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Big Build Challenge at National Waterfront Museum

Start Date: 3 August 2023
End Date: 31 August 2023
Start Time: 12:30 pm
End Time: 3:30 pm
Price: Free

Calling all young builders, creators, and problem-solvers! Get ready for an exciting, hands-on experience that will put your design and building skills to the test. The Big Build Challenge, delivered by XL Wales, is the ultimate family-friendly event that will unleash your imagination and ignite your passion for construction.

Each Thursday throughout August, we’ll present a new XLWales challenge that will inspire you to think big and build even bigger! Our construction kit of choice? The legendary K’NEX, is the perfect tool to turn your ideas into three-dimensional wonders.

Put on Your Thinking Hat: It’s time to let your creativity run wild. Grab your thinking hats and dive into the world of locks and barges on August 3rd. Design and build a barge, then construct a working canal lock for your creation to pass through. Can you master this aquatic challenge?

Windmills in Motion: On August 10th, we’re tackling windmills. Your task is to design and build a windmill that’s not just a static model but a working marvel. Can you make those sails spin, harnessing the power of the wind?

Crazy Golf Creativity: August 17th is all about the fun of crazy golf. Create a robust golf club from K’NEX and engineer an obstacle that tests your golfing skills. Will you make something to go over, through, or around? The choice is yours!

Mineshaft Mystery: August 24th brings a mining challenge. Can you solve “A miner problem” using K’NEX to construct a structure that raises coal from underground to the surface? It’s a real engineering puzzle waiting for your innovative solution.

Reach for the Stars: Finally, on August 31st, we’re launching rockets! Design and build your own rocket, complete with a nose cone and fins. Aim high, as your rocket must be at least 1 meter tall. It’s time to see who can create the ultimate K’NEX rocket!


Families can enjoy this Drop-In Fun every Thursday during August, and the best part? No booking is needed. Just come in, bring your creativity, and let’s build some amazing creations together. Get ready to embrace the thrill of building, design, and innovation at the National Waterfront Museum’s Big Build Challenge. It’s a summer event you won’t want to miss!

At a Glance

Indoor Event
OK for ages 6+
Drop in Event
Wheelchair Access
Pushchair Access
Toilets Available
Nappy Changing Facilities

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