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Fund Doubled to Support Welsh Families Buy School Uniform

The Welsh Government has announced that they have Doubled their Fund to Support Families Buying School Uniform and Equipment, which means Your Family could be eligible to receive up to £200 worth of Help.

The Welsh Government fund, this year has doubled to over £5 million, to support families with the costs of school uniform and sports kit, and equipment for activities both inside and outside of school.


Which Families Can Apply for This?

This Fund is known as the Pupil Development Grant (PDG) Access and it is available for looked-after children and learners eligible for free school meals. To be eligible for this grant the pupils will also have to match one of these criteria’s: –

  • Entering Reception Class in Primary School
  • Entering Year 7 in Secondary School
  • Aged 4 or 11 in special schools, special needs resource bases or pupil referral units

The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, is encouraging parents and carers to contact their local authority to see if they are eligible for the Pupil Development Grant (PDG)

The grant is central to the Minister’s commitment to remove barriers to learning and ensure equity and excellence for all children and young people. Through targeting looked after children and learners eligible for free school meals, it aims to help those families most in need of help with these expenses.

The Minister’s call for action coincides with the publication of the responses to the school uniform and appearance policies consultation; part of wider plans to reduce the cost of the school day.

Kirsty Williams said, No pupil should be forced to miss out on opportunities because of their personal circumstances and background. All learners should be encouraged to aim high and be supported to achieve their goals.

This fund aims to help address the greater disadvantage learners face simply by not being in a financial position to engage in extra-curricular, enrichment and after school activities.


How to Apply

This Fund is managed by your local Authority, so if you think you might be eligible and would like to apply you could ask your child’s school if there is a specific contact number or you can go direct to your council

Your local council makes sure that this fund is shared fairly amongst their schools and is usually made available from September to December, but again for exact details specific to your area you are best double check, Below are the links for all our West Wales Areas

Click Here for more info for Pupils of Neath Port Talbot Schools

Click Here for more info for Pupils of Swansea Schools

Click Here for more info for Pupils of Carmarthenshire Schools

Click Here for more info for Pupils of Pembrokeshire Schools

Click Here for more info for Pupils of Ceredigion Schools




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