry Skin

First off was one a pair of Dad’s hard working hands and knees, prone to extremely hard skin due to working with tools outdoors in all weathers. This hard skin does get to the cracking point of causing pain and sometimes even bleeding and we have tried out heaps of lotions on it, so this new option was willingly greeted with an open mind to try out.

Following the instruction to apply a thin layer of balm to wheres need one to 2 times a day, we have to say honestly whilst we tried our best to, we religiously did not manage to remember every day nor twice a day, but did aim for once in the morning and once in the evening and after two weeks this was our results…..

Hand Before and After Final


Knee Before and After Final


A Huge improvement. That tight painful cracking feeling completely went after a day or two and after what seems a short time compared to other products the raised layer of discoloured hard skin has completely gone, which did take us by surprise.

Additionally, we did try this balm out on the little one’s dry lips and some dry cracked heels and within a day or two the problematic skin was also improved.



When you have little ones that have spent years going back and forth to the doctors with flare ups due to eczema, then you will no doubt have spent a great deal of effort like us trying to find a non-steroid solution to the problem, as you will get advised by the GP from the get-go, that long term use of steroid creams is not ideal, more so for kids.

You will also know the secret is often nipping things in the bud as quick as you can.

We are lucky in that although we have had some nasty flare ups over the years, in general our kids do have only a mild form of eczema, but it still remains a week-on-week pain in the proverbial, so we were of course keen to give this balm a go and this was the results in just one week on the inside of our little ones elbows.


Elbow Before Final Image


Elbow After Final Image


As soon as soon as the itching and tightness started, we started using the Grandma Magic Balm, it did soothe the itching, but honestly it did take a second application to really ease the comfort levels.

That aside we were really impressed with the quick results and to think that it was all natural ingredients is the real added bonus.


Where to Buy Grandma’s Magic Balm

At the moment you can only get Grandma Balm directly from the company on their website here, but as time goes on, no doubt it will become available in more and more places.


Would we Recommend Grandma’s Magic Balm to Your Family?

For us and our family’s needs there is no doubt in our minds that the Grandma’s Magic Balm is a winner.

It’s not greasy, doesn’t leave any stains on clothes and has a wicked smell, that we still can’t quite place, it’s almost aniseed like but not. It is for sure a smell we are familiar with but just not sure from where and it is nice and more importantly not too sweet a smell, so totally suitable for all family members to use without offence.

Results wise we have been very impressed, as across the board its tackled different problems with ease and without the need for harsh chemical or nasties, which stands it good stead for long term use.

We also love the fact that its produced in the UK so we would be supporting a local business and reducing our carbon footprint when buying it.

100% we would recommend Grandma’s Magic Balm to any family that is in need of a good reliable natural skincare balm to heal and protect an array of skin conditions and problems.



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