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Have You Heard of the Pembrokeshire Puddle Jumpers?

If you love to explore the outdoors with your little one, then this might be a group you would like to join.

Pembrokeshire Puddle Jumpers is a group on Facebook, that has been set up by parents as a kind of message board to share outdoor family friendly events and to meet new local families.

Although some events shared are from organised venues, many of the events shared are not official or guides events, but more from local parents looking to have mini adventures, walks, picnics or puddle jumping and are looking to have company from other families, its perfect for new parents to meet new friends or families looking to find new places to visit that are on your doorstep.

There is currently, 618 members in the group and there are loads of meet up events planned that people can join in with, so if you are a lover of the outdoors and want to meet new families in Pembrokeshire, why not join this lovey bunch, simply Click Here to Join the Facebook Group.


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