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The National School Categorisation System 2019 Results for West Wales

The Latest school categorisation results have been published and shows that there has been an improvement in the number of schools now in green category. Let’s find out how your Child’s School Did…..

The Results are out……How did you child’s school get rated? Are they in the Top or Bottom Schools in West Wales, well here we explain the rating system and give you the info about how your kids school ranked?


The School Categorisation System

In 2001 Wales decided to ban league tables for schools, although other parts of the UK retained this system.

After this, schools especially secondary schools started to preform worse in parts of Wales and some research suggested that the lack of naming and shaming badly performing school removed the pressure from them to improve.

Identifying there was a need to implement some sort of categorising system, in 2014 the National School Categorisation System was introduced across Wales. This system categorises schools in Wales into one of four colour-coded support categories to demonstrate the level of support they need – green, yellow, amber and red.

The purpose of these colour bands is not to create a league table or to label a school as good or bad, but more to help each school to focus on what they need and could improve on for their children to achieve more.


What information is used to place a school in a certain colour

The school’s exam results, their teacher assessment, the pupil’s attendance levels, wellbeing and the quality of teaching and learning and the schools itself assesses how they think they could improve.


Each Colour Band explained further


Means the school is highly effective, well run with strong leadership. Has clear priorities for improvement, can display a track record in raising standards and has the capacity to support other schools. Schools in this band receives 4 days support from the Welsh Government.


Means effective, they are already doing well and aware of the areas they need to improve in. If these schools identify the right support and take action, they have the potential to do even better. Schools in this band receive up to 10 days support from the Welsh Government


Means in need of improvement and needs help in identifying the steps requires to improve. Changes in these schools with the aid of the regional improvement service and the local authority and they will receive the full package of support available. Schools in this band receives up to 15 days support from the Welsh Government.


Means in need of greatest improvement and they will receive immediate and intensive support from the Regional improvement service and local authority. Their progress will be closely monitored to ensure that improvements happen quickly. Schools in this this band receives p to 25 days support a year from the Welsh Government.


2019 Results

The results for 2019 show that nearly half of all primary schools in Wales are now in the green category, which is better than in 2018, however there has been an increase in the number of secondary schools now in the red category.

Overall there has been a rise in the number of schools in the green category from 41.6 per cent to 46.9 per cent


In West Wales specifically this year, Swansea Schools have achieved the highest percentage of green graded schools with 62.5% green and just 1.2% in Amber and none in Red.

Swansea is closely followed by Neath Port Talbot with 52.7% schools achieving a green and 1.8% in Amber and none in Red

Ceredigion is in the middle with 46.6% of their schools achieving a green and 15.2% in Red and Amber

Out of Carmarthenshire’s schools 41% have achieved a green and 20.6% are graded in Red and Amber

With Pembrokeshire coming out with the lowest percentage of green schools at 24.1% and 19.3% of their schools have been graded in Red and Amber


The Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams said:

“I’m encouraged that the percentage of primary and secondary schools in the green category has gone from 41.6 per cent last year to 46.9 per cent this year”

“These schools have a key role to play in supporting other schools to improve by sharing their expertise, skills and good practice”

“Despite the improvements, I remain concerned about those schools, particularly the proportion in the secondary sector, which continue to require the highest levels of support. The figures published today show that 13.5 percent of our schools are in the amber and red support categories”.


Top and Bottom Schools in West Wales for 2019

See how your child’s school has been graded as we have listed all the information you will need about your local and regional primary and secondary schools here, simply click on the area you wish to see: –

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